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Making All Things New

by David Powlison Crossway (August 15, 2017)

Sexuality was a part of God’s good creation from the beginning. But with sin came a world filled with sexual brokenness. Thankfully, God is always in the business of restoration.

This book offers hope for...

No More Excuses (Updated Edition)

by Tony Evans Crossway (July 14, 2017)

Sometimes hard circumstances in life make it difficult for us to be all that God wants us to be.

But Tony Evans urges men to stop looking at these things as excuses and instead see them as challenges and opportunities...

Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia

by John Dunlop Md Crossway (July 14, 2017)

A diagnosis of dementia in a loved one can be both frightening and frustrating. Only a biblical foundation fuels a Christian response that both honors the patient and glorifies God. Drawing on years of professional...


by Michael Lawrence Crossway (June 20, 2017)

Does what a church believes about how people become Christians change how we do evangelism? In this concise book, Michael Lawrence explains the doctrine of conversion and helps us consider the relationship...

God Is

by Mark Jones Crossway (June 20, 2017)

God has revealed many things about himself in his Word. But God’s manifold attributes shine most clearly in his Son, Jesus Christ, who came to reveal his Father. Through Christ’s saving work on the cross,...

Not Yet Married

by Marshall Segal Crossway (June 20, 2017)

Life Is Never Mainly About Love and Marriage. So Learn to Live and Date for More.

Many of you grew up assuming that marriage would meet all of your needs and unlock God’s purposes for you. But God has far...

How Does Sanctification Work?

by David Powlison Crossway (May 12, 2017)

Many popular views try to reduce the process of Christian growth to a single template: Remember past grace. Rehearse your identity in Christ. Avail yourself of the means of grace. Discipline yourself. But...

Reading the Bible Supernaturally

by John Piper Crossway (April 13, 2017)

Does it take a miracle to read the Bible?

God wrote a book, and its pages are full of his glory. But we cannot see his beauty on our own, with mere human eyes.

In Reading the Bible Supernaturally, John Piper...

The Deep Things of God (Second Edition) (Second Edition)

by Fred Sanders Crossway (April 13, 2017)

The doctrine of the Trinity is taught and believed by all evangelicals, but rarely is it fully understood or celebrated. In The Deep Things of God, systematic theologian Fred Sanders shows why we ought to embrace...

The New City Catechism Devotional

by Timothy J. Keller & Collin Hansen Crossway (April 13, 2017)

In centuries past, the church used catechisms to teach foundational Christian doctrines. In today’s world of shifting beliefs, this communal practice of learning biblical truth via questions and answers is...

Glory in the Ordinary

by Courtney Reissig Crossway (April 13, 2017)

Folding laundry. Weeding the garden. Cooking dinner. Changing diapers. Work in the home can seem so ordinary. Does any of it matter? Is there meaning in our most mundane moments at home?

When the work of the...

12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

by Tony Reinke & John Piper Crossway (April 13, 2017)

Do You Control Your Phone—Or Does Your Phone Control You?

Within a few years of its unveiling, the smartphone had become part of us, fully integrated into the daily patterns of our lives. Never offline, always...


by David Murray Crossway (March 16, 2017)

"How did I get here?"

These are the words of many Christian men on the brink of burnout or in the midst of breakdown. They are exhausted, depressed, anxious, stressed, and joyless. Their time is spent doing...

This Changes Everything

by Jaquelle Crowe Crossway (March 16, 2017)

The teen years have been hijacked—by fashion, music, movies, and games; by the pressures of school, peers, and society; and by superficial expectations set by the world. But there is something more glorious...

Coming Home

by C. Jeffrey Robinson Sr., D. A. Carson, Voddie Baucham Jr. & Augustus Lopes et al. Crossway (March 16, 2017)

Do Christians overemphasize the hope of the future to the neglect of needs in the present?

Are discussions about the end times unimportant so long as we all “get to heaven” in the end?

In Coming Home,...

Chasing Contentment

by Erik Raymond Crossway (March 16, 2017)

The biblical practice of contentment can seem like a lost art—something reserved for spiritual giants but out of reach for the rest of us today. In our discontented age—characterized by impatience, overspending,...

Reformation Theology

by Matthew Barrett, Michael Allen, Gerald Bray & Graham A. Cole et al. Crossway (March 16, 2017)

Five hundred years ago, the Reformers were defending doctrines such as justification by faith alone, the authority of Scripture, and God's grace in salvation—some to the point of death. Many of these same...

Finding God in My Loneliness

by Lydia Brownback Crossway (February 14, 2017)

Young or old, single or married, male or female—at some point in life, we're all confronted with loneliness. We try to fill the void or change our circumstances so we no longer feel the pain. But what if our...

The Whole Message of the Bible in 16 Words

by Chris Bruno Crossway (February 14, 2017)

At the heart of the Bible is one overarching message: God saving his people through their promised Messiah. This accessible introduction to the main point of the Bible traces the development of sixteen key themes—...

Gospel Fluency

by Jeff Vanderstelt & Jackie Hill Perry Crossway (February 14, 2017)

flu·en·cy / noun

:the ability to speak a language easily and effectively

Even if they want to, many Christians find it hard to talk to others about Jesus. Is it possible this difficulty is because we're trying...

Biblical Doctrine

by John MacArthur & Richard Mayhue Crossway (January 13, 2017)

Doctrine isn’t just for theologians—it’s important for every Christian because it shows us who God is and how we should live. Systematizing the robust theology that has undergirded Dr. John MacArthur’s...

God the Son Incarnate

by Stephen J. Wellum & John S. Feinberg Crossway (November 16, 2016)

Nothing is more important than what a person believes about Jesus Christ. To understand Christ correctly is to understand the very heart of God, Scripture, and the gospel. To get to the core of this belief,...

Unlimited Grace

by Bryan Chapell Crossway (October 13, 2016)

Confusion about the nature of God’s grace can easily lead to an unhealthy concern about the security of our salvation on the one hand or the belief that we don’t need to strive for holiness on the other....


by Paul David Tripp Crossway (September 14, 2016)

What is your calling as a parent?

In the midst of folding laundry, coordinating carpool schedules, and breaking up fights, many parents get lost. Feeling pressure to do everything “right” and raise up “good”...

Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel

by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr., Dane C. Ortlund & Miles V. Van Pelt Crossway (October 13, 2016)

Marriage reveals something of eternal significance. From the beginning, God designed marriage to convey a greater reality—the passionate, unfailing, redeeming love of God for sinners, the eternal romance between...

The Love of God

by Christopher W. Morgan, Daniel Strange, Andreas J. Köstenberger & Robert Plummer et al. Crossway (September 30, 2016)

Our understanding of the love of God has been tragically distorted. The comfortable, sentimentalized version we commonly encounter today is far from the biblical depiction of God’s love. Featuring contributions...

What Grieving People Wish You Knew about What Really Helps (and What Really Hurts)

by Nancy Guthrie Crossway (September 14, 2016)

We want to say or do something that helps our grieving friend. But what?

When someone we know is grieving, we want to help. But sometimes we stay away or stay silent, afraid that we will do or say the wrong...

What Did You Expect?

by Paul David Tripp Crossway (April 06, 2010)

Somehow, someway, every marriage becomes a struggle.

Everyone’s marriage morphs into something they didn’t intend it to be. At some point you need something sturdier than romance. You need something deeper...

50 Crucial Questions

by John Piper & Wayne Grudem Crossway (April 14, 2016)

The roles of men and women are immensely contested in both society and the church today. Christians are looking for answers from the Bible regarding how God intends for men and women to relate to one another....

Married for God

by Christopher Ash Crossway (August 15, 2016)

A good marriage begins with God.

It is our natural tendency to seek personal happiness and satisfaction in marriage. We often give our own needs, wants, and goals first priority. But what is God’s design for...

Being There

by Dave Furman Crossway (August 15, 2016)

Everyone has friends or family who suffer from sickness, disability, depression, or the death of a loved one.

Often times, the people who love the hurting also struggle in their own unique ways. They tend to...

A Peculiar Glory

by John Piper Crossway (March 16, 2016)

God has provided a way for all people, not just scholars, to know that the Bible is the Word of God. John Piper has devoted his life to showing us that the glory of God is the object of the soul’s happiness....

Lessons from a Hospital Bed

by John Piper Crossway (February 12, 2016)

Sickness is hard. The combination of physical discomfort, emotional stress, anxious thoughts, and long stretches of boredom can make it difficult to remember—much less rely on and rejoice in—our good and...


by Mark Dever Crossway (April 14, 2016)

Before ascending to heaven, Jesus instructed his followers to “make disciples of all nations.” But what does this command actually entail? What does it look like for Christians to care for one another’s...

The Life We Never Expected

by Rachel Wilson, Andrew Wilson & Russell Moore Crossway (June 14, 2016)

Sometimes life throws you a curveball.

Andrew and Rachel Wilson know what it means to live a life they never expected. As the parents of two children with special needs, their story mingles deep pain with deep...

His Love Endures Forever

by Garry J. Williams Crossway (June 14, 2016)

A Love Unlike Any Other Love

God is love. There are few more quoted statements in all of Scripture. Although wonderfully simple, this truth is incredibly profound—and therefore often misunderstood, twisted,...


by J. D. Crowley, Andrew David Naselli & D. A. Carson Crossway (April 14, 2016)

Christian, meet your conscience.

What do you do when you disagree with other Christians? How do you determine which convictions are negotiable and which are not? How do you get along with people who have different...

Praying Together

by Megan Hill Crossway (April 14, 2016)

Nearly all Christians would affirm the centrality of prayer for a healthy Christian life. And yet, for many, prayer is often a challenge, requiring intense personal commitment and self-discipline. However, as...

None Like Him

by Jen Wilkin Crossway (April 14, 2016)

God is self-existent, self-sufficient, eternal, immutable, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, sovereign, infinite, and incomprehensible.

We're not.

And that's a good thing.

Our limitations are by design. We...

When Trouble Comes

by Philip Graham Ryken Crossway (June 14, 2016)

What will you do when trouble comes?

It’s not a question of if, but when—at some point, everyone faces grief, pain, broken relationships, sin, or persecution. What hope do we have? Sharing honestly from...

The Lordship of Christ

by Vern S. Poythress Crossway (June 14, 2016)

Jesus Christ was not merely a human being. He was not merely a famous religious teacher.

Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

This radical claim from the Bible has profound implications for every area of life—for...

Seasons of Waiting

by Betsy Childs Howard Crossway (May 13, 2016)

We’re all waiting for something.

It might be a spouse or a baby. It might be healing or a home. Regardless of what we're waiting for, it’s easy to feel discontent when things aren’t going as planned and...

How to Be an Atheist (Foreword by J. P. Moreland)

by Mitch Stokes & J. P. Moreland Crossway (February 12, 2016)

Atheists talk a lot about the importance of skepticism. But the truth is, they're not nearly skeptical enough.

While atheists champion the importance of a critical stance toward religion, they often fail to...

"Habits of Grace"

by David Mathis Crossway (March 16, 2016)

Put Yourself in the Path of God's Grace

This study guide is designed to help you connect more deeply with the three crucial power sources for the Christian life: hearing God's voice (in the Bible), having his...

Habits of Grace

by David Mathis & John Piper Crossway (February 12, 2016)

Hear his voice. Have his ear. Belong to his body.

Three seemingly unremarkable principles shape and strengthen the Christian life: listening to God’s voice, speaking to him in prayer, and joining together...

God's Word, Our Story

by Kathleen Nielson, D. A. Carson, John Piper & Timothy J. Keller et al. Crossway (March 16, 2016)

"You have kept your promise, for you are righteous." —Nehemiah 9:8

The book of Nehemiah powerfully illustrates God's faithfulness as it chronicles Israel's return from exile. In this collection of biblical...

Women in the Church (Third Edition)

by Andreas J. Köstenberger, Thomas R. Schreiner, Theresa Bowen & Denny Burk et al. Crossway (February 12, 2016)

The role of women in the church is highly debated, with Christians on all sides using Paul’s teachings in 1 Timothy to justify their positions. Now in its third edition, this classic book edited by Andreas Köstenberger...

Church in Hard Places

by Mike McKinley, Mez McConnell & Brian Fikkert Crossway (January 14, 2016)

It is impossible to alleviate poverty—in its fullest sense—apart from the local church.

In recent years, Christians have shown an increased commitment to helping the poor. But this renewed interest in poverty...

Christ or Chaos

by Dan DeWitt Crossway (January 14, 2016)

Is Christianity irrational?

Atheists often say that it is. But does such a charge really stand up to close scrutiny? This book follows the story of Thomas, a junior in college, as he wrestles with the claims...

The Inerrant Word

by John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, Mark Dever & Kevin DeYoung et al. Crossway (March 16, 2016)

Because God has made himself known in his Word, a commitment to a high view of Scripture is of paramount importance. Sadly, more and more people—not only from outside the church but also from within—are...