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Breaking the Ice: From Land Claims to Tribal Sovereignty in the Arctic

by Barry Zellen Lexington Books (March 20, 2008)

Breaking the Ice is a comparative study of the movement for native land claims and Aboriginal rights in Alaska and the Western Arctic, and the resulting political transformation as the indigenous peoples of...

Human Rights and the Third World: Issues and Discourses

by Arnab Das, Subrata Sankar Bagchi, Debi Chatterjee & Clarence J. Dias et al. Lexington Books (December 06, 2012)

Human Rights and the Third World: Issues and Discourses deals with the controversial questions on the universalistic notions of human rights. It finds Third World perspectives and seeks to open up a discursive...

The New American Social Compact: Rights and Responsibilities in the Twenty-first Century

by Jane A. Grant Lexington Books (February 28, 2008)

Jane Grant's book explores the need to redefine the social compact in twenty-first century America. It proposes a new compact that would honor the expansion of civil, political, and social rights in America,...

Understanding Occupy from Wall Street to Portland: Applied Studies in Communication Theory

by Ricardo Muñoz, Courtney Vail Fletcher, Renee Guarriello Heath & Priya Kapoor et al. Lexington Books (August 29, 2013)

The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the Occupy movement using various communication theory perspectives. It considers global and local contexts of the movement from its cultural and economic roots...

Race and Reconciliation: Redressing Wounds of Injustice

by John B. Hatch & Aaron David Gresson III Lexington Books (January 01, 1955)

Hatch develops a robust rhetorical theory of reconciliation and applies it to contemporary national and global efforts to redress the racialized wounds and injustices created by slavery. What emerges from this...

Civil Peace and the Quest for Truth: The First Amendment Freedoms in Political Philosophy and American Constitutionalism

by Murray Dry Lexington Books (November 17, 2004)

Dry examines the U.S. Supreme Court's treatment of the First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech against the founding of the American Constitution and its philosophical underpinnings.

Conceptions of and Corrections to Majoritarian Tyranny

by Donald L. Beahm Lexington Books (January 01, 2002)

The fundamental tenet of democracy is that the majority rules. Yet as James Madison wrote, 'Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression.' In this focused new work, Don Beahm...

Zones of Twilight: Wartime Presidential Powers and Federal Court Decision Making

by Amanda DiPaolo Lexington Books (December 22, 2009)

Zones of Twilight examines how the federal courts decide wartime cases when rights are limited, arguing that the courts do not use rights-based language but instead decide cases emphasizing the institutional...

Same-Sex Marriage in Latin America: Promise and Resistance

by Shawn Schulenberg, Adriana Piatti-Crocker, Jason Pierceson & Genaro Lozano et al. Lexington Books (November 29, 2012)

This volume sheds light on regional, national, and individual-level factors that have led to major developments for same-sex relationship equality in Latin America and explores institutional, political, and...

Democracy as Discussion: Civic Education and the American Forum Movement

by William M. Keith Lexington Books (February 12, 2007)

Using primary sources from archives around the country, Democracy as Discussion traces the early history of the Speech field, the development of discussion as an alternative to debate, and the Deweyan, Progressive...

Political Pioneer of the Press

by Jodi L. Rightler-McDaniels, Lori Amber Roessner, Jinx C. Broussard & Norma Fay Green et al. Lexington Books (July 15, 2018)

Known most prominently as a daring anti-lynching crusader, Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1862-1931) worked tirelessly throughout her life as a political advocate for the rights of women, minorities, and members of the...

Policing and Race in America

by James D. Ward, Barry D. Friedman, Robert Maranto & Ian Kingsbury et al. Lexington Books (December 27, 2017)

This edited collection explores policing in America in regards to minority groups. The essays discuss how the relationship between police and minority groups affects politics, the economy, and minority groups’...

The Integration of the UCLA School of Law, 1966—1978

by Miguel Espinoza Lexington Books (December 01, 2017)

In 1966, a group of UCLA law school professors sparked the era of affirmative action by creating one of the earliest and most expansive race-conscious admissions programs in higher education. The Legal Education...

Waiving Our Rights: The Personal Data Collection Complex and Its Threat to Privacy and Civil Liberties

by Orlan Lee Lexington Books (March 22, 2012)

The purpose of Waiving Our Rights: The Personal Data Collection Complex and its Threat to Privacy and Civil Liberties is to alert Americans to the erosion of our fundamental rights, and what to do about that....

Networked Information Technologies, Elections, and Politics: Korea and the United States

by Jongwoo Han Lexington Books (December 28, 2011)

Jongwoo Han’s Networked Information Technologies, Elections, and Politics: Korea and the United States is a study on the changes that have been occurring in elections, politics, and democratic movements over...

Ruby A. Black

by Maurine H. Beasley Lexington Books (April 11, 2017)

This book presents the story of Ruby A. Black, a feminist who broke new ground for women in Washington journalism in the 1920s and 1930s as a correspondent for a Puerto Rican newspaper and the first biographer...

Making Disability Rights Real in Southeast Asia

by Derrick L. Cogburn & Tina Kempin Reuter Lexington Books (March 21, 2017)

This book evaluates the national implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in ASEAN. Working with country-specific research teams, the contributors compiled...

A Question of Balance: A Study of Legal Equality and State Neutrality in the United States, France, and the Netherlands

by Brenda J. Norton Lexington Books (January 21, 2016)

This book offers a cross-national analysis of judicial decisions and legislative action in three religiously pluralistic Western democracies—the United States, France, and the Netherlands—that shows how...