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Canadian Heroines 2-Book Bundle: 100 Canadian Heroines / 100 More Canadian Heroines

by Merna Forster Dundurn (November 12, 2014)

This special bundle collects the two 100 Canadian Heroines volumes, in which Merna Forster presents 200 stories of amazing women who changed our country.

The Heroines: A Novel

by Eileen Favorite Scribner (December 11, 2007)

Although a true lover of books, Anne-Marie Entwhistle prefers not to read to her spirited daughter, Penny, especially from the likes of Madame Bovary, Gone With the Wind, or The Scarlet Letter. These novels,...

In Disguise!: Undercover with Real Women Spies

by Ryan Ann Hunter & Jeanette Little Aladdin/Beyond Words (February 12, 2013)

Investigate real-life adventures of espionage in this collection of impressive and inspiring profiles.

Spanning more than 300 years and numerous countries, In Disguise! details the lives of some of history’s...

Borrowed Names

by Jeannine Atkins Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) (March 16, 2010)

As a child, Laura Ingalls Wilder traveled across the prairie in a covered wagon. Her daughter, Rose, thought those stories might make a good book, and the two created the beloved Little House series.

Sara Breedlove,...

Girls Who Rocked the World

by Michelle Roehm McCann, Amelie Welden & David Hahn Aladdin/Beyond Words (October 30, 2012)

“Young women looking for inspiration will surely find it” (Booklist) in these profiles of forty-six movers and shakers who made their mark before they turned twenty.

This fun and inspiring collection of influential...

Taking Cover: One Girl's Story of Growing Up During the Iranian Revolution

by National Geographic Kids National Geographic Kids (January 10, 2019)

This coming-of-age memoir, set during the Iranian Revolution, tells the story of a young girl who moves to Tehran from the U.S. and has to adjust to living in a new country, learning a new language, and starting...

The Golden Girls of Rio

by Nikkolas Smith Sky Pony (November 15, 2016)

The women athletes of the 2016 Summer Olympics captivated the world: Simon Biles, the most decorated American gymnast of all time; Katie Ledecky, who shattered swimming records in multiple events; Michelle Carter,...


by Winifred Conkling Algonquin Young Readers (January 05, 2016)

The fascinating, little-known story of how two brilliant female physicists’ groundbreaking discoveries led to the creation of the atomic bomb.

In 1934, Irène Curie, working with her husband and fellow scientist,...

Votes for Women!

by Winifred Conkling Algonquin Young Readers (February 13, 2018)

For nearly 150 years, American women did not have the right to vote. On August 18, 1920, they won that right, when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified at last. To achieve that victory, some of...

Proud (Young Readers Edition)

by Ibtihaj Muhammad Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (July 24, 2018)

The inspiring all-American story of faith, family, hard work, and perseverance by Olympic fencer, activist, and Time"100 Most Influential People" honoree Ibtihaj Muhammad

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Ibtihaj Muhammad...

Rocking the System

by Siobhan Parkinson Little Island Books (February 01, 2018)

Twenty illustrated essays on Irish women, historical and contemporary, who have defied cultural norms around femininity and achieved great things. The subjects include Irish women from Queen Medb to Eileen Gray,...

Someone Like Me

by Julissa Arce Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (September 04, 2018)

A remarkable true story from social justice advocate and national bestselling author Julissa Arce about her journey to belong in America while growing up undocumented in Texas.

Born in the picturesque town of...

A Thousand Sisters

by Elizabeth Wein Balzer + Bray (January 22, 2019)

The gripping true story of the only women to fly in combat in World War II—from Elizabeth Wein, award-winning author of Code Name Verity

In the early years of World War II, Josef Stalin issued an order that...

World Cup (revised and updated edition)

by Matt Christopher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (April 03, 2018)

Dive into the thrilling history of soccer's most famous tournament in this comprehensive guide to the World Cup!

Soccer. No other sport in the world captivates a bigger audience--and no other competition electrifies...

Power in My Pen

by Louie T. McClain II, M Ridho Mentarie & Francis W. Minikon Jr Melanin Origins LLC (November 16, 2016)

Step into the world of Ida B. Wells as she uses her life experiences and obstacles as motivation to achieve many firsts in editing and journalism in the United States of America and abroad.  Read along as she...

Breaking The Sickle

by Louie T. McClain II, M Ridho Mentarie & Francis W. Minikon Jr Melanin Origins LLC (March 20, 2017)

Have you ever wondered what your passion was? What you were put on this Earth to do? Dr. Yvette Fay Francis-McBarnette, a trail blazing woman of medicine, understood exactly what her purpose was in life. Her...

Cleopatra VII : The Last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt - History Picture Books | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (June 15, 2017)

History knows Cleopatra as a beautiful and powerful ruler of Egypt. But if that’s all that you know about her, then you're missing a lot! Cleopatra VII was an important figure during her time. Her words were...

Maria Tallchief : The First Native American Ballerina - Biography of Famous People | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (June 15, 2017)

How did a Native American woman become a famous ballerina? What struggles did she win in order to claim her title in the world of ballet? How did the world receive her? Read about the story of Maria Tallchief...

Margaret Thatcher : The Iron Lady Who Made History - Biography 3rd Grade | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (June 15, 2017)

Margaret Thatcher served as the Prime Minister of the UK. She was dubbed as the Iron Lady because of her policies. What were these policies, you ask? Well, you have to open this book to find out. You will also...

Joan of Arc : The Peasant Girl Who Led The French Army - Biography of Famous People | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (June 15, 2017)

Christianity has seen so many martyrs over the years. One of the most unbelievable stories is that of Joan of Arc. Joan was very young when she died but she has lived a life of fulfillment. She followed the...

Was Pocahontas Real? Biography Books for Kids 9-12 | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (July 15, 2017)

You’ve seen Pocahontas in movies but have you heard her true story? Yes, Pocahontas was real! She was a real, living, and breathing girl, and she did wonderful things. This biography book will detail her life...

Helen Keller and Her Miracle Worker - Biography 3rd Grade | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (June 15, 2017)

Helen Keller wouldn’t be Helen Keller if it weren’t for her teacher, Anne Sullivan. You can say that they’re a duo who made history. Anne Sullivan taught Helen and she nurtured her brilliance. In return,...

Malala's Magic Pencil

by Malala Yousafzai & Kerascoët Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (October 17, 2017)

Nobel Peace Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author Malala Yousafzai's first picture book, inspired by her own childhood.

* "This is a wonderful read for younger students that will also provide insight...

Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms

by Karen Bush Gibson & Lena Chandhok Nomad Press (August 15, 2017)

Does the weather fascinate you? Are you curious about where storms get their strength? Do you ever think about what the long-term effect of weather patterns will be on the Earth? Meteorology: Cool Women Who...

Architecture: Cool Women Who Design Structures

by Elizabeth Schmermund & Lena Chandhok Nomad Press (August 15, 2017)

What style building do you live in? Is it a skyscraper, a Victorian home, or a modern building? In Architecture: Cool Women Who Design Structures, readers ages 9 to 12 examine the stories of women who are today...

Archaeology: Cool Women Who Dig

by Anita Yasuda & Lena Chandhok Nomad Press (April 17, 2017)

Archaeologists look for clues from the past to learn about people who lived long ago! In Archaeology: Cool Women Who Dig, children ages 9 through 12 study this amazing field and meet three dynamic women who...

Zoology: Cool Women Who Work With Animals

by Jennifer Swanson & Lena Chandhok Nomad Press (April 17, 2017)

If you love to work with animals, you can become a zoologist! In Zoology: Cool Women Who Work With Animals, readers ages 9 to 12 are inspired by stories of women who have made great strides in a field that...

We Who Believe in Freedom

by Lea E. Williams North Carolina Office of Archives and History (November 15, 2017)

The second volume in the True Tales for Young Readers series, the short biography of the civil rights leader is intended for middle school and high school readers. Ella Baker, who grew up in Littleton, North...

Streetcar to Justice

by Amy Hill Hearth Greenwillow Books (January 02, 2018)

Starred reviews hail Streetcar to Justice as "a book that belongs in any civil rights library collection" (Publishers Weekly) and "completely fascinating and unique” (Kirkus). 

Bestselling author and journalist...

Great Women In American History | 2nd Grade U.S. History Vol 5

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

Did you know that women have had special roles in American history? Yes, there are strong, powerful women that have served as pillars of the country’s strong past. This educational book includes only a few...

Biographies for Kids - All about Anne Frank: Who Was She? - Children's Biographies of Famous People Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

Have you heard about Ann Frank? She was a young girl who died during the holocaust. But what made her special is the diary that she left behind. Learn about Anne Frank’s short but significant life in the following...

Biographies for Kids - All about Rosa Parks: The Civil Rights Movement of America - Children's Biographies of Famous People Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

Women have proven to be very powerful forces in how history is shaped. Read about the story of Rosa Parks and be inspired of her bravery. Reading about interesting women will help develop a love and respect...

Biographies for Kids - All about Princess Diana: Learning about All Her Humanitarian Efforts - Children's Biographies of Famous People Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

Princess Diana is loved by everyone but why? What did she do to be loved by the world? Read on to discover important details of her wonderful life. Hopefully, the knowledge of how she lived will influence your...

Marine Biology: Cool Women Who Dive

by Karen Bush Gibson & Lena Chandhok Nomad Press (September 19, 2016)

Why is Earth called the Blue Planet? Because there’s so much water on the surface that the planet looks blue from outer space!

Marine biology is the study of the plant and animal life in salt water environments,...

Aviation: Cool Women Who Fly

by Carmella Van Vleet & Lena Chandhok Nomad Press (September 19, 2016)

Have you ever looked up into the sky, seen an airplane, and wondered where it was going and who was flying it? Aviation is the study of the design, development and production, and operation of aircraft. In Aviation:...

Caring for a Colony: The Story of Jeanne Mance

by Joanna Emery Napoleon and Co (November 01, 2005)

This is a story of pioneering courage and compassion in the New World. Jeanne dreamed of devoting her life to caring for others. In 1641, she courageously gave up her comfortable middle-class life in France...

Dollmakers and Their Stories

by Krystyna Poray Goddu Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) (October 01, 2004)

"Dolls are not a luxury. They are as necessary to a child's life as a loaf of bread . . . What a doll does for a little girl is develop her capacity to love others and herself."

-Madame Alexander

A wonderful...

Sally Ride: A Photobiography of America's Pioneering Woman in Space

by Tam O'Shaughnessy Roaring Brook Press (October 06, 2015)

Years before millions of Americans tuned in to watch her historic space flight aboard the Challenger in 1983, Sally Ride stayed up late to watch Neil Armstrong become the first person to walk on the moon. The...

Serena Williams

by Matt Christopher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (July 03, 2017)

Discover the amazing achievements of sports legend Serena Williams--on and off the court--in this exciting new biography.

Serena Williams has been ranked number one in the world for tennis singles, won twenty-two...

I Got This

by Laurie Hernandez HarperCollins (January 24, 2017)

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestseller!

Gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast and Dancing with the Stars champion Laurie Hernandez shares her story in her own words in this debut book for...

The Children of Willesden Lane YR

by Mona Golabek Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (April 04, 2017)

Fourteen-year-old Lisa Jura was a musical prodigy who hoped to become a concert pianist. But when Hitler's armies advanced on pre-war Vienna, Lisa's parents were forced to make a difficult decision. Able to...

Three Little Words

by Ashley Rhodes-Courter Atheneum Books for Young Readers (June 20, 2008)

"Sunshine, you're my baby and I'm your only mother. You must mind the one taking care of you, but she's not your mama." Ashley Rhodes-Courter spent nine years of her life in fourteen different foster homes,...

Hillary Rodham Clinton

by Karen Blumenthal Feiwel & Friends (January 12, 2016)

As a young girl, Hillary Diane Rodham’s parents told her she could be whatever she wanted--as long as she was willing to work for it. Hillary took those words and ran. In a life on the front row of modern...

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (Book Analysis)

by Bright Summaries BrightSummaries.com (October 07, 2015)

Unlock the more straightforward side of The Diary of a Young Girl with this concise and insightful summary and analysis!

This engaging summary presents an analysis of The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank,...

The Feminist Revolution

by Jules Archer & Naomi Wolf Sky Pony (June 23, 2015)

Today, feminism is as important as ever. Betty Friedan’s musings, “to take the actions needed to bring women into the mainstream of American society, now; full equality for women, in fully equal partnership...


by Alex Morgan Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (June 02, 2015)

Get inspired to be your best—in sports and in life—with this uplifting memoir from star soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan that includes eight pages of full-color photos!

As a talented and...

This May Sound Crazy

by Abigail Breslin HarperCollins (October 06, 2015)

Academy Award-nominated actress and musician Abigail Breslin is your best friend in her publishing debut, a collection of hilarious and heartfelt nonfiction essays on the subjects nearest and dearest to our...