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With Axe and Bible: The Scottish Pioneers of New Brunswick, 1784-1874

by Lucille H. Campey Natural Heritage (May 31, 2007)

Lucille H. Campey traces the progress of Scottish colonization and its ramifications for New Brunswick's early development. This book is a must for genealogists.

The Queen's Bush Settlement: Black Pioneers 1839-1865

by Linda Brown-Kubisch Natural Heritage (February 20, 2004)

The Black pioneers who established the Queen's Bush settlement where present-day Waterloo and Wellington counties meet are the focus of this extensively researched book.

Scotland Farewell: The People of the Hector

by Donald MacKay Natural Heritage (August 30, 2006)

This is the story of the first Highland Scots who sailed to Pictou, Nova Scotia, in 1773 aboard the brig Hector their hardships, resourcefulness, and ultimate success.

The Golden Bridge: Young Immigrants to Canada, 1833-1939

by Marjorie Kohli & J.A. David Lorente Natural Heritage (October 15, 2003)

The Golden Bridge documents the period of "home children" and juvenile migration to Canadian shores prior to the Second World War.

The Royal Guide to Spot and Stain Removal

by Linda Cobb Pocket Books (June 15, 2010)

"Out, damned spot!"

For some, it's an obsession. For the Queen of Clean® it's a snap! Now you can tame even the most vexing spots and stains with this handy pocket guide, drawn from the royal bestsellers Talking...

Shaking the Family Tree

by Buzzy Jackson Touchstone (July 06, 2010)


As a historian, Buzzy Jackson thought she knew the answers to these simple questions--that is, until she took a look at her scrawny family tree. With a name like Jackson...

Bertha Venation

by Larry Ashmead HarperCollins e-books (October 13, 2009)

An ideal gift book with personality and charm, Bertha Venation is a legendary editor's lifetime collection of the amazing names of actual people, with his own inimitable wit, commentary, and stories.

Roger Gotobed...

A Very Fine Class of Immigrants: Prince Edward Island's Scottish Pioneers, 1770-1850

by Lucille H. Campey Natural Heritage (May 15, 2007)

Scots who opted for pioneer life in Prince Edward Island are the subject of this book.

The Rare and the Beautiful

by Cressida Connolly HarperCollins (May 26, 2009)

Like the better-known Mitfords, the Garman sisters took center stage in Bohemian London during the first half of the twentieth century. Beautiful, flamboyant, and headstrong, they broke away from middle-class...

A Guide to Tracing Your Family History using the Census

by Emma Jolly Pen and Sword Family History (August 30, 2020)

The census is an essential survey of our population, and it is a source of basic information for local and national government and for various organizations dealing with education, housing, health and transport....

Tracing Your Poor Ancestors

by Stuart A Raymond Pen and Sword Family History (May 30, 2020)

Many people in the past – perhaps a majority – were poor. Tracing our ancestors amongst them involves consulting a wide range of sources. Stuart Raymond’s handbook is the ideal guide to them.

He examines...

My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me

by Jennifer Teege, Nikola Sellmair, Robin Miles & Carolin Sommer Blackstone Publishing (May 26, 2015)

The internationally bestselling memoir hailed as "authentically shocking" (Library Journal) and "an important document--proof that history never ends" (Profil)

When Jennifer Teege, a German-Nigerian woman, happened...

The Vanderbilts

by Jerry E. Patterson & Ray Childs Blackstone Publishing (June 01, 2010)

In The Vanderbilts, the family's astounding story is told in full: from the farmstead beginnings of the Commodore on Staten Island to the pinnacle of wealth, fame, and social standing achieved by the legendary...

The Roosevelts

by Peter Collier, Jeff Riggenbach & David Horowitz Blackstone Publishing (January 27, 2010)

The story of the Roosevelts is usually seen as a tale of two presidents--Theodore and Franklin--separated by time and politics, and of two families--the Oyster Bay and Hyde Park branches--that had little to...

The Little History of Aberdeenshire

by Duncan Harley The History Press (March 01, 2019)

Duncan Harley leads the inquisitive reader on a fast-paced and exciting journey through Aberdeenshire’s past. Readers will be introduced to Beaker People, the Picts and, of course, those Roman legionnaires...

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

by Adam Rutherford & Siddhartha Mukherjee The Experiment (September 25, 2017)

National Book Critics Circle Award—2017 Nonfiction Finalist

“Nothing less than a tour de force—a heady amalgam of science, history, a little bit of anthropology and plenty of nuanced, captivating storytelling.”—...

The Little Book of Welsh Landmarks

by Mark Rees The History Press (November 01, 2018)

From the snowy peaks of Snowdonia to the glorious Wales Coastal Path, this compelling compendium is a fact-filled journey through Wales’ most iconic landmarks and popular tourist attractions. Experience the...

Striking Back

by Mary Manning & Sinead O'Brien The Collins Press (November 10, 2017)

‘Young shopworkers on Henry Street in Dublin, who in 1984 refused to handle the fruits of apartheid, provided me with great hope during my years of imprisonment, and inspiration to millions of South Africans.’...

Referencing for Genealogists

by Ian G. Macdonald The History Press (May 28, 2018)

Reliable genealogical conclusions depend on reliable data. Central to any good investigation is an appreciation of where the data came from so that other investigator can re-examine it and re-establish the conclusions...

The Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker 2011

by Tana L. Pedersen (September 28, 2010)

You have the software. Now get the tools you need to capitalize on the outstanding features of Family Tree Maker 2011. With The Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker 2011, you'll go beyond the simple step-by-step....

The Napoleonic Prison of Norman Cross

by Paul Chamberlain The History Press (March 01, 2018)

Norman Cross was the site of the world’s first purpose-built prisoner-of-war camp built during the Napoleonic Wars. Opened in 1803, it was, however, more than just a prison: it was a town in itself, with houses,...

Military Records At

by Esther Yu Sumner (January 01, 2007)

If your ancestors were American, chances are good that at least one of them was involved in an American war. And each of the more than forty wars and conflicts in which America was involved generated some kind...

Official Guide to Family Tree Maker (2010)

by Tana L. Pedersen (September 01, 2009)

This in-depth guide will help you use Family Tree Maker 2010 to create a family history that you and your family will treasure for years. Start building your tree by entering what you already know. Then follow...

Official Guide to, 2nd edition

by George G. Morgan (October 01, 2008)

Whether you are coming to for the first time or have used it for years, you need The Official Guide to Written by noted genealogist and lecturer George G. Morgan, this official guide...

The Ancestry Family Historian's Address Book

by Juliana Szucs Smith (February 15, 2003)

Know what resources are available! Sometimes the toughest part about overcoming a research barrier is knowing what resources are available, where to go or whom to ask for help. The Ancestry Family Historian's...

Researching Your Colonial New England Ancestors

by Patricia Law Hatcher (October 01, 2006)

When the early colonists came to America, they were braving a new world, with new wonders and difficulties. Family historians beginning the search for their ancestors from this period run into a similar adventure,...

Red Book, 3rd edition

by Alice Eichholz (January 01, 2004)

No scholarly reference library is complete without a copy of Ancestry's Red Book. In it, you will find both general and specific information essential to researchers of American records. This revised 3rd edition...

Producing a Quality Family History

by Patricia Law Hatcher (July 01, 1996)

For anyone looking to create a useful, lasting history of your family: This is a book that should adorn the library or bookshelves of all genealogists! Whether you're an amateur or professional, chances are...

Plymouth Colony

by Eugene Aubrey Stratton (April 01, 1986)

This is the first truly complete treatment of the history and genealogy of Plymouth Colony. It includes a concise history of the colony, both chronologically and topically, and more than 300 biographical sketches...

Italian Genealogical Records

by Trafford R. Cole (September 01, 1995)

Filled with practical advice that will help anyone obtain the information they seek through Italian records, Italian Genealogical Records is a comprehensive guide to the complexities and nuances of what could...

From Memories to Manuscript

by Joan R. Neubauer (January 01, 1994)

From Memories to Manuscript provides easy and enjoyable steps to create your autobiography and teaches you the full process of publication. Put your stories in print and amaze you loved ones with your very own...

Finding Your Italian Ancestors

by Suzanne Russo Adams (January 01, 2009)

For millions of Americans, home means Italy, where their roots started years ago. In Finding Your Italian Ancestors, you'll discover the tools you need to trace your ancestors back to the homeland. Learn how...

Finding Answers In British Isles Census Records

by Echo King (May 01, 2007)

It's said a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you really want to see into the lives of your British Isles ancestors, find them in the census. This book will show you how. Accredited Genealogist Echo...

Finding Your German Ancestors

by Kevan M. Hansen (January 01, 2001)

Finding Your German Ancestors is a brief but thorough introduction to German research. It presents the most up-to-date sources and resources for successful German research. Many German archives are accessible...

Ellis Island

by Loretto Dennis Szucs (June 01, 2000)

Almost half of all Americans have at least one ancestor who entered the United States through Ellis Island (also called America's Gateway""). In Ellis Island: Tracing Your Family History Through America's Gateway,...

Beyond the Basics

by Tana L. Pedersen (October 28, 2010)

You've mastered the basics. Now it's time to dive in and adapt Family Tree Maker 2011 to work for you and your unique family. Picking up where the Companion Guide leaves off, Beyond the Basics teaches you the...

Genealogy Standards

by Board for Certification of Genealogists (August 01, 2000)

Family historians depend upon thousands of people unknown to them. They exchange research with others; copy information from books and databases; and write libraries, societies, and government offices. At times...

A Guide to Mormon Family History Sources

by Kip Sperry (January 01, 2011)

Never before has the wide array of Mormon family history sources been gathered into one comprehensive and easy-to-use guide. In A Guide to Mormon Family History Sources, author, professor, and lecturer Kip Sperry...

Genealogy Standards

by Board for Certification of Genealogists (February 17, 2014)

REVISED AND UPDATED FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Family historians depend upon thousands of people unknown to them. They exchange research with others; copy information from books and databases; and write libraries,...

Your Swedish Roots

by Per Clemensson & Kjell Andersson (November 01, 2004)

Get a start on your Swedish family history with Your Swedish Roots, a step-by-step handbook to help guide you in researching your Swedish ancestors. First, learn general information about Sweden, Swedish naming...

Scottish Ancestry

by Sherry Irvine (June 01, 2003)

The world of genealogical research has changed dramatically in the years since this book debuted. In this revised second edition, Sherry Irvine mixes her award-winning methodology with up-to-date instruction...

Your Family Reunion

by George G. Morgan (June 13, 2001)

This book is a guide for organizing a successful and exciting family reunion, from a casual backyard barbecue to a week-long deluxe cruise. No matter whether this is your first family reunion or your tenth,...

Writing the Family Narrative

by Lawrence P. Gouldrup (August 01, 1987)

Anyone who has ever tried to write a family history knows that it can be overwhelming. Writing the Family Narrative offers a clear and concise explanation of how to write your history in a way that entertains...

Finding Your Irish Ancestors

by David S. Ouimette (September 01, 2005)

Finding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide is the ultimate resource to help you learn if the luck of the Irish is in your blood or not. This easy-to-use guide will teach you to make use of the many Irish...

Pioneers, Patriots and Preachers.

by Robert Rogers Chaffin Ideas into Books WESTVIEW (November 25, 2005)

To Robert Chaffin, Roaring River will always remain the garden spot of the universe, the place that God had smiled on in a special way, the most desirable place to inhabit this side of the promised land. In...

A–Z of Irish Names for Children and Their Meanings

by Diarmaid Ó Muirithe Gill Books (March 06, 2007)

Including over four hundred beautiful, original and unusual Irish names, Diarmaid Ó Muirithe’s brilliant reference book provides the origin, historical and cultural background of practically every Irish name...

Ancestry's Concise Genealogical Dictionary

by Maurine Harris & Glen Harris (December 12, 1989)

Is your research time wasted looking up words like “beamster,” “grimgribber,” “anascara,” and “wainbote” in regular dictionaries? Ever heard of a “gossip's wheel” or a “shank's mare”? These...

The A-Z of Curious Aberdeenshire

by Duncan Harley The History Press (December 20, 2017)

Duncan Harley takes the reader on a grand tour of the curious and the bizarre, the strange and the unusual from Aberdeenshire’s past. Read about the Beatles first, and almost their last, tour of the North-east,...

Ghosts of Wales

by Mark Rees The History Press (October 12, 2017)

In the Victorian age ghost stories made headline news, were used as evidence in the court room, and forced terrified families to flee their homes, while so-called psychic mediums plied their trade on the high...

French-Canadian Roots

by Lawrence Compagna Candco Corporation (August 10, 2017)

The author has traced thousands of his direct ancestors, all the way into the middle ages, and arguably right back into antiquity. Using methods described in this book you can do the same, through your French...