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Father Tim's Church Survival Guide

by Tim Schenck Morehouse Publishing (November 25, 2014)

• The author is a popular writer, humorist, blogger, and priest with a strong social media presence "If you have little tolerance for ecclesiastical blowhards; if you've ever fantasized about implementing...

A Church Beyond Belief: The Search for Belonging and the Religious Future

by William L. Sachs & Michael S. Bos Morehouse Publishing (October 01, 2014)

As we move beyond the "emergent" or "missional" church paradigm, pastors and other church leaders are discovering a new reality: people (especially younger generations) are coming to church not as believers,...

My Faith, My Life, Revised Edition: A Teen's Guide to the Episcopal Church

by Jenifer Gamber Morehouse Publishing (September 01, 2014)

• Bestseller revision to be released in time for confirmation season and in advance of the 2015 General Convention of the Episcopal Church • Includes study guide questions; a new print companion Leader's...

My Faith, My Life: Leader's Guide (Revised Edition)

by Jenifer Gamber Morehouse Publishing (September 01, 2014)

• Newly available in print and eBook editions • Supports a foundational book for youth in the Episcopal Church • Releases along with the revised edition of primary text In addition to a book for teens,...

When the Bishop Comes to Visit: An Activity Book for All Ages

by Brook H. Packard & Barbara Desrosiers Morehouse Publishing (February 01, 2014)

• For use by churches during a bishop's visitations • A resource guide for educators, parents, and families • For audiences who have enjoyed Anne Kitch's "What We Do in Church" books A bishop comes to...

A People Called Episcopalians: A Brief Introduction to Our Way of Life, Revised Edition

by John H. Westerhoff III & Sharon Ely Pearson Morehouse Publishing (October 01, 2014)

What are we as Episcopalians? This concise booklet explores five main areas of Episcopal life: identity, authority, spirituality, temperament, and polity. A great introduction to the Episcopal way of thinking...

Preparing an Episcopal Funeral

by Rob Boulter & Kenneth Koehler Morehouse Publishing (January 05, 2014)

• Much like the Catholic best-seller, but expressly developed for the Episcopal Church??• Incorporates liturgy and music suggestions according to the Book of Common Prayer?and other approved pastoral rites??•...

The Episcopal Way

by Stephanie Spellers & Eric H. F. Law Morehouse Publishing (August 01, 2014)

• Updated content and approach, compared to earlier New Church's Teachings series, with emphasis on mission and applicability • Interactivity is emphasized throughout with robust study guides, links to a...

Your Living Compass: Living Well in Thought, Word, and Deed

by Scott Stoner Morehouse Publishing (August 01, 2014)

• Structured holistic wellness program for individuals and groups based on a highly successful retreat model developed by priest-psychotherapist • Builds on the national network of Living Compass workshops,...

Marked for Mission: Youth in Action

by Sharon Ely Pearson & Bronwyn Skov Morehouse Publishing (July 01, 2014)

• Gift book for youth and young adults-confirmation, graduation, birthday, holidays, etc. • Helps youth apply core values of Episcopal identity to practical terms and practice • Foreword by Katharine Jefferts...

Tracks of a Fellow Struggler: Living and Growing through Grief

by John R. Claypool Morehouse Publishing (August 01, 2004)

John Claypool had been a pastor for almost two decades, ministering to others who suffered through the loss of loved ones, when the loss came home with the death of his eight-year-old daughter. This book is...

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Theologies of Confirmation for the 21st Century

by Sharon Ely Pearson Morehouse Publishing (April 01, 2014)

• An all-in-one volume sharing the history, practice, and viewpoints of Confirmation in the Episcopal Church and the first book on the subject for at least 15 years • Resolutions regarding Confirmation are...

Fearless Church Fundraising: The Practical and Spiritual Approach to Stewardship

by Charles LaFond Morehouse Publishing (February 01, 2013)

Considering how essential fundraising is to ministry, many church leaders remain terrified of asking for or talking about money. Fearless Church Fundraising removes the terror from stewardship, urging leaders...

Peanut Butter and Jelly Prayers

by Julie B. Sevig Morehouse Publishing (November 01, 2007)

A book of mealtime prayers for families that honors the way contemporary families really live today. Includes rhyming prayers for little kids, dinner-table prayers for special family occasions, and prayers marking...

New Clothes: Putting on Christ and Finding Ourselves

by John Newton Morehouse Publishing (March 01, 2014)

• A fresh, new voice in the Episcopal Church addresses traditionally un-Episcopal questions that Episcopalians (and Christians in general) are asking today • An emergent, yet Anglican and orthodox, perspective...

Beauty Awakening Belief: How the Medieval Worldview Inspires Faith Today

by Jon M. Sweeney Morehouse Publishing (September 01, 2009)

Inspired by the Abbey of Mont St-Michel on the Normandy coast and soaring Chartres Cathedral in the Loire Valley, author Jon Sweeney developed this luminous series of reflections around seven words of Gothic...

Seeing God in Each Other

by Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook Morehouse Publishing (March 01, 2006)

Seeing God in Each Other is rooted in an abiding hope that congregations are one of the few places where people can work together for positive human change. This book addresses that need, with a selection of...

Motherhood in the Balance: Children, Career, Me, and God

by Catherine Wallace Morehouse Publishing (February 01, 2001)

"Bright, talented, hard-working, and fiercely determined to raise babies while maintaining a consuming career ... Wallace chronicles the toll of trying to achieve it all...Wallace recounts... her ongoing quest...

Ten Dumb Things Churches Do: And How to Avoid Them

by Philip Wiehe Morehouse Publishing (August 01, 2001)

Unique as they may seem, some mistakes that churches make are all too common. In this quick read, church expert Philip Wiehe offers sage advice for avoiding pitfalls and undoing messy errors.

Seeing God in Diversity: Exodus and Acts

by Angela Bauer-Levesque Morehouse Publishing (March 01, 2006)

A biblical study of two major Christian stories and how they shape our thinking about oppression.

The Episcopal Christian Educator's Handbook

by Sharon Ely Pearson Morehouse Publishing (November 01, 2013)

• Builds upon the success of The Episcopal Handbook • Taps into and expands on the most accessed pages of the Building Faith website and its online resource room • Perfect gift for teachers, seminarians...

Liturgical Spirituality: Anglican Reflections on the Church's Prayer

by Stephen Burns Morehouse Publishing (November 01, 2013)

• Of particular interest to scholars and practitioners across the Anglican Communion with contributions from a wide breadth of scholars Liturgical Spirituality is a collection of Anglican reflections on the...

Go in Peace: The Art of Hearing Confessions

by Julia Gatta & Martin L. Smith Morehouse Publishing (October 01, 2012)

Although the sacramental Rite of Reconciliation is included in many Anglican prayer books, nothing has been written expressly for Anglicans since the 1980s that focuses on the pastoral skills required for this...

What We Shall Become: The Future and Structure of the Episcopal Church

by Winnie Varghese Morehouse Publishing (October 01, 2013)

• Edited by a well-known Episcopal leader • Designed to facilitate the church's dialogue on structure • Presents viewpoints representative of the diversity of the church Structure-throughout the denomination...

With Generous Hearts, Revised Edition: How to Gather Resources for Your Church, Church School, Church Agency, Chaplaincy, or Diocese

by Glenn N. Holliman Morehouse Publishing (May 01, 2005)

The classic manual for raising capital funds. This edition includes new material on the discernment phase of the campaign, annual stewardship campaigns, and establishing church planned-giving programs.

To Dream as God Dreams: Sermons of Community, Conversion, and Hope

by Porter Taylor Morehouse Publishing (March 01, 2005)

Porter Taylor, known for his wonderful preaching, always has something unusual and thoughtful to say. "Forgive us our weeds as we forgive the weediness of others," he writes in one sermon on the parable of the...

The Desert: An Anthology for Lent

by John Moses Morehouse Publishing (January 15, 1998)

This devotional work offers an introduction to the tradition of desert spirituality. Short readings take the reader on a journey through each day of Lent. General themes covered include solitude, testing, self-emptying,...

Practicing Reconciliation in a Violent World

by Michael Battle Morehouse Publishing (August 01, 2005)

How do we practice reconciliation in a world full of violence? How do we love someone at work who seems hell-bent on sabotaging a successful career? And how do religious people resolve differences when religious...

Parish Acolyte Guide

by Donna H. Barthle Morehouse Publishing (July 01, 2003)

The complete guidebook for individual acolytes. Written for acolytes of varying ages, this handbook includes information about the history of the ministry of acolytes, the duties of various acolyte positions,...

More Dumb Things Churches Do and New Strategies for Avoiding Them

by Linda McFadden Morehouse Publishing (January 01, 2009)

This book focuses on problems in parishes - from stewardship to worship to strategic planning - and then examines new ideas and solutions. The approach is positive and practical; the tone is conversational and...

Rowan Williams: An Introduction

by Rupert Shortt Morehouse Publishing (September 01, 2003)

The first occupant of Lambeth Palace in several generations with an international reputation as a theologian, he is nevertheless often considered a difficult writer, more admired than read and understood. Many...

Soul Banquets: How Meals Become Mission in the Local Congregation

by John Koenig Morehouse Publishing (April 01, 2007)

A look at the way meals of various sorts can be more effectively integrated into parish activities, promoting the emergence of new gifts for ministry as well as increasing our gratitude for God's abundance and...

Christ and Culture: Communion After Lambeth

by Martyn Percy Morehouse Publishing (February 01, 2010)

Leading bishops from around the world including Rowan Williams, Tom Wright, Katharine Jefferts Schori, Geoffrey Rowell, Richard Clarke, Victoria Matthews, Drexel Gomez and others, reflect on the ten main themes...

For All the Saints?: Remembering the Christian Departed

by N.T. Wright Morehouse Publishing (September 01, 2004)

"We have been drifting into a muddle and a mess, putting together bits and pieces of traditions, ideas and practices in the hope that they will make sense. They don't. There may be times when a typical Anglican...

Becoming the Transformative Church: Beyond Sacred Cows, Fantasies, and Fears

by Kay Collier McLaughlin Morehouse Publishing (August 01, 2013)

• A call for new structure and ways of behaving as church by an experienced church officer Church-wide discussions continue about the emergent church, attracting young people, financial survival, corporate...

Acolyte Leader's Resource Guide

by Donna H. Barthle Morehouse Publishing (July 01, 2003)

Provides everything someone new to managing an acolyte program needs to know, as well as tips that even the most experienced leaders will find useful. This manual will help acolyte directors manage an effective...

Dare to Be Rare: A Christian Guide for Girls

by Kathleen Whitten Morehouse Publishing (October 01, 2007)

Addresses real life issues while challenging, comforting, and directing the reader to be who God created her to be.

Keeping in Tune with God: Listening Hearts Discernment for Clergy

by Suzanne G. Farnham & Timothy H. Grayson Morehouse Publishing (April 01, 2011)

This book is an essential resource for clergy and the people who love, work with, and care about them. Based on the tested wisdom of Listening Hearts discernment, the book provides clergy with encouraging words...

Encouraging Conversation: Resources for Talking about Same-Sex Blessings

by Fredrica Harris Thompsett & V. Gene Robinson Morehouse Publishing (May 01, 2013)

With the authorization of "I Will Bless You and You Will Be A Blessing," more Episcopal parishes will be preparing to be in conversation about same-sex blessings and issues of sexuality. This volume is designed...

Making the Most of the Lectionary: A User's Guide

by Thomas O'Loughlin Morehouse Publishing (August 01, 2012)

"This book is an essential guide for all preachers, teachers, and worship planners who use the Revised Common Lectionary, or for those who are even curious about it." -Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long, Candler School...

Church Administration and Finance Manual: Resources for Leading the Local Church

by Otto F. Crumroy Jr Morehouse Publishing (September 01, 1998)

These 544 pages of field-tested solutions deliver proven procedures, planning models, and copier-friendly forms for all aspects of local church administration. Packed with excellent guidelines and tools for...

Episcopal Etiquette and Ethics: Living the Craft of Priesthood in the Episcopal Church

by James Barney Hawkins, Iv Morehouse Publishing (March 01, 2012)

A distinctive resource that deals with all the practicalities of the Episcopal culture for those preparing for--and exercising--ministry in The Episcopal Church.

Deacons and the Church: Making Connections Between Old and New

by John N. Collins Morehouse Publishing (January 01, 2003)

John Collins, author of the groundbreaking study Diakonia, explores the pastoral implications of a new scholarly understanding of the role of deacons in the early church.

All Shall Be Well: An Approach to Wellness

by William S. Craddock, Jr. & Katharine Jefferts Schori Morehouse Publishing (August 01, 2009)

This relevant, timely, and substantive book addresses the CREDO approach to wellness.

The Liturgy Explained

by James W. Farwell Morehouse Publishing (February 01, 2013)

This completely new work replaces the best-selling but woefully outdated Morehouse classic by the same name. This fresh work explains the liturgy in all its aspects for the uninitiated and is written by a respected...

What Episcopalians Believe: An Introduction

by Samuel Wells Morehouse Publishing (October 01, 2011)

An accessible summary of the Christian faith as seen through an Episcopal lens. In this portrayal of Episcopal beliefs, Samuel Wells covers The Faith, Sources of the Faith, The Order of the Faith, and The Character...

The Nearness of God: Parish Ministry as Spiritual Practice

by Julia Gatta Morehouse Publishing (February 01, 2010)

While many books tell clergy how to run a capital campaign, handle conflict, and lead a vestry, this book helps pastors, chaplains, and lay professionals appreciate the spiritual depth of their calling and reminds...

A Wing and a Prayer: A Message of Faith and Hope

by Katharine Jefferts Schori Morehouse Publishing (January 01, 2007)

These beautifully written essays illustrate the concerns and passions of the first woman presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Free online Lenten study guides available at

Being a Deacon Today: Exploring a Distinctive Ministry in the Church and in the World

by Rosalind Brown Morehouse Publishing (October 01, 2005)

In very practical and helpful terms, Rosalind Brown explores what it means to be a deacon in today's church. Excellent for classroom use and for transitional and permanent deacons.

Supervision of Spiritual Directors: Engaging in Holy Mystery

by Mary Rose Bumpus & Rebecca Bradburn Langer Morehouse Publishing (November 01, 2005)

This collection of essays in one of the first books in the field that helps with the training of supervisors. An excellent resource for those called to the role of supervisor, and those who are already practicing...