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The Gardener's Son

by Cormac Mccarthy Ecco (December 09, 2014)

The screenplay for McCarthy's classic film, bearing in full measure his gift—the ability to fit complex and universal emotions into ordinary lives and still preserve all of their power and significance

In the...

Downton Abbey Script Book Season 3

by Julian Fellowes William Morrow Paperbacks (December 29, 2015)

Engross yourself in Julian Fellowes’ multi-award winning drama with the full script of Season Three, which includes previously unseen dialogue and drama as well as two 8-page color photo inserts.

Downton Abbey...

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

by Adam Bertocci Simon & Schuster (October 26, 2010)

What if…William Shakespeare had written The Big Lebowski?

The Dude has met the Bard—and he doth abide.

Join “The Knave” and Sir Walter on a wild tale of mistaken identity, kidnapping, bowling, and a rug...

The Battle of the Sexes Russian Style

by Nadezhda Ptushkina Glagoslav Publications B.V. (August 15, 2013)

Nadezhda Ptushkina's plays reflect her keen interest in constructing multidimensional characters that reflect the myriad ways people are affected by today's turbulent world. Often writing strong female roles,...

Hollywood Said No!: Orphaned Film Scripts, Bastard Scenes, and Abandoned Darlings from the Creators of Mr. Show

by David Cross, Bob Odenkirk & Brian Posehn Grand Central Publishing (September 10, 2013)

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, creators of HBO's classic sketch comedy show Mr. Show, present to you this collection of never-before-seen scripts and ideas that Hollywood couldn't find the gumption to green-light....

Lincoln: The Screenplay

by Tony Kushner & Doris Kearns Goodwin Theatre Communications Group (February 05, 2013)

A revealing drama about a great American president.

Downton Abbey Script Book Season 2

by Julian Fellowes William Morrow Paperbacks (December 23, 2013)

The full scripts of award-winning Downton Abbey, season two including previously unseen commentary from Julian Fellowes

Opening in 1916, as the First World War rages across Europe, Season Two is the next dramatic...

Zero Dark Thirty

by Mark Boal Newmarket for It Books (July 16, 2013)

The hunt for Osama bin Laden preoccupied the world and two American presidential administrations for more than a decade. But in the end, it took a small, dedicated team of CIA operatives to track him down. Every...

Downton Abbey Script Book Season 1

by Julian Fellowes William Morrow Paperbacks (February 05, 2013)

The most successful British television drama of our time, the multi-award-winning Downton Abbey has become a national phenomenon in the U.S. as well. Created by Julian Fellowes—who received an Academy Award...

Julius Caesar: The 30-Minute Shakespeare

by William Shakespeare & Nick Newlin Nicolo Whimsey Press (June 19, 2012)

"A master at engaging students in the process of performing a Shakespearescene."—Janet Field-Pickering, head of education, Folger Shakespeare Library

The Tempest: The 30-Minute Shakespeare

by William Shakespeare & Nick Newlin Nicolo Whimsey Press (June 19, 2012)

"A truly fun, emotional, and sometimes magical first experience . . . guided by a sagacious, knowledgeable, and intuitive educator."—Library Journal

What Are You Laughing At?

by Brad Schreiber & Chris Vogler Allworth (October 24, 2017)

“People have forgotten how to be funny,” says Chris Vogler in his foreword to What Are You Laughing at? Luckily, experienced and award-winning humor writer Brad Schreiber is here to remind us all how it’s...

Wagging Tongues

by J Florence Joanna Loring (November 16, 2017)

This eBook is styled in screenplay format providing a unique reading experience.

Wagging Tongues is set in Northern England during the 1980’s.

The backdrop is a working-class society that struggles with hardships....

Screening the Stage

by Steven Neale John Libbey Publishing (June 06, 2017)

Introduced by a comprehensive account of the factors governing the adaptation of stage plays and musicals in Hollywood from the early 1910s to the mid-to-late 1950s, Screening the Stage consists of a series...


by Stanisław Wyspiański Glagoslav Publications B.V. (September 27, 2017)

Although he never left his native Kraków except for relatively short periods, Stanis?aw Wyspia?ski (1869-1907) achieved worldwide fame, both as a painter, and Poland’s greatest dramatist of the first half...

Kingdoms of Conflict

by Patrick Amaefule & Jacey K Dew Crimson Notebook Publishing (August 31, 2017)

In a world that suddenly turns strange and dangerous Arizod is the only chief instrument of the gods left to guide and protect the people of Dorados, but as the gods stand in great need of help, they will once...


by David P Taylor DCD Publishing (July 06, 2017)

Beyond Hamlet – the life of Ophelia unveiled.


Meet Ophelia. At the opening of this creative new play she is a feisty young girl about to embark on a relationship with young Hamlet. Based partly in the modern...

The Olympians - Part 1

by Ryan A Herring 120pages (May 23, 2017)

Read the 2016 Scriptapalooza Contest Runner-Up screenplay!

Jacob Miller is frustrated living in the shadow of his father, a famous sheriff in the old west.  After years of being his deputy and suffering a series...

Frozen Summer

by Oktay Ege Kozak 120pages (May 23, 2017)

Max is a 13-year-old math whiz who spends his free time working on equations, scientific experiments, and designing a secret project of his own.  When his genius earns him early entry into a prestigious college,...

Grimm Reapers

by Michael E Berg 120pages (May 23, 2017)

In 18th-century Germany, mythological beasts still roam the Black Forest.   Werewolves, giants, trolls, and other fantastical monsters hide in the shadows or in faraway places, posing a danger to anyone who...


by Colin Costello 120pages (May 23, 2017)

Chloe, Max, Francesca, and Tania are successful supermodels.  Despite promising careers, paranoia about their future plagues them as they age.  

To counter the effects of aging, Van Swoon Cosmetics is developing...


by Michael E Berg 120pages (May 23, 2017)

Three teenage boys decide to break into an abandoned, haunted mansion and come face-to-face with a demonic apparition.  Terrified, they run as far as they can, as fast as they can.

Years have passed.  As adults,...

Tubby the Fat Clown

by Stephen Gnoza & Andrew Vita 120pages (December 13, 2016)

The circus is failing. Ticket sales have been declining for years. Morale among the performers is low and many fear that they will soon be out of a job.

One performer, Tubby the Fat Clown, has little money, but...

Theatrical Translation and Film Adaptation

by Phyllis Zatlin Multilingual Matters (October 12, 2005)

Translation and film adaptation of theatre have received little study. In filling that gap, this book draws on the experiences of theatrical translators and on movie versions of plays from various countries....

Off the Page

by Daniel Bernardi & Julian Hoxter University of California Press (September 12, 2017)

Off the Page examines the business and craft of screenwriting in the era of media convergence. Bernardi and Hoxter use the recent history of screenwriting labor coupled with close analysis of the screenwriting...

Safe In Killer Hands

by Gwen Hullah & Zizzi Bonah She And The Cat's Mother (January 24, 2017)

The COMPLETE original SCRIPT adapted from the revenge fiction novel: SAFE IN KILLER HANDS - Money, Madness, Murder, includes all 4 episodes. "With the logic of betrayed, the Asquith women instigate revenge -...

Zapolska’s Women

by Teresa Murjas Intellect (January 01, 2009)

This groundbreaking book contains the first English language translations of three plays by Polish playwright, actress and journalist Gabriela Zapolska. They were initially performed in fin-de-siecle, partitioned...

The Multisensory Film Experience

by Luis Rocha Antunes Intellect Books (May 01, 2016)

The light and sound of the motion picture, once perceived, are a gateway to a multisensory experience of the spectator. Moving beyond the oft-discussed perceptual elements of vision and hearing, The Multisensory...

My Old Lady: Complete Stage Play and Screenplay with an Essay on Adaptation

by Israël Horovitz Three Rooms Press (March 29, 2016)

Famed playwright Israel Horovitz has written more than 70 produced plays, which have been translated in more than 30 languages worldwide. Along the way, he has also written screenplays for film including Author!...

Forefathers' Eve

by Adam Mickiewicz Glagoslav Publications B.V. (November 05, 2016)

Forefathers’ Eve [Dziady] is a four-part dramatic work begun circa 1820 and completed in 1832 – with Part I published only after the poet’s death, in 1860. The drama's title refers to Dziady, an ancient Slavic and Lithuanian feast...

Life In Squares

by Amanda Coe Bloomsbury Publishing (May 17, 2016)

The complete script to the three part BBC television drama Life In Squares, (starring James Norton, Phoebe Fox, Eve Best and Lydia Leonard) exploring the tangled and complex loves of the Bloomsbury Group, includes...

Hitler's Escape to Argentina

by David Meade (December 31, 2015)

Writing a really solid treatment is rarely taught in standard writing courses. I cover all of the main bases in this book, and I also provide what few other books do—an actual example of a high concept treatment....

The Hateful Eight

by Quentin Tarantino Grand Central Publishing (December 22, 2015)

Academy Award-winning screenwriter Quentin Tarantino returns with his most infamous, most brilliant, most masterful screenplay yet...

At the end of the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming...

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa: Script (and Scrapped)

by Peter Baynham, Steve Coogan, Rob Gibbons & Armando Iannucci et al. HarperCollins (November 21, 2013)

The official script for the box-office smash movie, featuring every ruddy word (and stage direction) of Alan’s seamless transformation from natural-born broadcaster into fully fledged and occasionally fully...

Inglourious Basterds: A Screenplay

by Quentin Tarantino Little, Brown and Company (August 17, 2009)

With such iconic films as the Oscar-winning Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2, and Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino has become the most famous and revered writer/director of his generation. Now he's back...