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The Evolution of Faith

by Philip Gulley HarperOne (June 07, 2011)

"Noone raises provocative questions about Christianity more kindly than PhilipGulley. " —Diana Butler Bass,author of Christianity for the Rest of Us

“Everyserious Christian ought to read this book, ponder...

Preparing for Heaven

by Gary Black, Jr. HarperOne (October 13, 2015)

In his acclaimed books, renowned writer, speaker, and philosophy professor Dallas Willard explored the nature of Christian life in God's Kingdom. Yet one topic remained undisclosed: Willard's understanding of...

What God Wants for Your Life: Finding Answers to the Deepest Questions

by Frederick W. Schmidt HarperOne (May 24, 2011)

A Practical and Engaging Guide for Changing the Way We Seek God's Will

How do we know God's will for our lives? This question lies at the heart of Christian life. And yet, attempting to understand our greater...

Charity Detox

by Robert D. Lupton HarperOne (July 07, 2015)

The veteran urban activist and author of the revolutionary Toxic Charity returns with a headline-making book that offers proven, results-oriented ideas for transforming our system of giving.

In Toxic Charity,...

What We Talk About When We Talk About God

by Rob Bell HarperOne (September 02, 2014)

How God is described today strikes many as mean, primitive, backward, illogical, tribal, and at odds with the frontiers of science. At the same time, many intuitively feel a sense of reverence and awe in the...

How to Read the Bible

by Harvey Cox HarperOne (April 14, 2015)

Renowned religion expert and Harvard Divinity School professor Harvey Cox deepens our experience of the Bible, revealing the three primary ways we read it, why each is important, and how we can integrate these...

The 13th Disciple

by Deepak Chopra HarperOne (March 31, 2015)

The New York Times bestselling author of Buddha and Jesus weaves together historical narrative, mystery, exciting adventure, and intrigue in this masterfully told novel that reveals surprising discoveries about...

How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian

by John Dominic Crossan HarperOne (March 03, 2015)

The acclaimed Bible scholar and author of The Historical Jesus and God & Empire—“the greatest New Testament scholar of our generation” (John Shelby Spong) —grapples with Scripture’s two conflicting...


by Chris Hoke HarperOne (February 03, 2015)

Interweaving his own story with moving vignettes and gritty experiences in hidden places, a jail chaplain and minister to Mexican gang and migrant worker communities chronicles his spiritual journey to the margins...

This Hebrew Lord

by John Shelby Spong HarperOne (July 08, 2014)

From the bestselling author of Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism: John Shelby Spong's original groundbreaking classic, now newly revised, reveals the Jesus "behind the language of myth, magic, and superstition."...

The Story of Christianity: Volume 2

by Justo L. Gonzalez HarperOne (November 25, 2014)

Beginning with the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, this fully revised and updated second volume of The Story of Christianity continues the marvelous history of the world's largest religion....

The Story of Christianity: Volume 1

by Justo L. Gonzalez HarperOne (November 25, 2014)

In this fully revised and updated edition, the lauded church historian Justo González tells the story of Christianity from its fragile infancy to its pervasive dominance at the dawn of the Protestant Reformation....

Simply Good News

by N. T. Wright HarperOne (January 06, 2015)

The bishop, Bible scholar, modern heir to C. S. Lewis, and revered author of Simply Christian and Simply Jesus offers a fresh look at the Gospel, explaining why Jesus’ message is “good news” and why it...

Report on the Church

by Richard P. Mcbrien HarperOne (April 15, 2014)

Richard P. McBrien remains a leading spokesman for the reform movement within the Catholic church—a constituency that includes many of the fifty million Catholics in the United States. In this vital and wide-ranging...

The Pilgrim's Regress

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (May 20, 2014)

The first book written by C. S. Lewis after his conversion, The Pilgrim's Regress is, in a sense, the record of Lewis's own search for meaning and spiritual satisfaction—a search that eventually led him to...

Christian Reflections

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (May 20, 2014)

In Christian Reflections C.S. Lewis brings his vast and original intellect to bear on a wealth of subjects, including ethics, historicism, Christianity and culture. This selection of essays and papers, drawn...

God in the Dock

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (May 20, 2014)

God in the Dock is one of the best known of C.S. Lewis's collections of essays and includes Myth Become Fact, The Grand Miracle, Priestesses in the Church and, of course, God in the Dock.

God and the Afterlife

by Jeffrey Long & Paul Perry HarperOne (June 28, 2016)

Based on the largest near-death experience study in history, involving 3,000 people from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, including nonbelievers, God and the Afterlife presents startling evidence...

The Bible Tells Me So

by Peter Enns HarperOne (September 09, 2014)

The controversial Bible scholar and author of The Evolution of Adam recounts his transformative spiritual journey in which he discovered a new, more honest way to love and appreciate God’s Word.

Trained as...

The Way of Serenity

by Father Jonathan Morris HarperOne (September 16, 2014)

FOX News religion analyst, program director of the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM radio, and bestselling author Father Jonathan Morris reveals how the Serenity Prayer offers a sure path to peace and fulfillment...

The Space Trilogy, Omnib

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (February 18, 2014)

This one-volume edition marks the 75th anniversary of Lewis's classic science fiction trilogy featuring the adventures of Dr. Ransom on Mars, Venus, and Earth. It includes an exclusive foreword compiled from...

The Allure of Gentleness

by Dallas Willard HarperOne (February 10, 2015)

The revered Christian author whose bestselling classics include The Divine Conspiracy and The Spirit of the Disciplines provides a new model for how we can present the Christian faith to others.

When Christians...

A Place to Stand

by Elton Trueblood HarperOne (July 08, 2014)

A Place to Stand is addressed to those who recognize the need for a strong stand from which to operate in the confusion of contemporary thought. Ours has become an age, says Trueblood, in which people simply...

A Big Heart Open to God

by Pope Francis HarperOne (December 10, 2013)

The world was shocked when Jesuit magazines across the globe simultaneously released an exclusive interview with Pope Francis, just six months into his historic papacy. Within minutes of its release, the interview...

Wearing God

by Lauren F. Winner HarperOne (March 31, 2015)

Lauren F. Winner—a leading writer at the crossroads of culture and spirituality and author of Still and Girl Meets God—joins the ranks of luminaries such as Anne Lamott and Barbara Brown Taylor with this...

The Divine Conspiracy Continued

by Dallas Willard & Gary Black, Jr. HarperOne (June 17, 2014)

Dallas Willard, the author of the bestselling spiritual classic, The Divine Conspiracy, now fulfills his revolutionary vision of how the kingdom of God is made real on earth in this sequel, the last book he...


by Marcus J. Borg HarperOne (May 20, 2014)

On the occasion of his seventieth birthday, the renowned scholar Marcus J. Borg shares how he formed his bedrock religious beliefs, contending that Christians in America are at their best when they focus on...

Surprised by Scripture

by N. T. Wright HarperOne (June 03, 2014)

A thoughtful and provocative collection, in the vein of the intellectual spiritual classic The Weight of Glory, from N. T. Wright, the influential Bishop, Bible scholar, and bestselling author widely regarded...

The Allegory of Love

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (November 05, 2013)

The Allegory of Love is a study in medieval tradition—the rise of both the sentiment called "Courtly Love" and of the allegorical method—from eleventh-century Languedoc through sixteenth-century England....

Studies in Words

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (November 05, 2013)

Language—in its communicative and playful functions, its literary formations and its shifting meanings—is a perennially fascinating topic. C. S. Lewis's Studies in Words explores this fascination by taking...

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (November 05, 2013)

This entertaining and learned volume contains book reviews, lectures, and hard to find articles from the late C. S. Lewis, whose constant aim was to show the twentieth–century reader how to read and understand...

An Experiment in Criticism

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (November 05, 2013)

Why do we read literature and how do we judge it? C. S. Lewis's classic An Experiment in Criticism springs from the conviction that literature exists for the joy of the reader and that books should be judged...

Money Sex and Power Study Guide

by Richard J. Foster HarperOne (November 23, 2010)

This helpful guide to Money, Sex & Power, Richard J. Foster's sequel to his bestselling Celebration of Discipline, expands the discussion of key issues and explores ways to move the principles involved into...

The Easter Moment

by John Shelby Spong HarperOne (November 09, 2010)

The Easter Moment tells the moving story of Spong's friendship with a young physician dying of cancer and how that relationship shed new light on the years of study the author has devoted to the great mystery...

The Wisdom of Tenderness

by Brennan Manning HarperOne (October 12, 2010)

A Stirring Invitation to Accept God's Unfathomable Tenderness

Ragman - reissue

by Walter Wangerin, Jr. HarperOne (October 12, 2010)

Updated with eleven new stories and meditations, this Gold Medallion–winning classic interweaves vivid stories, deep meditations, and provocative allegories that together explore the power and meaning of love...

A Year with Jesus

by Eugene H. Peterson HarperOne (October 05, 2010)

Spend a year with Jesus with commentary and meditations by the definitive voice for Christian spirituality today.

Chosen from the Gospels of Matthew and John, the 365 readings encourage us to remove ourselves...

Theirs Is the Kingdom: Celebrating the Gospel in Urban America

by Robert D. Lupton HarperOne (September 14, 2010)

"A gripping discovery of God's grace where we least expect to find it—in the decaying core of the city." —Ronald A. Nikkel, president, Prison Fellowship International

"The story of Lupton's ministry is one...

Freedom of Simplicity: Revised Edition

by Richard J. Foster HarperOne (July 20, 2010)

A revised and updated edition of the manifesto that shows how simplicity is not merely having less stress and more leisure but an essential spiritual discipline for the health of our soul.

The Historical Jesus

by John Dominic Crossan HarperOne (July 13, 2010)

"He comes as yet unknown into a hamlet of Lower Galilee. He is watched by the cold, hard eyes of peasants living long enough at a subsistence level to know exactly where the line is drawn between poverty and...

The Birth of Christianity

by John Dominic Crossan HarperOne (July 06, 2010)

In this national bestseller, John Dominic Crossan, the world's leading expert on the historical Jesus, reveals how Christianity emerged in the period following Jesus' death. Taking an interdisciplinary approach,...

Mere Christianity

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (June 02, 2009)

In the classic Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis, the most important writer of the 20th century, explores the common ground upon which all of those of Christian faith stand together. Bringing together Lewis’ legendary...

Classic Christianity

by Thomas C. Oden HarperOne (August 04, 2009)

For the first time, Thomas Oden's Systematic Theology classic series (individually titled The Living God, The Word of Life, and Life in the Spirit) is available in one complete volume. A renowned theologian,...

Selected Literary Essays

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (November 05, 2013)

Selected Literary Essays includes over twenty of C. S. Lewis’s most important literary essays, written between 1932 and 1962. The topics discussed in this volume range from Chaucer to Kipling, from "The literary...

The Discarded Image

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (November 05, 2013)

In The Discarded Image, C.S. Lewis paints a lucid picture of the medieval world view, providing the historical and cultural background to the literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It describes the "image"...

Image and Imagination

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (January 21, 2014)

Image and Imagination presents some of C.S. Lewis's finest literary criticism and religious exposition. This selection gathers together forty book reviews—never before reprinted—as well as four major essays...

The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 3

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (July 14, 2009)

This collection, carefully chosen and arranged by Walter Hooper, is the most extensive ever published. Included here are the letters Lewis wrote to such luminaries as J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield, Arthur C....

The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 2

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (July 14, 2009)

C. S. Lewis was a prolific letter writer, and his personal correspondence reveals much of his private life, reflections, friendships, and the progress of his thought. This second of a three-volume collection...

How Jesus Became God

by Bart D. Ehrman HarperOne (March 25, 2014)

New York Times bestselling author and Bible expert Bart Ehrman reveals how Jesus’s divinity became dogma in the first few centuries of the early church.

The claim at the heart of the Christian faith is that...

The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 1

by C. S. Lewis HarperOne (July 07, 2009)

The life and mind of C. S. Lewis have fascinated those who have read his works. This collection of his personal letters reveals a unique intellectual journey. The first of a three-volume collection, this volume...