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Total Flirt

by Violet Blue Viva Editions (February 01, 2011)

Truth be told, it is not blondes who are having more fun--it is the total flirts! Flirting is half desire to flirt with someone we find attractive, and the other half is knowing how to use the "tools of the...

Always Look on the Bright Side

by Allen Klein Viva Editions (November 12, 2013)

We often think of celebrations as centering around special occasions, like Birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays. But there is no need to wait for those times. Everyday is a cause for celebration. The very...

Dead White Guys

by Matt Burriesci Viva Editions (June 09, 2015)

Dead White Guys is a timely defense of the great books, arriving in the middle of a national debate about the fate of these books in high schools and universities around the country. Burriesci shows how the...

Random Obsessions

by Nick Belardes Viva Editions (July 10, 2009)

Did you know Thomas Jefferson’s grandson was an ax murderer? Don’t you delight knowing some dinosaurs were teeny tiny as hens? Before buying that plane ticket, don’t you NEED to know which exotic islands...

The Painted Word

by Phil Cousineau Viva Editions (September 11, 2012)

To untangle the knot of interlocking meanings of these painted words, logophile and mythologist Phil Cousineau begins each fascinating word entry with his own brief definition. He then fills it in with a tint...

Get Well Wishes

by June Cotner Viva Editions (March 17, 2015)

The nurturing words gathered here offer the courage to move toward recovery and healing and to summon faith and grace in the midst of pain to anyone who is ill, as well as to their families and friends. Wise...

A People's History of the Peculiar

by Nick Belardes Viva Editions (April 08, 2014)

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson’s grandson was an ax murderer? Do you delight knowing that some dinosaurs were as teeny tiny as hens? Wonder what it’s like to live in Hell Town at the End of the World?...

The Grateful Life

by Nina Lesowitz Viva Editions (September 22, 2014)

The Grateful Life is a guide to discovering – and realizing – one’s dreams though a positive attitude. Through years of research and practice, authors Nina Lesowitz and Mary Beth Sammons have discovered...

Grateful Table

by Brenda Knight Viva Editions (October 15, 2013)

What would happen if you sat down to dinner with the likes of Alicia Keyes, Jonathan Safran Foer, David Lynch, Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsley, Alton Brown, Neil Gaiman, Deepak Chopra and David Foster Wallace?...

Happiness A to Z

by Louise Harmon Viva Editions (February 10, 2015)

Happiness is around every corner but everyone once in a while, we need a map or a pointers on how to find it. This book is just such a guide with 26 chapters filled with ideas and inspiration. Joy unites all...

Be a Good in the World

by Brenda Knight Viva Editions (April 14, 2015)

In the hurly burly of this busy world, simple kindness and goodness can get left behind in the rush to be first in line, at the top of the corporate ladder and have the most "likes." But, what does it all mean...


by June Cotner Viva Editions (October 27, 2014)

A well-chosen toast can make simple moments special and special moments memorable. Whether it’s celebrating a wedding, a job promotion, a birthday, or a new direction in life, toasting is a tradition that...

Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions

by Blythe Lipman Viva Editions (April 22, 2013)

Raising children is a serious business, especially in this era of two working parents with jam-packed schedules. A helping hand can make all the difference. Nationally known parenting expert Blythe Lipman is...

Birthday Girls

by Reeda Joseph Viva Editions (August 11, 2015)

Celebrating life's special moments are what birthdays are all about- and these occasions are made all the more special with time spend with your bff's. Reeda Josephs, the creator and CWO (Chief Wit Officer)...


by Phil Cousineau Viva Editions (March 15, 2010)

Who knew that the great country of Canada is named for a mistake? How about "bedswerver," the best Elizabethan insult to hurl at a cheating boyfriend? By exploring the delightful back stories of the 250 words...

Burning the Midnight Oil

by Phil Cousineau Viva Editions (December 16, 2013)

In Burning the Midnight Oil, word-wrangler extraordinaire Phil Cousineau has gathered an eclectic and electric collection of soulful poems and prose from great thinkers throughout the ages. Whether beguiling...

Mom's the Word

by Allen Klein & Kate Hopper Viva Editions (April 08, 2013)

Heartwarming and humorous, this tribute to moms of the world gathers the best things anyone ever said about motherhood. From Dolly Parton to Dear Abby to delightful mother daughter duos such as Goldie Hawn and...