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Salsa, Language and Transnationalism

by Britta Schneider Multilingual Matters (May 22, 2014)

What happens in globalised social contexts if people identify with a language that is not traditionally considered to be 'their' language? This unique contribution to the field of sociolinguistics scrutinises...

Language, Globalization and the Making of a Tanzanian Beauty Queen

by Sabrina Billings Multilingual Matters (November 15, 2013)

Through micro-analysis of language use, this book chronicles young women's pathways to becoming a Tanzanian beauty queen, offering an original perspective on the intersection of language with globalization,...

The Multilingual Citizen

by Assist. Prof. Lisa Lim, Christopher Stroud & Dr. Lionel Wee Multilingual Matters (February 27, 2018)

In this ground-breaking collection of essays, the editors and authors develop the idea of Linguistic Citizenship. This notion highlights the importance of practices whereby vulnerable speakers themselves exercise...

Dialogues with Ethnography

by Dr. Jan Blommaert Multilingual Matters (December 15, 2017)

This book persuasively argues the case that ethnography must be viewed as a full theoretical system, rather than just as a research method. Blommaert traces the influence of his reading of classic works about...

Becoming Diasporically Moroccan

by Lauren Wagner Multilingual Matters (July 31, 2017)

Questions persist about post-migrant generations and their sense of belonging in one homeland or another. As descendants of migrants, ‘second’ and further generations often struggle to establish an unproblematic...

Statehood, Scale and Hierarchy

by Lauren Zentz Multilingual Matters (August 03, 2017)

Against the background of language and nation formation in Indonesia, this book demonstrates how language planning is inseparable from the broader actions of the state, and how postcolonial nationalism and globalization...

Discourse, Identity, and China's Internal Migration

by Dong Jie Multilingual Matters (August 19, 2011)

Rural-urban migration has been going on in China since the early 1980s, resulting in complicated sociolinguistic environments. Migrant workers are the backbone of China's fast growing economy, and yet little...

Engaging Superdiversity

by Karel Arnaut, Martha Sif Karrebæk, Dr. Massimiliano Spotti & Dr. Jan Blommaert Multilingual Matters (December 09, 2016)

This book is the fruition of five years’ work in exploring the idea of superdiversity. The editors argue that sociolinguistic superdiversity could be a source of inspiration to a wide range of post-structuralist,...

The Linguistic Landscape of Chinatown

by Jackie Jia Lou Multilingual Matters (April 28, 2016)

This book presents a sociolinguistic ethnography of the linguistic landscape of Chinatown in Washington, DC. The book sheds a unique light on the impact of urban development on traditionally ethnic neighbourhoods...

Fighters, Girls and Other Identities

by Lian Malai Madsen Multilingual Matters (July 31, 2015)

This book examines how young people at a martial arts club in an urban setting participate and interact in a recreational social community. The author relates analyses of their interactions to discussions of...

Language Learning, Power, Race and Identity

by Liz Johanson Botha Multilingual Matters (June 29, 2015)

This book investigates the strategies and identities of colonials who have learned the languages of colonised people, using the context of isiXhosa in South Africa. While power in language learning research...