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by Derek Rydall Atria Books/Beyond Words (January 06, 2015)

In his bestselling book Emergence, Derek Rydall helps you throw aside the self-help books and recognize one simple, radical truth: the answer is already in you.

The harder we try to change, the deeper in the...

Harness Astrology's Bad Boy

by Hazel Dixon-Cooper & Bridgett Walther Atria Books/Beyond Words (November 04, 2014)

Don’t let your life be bullied by Pluto. Discover how to domesticate astrology’s bad boy and master the transition into the Pluto era.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is in transit in Capricorn through...

Conscious Living, Conscious Aging

by Ron Pevny Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 07, 2014)

We financially plan for our retirement, but do we plan for our wellbeing? Here is an empowering guide with practical tools to help you live a passionate, fulfilling second half of life.

If you’re part of the...

Wild Creative

by Tami Lynn Kent Atria Books/Beyond Words (August 26, 2014)

Realign yourself with the creative currents that flow deep within, and you’ll see your work and home life transformed and inspired by this completely new understanding of creativity.

At its root, creativity...

The Flying Drum

by Bradford Keeney Atria Books/Beyond Words (April 19, 2011)

In The Flying Drum, author and therapist, Bradford Keeney, presents evidence of real mojo—magical objects and practices from around the globe that have an authenticated history of healing, transformation,...

Be Nobody

by Lama Marut Atria Books/Beyond Words (June 03, 2014)

This follow-up to A Spiritual Renegade’s Guide to the Good Life calls for the biggest revolution of all: the overthrow of our obsessive quest to be somebody.

Like boardwalk tourists poking their faces through...

Making Marks

by Elaine Clayton Atria Books/Beyond Words (May 06, 2014)

Through the simple act of drawing—whether it’s doodling or creating detailed illustrations—embrace your inner voice and unlock the power of your intuitive intelligence.

Do you remember being a child and...

Live In The Moment

by Julie Clark Robinson Atria Books/Beyond Words (March 15, 2011)

Fresh, funny, and blatantly honest, Live in the Moment holds the secret to harnessing the power of the present. A practical book about creating one’s own life experiences, author Julie Clark Robinson’s words...

Decoding Your Destiny

by Carmen Harra Atria Books/Beyond Words (March 15, 2011)

Metaphysical intuitive Carmen Harra, PhD, has found that we all have an individual soul code. She reveals how to calculate your soul code so you can see who you truly are, understand your destiny, and use your...

Earth Spirit Living

by Ann Marie Holmes Atria Books/Beyond Words (March 15, 2011)

Earth Spirit Living is a revolutionary approach to lifestyle design and personal space. Author Ann Marie Holmes, an expert on earth energy systems, reveals that by picking up subtle cues from the natural world,...

Breathing Room

by Melva Green & Lauren Rosenfeld Atria Books/Beyond Words (April 01, 2014)

Cleaning out your cupboards isn’t just about a tidier kitchen. Find peace, repair your past, and live a more fulfilled life with this uplifting guide to the spiritual practice of decluttering.

Bless your clutter....

Elemental Love Styles

by Dr. Craig Martin Atria Books/Beyond Words (November 13, 2009)

Every day, millions of people turn to books, online dating sites, and marriage counselors with one goal in mind: to find—and keep—the romantic partner of their dreams. In Elemental Love Styles, counselor,...

The Sacred Promise

by Gary E. Schwartz & John Edward Atria Books/Beyond Words (January 11, 2011)

Sacred Promise brings us into the laboratory of scientist Dr. Gary Schwartz, where he establishes the existence of Spirit by its own Willful Intent—a proof of concept for deceased spirits. The author takes...

The New Master Key System

by Charles F. Haanel & Ruth L. Miller Atria Books/Beyond Words (November 09, 2010)

Charles F. Haanel's groundbreaking work -- an inspiration for the mega- selling The Secret -- has returned with fresh advice for the modern age

What would be possible if you could unlock your entire mental...

The Generosity Plan

by Kathy LeMay Atria Books/Beyond Words (January 19, 2010)

Many of us have the desire to make a difference. But when it comes down to it, how many really know what steps to take and how to fit philanthropy into our lives. The Generosity Plan shows readers the unexpected...

Thriving After Divorce

by Tonja Evetts Weimer Atria Books/Beyond Words (March 16, 2010)

The end of a significant relationship initiates painful and powerful change in one's life, daily habits, and even in one's personal identity. In Thriving After Divorce, author and relationship coach Tonja Evetts...

The Orb Project

by Klaus Heinemann & Miceal Ledwith Atria Books/Beyond Words (November 06, 2007)

After literally stumbling into orbs appearing as bright as light bulbs in photographs he was taking at a spiritual retreat, Dr. Klaus Heinemann immediately sensed that he was onto something profound. There was...

The Gifts Of Change

by Nancy Christie Atria Books/Beyond Words (June 30, 2008)

Change is an ever-present part of our personal and professional lives. It is not something to be tolerated, endured or adapted to. Rather, change is to be embraced, welcomed, and regarded as an opportunity to...

Believe to Achieve

by Howard White & Phil Knight Atria Books/Beyond Words (June 30, 2008)

Sometimes we need a hand to help us get to the gifts locked inside us. Believe to Achieve is that helping hand, daring readers of all ages to reach for their most cherished dream and giving them the tools to...

The Gentle Art of Blessing

by Pierre Pradervand Atria Books/Beyond Words (November 10, 2009)

How can a blessing change the world? According to Pierre Pradervand, making the conscious choice to bless every person or being around you can truly make a world of difference in yourself and in others around...

The Intuitive Way

by Penney Peirce Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 06, 2009)

A renowned intuitive and visionary shows you how to know what you need to know just when you need to know it.

Intuition is not a rare gift that only a gifted few possess but an innate human capacity that can...

Growing Your Inner Light

by Lara Owen Atria Books/Beyond Words (November 03, 2009)

A comprehensive guide for creating a daily spiritual practice, Growing Your Inner Light gives specific advice on developing a unique spiritual path that fits exactly who you are, and what you hope to grow into...

The Physics of Miracles

by Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy Jonsson Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 13, 2009)

Includes a preview of Richard Bartlett's bestselling Matrix Energetics.

The Physics of Miracles will change your perceptions about what is possible, with real, practical applications for healing and transformation....

Roll Around Heaven

by Jessica Maxwell Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 06, 2009)

Chronicling nearly two decades of Jessica Maxwell's all-true accidental spiritual adventure and lled with astonishing stories, witty insights, and breathtaking revelations, Roll Around Heaven will surely inspire...

Infinite Possibilities

by Mike Dooley Atria Books/Beyond Words (September 08, 2009)

Infinite Possibilities is the masterwork from teacher, author, and featured speaker Mike Dooley. As the next step beyond his immensely popular Notes from the Universe trilogy, and his follow up, Choose them...

Choose Them Wisely

by Mike Dooley Atria Books/Beyond Words (April 07, 2009)

Living the life of your dreams isn't just about dreaming. It's also about living: following your impulses, turning over every stone, and stepping out into the world so that the wind can catch your sails. To...

Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration

by Penney Peirce Atria Books/Beyond Words (February 03, 2009)

Includes a preview of Leap of Perception, the next book in Penney Peirce's Transformation Trilogy.

Because science has long taught us to rely on what we can see and touch, we often don't notice that our spirit,...

Healing with the Arts

by Michael Samuels & Mary Rockwood Lane Atria Books/Beyond Words (November 05, 2013)

Heal yourself and your community with this proven 12-week program that uses the arts to awaken your innate healing abilities.

From musicians in hospitals to quilts on the National Mall—art is already healing...

My Son and the Afterlife

by Elisa Medhus M.D. Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 01, 2013)

An emotional journey through grief to healing and skepticism to belief—discover the answers that will change your life forever.


Dr. Elisa Medhus never believed in life...

The Spiritual Science of Emma Curtis Hopkins

by Emma C. Hopkins & Ruth L. Miller Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 01, 2013)

Delve deep into the eternal truths behind “teacher of teachers” Emma Curtis Hopkins’ ideas in this guide to harnessing your inner power to gain a greater understanding of the spiritual world around you....

The Secret of Life Wellness

by Inna Segal Atria Books/Beyond Words (September 10, 2013)

Heal your body and discover your deepest purpose with this transformative guide to integrating wellness and restorative solutions into your everyday life.

Everyone comes into this world with the ability to be...

One Law

by Henry Drummond & Ruth L. Miller Atria Books/Beyond Words (June 11, 2013)

This latest addition to the Library of Hidden Knowledge series provides a modern understanding of Henry Drummond’s powerful philosophical writings about the harmony between science and spirituality.

Is there...

The New Kitchen Mystic: A Companion for Spiritual Explorers

by Mary Hayes Grieco Atria Books/Beyond Words (June 04, 2013)

Filled with timeless insights and poignant personal stories, The New Kitchen Mystic offers healing words of wisdom about enlightenment, fulfillment, and hope.

In these rich, poetic essays, Mary Hayes Grieco serves...

Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention

by Penney Peirce Atria Books/Beyond Words (May 21, 2013)

Responding to the global shift from the Information Age to the Intuition Age, Penny Peirce, a respected leader in the intuition development movement, offers effective, easy-to-follow guidance to help you develop...

The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz

by Jean Houston Atria Books/Beyond Words (November 20, 2012)

Take the journey of a lifetime with Human Potential visionary Jean Houston as she guides you through mythic Oz to become an essential human for the new world.

Learn how to expand your mind, open your heart, and...

Conscious Money: Living, Creating, and Investing with Your Values for a Sustainable New Prosperity

by Patricia Aburdene Atria Books/Beyond Words (September 25, 2012)

Why not make money and make a difference, too?

A revolutionary blueprint for growing wealth, finding fulfillment, and changing the world by living your values.

In the emerging era of Conscious Money, we achieve...

Messages from the Divine

by Sara Wiseman Atria Books/Beyond Words (May 15, 2018)

From the award-winning author of Writing the Divine comes a spiritual guidebook of attainable lessons and exercises to teach you how to engage in direct connection with the Universe and live a soulful life.


Awakening the Brain

by Charlotte A. Tomaino Atria Books/Beyond Words (May 08, 2012)

Human potential cannot be quantified. The more we learn about the brain, the more hidden promise we unearth.

What if you could harness the full spectrum of your abilities by engaging your brain in such a way...

Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

by Penney Peirce Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 10, 2017)

A groundbreaking book with an inside-out view of personal transformation and the path to everyday enlightenment by letting go of the clutter, defense, and fears to instead focus on building the courage to be...

Body Sense

by Brenda Crawford-Clark Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 04, 2011)

A strategic, bodysensible approach to dieting that is packed with information, new tools, and important life connections.

The Secret Language of Your Name

by Neil Koelmeyer & Ursula Kolecki Atria Books/Beyond Words (March 06, 2012)

The Essential Guide to the Ancient Art of Numerology

Do you truly understand your strengths and weaknesses? Are you living at your full potential? Could simply changing the spelling of your name alter your life?...

The Connection

by Anthony Silard Atria Books/Beyond Words (January 10, 2012)

Leadership guru Anthony Silard shows how to bring greater purpose to life by transforming dreams into concrete, deadline-driven goals and aligning values with everyday actions.

In this landmark book, leadership...

The Secret

by Rhonda Byrne Atria Books/Beyond Words (February 26, 2007)

The tenth-anniversary edition of the book that changed lives in profound ways, now with a new foreword and afterword.

In 2006, a groundbreaking feature-length film revealed the great mystery of the universe—...

Miraculous Health

by Rick Levy & Lou Aronica Atria Books/Beyond Words (February 19, 2008)

The power to live a pain-free life of health and well-being is stored deep in the limitless human mind. Miraculous Health is the revolutionary blueprint for accessing this power. Dr. Rick Levy systematically...

The Return of the Prophet

by Hajjar Gibran Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 07, 2008)

In the tradition of the beloved masterpiece The Prophet, Hajjar Gibran -- an ancestral descendant of Kahlil Gibran -- presents a parable of spiritual awakening based on his often heartbreaking and ultimately...

The New Science of Getting Rich

by Wallace D. Wattles & Ruth L. Miller Atria Books/Beyond Words (October 16, 2007)

Straightforward and easy to understand, The Science of Getting Rich asserts that all of us -- no matter what our circumstances -- have the ability to obtain enough wealth to live as we desire and to fulfill...

John of God

by Karen Leffler, Heather Cumming & Amit Goswami Atria Books/Beyond Words (May 01, 2007)

"I am the happiest man in the world because God entrusted me with this mission."

In John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions, a seemingly average rancher from Abadiânia, Brazil,...

Lying Down Mountain

by Heyoka Merrifield Atria Books/Beyond Words (July 10, 2007)

In this third volume of the White Buffalo Woman Trilogy, Heyoka Merrifield continues the story of White Buffalo Woman and her journey through the land of the Lying Down Mountain. Set in the home of the peaceful...

Encouraging Your Child's Spiritual Intelligence

by Mollie Painton Atria Books/Beyond Words (June 15, 2010)

More and more children are expressing spiritual qualities, and parents, caregivers, pediatricians, teachers, and therapists are increasingly taking notice of children's spiritual lives. Mollie Painton, Psy.D.,...

Animal Talk

by Penelope Smith Atria Books/Beyond Words (June 30, 2008)

Three decades ago, Penelope Smith fi rst presented Animal Talk and her effective telepathic communication techniques that can dramatically transform your relationships with your animal companions. Rereleased...