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Many Lives, Many Masters

by Brian L. Weiss Touchstone (May 01, 2012)

From author and psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss comes the classic bestseller on the true case of the past-life therapy that changed the lives of both the prominent psychiatrist and young patient involved—now...

Born Reading

by Jason Boog & Betsy Bird Touchstone (July 15, 2014)

A program for parents and professionals on how to raise kids who love to read, featuring interviews with childhood development experts, advice from librarians, tips from authors and children’s book publishers,...

Truth About Addiction and Recovery

by Stanton Peele Touchstone (June 30, 2014)

A radical new approach to recovery—using methods proven more effective than medical treatment or twelve-step programs.

Drawing on the latest research and detailed case studies, the authors expose the best-kept...

Living with the Passive-Aggressive Man

by Scott Wetzler Touchstone (January 18, 2011)

With more than 100,000 copies in print, Living with the Passive-Aggressive Man draws on case histories from clinical psychologist Scott Wetzler’s practice to help you identify the destructive behavior, the...

Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn

by Florence Scovel Shinn Touchstone (March 31, 2014)

Here in one volume are the four collected works of one of America's most beloved and best-selling inspirational authors.

In her classic best-seller The Game of Life, Florence Scovel Shinn reveals the timeless...

Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One

by Ann Smolin Touchstone (January 18, 2011)

Too often people suffering the aftermath of a suicide suffer alone. As the survivor of a person who has ended his or her own life, you are left a painful legacy -- and not one that you chose. Healing After the...

Brain Power: Learn to Improve Your Thinking Skills

by Karl Albrecht Touchstone (November 24, 2009)

Do you want to expand your mental power? Think more clearly, logically, and creatively? Improve your memory? Solve problems and make decisions more effectively?

Brain Power introduces the six functional thinking...

Healing A Broken Heart

by Sarah La Saulle & Sharon Kagan Touchstone (May 11, 2010)

The loss of a love is a nearly universal emotional crisis, whether the end is divorce, desertion, or a mutually agreed-upon separation. At first, friends and family are there to offer a shoulder to cry on, but...

Three Case Histories

by Sigmund Freud Touchstone (June 30, 2008)

These histories reveal not only the working of the unconscious in paranoid and neurotic cases, but also the agility of Freud's own mind and his method for treating the disorders.

Notes upon a case of obessional...

Love Between Equals

by Pepper Schwartz Touchstone (September 06, 1995)

"...any couple contemplating marriage or reevaluating an existing one will find powerful information and encouragement here for a true marriage of minds."

-- Kirkus Reviews

"Pepper Schwartz is remarkable. She...

The Art of Talking So That People Will Listen

by Paul W. Swets Touchstone (April 25, 1986)

Talking comes naturally…but getting people to listen is an art.

This guide provides you with practical, proven strategies for mastering the art of effective, persuasive communication—the skill most essential...

Silent Sons

by Robert Ackerman Touchstone (June 30, 2008)

It could be you or someone you love. Strong, silent types are everywhere, and it is their telltale silence that has kept their problems hidden until now. A silent son can come from a family that coped with violence,...

Mom's House, Dad's House for Kids

by Isolina Ricci Touchstone (April 11, 2006)

From the author of the classic Mom’s House, Dad’s House, the essential guide for kids on how to stay strong and succeed in life when parents separate, divorce, or get married again.

Isolina Ricci’s Mom’s...

Talking to Ducks

by James Kitchens Touchstone (September 02, 1994)

Through examples from the author's own life and his patients' lives, as well as from literature, Talking to Ducks guides us to discover the beauty of our internal and external worlds.

The purpose of life is joy....

Cutting Loose

by Howard Halpern Touchstone (April 15, 1990)

With more than thirty-five years of experience in psychotherapy, Dr. Halpern enables the adult child to understand his or her parent and foster a positive, healthy adult relationship.

In all respects, you appear...

Understanding the Twelve Steps

by Terry T. Gorski, m.a., c.a.c. Touchstone (September 11, 2012)

Written by a certified alcoholism and drug abuse counselor with more than twenty years of experience, this book offers a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and genuine support for anyone in recovery.

Millions of people...

Getting Love Right: Learning the Choices of Healthy Intimacy

by Terence T. Gorski Touchstone (September 11, 2012)


When you fall in love you may be repeating bad relationship habits that you learned growing up or in a previous unhealthy relationship. No matter what your history, Getting...

Narcissism: Denial of the True Self

by Alexander Lowen Touchstone (August 21, 2012)


Are you a narcissist? Do you interact with someone who is? Contrary to popular belief, narcissists do not love themselves or anyone else. They cannot accept their true selves, constructing instead...


by Carol Tavris Touchstone (August 29, 2017)

"This landmark book" (San Francisco Chronicle) dispels the common myths about the causes and uses of anger -- for example, that expressing anger is always good for you, that suppressing anger is always unhealthy,...

When He's Married to Mom

by Kenneth M. Adams & Alexander P. Morgan Touchstone (March 13, 2007)

A practical, compassionate relationship guide for women who are involved with mother-enmeshed men, mothers who wish to set their sons free, and men dealing with issues of commitment, sex addiction, and unhealthy...

When Friendship Hurts

by Jan Yager Touchstone (May 11, 2010)



We've all had friendships that have gone bad. Whether it takes the form of a simple yet inexplicable estrangement or a devastating betrayal, a failed friendship...

Shrink Dreams

by Wayne A. Myers Touchstone (August 09, 1993)

Addressing himself to both general and professional audiences, a practicing psychotherapist and professor of psychiatry at Cornell Medical Center's Payne Whitney Psychiatric Center in Manhattan examines countertransference,...

Kokology 2

by Tadahiko Nagao & Isamu Saito Touchstone (September 25, 2001)

Based on the bestselling Japanese phenomenon of addictive pop-quiz games that uses proven psychological principles to reveal your hidden attitudes about sex, family, love, work, and more, Kokology 2 offers more...

How to Duck a Suckah

by Big Boom Touchstone (January 08, 2008)

The Bodyguard for Women's Hearts returns with brand-new tough-love advice for satisfying relationships and spiritual fulfillment.

Some women have become so accustomed to the games and manipulations of men that...

The Tender Heart

by Joseph Nowinski Touchstone (May 13, 2001)

Insight, explanations, and practical solutions for overcoming insecurity and sensitivity -- from a top psychologist

In simple language, Joseph Nowinski explains that insecurity is not a flaw or shortcoming,...

Dr. Z on Scoring

by Victoria Zdrok Touchstone (January 08, 2008)

For the first time ever, a book on how to pick up hot women by a hot

woman! Penthouse columnist Dr. Z shows you how it's done.

You're at a party, or just a coffee shop, when suddenly -- there she is. Across...

If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start with Your Legs

by Big Boom Touchstone (June 05, 2007)


Want to find real, committed love? The bodyguard for women's hearts reveals the minds of men in this tough-love guide to relationships.

After decades of preying on women as a pimp...

Play or Be Played

by Tariq "K-Flex" Nasheed Touchstone (November 24, 2009)

Got Game?

It's a fact. Every woman needs game. Take Oprah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Beyoncé Knowles. All three of these women have the one intangible quality that every mack, male or female, must possess: they...

The Different Drum

by M. Scott Peck Touchstone (May 11, 2010)

'The overall purpose of human communication is - or should be - reconciliation. It should ultimately serve to lower or remove the walls of misunderstanding which unduly separate us human beings, one from another...'...

The Big Sister's Guide to the World of Work

by Marcelle DiFalco & Jocelyn Greenky Herz Touchstone (December 28, 2004)


In just one eight-hour day, a working woman can get more twisted up than panty hose in the spin cycle. The Big Sister's Guide to the World of Work will straighten her...


by Jonathan Berent Touchstone (May 24, 2011)

Through interactive exercises and supportive, encouraging words, Beyond Shyness gives shy people a new chance in the social world.

Almost everyone feels shy or slightly stressed in certain kinds of situations...

Control Your Depression, Rev'd Ed

by Peter Lewinsohn Touchstone (June 15, 2010)

Depression is one of the most common of all psychological problems -- nearly all of us experience mild forms of it at sometime during our lifetime. But now, with this easier-to-understand edition of a bestseller...

Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time

by Jaci Rae Touchstone (November 29, 2005)


As the new star quarterback steps...

The Road Less Traveled

by M. Scott Peck Touchstone (March 13, 2012)

Now featuring a new introduction by Dr. M. Scott Peck, the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the classic bestseller The Road Less Traveled, celebrated by The Washington Post as “not just a book but a spontaneous...

People Skills

by Robert Bolton Touchstone (November 24, 2009)

Improve your personal and professional relationships instantly with this timeless guide to communication, listening skills, body language, and conflict resolution.

A wall of silent resentment shuts you off from...

Think Like a Shrink

by Emmanuel Dr. Rosen Touchstone (July 12, 2001)

A Companion for the Uncouched

Based on a highly regarded article in Psychology Today that has been reprinted worldwide, Think Like a Shrink is a personality primer that refines years of psychiatric training...

The Grieving Teen

by Helen FitzGerald Touchstone (January 19, 2001)

In this unique and compassionate guide, renowned grief counselor Helen Fitzgerald turns her attention to the special needs of adolescents struggling with loss and gives teens the tools they need to work through...

The Sexual State of the Union

by Susie Bright Touchstone (March 24, 1998)

This eBook includes an exclusive preface written by the author!

Lust brings out the liar in everyone. Every erection has Pinocchio written up and down its length -- yes, everybody wants to be REAL, a real boy,...

The Wild Child

by Jeffrey Masson Touchstone (May 11, 2010)

Kept in a dungeon for his entire childhood, Kaspar Hauser appeared in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1828 at age sixteen, barely able to walk or talk. When he was killed in 1833, his true identity and the motives for...

Soothe Your Nerves

by Angela Neal-Barnett Touchstone (June 15, 2010)

Do you or someone you love suffer from "bad nerves"?

•Denise is constantly on edge. She's convinced something bad is going to happen.

•Ruth will drive an hour out of her way to avoid driving over a bridge. When...


by Erving Goffman Touchstone (November 24, 2009)

From the author of The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Stigma is analyzes a person’s feelings about himself and his relationship to people whom society calls “normal.”

Stigma is an illuminating excursion...


by Michele Borba Touchstone (June 07, 2016)

Hailed as “an absolute must-read” (Jean Twenge) and a book that “will change your kids’ lives” (Jack Canfield), UnSelfie by Dr. Michele Borba explains what parents and educators MUST do to combat the...

How Can I Help?

by David Goldbloom & Pier M.D. Bryden Touchstone (February 23, 2016)

A humane behind-the-scenes account of a week in the life of a psychiatrist at one of Canada’s leading mental health hospitals. How Can I Help? takes us to the frontlines of modern psychiatric care.

How Can...

The Narcissist You Know

by Joseph Burgo Touchstone (September 22, 2015)

In the tradition of The Sociopath Next Door, clinical psychologist Joseph Burgo’s The Narcissist You Know is a “clear, easily digestible” (Kirkus Reviews) guide to help you identify, disarm, and coexist...


by Jim Rendon Touchstone (August 04, 2015)

Through cutting-edge research and thoughtful personal stories comes a “compassionate, friendly, and empathetic” (Kirkus Reviews) exploration of post-traumatic growth—the emerging idea that psychological...

The Unheard Cry for Meaning

by Viktor E. Frankl Touchstone (August 09, 2011)

In our age of depersonalization, Frankl teaches the value of living to the fullest.

Upon his death in 1997, Viktor E. Frankl was lauded as one of the most influential thinkers of our time. The Unheard Cry for...

Through Time Into Healing

by Brian L. Weiss & Raymond Moody Touchstone (May 08, 2012)

The book that sheds new light on reincarnation and the extraordinary healing potential of past life and hypnotic regression therapy, from the bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters.

Brian Weiss made headlines...

Breaking Free

by Herschel Walker & Jerry Mungadze Touchstone (April 14, 2008)

The NFL legend and Heisman Trophy winner shares the inspiring story of his life and diagnosis with dissociative identity disorder.

Herschel Walker is widely regarded as one of football's greatest running...

Bailing Out

by Barry Lubetkin Touchstone (May 11, 2010)

As a leading cognitive behavior therapist, Dr. Barry Lubetkin has heard every excuse there is for staying in a bad relationship: "The time isn't right." "We have to stay together for the children's sake." "It's...