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Challenger Deep

National Book Award for Young People's Literature 2015

by Neal Shusterman & Brendan Shusterman HarperTeen (April 21, 2015)

National Book Award and Golden Kite Award Winner

A captivating novel about mental illness that lingers long beyond the last page, Challenger Deep is a heartfelt tour de force by New York Times bestselling...

Anything But Typical

by Nora Raleigh Baskin Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (March 24, 2009)

Told from the first-person perspective of an autistic boy, Nora Raleigh Baskin’s novel is an enlightening story for anyone who has ever worried about fitting in.

Jason Blake is an autistic twelve-year-old living...

Hurricane Wills

by Sally Grindley Sky Pony (July 15, 2012)

“There’s a hurricane smashing, trashing, bashing through our house. CRASH! BANG! WALLOP!” The hurricane is Wills, Chris’s thirteen-year-old brother. He has ADHD. Having a brother who causes so much chaos...

My Brother Sammy is Special

by Becky Edwards & David Armitage Sky Pony (November 21, 2011)

Sammy does not go to school with his older brother—Sammy has to go to school on a special bus. The brothers cannot play in the park together—Sammy lies under the tree and watches the leaves. Sammy’s brother...

Since We're Friends

by Celeste Shally, David Harrington & Alison Singer Sky Pony (February 07, 2012)

  • Ideal for fans of My Brother Charlie, All My Stripes, and I See Things Differently: A First Look at Autism 
  • A delightful autism story book
  • A sweet story about two friends and how they help each other



by Walko Sky Pony (May 15, 2012)

The world can present many obstacles—for people with a handicap, simply getting from place to place can be a major challenge. A dog named Pedro wants to explore the world but his lack of sight makes it too...


by A. M. Jenkins HarperTeen (August 25, 2009)

As the Pride of the Panthers, football star Austin Reid is a likable guy, good with the ladies. Lately though, he doesn't like his life -- or anything else -- so much. And the worst part is that he can't seem...

Pollyanna (Mermaids Classics)

by Eleanor H Porter eBookIt.com (May 18, 2013)

Pollyanna (1913) by Eleanor H Porter (1868-1920) is a classic children's novel based on a young orphan named Pollyanna who is sent to live with her strict aunty in New England town. Pollyanna transforms the...

Gadget Girl: The Art of Being Invisible

by Suzanne Kamata GemmaMedia (April 20, 2013)

Anna and the French Kiss meets Stoner & Spaz in a contemporary young adult coming-of-age novel about a girl, her struggles, and her art. Aiko Cassidy is fifteen and lives with her sculptor mother in a small...

Dragon in the Clouds

by Rosemary Nelson Napoleon and Co (October 01, 1994)

The Okanagan summer stretches out in front of twelve-year-old Nikki like a sparkling rainbow, with lots of time to spend at the beach and with her horse, Ginger. When her cousin Trevor arrives in his wheelchair,...

Liam Goes Poo in the Toilet: A Story about Trouble with Toilet Training

by Jane Whelen-Banks Jessica Kingsley Publishers (November 15, 2008)

Liam Goes Poo in the Toilet illustrates the relationship between eating and excreting. It provides visual instructions on how to "relax and push". After much fanfare, Liam finally masters going 'poo' in the...

Lovable Liam: Affirmations for a Perfectly Imperfect Child

by Jane Whelen-Banks Jessica Kingsley Publishers (November 15, 2008)

Liam is lovable even when he whines and won't eat his dinner. When people are cross with Liam, they still love him. Being cross will only last a minute. Love will last forever! Lovable Liam reminds parents to...

Liam Says "Sorry": Repairing an Encounter Gone Sour

by Jane Whelen-Banks Jessica Kingsley Publishers (November 15, 2008)

In Liam Says "Sorry" Liam impulsively whacks his brother on the nose and ruins an otherwise joyful round of wrestling. Wanting desperately to resume the game and win favour with his brother, Liam accepts responsibility...

Liam Wins the Game, Sometimes: A Story about Losing with Grace

by Jane Whelen-Banks Jessica Kingsley Publishers (November 15, 2008)

In Liam Wins the Game, Sometimes, lovable Liam learns that it is ok to feel disappointed if you don't win, but that it's not ok to moan or cry or throw things: sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. He learns...

Liam Says "Hi": Learning to Greet a Friend

by Jane Whelen-Banks Jessica Kingsley Publishers (November 15, 2008)

In Liam Says "Hi" Liam manages to overcome his shyness and complete the steps necessary when greeting a friend at the front door. Vibrant, colourful and lively, this book's positive messages and advice are ideal...

Liam Knows What To Do When Kids Act Snitty: Coping When Friends are Tactless

by Jane Whelen-Banks Jessica Kingsley Publishers (November 15, 2008)

In Liam Knows What to do When Kids Act Snitty, lovable Liam finds out why his amazing feats of greatness are sometimes met with snide or snitty responses. He learns that when kids are snitty, it does not mean...

Anthony Best

by Davene Fahy & Carol Inouye Sky Pony (January 23, 2012)

Anthony Best is not like the other kids in his neighborhood. He screams at loud noises, doesn’t like to be called “Tony,” spins around in circles to have fun, and throws sand at kids in the sandbox. Other...

The Transcriber

by Kristen Witucki Gemma Open Door (January 15, 2013)

A spunky little brother deals with the disability of his sister in ways that are sometimes humorous, often touching, and always typical of sibling rivalry and reconciliation

A Blind Guide to Normal

by Beth Vrabel Sky Pony (October 11, 2016)

Richie “Ryder” Raymond has a gift. He can find the punchline in any situation, even in his limited vision and prosthetic eye. During the past year at Addison School for the Blind, Ryder’s quick wit earned...

Super Dorks

by Beth Vrabel Sky Pony (May 08, 2018)

Lucy is ready to be a superhero!

Lucy loves her best friends—her pack of dorks. But this year, everyone in the pack has become a hero . . . except for her! Sam rescues twin toddlers about to get hit by a car....

Dear Isaac Newton, You're Ruining My Life

by Rachel Hruza Sky Pony (March 20, 2018)

As if seventh grade isn't hard enough, Truth Trendon learns she has to wear a back brace to help her worsening scoliosis. She decides gravity is to blame for curving her spine and ruining her life. Thanks for...

Running Behind

by Sylvia Taekema Orca Book Publishers (August 28, 2018)

Even though he was once his biggest rival, Jake Jarvis is thrilled when Spencer Solomon agrees to join the Diamonds cross-country team to compete in the Barry's Bay provincial championships. Everyone is pumped,...

Life Happens Next

by Terry Trueman HarperTeen (August 21, 2012)

Stuck in Neutral, a Printz Honor Book, introduced the world to Shawn McDaniel, a fourteen-year-old kid with cerebral palsy. But what happens next?

Shawn's got a new perspective on life. But no one has a clue....

Remember Dippy

by Shirley Reva Vernick Cinco Puntos Press (July 23, 2013)

Johnny's plans fly out the window when he finds out his single mother is leaving town for the summer. She has a breakthough job in upstate New York. He can live with his Aunt Collette but only on the condition...

Stuck in Neutral

by Terry Trueman HarperTeen (July 24, 2012)

Shawn McDaniel's life is not what it may seem to anyone looking at him. He is glued to his wheelchair, unable to voluntarily move a muscle—he can't even move his eyes. For all Shawn's father knows, his son...

Inside Out

by Terry Trueman HarperTeen (July 24, 2012)

In a busy coffee shop, a robbery goes wrong. Two gunmen hold seven hostages, including teenager Zach Wahhsted. What nobody realizes at first is that Zach is anything but ordinary and his troubled mind is more...

Jake is Different

by Rosita Bird, Lynn Costelloe & Jeanette Purkiss Crimson Cloak Publishing (December 31, 2017)

Jake finds school difficult but makes a friend and with help soon settles down. Endorsed by autism campaigner Jeanette Purkis, Jake is Different is a gentle book on autism/Asperger's syndrome for children and...

The Waiting Song

by Natasha Barber & Rayah Jaymes Future Horizons (November 01, 2017)

Nigel is a hedgehog. He's four years old, likes trains, cookies, and is a lot like other kids in class. Nigel is a little different too. Nigel is autistic. He doesn’t talk or say many words. Nigel is not very...

Callan the Chameleon

by Linda Ruth Brooks & Tony Attwood Linda Ruth Brooks (October 03, 2017)

Callan the Chameleon lived in a tall lilly pilly tree with pink tipped leaves. The leaves of the lilly pilly tree grow very thick. Callan felt safe in the rustling tree that was home.

Uniquely Australian, this...

Let's Be Friends

by LaSandra Brill & Olympia Lopez LaSandra Brill (March 21, 2017)

Everyone enjoys having a lot of friends. Find out how much fun you can have with a friend who has Down Syndrome in this book about acceptance and seeing similarities over differences.


"Diversity is being invited...

Yuko-chan and the Daruma Doll: The Adventures of a Blind Japanese Girl Who saves Her Village

by Sunny Seki Tuttle Publishing (July 03, 2012)

**2012 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award Winner!**

Yuko-chan and the Daruma Doll, a gorgeous multicultural children's book by author/illustrator Sunny Seki, takes readers on a journey into ancient...

Of Mice and Aliens: An Asperger Adventure

by Kathy Hoopmann Jessica Kingsley Publishers (September 15, 2001)

This is a science fiction novel for kids, with a difference. Ben is learning to cope with his newly diagnosed Asperger Syndrome. When an alien crash-lands in his back yard, the humorous parallels between the...

The Way to Bea

by Kat Yeh Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (September 19, 2017)

With a charming voice, winning characters, and a perfectly-woven plot, Kat Yeh delivers a powerful story of friendship and finding a path towards embracing yourself.

Everything in Bea's world has changed. She's...

M in the Middle: Secret Crushes, Mega-Colossal Anxiety and the People's Republic of Autism

by The Students of Limpsfield Grange School & Vicky Martin Jessica Kingsley Publishers (October 21, 2016)

I'll never have a Card Emporium series of life events: a boyfriend, a fiancé, a husband and a future. A future with lots of sparkly cards celebrating all these big life events. I was on course and now I'm not....

Hello, Universe

by Erin Entrada Kelly & Isabel Roxas Greenwillow Books (March 14, 2017)

Winner of the Newbery Medal

“A charming, intriguingly plotted novel.”—Washington Post

Newbery Medalist Erin Entrada Kelly’s Hello, Universe is a funny and poignant neighborhood story about unexpected friendships....

Out of My Mind

by Sharon M. Draper Atheneum Books for Young Readers (March 09, 2010)

Over 1.5 million people have read the #1 New York Times bestseller Out of My Mind and discovered the brilliant mind of Melody Brooks.

Out of My Mind spent two years on the New York Times bestseller list!


Well Wished

by Franny Billingsley Atheneum Books for Young Readers (January 10, 2002)

"A coin for passage to your heart's desire," says Agnes, Guardian of the Wishing Well in the village of Bishop Mayne. "That is the first rule." But Nuria doesn't think she needs a wish. Wishing on the Well is...

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

by Sharon Creech HarperCollins (October 06, 2009)

“A heartfelt novel celebrating friendship and family ties.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Twelve-year-old Rosie and her best friend, Bailey, don’t always get along, that’s true. But Granny Torrelli...

Noah Chases the Wind

by Michelle Worthington & Joseph Cowman Redleaf Lane (December 31, 2015)

A magical adventure that celebrates the wonderful inquisitiveness of all children

Love Blind

by C. Desir & Jolene Perry Simon Pulse (May 10, 2016)

Shy high schooler Kyle Jamieson and Hailey Bosler, a musician with degenerative blindness, team up to tackle a bucket list of greatest fears in this compelling novel that explores what it means to take risks....


by Sonya Mukherjee Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (July 26, 2016)

In a powerful and daring debut novel, Sonya Mukherjee shares the story of sisters Clara and Hailey, conjoined twins who are learning what it means to be truly extraordinary.

Seventeen-year-old conjoined twins,...

A Blind Guide to Stinkville

by Beth Vrabel Sky Pony (October 13, 2015)

Before Stinkville, Alice didn’t think albinism—or the blindness that goes with it—was a big deal. Sure, she uses a magnifier to read books. And a cane keeps her from bruising her hips on tables. Putting...

The Winter Place

by Alexander Yates Atheneum Books for Young Readers (October 27, 2015)

There is a middle world between life and death, and Tess must navigate it to save her brother in this heart-wrenching story infused with the fractured and fantastical realms of Finnish mysticism.

Axel and Tess...

The Nest

by Kenneth Oppel & Jon Klassen Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (October 06, 2015)

The Nest leaves a lasting mark on the memory.” —The New York Times Book Review

Steve just wants to save his baby brother—but what will he lose in the bargain? Kenneth Oppel’s (Silverwing, The Boundless...

The Alien Logs of Super Jewels

by B.K. Bradshaw Infinity Kids Press (July 27, 2015)

Why does everything seem so easy for everyone else? As Jewels recounts her adventures from Kinderprison to Muddle School, she looks for clues to what sets her apart. Could she be an alien, a superhero, or something...

The Thing About Georgie

by Lisa Graff HarperCollins (October 06, 2009)

Fans of Kate DiCamillo and Linda Urban will love The Thing About Georgie, a warm and humorous story starring an unforgettable young boy with dwarfism, from acclaimed author Lisa Graff.

As far as Georgie is concerned,...

Nobody's Perfect

by Marlee Matlin & Doug Cooney Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (July 14, 2015)

Megan has spent forever planning her positively purple birthday sleepover. She's even made glittery purple invitations for every girl in her class. Then a new girl, Alexis Powell, joins their class. Alexis seems...

Leading Ladies

by Marlee Matlin & Doug Cooney Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (July 14, 2015)

"It doesn't make sense to me...in the book, Dorothy is a girl who can hear and talk—and Toto is a little dog. So I'm sorry—but I just don't see a Dorothy who's deaf and talks with her hands and has a great...