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Rampage: Canadian Mass Murder and Spree Killing

by Lee Mellor Dundurn (March 09, 2013)

Lee Mellor has gathered more than 25 of Canada's most lethal mass and spree killers into a single work. Rampage details their grisly crimes, delves into their twisted psyches, and dissects their motivations...

Flim Flam: Canada's Greatest Frauds, Scams, and Con Artists

by Mark Bourrie Dundurn (October 01, 1998)

Through this exploration of white-collar crime in Canada, youll discover that we have some of the most colourful hucksters in the world.

What Happened to Mickey?: The Life and Death of Donald "Mickey" McDonald, Public Enemy No. 1

by Peter McSherry Dundurn (February 11, 2013)

Donald "Mickey" McDonald was charged in 1939 with the killing of a bookmaker, supposedly Toronto's first gangland slaying. Two murder trials, a sensational escape from Kingston Penitentiary, and a $50,000 bank...

Death's Shadow: True Tales of Homicide

by Jon Wells Dundurn (December 24, 2012)

Award-winning Hamilton Spectator journalist Jon Wells delivers four blockbuster murder stories, taking readers up close into multiple homicide investigations, the agony of victims and their loved ones, and into...

Wrong Side of the Law: True Stories of Crime

by Edward Butts Dundurn (July 08, 2013)

No matter where the atrocities were committed and no matter what the circumstances, criminal gangs such as the Hyslop, the Polka Dot, and the Newton Brothers outfits all had one thing in common: they lived...

Practically Perfect: Killers Who Got Away with Murder ... for a While

by Dale Brawn Dundurn (June 17, 2013)

Is it possible to commit the perfect murder? The killers profiled by author Dale Brawn in Practically Perfect certainly thought so. These individuals believed they could beat the criminal justice system. In...

Snatched!: The Peculiar Kidnapping of Beer Tycoon John Labatt

by Susan Goldenberg Dundurn (September 22, 2004)

In 1934, 53-year-old beer tycoon John Sackville Labatt was kidnapped and held ransom for three days. This bizarre true crime story traces the abduction through to the abductors' trials. From a heavily populated...

Uncertain Justice: Canadian Women and Capital Punishment, 1754-1953

by F. Murray Greenwood & Beverley Boissery Dundurn (October 01, 2000)

An exposition of the patriarchal values that lie at the core of criminal law, and the class and gender biases that permeate its procedures and applications.

The Toronto Book of the Dead

by Adam Bunch & Shawn Micallef Dundurn (September 16, 2017)

Exploring Toronto’s history through the stories of its most fascinating and shadowy deaths.

If these streets could talk…

With morbid tales of war and plague, duels and executions, suicides and séances, Toronto’s...

Drop Dead

by Lorna Poplak Dundurn (July 29, 2017)

  • The history of hanging in Canada is jam-packed with fascinating stories and colourful personalities including Thomas D’Arcy McGee, the only federal politician ever assassinated in Canada; Louis Riel, hanged...

Empty Cradle

by Diana Walsh Dundurn (September 22, 2012)

This story is based on a true crime - dates, times, and details were researched from media sources, court documents, and police records. Empty Cradle is the writer's personal recollection of the days leading...

The Last to Die: Ronald Turpin, Arthur Lucas, and the End of Capital Punishment in Canada

by Robert J. Hoshowsky & Peter C. Newman Dundurn (April 30, 2007)

The story of Arthur Lucas and Ronald Turpin, the last two people executed in Canada, who met their gruesome deaths at Torontos Don Jail on December 11, 1962.

Everything Runs Like a Movie: The Strange but True Story of Bank Robber Hermann Beier

by John Cooper Dundurn (May 08, 2013)

Desperate, Hermann Beier of Alliston, Ontario, turned to bank robbery in the early 1990s to pay his mounting bills and ended up being pursued in what became at the time the longest police chase in Canadian history....

Martensville: Truth or Justice?: The Story of the Martensville Daycare Trials

by Frann Harris Dundurn (November 01, 1997)

When a child abuse scandal is uncovered at an unlicensed daycare in small-town Saskatchewan, the community is polarized.

The Slaidburn Angel

by M. Sheelagh Whittaker Dundurn (June 25, 2012)

In 1885 Yorkshire, sisters are on trial for their lives after being accused of murdering an illegitimate toddler. Today, sisters Sheelagh and Penny have discovered their then nine-year-old grandmother was a...

Mediating Interpersonal and Small Group Conflict

by Cheryl A. Picard Dundurn (September 01, 2002)

A guide to the theory and practice of mediation. It sets out a systematic approach to the use of mediation and to assuming the role of mediator.

Property: The True Story of a Polygamous Church Wife

by Carol Christie & John Christie Dundurn (April 27, 2013)

In the early 1970s an innocent teenager who had led a sheltered life was forced to leave her family and enter into a polygamous and abusive relationship with a man called the Prophet. In 2008, nearly 40 years...

The Many Deaths of Tom Thomson

by Gregory Klages Dundurn (May 14, 2016)

A National Post Bestseller!

How did Tom Thomson die in the summer of 1917?

Was landscape painter Tom Thomson shot by poachers, or by a German-American draft dodger? Did a blow from a canoe paddle knock him unconscious...


by Robert J. Hoshowsky Dundurn (June 21, 2010)

Despite advances in DNA testing, forensics, and the investigative skills used by police, hundreds of crimes remain unsolved across Canada. With every passing day trails grow colder and decades can pass before...

The Nurses Are Innocent

by Gavin Hamilton Dundurn (November 05, 2011)

Gavin Hamilton’s research shows that a toxin found in natural rubber might well have been the culprit in the 43 babies’ deaths at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children in 1980–81.

In 1980-81, 43 babies...

A Daughter's Deadly Deception: The Jennifer Pan Story

by Jeremy Grimaldi Dundurn (November 12, 2016)

Jennifer Pan seemed to be fulfilling her immigrant parents' dreams: a straight-A student working towards a pharmacology degree. In reality, her golden life was a carefully cultivated facade, covering up an explosive...

Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder

by Lee Mellor Dundurn (March 03, 2012)

For too long awareness of serial murder in Canada has been confined to the likes of Clifford Olson, Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, and pig farmer Robert Pickton. However, there have been more than 60 serial killers...

Through the Eyes of Serial Killers: Interviews with Seven Murderers

by Nadia Fezzani Dundurn (March 07, 2015)

To understand the minds of serial killers, a journalist embarks on a disturbing project. Speaking first-hand to convicted serial killers and the psychiatrists and criminologists study their crimes, she gives...