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Evil Empire

by Paul Williams Tom Doherty Associates (March 11, 2014)

On June 26, 1996, an international outcry was heard over the assassination of Irish journalist Veronica Guerin, gunned down by Ireland's most vicious gang. It was the first European case of what the police called...

Whitey on Trial

by Margaret McLean & Jon Leiberman Tom Doherty Associates (February 25, 2014)

After sixteen years on the lam, infamous Boston gangster Whitey Bulger was finally captured and brought to trial-and what a trial it was: evidence of nineteen gruesome murders, government secrets, FBI corruption,...

Johnnie D.

by Arthur Winfield Knight Tom Doherty Associates (March 09, 2000)

John Dillinger's reign as Public Enemy No. 1 began in the summer of 1933, when he left the Commercial Bank of Daleville, Indiana, with $3,500 and a diamond ring belonging to the bank president's daughter. It...

The Disaster Survival Bible

by Junius Podrug Tom Doherty Associates (December 24, 2012)

In the midst of the war on terror, frightening natural disasters, and danger seemingly lurking around every corner, it's impossible to prepare for every eventuality. But Junius Podrug, the author of Stop Being...

The Path to Prosperity

by Various Authors & Paul Ryan Tom Doherty Associates (October 02, 2012)

"This budget serves as a blueprint for American Renewal. Its principled reforms empower individuals with greater control over their future. It places great faith in the wisdom of the Founders and promises to...


by Robert Fitzpatrick & Jon Land Tom Doherty Associates (January 03, 2012)

In Betrayal, renowned FBI agent Robert Fitzpatrick partners with USA Today bestselling author Jon Land to present the true story of the lawman’s pursuit of James “Whitey” Bulger, Jr., the notorious crimelord...


by Boris Gindin & David Hagberg Tom Doherty Associates (May 13, 2008)

In 1984, Tom Clancy released his blockbuster novel, The Hunt for Red October, an edge-of-your seat thriller that skyrocketed him into international notoriety. The inspiration for that novel came from an obscure...


by Howie Carr Tom Doherty Associates (April 26, 2011)

Martin Scorsese's The Departed barely touched on his story. Now radio talk show sensation, crime reporter, and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr takes us into the heart of the life of gangster Johnny Martorano...

Mad as Hell

by George Noory Tom Doherty Associates (June 27, 2017)

As the candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have proven, Americans are mad as hell about the problems facing our country. George Noory hears these problems every night, all night, and this is how he...

Putin's Gambit

by Lou Dobbs & James O. Born Tom Doherty Associates (June 20, 2017)

From TV broadcaster Lou Dobbs and award-winning author James O. Born comes Putin's Gambit, an international financial thriller about a KGB plot to use a series of terrorist attacks as cover for a Russian military...

Takedown: A Small-Town Cop's Battle Against the Hells Angels and the Nation's Biggest Drug Gang

by Jeff Buck, Jon Land & Lindsay Preston Tom Doherty Associates (March 08, 2016)

Jeff Buck thought he'd seen it all. Twenty years working undercover in the netherworld of drugs had left him burned out and grateful to assume the quiet job of police chief in the small town of Reminderville,...