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The Active Points Test: A Clinical Test for Identifying and Selecting Effective Points for Acupuncture and Related Therapies

by Stefano Marcelli Singing Dragon (September 21, 2014)

Dr Stefano Marcelli sets out the theory of The Active Points Test, providing a comprehensive and effective system for point selection. Offering detailed guidance on how to carry out the test and interpret the...

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: Roots of Modern Practice

by Charles Buck Singing Dragon (September 21, 2014)

Drawing on his extensive experience and study in the field, Charles Buck presents an authoritative and accessible account of the history of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The book provides an accurate overview,...

Zero Balancing: Touching the Energy of Bone

by John Hamwee, Gina Michaels & Fritz Smith Singing Dragon (September 21, 2014)

The classic, definitive book on Zero Balancing, an increasingly popular therapy that can be easily practised alongside other complementary therapies. Descriptions of particular sessions and client experiences...

The Compassionate Practitioner: How to create a successful and rewarding practice

by Jane Wood Singing Dragon (August 21, 2014)

This handbook for alternative practitioners is full of practical advice about creating a thriving practice. It explores the practitioner-patient relationship at every stage of the consultation process to demonstrate...

The Simple Guide to Five Element Acupuncture

by Nora Franglen Singing Dragon (November 21, 2013)

This accessible guide explains the history and philosophy of five element acupuncture, and shows how it addresses specific health needs and general well-being. With case studies throughout, the guide explains...

Patterns of Practice: Mastering the Art of Five Element Acupuncture

by Nora Franglen Singing Dragon (November 21, 2013)

Considering acupuncture in its wider context, this book contains Nora Franglen's reflections on her practice and explores how the search for acupuncture points can lead the practitioner deep into challenging...

Keepers of the Soul: The Five Guardian Elements of Acupuncture

by Nora Franglen Singing Dragon (November 21, 2013)

With profiles of well-known figures, the book explains the spirit of each of the Five Elements of Chinese medicine, and what they look like in different people. The philosophy behind Five Element acupuncture...

The Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

by Enric Homedes Bea, Daniel Kai & Ricardo Orozco Singing Dragon (August 15, 2011)

This practical handbook, based on strong scientific research and detailed case studies, explains how Bach Flower Remedies can be highly effective for treating both behavioural and physical complaints in animals....

Sleep Better with Natural Therapies: A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Insomnia, Moving Sleep Cycles and Preventing Jet Lag

by Peter Smith Singing Dragon (January 01, 1970)

This book is a step-by-step guide to Peter Smith's unique, 100% natural insomnia cure, which combines drug-free psychological and physiological treatments. Information on the causes of insomnia and how sleep...

Colour Healing Manual: The Complete Colour Therapy Programme Revised Edition

by Pauline Wills Singing Dragon (August 28, 2013)

The healing properties of colour and light have been recognised since ancient times; today colour therapy techniques are used to great effect in a range of complementary therapies and for personal wellbeing....

Essential Oils: A Handbook for Aromatherapy Practice Second Edition

by Jennifer Peace Rhind Singing Dragon (June 15, 2012)

This research-based guide to essential oils and their use in contemporary aromatherapy provides a full historical and cultural context for aromatherapy practice. The characteristics of over 100 essential oils,...

I Ching Acupuncture - The Balance Method: Clinical Applications of the Ba Gua and I Ching

by David Twicken Singing Dragon (December 15, 2011)

This book offers a clear explanation of the philosophical theories that underpin acupuncture methods. Introducing the fundamentals of Chinese medical philosophy including Yin-Yang, the Eight Trigrams and Ba...

Biochemical Imbalances in Disease: A Practitioner's Handbook

by Lorraine Nicolle, Ann Woodriff Beirne, Basant Puri & Michael Culp et al. Singing Dragon (October 15, 2010)

Biochemical imbalances caused by nutritional deficiencies are a contributory factor in chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, auto-immune conditions and cancer. This handbook for practitioners...

Japanese Holistic Face Massage

by Rosemary Patten Singing Dragon (July 28, 2013)

Japanese holistic face massage is based on the Chinese system of medicine and was originally used by geisha girls to maintain a youthful complexion. A comprehensive introductory guide, this book explains how...

Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Bing Zhu & Hongcai Wang Singing Dragon (January 15, 2011)

The principles and practice of diagnostics are key to administering effective treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. The ability to diagnose symptoms and complaints correctly is fundamental to deciding on...

Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Hongcai Wang & Bing Zhu Singing Dragon (January 15, 2011)

Traditional Chinese medicine has a complex history, yet the basic principles at the heart of practice have remained the same for hundreds of years. Without a solid understanding of these fundamental theories,...

Chinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong: Esoteric Talismans, Mantras, and Mudras in Healing and Inner Cultivation

by Zhongxian Wu Singing Dragon (August 15, 2011)

Never before written about in the West, this advanced form of Qigong from one of China's esoteric traditions offers great cumulative benefits from regular daily practice. Master Wu describes the practice in...

Cranio-Sacral Integration: Foundation

by Thomas Attlee D.O., R.C.S.T. & Sam Wilson Singing Dragon (June 15, 2012)

This foundation text integrates the wide spectrum of approaches to Cranio-Sacral Therapy, providing the reader with a broad understanding of the discipline. The author covers fundamental theory as well as practical...

Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections: The Cornerstone Classics of Chinese Medicine Tongue Diagnosis - The Ao Shi Shang Han Jin Jing Lu, and the Shang H

by Ioannis Solos, Chen Jia-xu & Liang Rong Singing Dragon (November 15, 2012)

This text introduces important aspects of the earliest writings on tongue diagnosis to assist the reader in understanding its development. It presents the first translations of two of the most influential and...

Curves, Twists and Bends: A Practical Guide to Pilates for Scoliosis

by Annette Wellings & Alan Herdman Singing Dragon (September 15, 2009)

This clear and concise book explains what scoliosis is, its symptoms, and its physical and psychological impact. It includes a series of Pilates exercises, designed by the authors specifically to promote flexibility,...

Spiritism and Mental Health: Practices from Spiritist Centers and Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil

by Emma Bragdon, Stanley Krippner, Decio Iandoli & Homero Vallada et al. Singing Dragon (September 15, 2011)

This pioneering text is the first comprehensive account of the philosophy, practical applications and wider relevance of Spiritist therapies to be published in English. Providing important new insights into...

Principles of Kinesiology: What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you

by Maggie La Tourelle, Anthea Courtenay & John F. Thie Singing Dragon (February 28, 2013)

Kinesiology is a system of natural health care that combines muscle testing with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function. This introductory guide explains how kinesiology works,...

Principles of Reiki: What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you

by Kajsa Krishni Borang Singing Dragon (February 28, 2013)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing system based on channelling spiritual energy through the hands. This concise introduction covers the history and spiritual principles of Reiki, how it is taught and practiced...

Painful Bladder Syndrome: Controlling and Resolving Interstitial Cystitis through Natural Medicine

by Philip Weeks Singing Dragon (December 15, 2012)

Painful Bladder Syndrome is a common and highly debilitating condition that Western medicine finds difficult to treat. Blending holistic medical traditions from both East and West, this book guides the reader...

Acupuncture for New Practitioners

by John Hamwee Singing Dragon (May 15, 2012)

An invaluable guide for anyone beginning a career in acupuncture, this book offers insights into likely challenges and pitfalls of the first years of practice. It addresses styles of working, common mistakes,...

A Record of the Assembled Immortals and Gathered Perfected of the Western Hills

by Richard Bertschinger & Master Zhongxian Wu Singing Dragon (January 18, 2018)

In this Tang Classic text from the 9th Century, Daoist practitioner Shi Jianwu describes how through adapting our own breathing to the breath of the universe and daily meditation, one can develop an astral body...

The Living Needle

by Justin Phillips Singing Dragon (December 14, 2017)

This fully illustrated guide to modern acupuncture technique explores the foundational skills of the craft from a primarily energetic perspective, showing how perfecting these skills can have a profound effect...

Chinese Medical Gynaecology

by Eddie Dowd Singing Dragon (December 14, 2017)

Many of the issues that relate to women's health from period pain to infertility, can be self-treated with Chinese medicine approaches, and this clear and practical guide explains how to assess symptoms and...

Complementary Therapies in Maternity Care

by Denise Tiran Singing Dragon (January 18, 2018)

The complete textbook on complementary therapies in maternity care, this book addresses how midwives and other birth professionals can use or advise on complementary therapies for pregnant, labouring and new...

Osteopathic and Chiropractic Techniques for Manual Therapists

by Giles Gyer, Jimmy Michael & Ricky Davis Singing Dragon (July 21, 2017)

The first book ever to bring together the best techniques from chiropractic and osteopathy, this easy-to-use guide is necessary reading for any manual therapist wishing to hone their skills, and discover related...

The Spirit of the Organs

by John Hamwee Singing Dragon (September 21, 2017)

In the Chinese medicine tradition, understanding and resonating with the spirit of the organs leads to better diagnosis and more effective, powerful treatment. Behind most symptoms lies a disturbance of spirit,...

Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine

by Ct Holman Singing Dragon (November 21, 2017)

Emotional trauma can upset the harmony of the body and reduce the body's ability to heal and regulate itself. Once the traumas are identified and treated, the body will function at an optimum level and will...

Blogging a Five Element Life

by Nora Franglen Singing Dragon (August 21, 2017)

Based on her widely read blog, this collection includes Nora Franglen's reflections on her own continually developing five element practice, and the lived world between 2014 and March 2017, a time of enormous...

Vedic Palmistry

by Andrew Mason Singing Dragon (July 21, 2017)

Palmistry is an integral part of Jyotish practice (astrology) that helps to determine an individual's physical, mental and karmic potential. A full explanation of how to read a palm from the point of view of...


by Michael Corradino & Giovanni Maciocia Singing Dragon (June 21, 2017)

Neuropuncture is the clinical manual of a groundbreaking acupuncture system that incorporates neuroscience into its clinical applications for pain management, orthopaedic conditions and internal medicine. It...

Seven Scents

by Dorothy P. Abram & Laura Mernoff Singing Dragon (June 21, 2017)

Identifying seven aromatic plants with specific psychoactive properties, the author describes the different states of consciousness that are achieved, manipulated, and transformed by the people and cultures...

Cosmetic Acupuncture, Second Edition: A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Cosmetic and Dermatological Problems

by Radha Thambirajah Singing Dragon (October 21, 2015)

A guide to the diagnosis and treatment of cosmetic and dermatological problems with practical instruction on how to perform treatment techniques. Thambirajah explains the energetic imbalances which cause skin...

How the Art of Medicine Makes the Science More Effective: Becoming the Medicine We Practice

by Claudia Welch & Robert Svoboda Singing Dragon (September 10, 2015)

Emphasizing the importance of practitioner-patient relationships and compassion, this book examines the definition of an effective physician and how understanding the art of doctoring can not only improve relationships...

Grasping the Donkey's Tail

by PETER ECKMAN & Charles Buck Singing Dragon (May 18, 2017)

A scholarly yet practical account for modern clinicians of some of the key difficult questions arising from obscure passages in the classics of Chinese medicine. This book offers an interpretation of crucial...

BodyMindCore Work for Movement Therapists

by Noah Karrasch, Robert White & Elizabeth Buri Singing Dragon (May 18, 2017)

The principles of Noah Karrasch's CORE® model focus on whole body, breath, and movement awareness in order to determine where restrictions and blockages in the body may occur. Based on a lifetime of fine-tuning...

The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

by Nigel Ching & Jeremy Halpin Singing Dragon (May 18, 2017)

This textbook on diagnosis in Chinese medicine is unique in its clarity and accessibility. Divided into two sections, it is a comprehensive diagnostic manual. The first section explains how to collect and collate...

The Essential Teachings of Sasang Medicine: An Annotated Translation of Lee Je-ma's Dongeui Susei Bowon

by Gary Wagman Singing Dragon (August 18, 2016)

This unique translation of the foundational text in Korean medicine, the Dongeui Susei Bowon, is enhanced through extensive footnotes and explanations to allow the student of Sasang Medicine entry and insight...

Qigong for Wellbeing in Dementia and Aging

by Stephen Rath, LauRha Frankfort & The Natural Healing Research Foundation Singing Dragon (September 21, 2015)

This book presents easy-to-follow Qigong exercises and key nutritional information that can help older people, who may be frail or have limited mobility, to improve and maintain their health and mobility, and...

The Divergent Channels - Jing Bie: A Handbook for Clinical Practice and Five Shen Nei Dan Inner Meditation

by David Twicken Singing Dragon (July 21, 2014)

Drawing on the classic texts, Dr. Twicken provides a detailed, step-by-step account of the theory and clinical applications of the Divergent Channels. With case studies and instruction on Five Shen Nei Dan inner...

Foundations of Theory for Ancient Chinese Medicine: Shang Han Lun and Contemporary Medical Texts

by Guohui Liu & Charles Buck Singing Dragon (June 21, 2015)

Discussion of Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun) and contemporary texts of ancient China form the bedrock of modern Chinese medicine practice, yet these classic texts contain many concepts that are either hard to understand...

The Compleat Acupuncturist: A Guide to Constitutional and Conditional Pulse Diagnosis

by PETER ECKMAN & William R. Morris Singing Dragon (January 21, 2014)

Synthesizing traditions in Oriental medicine, this creative and groundbreaking book takes the practice of pulse diagnosis forward through integrating the Chinese, Ayurvedic, Japanese and Korean traditions. The...

Eight Extraordinary Channels - Qi Jing Ba Mai: A Handbook for Clinical Practice and Nei Dan Inner Meditation

by David Twicken Singing Dragon (June 28, 2013)

The Eight Extraordinary channels are amongst the most interesting and clinically important aspects of Chinese medicine. This book introduces the theory behind the channels, explains their clinical applications,...

Breathe Well and Live Well with COPD: A 28-Day Breathing Exercise Plan

by Janet Brindley & Linda Shampan Singing Dragon (September 21, 2013)

This is a short, practical and illustrated guide to using a particular set of breathing exercises, the Buteyko Method, which can lessen the effects of breathing difficulties caused by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary...

Shonishin: The Art of Non-Invasive Paediatric Acupuncture

by Thomas Wernicke, Anne Oppenheimer & Wolfgang Michel Singing Dragon (May 21, 2014)

Shonishin, or paediatric acupuncture, is a non-invasive treatment developed specifically to treat a range of health problems in children and babies. This authoritative, unique guide for practitioners covers...

Complementary Therapies for Older People in Care

by Sharon Tay Singing Dragon (September 21, 2013)

An invaluable companion to practice for novice complementary and beauty therapists working with older people in care, this book offers unique practical advice on issues that are often overlooked in training....