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The Pragmatist Turn

by Giles Gunn University of Virginia Press (December 08, 2017)

A sweeping assessment of the impact of the Enlightenment and Religion on the history of American literature.

East-West Exchange and Late Modernism

by Zhaoming Qian University of Virginia Press (November 07, 2017)

In East-West Exchange and Late Modernism, Zhaoming Qian examines the nature and extent of Asian influence on some of the literary masterpieces of Western late modernism. Focusing on the poets William Carlos...

Victorian Poets and the Changing Bible

by Charles Laporte University of Virginia Press (November 17, 2011)

Victorian Poets and the Changing Bible charts the impact of post-Enlightenment biblical criticism on English literary culture. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries saw a widespread reevaluation of biblical...

Elizabeth Bishop in the Twenty-First Century

by Angus Cleghorn, Bethany Hicok & Thomas Travisano University of Virginia Press (May 22, 2012)

In recent years, a series of major collections of posthumous writings by Elizabeth Bishop--one of the most widely read and discussed poets of the twentieth century--have been published, profoundly affecting...

Ecocritical Theory

by Axel Goodbody & Kate Rigby University of Virginia Press (September 13, 2011)

One of the more frequently lodged, serious, and justifiable complaints about ecocritical work is that it is insufficiently theorized. Ecocritical Theory puts such claims decisively to rest by offering readers...

Consuming Visions

by Maite Conde University of Virginia Press (December 06, 2011)

In an original and ambitious exploration of the relationship between cinema and writing in early 20th-c. Brazil, Maite Conde shows how the broader global culture and consumer market opened up by film not only...

On Endings

by Daniel Grausam University of Virginia Press (August 03, 2011)

What does narrative look like when the possibility of an expansive future has been called into question? This query is the driving force behind Daniel Grausam’s On Endings, which seeks to show how the core...

Liberal Epic

by Edward Adams University of Virginia Press (August 30, 2011)

In Liberal Epic, Edward Adams examines the liberal imagination’s centuries-long dependence on contradictory, and mutually constitutive, attitudes toward violent domination. Adams centers his ambitious analysis...

Visions of the Land

by Michael A. Bryson University of Virginia Press (June 29, 2002)

The work of John Charles Fremont, Richard Byrd, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, John Wesley Powell, Susan Cooper, Rachel Carson, and Loren Eiseley represents a widely divergent body of writing. Yet despite their range...

Shaken Wisdom

by Gloria Nne Onyeoziri University of Virginia Press (September 13, 2011)

In her focus on irony and meaning in postcolonial African fiction, Gloria Nne Onyeoziri refers to an internal subversion of the discourse of the wise and the powerful, a practice that has played multiple roles...

Postcolonial Francophone Autobiographies

by Edgard Sankara University of Virginia Press (August 03, 2011)

Bringing a comparative perspective to the study of autobiography, Edgard Sankara surveys a cross-section of postcolonial francophone writing from Africa and the Caribbean in order to examine the reception of...

Family Matters

by Marisel C. Moreno University of Virginia Press (August 29, 2012)

Adopting a comparative and multidisciplinary approach to Puerto Rican literature, Marisel Moreno juxtaposes narratives by insular and U.S. Puerto Rican women authors in order to examine their convergences and...

The Origins of African American Literature, 1680-1865

by Dickson D. Bruce, Jr. University of Virginia Press (November 29, 2001)

From the earliest texts of the colonial period to works contemporary with Emancipation, African American literature has been a dialogue across color lines, and a medium through which black writers have been...


by Roxanna Nydia Curto University of Virginia Press (August 29, 2016)

Challenging the notion that francophone literature generally valorizes a traditional, natural mode of being over a scientific, modern one, Inter-tech(s) proposes a new understanding of the relationship between...

In the Hollow of the Wave

by Bonnie Kime Scott University of Virginia Press (May 23, 2012)

Examining the writings and life of Virginia Woolf, In the Hollow of the Wave looks at how Woolf treated "nature" as a deliberate discourse that shaped her way of thinking about the self and the environment and...

Activism and the American Novel

by Channette Romero University of Virginia Press (August 29, 2012)

Since the 1980s, many activists and writers have turned from identity politics toward ethnic religious traditions to rediscover and reinvigorate their historic role in resistance to colonialism and oppression....

William Wordsworth and the Ecology of Authorship

by Scott Hess University of Virginia Press (April 12, 2012)

In William Wordsworth and the Ecology of Authorship, Scott Hess explores Wordsworth’s defining role in establishing what he designates as "the ecology of authorship": a primarily middle-class, nineteenth-century...

Caribbean Literature and the Public Sphere

by Raphael Dalleo University of Virginia Press (October 17, 2011)

Bringing together the most exciting recent archival work in anglophone, francophone, and hispanophone Caribbean studies, Raphael Dalleo constructs a new literary history of the region that is both comprehensive...

The Modern Portrait Poem

by Frances Dickey University of Virginia Press (June 29, 2012)

In The Modern Portrait Poem, Frances Dickey recovers the portrait as a poetic genre from the 1860s through the 1920s. Combining literary and art history, she examines the ways Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Algernon...

Prophetic Remembrance

by Erica Still University of Virginia Press (December 17, 2014)

Using the term "prophetic remembrance" to articulate the expression of a constituent faith in the performative capacity of language, Erica Still shows how black subjectivity is born of and interprets cultural...

Shakespeare's Ocean

by Dan Brayton University of Virginia Press (April 12, 2012)

Study of the sea--both in terms of human interaction with it and its literary representation--has been largely ignored by ecocritics. In Shakespeare’s Ocean, Dan Brayton foregrounds the maritime dimension...

Disaster Writing

by Mark D. Anderson University of Virginia Press (October 17, 2011)

This comparative and interdisciplinary approach to catastrophes in the Dominican Republic, Central America, Mexico City, and Brazil shows how natural disasters are used to rewrite and reconstruct the nation,...

The New Death

by Pearl James University of Virginia Press (April 22, 2013)

Pearl James shows how the unprecedented and horrific scale of death caused by WWI constitutes a crucial context for understanding the writing of American modernists and their treatment of traumatic death.

The Algerian New Novel

by Valérie K. Orlando University of Virginia Press (April 17, 2017)

Disputing the claim that Algerian writing during the struggle against French colonial rule dealt almost exclusively with revolutionary themes, The Algerian New Novel shows how Algerian authors writing in French...