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Peace at All Costs

by Annika Frieberg Berghahn Books (July 01, 2019)

Although it was characterized by simmering international tensions, the early Cold War also witnessed dramatic instances of reconciliation between states, as former antagonists rebuilt political, economic, and...

Nation Branding in Modern History

by Carolin Viktorin, Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht, Annika Estner & Marcel K. Will Berghahn Books (August 01, 2018)

A relatively recent coinage within international relations, “nation branding” designates the process of highlighting a country’s positive characteristics for promotional purposes, using techniques similar...

Between Empire and Continent

by Andreas Rose Berghahn Books (May 01, 2017)

In the years leading up to the First World War, Great Britain sat at the center of global relations, and it applied its considerable diplomatic strength to break through the older alliances of European states....

Ethical Consumption: Social Value and Economic Practice

by James G. Carrier & Peter G. Luetchford Berghahn Books (March 01, 2012)

Increasingly, consumers in North America and Europe see their purchasing as a way to express to the commercial world their concerns about trade justice, the environment and similar issues. This ethical consumption...

General de Gaulle's Cold War: Challenging American Hegemony, 1963-68

by Garret Joseph Martin Berghahn Books (September 01, 2013)

The greatest threat to the Western alliance in the 1960s did not come from an enemy, but from an ally. France, led by its mercurial leader General Charles de Gaulle, launched a global and comprehensive challenge...

Latin America Facing China: South-South Relations beyond the Washington Consensus

by Alex E. Fernández Jilberto† & Barbara Hogenboom Berghahn Books (October 01, 2010)

The last quarter of the twentieth century was a period of economic crises, increasing indebtedness as well as financial instability for Latin America and most other developing countries; in contrast, China...

Friendly Enemies: Britain and the GDR, 1949-1990

by Stefan Berger & Norman Laporte Berghahn Books (May 01, 2010)

During the Cold War, Britain had an astonishing number of contacts and connections with one of the Soviet Bloc's most hard-line regimes: the German Democratic Republic. The left wing of the British Labour Party...

Searching for a Cultural Diplomacy

by Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht & Mark C. Donfried Berghahn Books (November 01, 2010)

Recent studies on the meaning of cultural diplomacy in the twentieth century often focus on the United States and the Cold War, based on the premise that cultural diplomacy was a key instrument of foreign policy...