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Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent

by Stuart Price & Ruth Sanz Sabido Rowman & Littlefield International (December 12, 2014)

Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent offers an insight into modern European protest movements, focusing on the strategies, activities, and developments associated with the current wave of public dissent....

Protests as Events: Politics, Activism and Leisure

by Ian R. Lamond & Karl Spracklen Rowman & Littlefield International (November 05, 2014)

Protests as Events: Politics, Activism and Leisure is an edited collection that explores activism as a leisure activity and protests as events.

Participatory Democracy in Southern Europe: Causes, Characteristics and Consequences

by Joan Font, Donatella Della Porta & Yves Sintomer Rowman & Littlefield International (June 05, 2014)

Using a highly original multi-method approach, this book examines a wide range of innovative institutional participatory processes across Spain, Italy and France.

Justice Unbound

by Patrizia Longo Rowman & Littlefield International (December 17, 2018)

Introductions to political philosophy/theory mostly exclude discussions of race, and anthologies of political theory and philosophy cover readings from the ancient Greeks to contemporary theorists but without...

Middle Powers and Regional Influence

by Joshua B. Spero Rowman & Littlefield International (November 16, 2018)

In the growing literature on middle powers, this book contributes by expanding case study analysis and extending international relations theory in its application to foreign policy decisions. Thus, this book...

Critical Perspectives on Human Rights

by Birgit Schippers Rowman & Littlefield International (September 25, 2018)

Critical Perspectives on Human Rights provides cutting-edge interventions into contemporary s on rights, ethics and global justice. The chapters, written by leading scholars in the field, make a significant...

The Ecology of Violent Extremism

by Lisa Schirch Rowman & Littlefield International (August 23, 2018)

The Ecology of Violent Extremism brings together leading theorists and practitioners to describe an ecological or systems approach to violent extremism. Nothing can be fixed until it is understood. News media...

Citizenship and Place

by Cherstin M. Lyon & Allison F. Goebel Rowman & Littlefield International (August 03, 2018)

This book explores the ways in which individuals and groups negotiate the meaning and rights associated with their citizenship or lack thereof within the context of diverse interpretations of "place." Place...

Homeland Security Cultures

by Alexander Siedschlag & Andrea Jerkovic Rowman & Littlefield International (July 12, 2018)

Homeland Security Cultures: Enhancing Values While Fostering Resilience explores the role that culture plays in the study and practice of homeland security in an all-hazards, whole-community, and all-of-government...

An End to the War on Terrorism

by Phil Gurski Rowman & Littlefield International (August 08, 2018)

Why are we still at ‘war’ with terror 16 years after 9/11? This book will discuss what we have collectively done well, what we have done poorly, what we have yet to try and how we get to the point where...

Realising Justice for Sex Workers

by Sharron A. FitzGerald & Kathryn McGarry Rowman & Littlefield International (August 16, 2018)

In the past two decades, feminist politics on prostitution has become more polarised and ideological. On the one hand, those on the radical spectrum of feminist politics have fought long and hard to criminalise...

The Global Illusion of Citizen Protection

by Robert Mandel Rowman & Littlefield International (July 05, 2018)

This book comprehensively analyzes the global illusion of citizen protection so common today. This text helps students understand a central puzzle in human security, which has two distinct components: (1) although...

Citizen Journalism as Conceptual Practice

by Bolette B. Blaagaard Rowman & Littlefield International (July 16, 2018)

Citizen Journalism as Conceptual Practice provides a conceptualization of citizen journalism as a political practice developed through analyses of an historical and postcolonial case. Arguing that citizen journalism...

Understanding Cybersecurity

by Gary Jr. Schaub Rowman & Littlefield International (January 29, 2018)

Over the last decade, the internet and cyber space has had a phenomenal impact on all parts of society, from media and politics to defense and war. Governments around the globe have started to develop cyber...

Regulation Theory and Australian Capitalism

by Brett Heino Rowman & Littlefield International (November 22, 2017)

The end of the post-World War II ‘long boom’ in the mid-1970s proved the beginning of a process of political-economic change that has fundamentally transformed labour law, both in Australia and across the...

Just Liberal Violence

by Michael Neu Rowman & Littlefield International (November 01, 2017)

'This book critically examines "just liberal violence": forms of direct and structural violence that others may be "justly" subjected to. Michael Neu focusses on liberal defences of torture, war and sweatshop...

Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe

by Roman Kuhar & David Paternotte Rowman & Littlefield International (August 07, 2017)

After decades of steady progress in terms of gender and sexual rights, several parts of Europe are facing new waves of resistance to a so-called ‘gender ideology’ or ‘gender theory’. Opposition to progressive...

Becoming a Movement

by Priska Daphi Rowman & Littlefield International (August 04, 2017)

Social movement scholars have become increasingly interested in the role of stories in contentious politics. Stories may facilitate the mobilization of activists and strengthen the resonance of their claims...

Young People, Citizenship and Political Participation

by Mark Chou, Jean-Paul Gagnon, Catherine Hartung & Lesley J. Pruitt Rowman & Littlefield International (March 17, 2017)

Prominent studies and opinion polls often claim to show that young people distrust politicians, they are disengaged from political institutions, and are disillusioned about democracy. But academic work conversely...

Participation and Non-Participation in Student Activism

by Alexander Hensby Rowman & Littlefield International (February 13, 2017)

There is a strong need to understand the changing dynamics of contemporary youth participation: how they engage, what repertoires are considered efficacious, and their motivations to get involved.

This book uses...


by Monique Deveaux & Vida Panitch Rowman & Littlefield International (January 31, 2017)

Contemporary theoretical discussions of exploitation are dominated by thinkers in the liberal and Marxian traditions. Exploitation: From Practice to Theory, pushes past these traditional and binary explanations,...

Negotiating Digital Citizenship

by Anthony McCosker, Sonja Vivienne & Amelia Johns Rowman & Littlefield International (October 12, 2016)

With pervasive use of mobile devices and social media, there is a constant tension between the promise of new forms of social engagement and the threat of misuse and misappropriation, or the risk of harm and...

The Next Democracy?: The Possibility of Popular Control

by Tony Milligan Rowman & Littlefield International (July 16, 2016)

Responding to widespread disenchantment with electoral politics, this book gives a practical examination of the possibilities offered by a generalized system of direct democracy.

The Politics of Transnational Peasant Struggle: Resistance, Rights and Democracy

by Robin Dunford Rowman & Littlefield International (May 25, 2016)

This book explores how grassroots practices of resistance can generate transnational social and political change through a case study of peasant mobilisations, organisation and protest

A Human Right to Culture and Identity: The Ambivalence of Group Rights

by Janne Mende Rowman & Littlefield International (June 15, 2016)

Pursues the possibilities and limits of the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by connecting theoretical discussions with empirical evidence, taken from extensive participant observation...

Minority Rights and Minority Protection in Europe

by Timofey Agarin & Karl Cordell Rowman & Littlefield International (March 24, 2016)

Assesses the nature of minority rights protection in post-communist Europe and evaluates the impact of domestic institutions on the operation of the European Minority Rights Regime

Political Identities and Popular Uprisings in the Middle East

by Shabnam J. Holliday & Philip Leech Rowman & Littlefield International (March 25, 2016)

Explores the articulation of identity in the context of popular uprisings in the Middle East, going beyond a focus on the Arab Spring

Postcolonial Transitions in Europe: Contexts, Practices and Politics

by Sandra Ponzanesi & Gianmaria Colpani Rowman & Littlefield International (December 14, 2015)

A comparative and multidisciplinary exploration of Europe’s colonial past in relation to present multicultural, cosmopolitan and/or neocolonial experiences, assessing political, cultural and mediatized transitions...

Race, Rights and Rebels: Alternatives to Human Rights and Development from the Global South

by Julia Suárez-Krabbe Rowman & Littlefield International (December 11, 2015)

An analysis of the evolution of the overlapping histories of human rights and development, and an exploration of the alternatives, through the lens of indigenous and other southern theories and epistemologies....

Taming an Uncertain Future: Temporality, Sovereignty, and the Politics of Anticipatory Governance

by Liam P.D. Stockdale Rowman & Littlefield International (December 16, 2015)

Examines the intersection between temporality, futurity, and the political in contemporary society by exploring how the imperative to govern an uncertain future affects the way political power is organized and...

Critical Perspectives on Social Media and Protest: Between Control and Emancipation

by Lina Dencik & Oliver Leistert Rowman & Littlefield International (October 06, 2015)

This book critically interrogates the relationship between social media and protest from an interdisciplinary perspective, examining the multiple ways in which we need to politicize and contextualise commercial...

Being Digital Citizens

by Engin Isin & Evelyn Ruppert Rowman & Littlefield International (April 09, 2015)

Developing a critical perspective on the challenges and possibilities presented by cyberspace, this book explores where and how political subjects perform new rights and duties that govern themselves and others...