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The Visual Dictionary of Animal Kingdom

by Ariane Archambault & Jean-Claude Corbeil Les Éditions Québec Amérique (July 20, 2012)

The Visual Dictionary of Animal Kingdom takes the reader on a fascinating voyage into well and less known groups of animals: simple organisms, echinoderms, insects, arachnids, mollusks, crustaceans, fishes,...

They Eat Horses, Don't They?

by Piu Marie Eatwell St. Martin's Press (December 09, 2014)

They Eat Horses, Don't They?:The Truth About the French tells you what life in France is really like. Do the French eat horses? Do French women bare all on the beach? What is a bidet really used for?

In this...

Harmon Chronicles, The

by Harmon Leon & Mendelson Joe Ecw Press (November 01, 2002)

Leon is kind of like Tom Green, except that Leon is smart, and funny, and should have his own TV show. - Malice Inc. This hilarious collection of anecdotal essays explores the absurdities of modern American...

Country Music Fun Time Activity Book

by Aye Jay Morano, Aye Jay & Alison Appelbe Ecw Press (October 01, 2009)

Aye Jay, creator of the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book, the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book (ECW 2007), and the Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book (ECW 2009), takes on Country music in his latest collection of pop...

Dog Trick or Cat Treat

by Archie Klondike & Jonathan Snowden Ecw Press (October 01, 2007)

People love to dress up their kids for Halloween, but recently another phenomenon has been occurring. Now, families ask their patient pets to wear costumes, and then take them out trick or treating. Here are...

Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book

by Aye Jay Morano, Aye Jay Morano, foreword by Andrew W.K. & Brian Harvey Ecw Press (September 01, 2007)

"At last, an activity magazine for Metal Heads. From Slipknot to Spinal Tap, the brain teasers are all there. Use some magic and the answers are sure to come." - Ronnie James Dio From the creator of the bestselling...

Pro Football Halftime Activity Book

by Dan Cuison & Marc Strange Ecw Press (September 01, 2010)

?It's time to sharpen your crayons and get ready to have fun with some of pro football's most famous (and infamous) players, teams, coaches, and outrageous personalities. Monday-morning quarterbacks of all ages...

Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book

by Aye Jay Morano, Aye Jay & Richard Rosenbaum Ecw Press (April 01, 2009)

Fasten your safety pins and spike your mohawks for another round of pop culture activity fun! Aye Jay, creator of the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book and the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book (ECW 2007), takes on...

Ardor In The Court!

by Jeffrey Miller & Jay S. Jacobs Ecw Press (September 01, 2002)

1656: a Boston court sentences a ship's captain to sit in the stocks for two hours for "lewd and unseemly behavior" on the Sabbath. His offence? Arriving home that Sunday after three years at sea, he had kissed...

Frank Pranks

by Lesley Chesterman Ecw Press (November 01, 2000)

Irreverent but never irrelevant, Frank Pranks at last makes the big leap to swanky book form. FRANK is Canada's premier (okay, only) satirical news magazine. Irreverent and iconoclastic, the Ottawa-based FRANK...

Anne of Green Gables vs. G.I. Joe

by Allan Gould & Scott Thomas Ecw Press (October 09, 2003)

Was it better that our ancestors chose to migrate to Canada, or should they have gone to the U.S.? Snow and ice and high taxes? Or unaffordable health care, guns in kindergarten, and great weather? And didn't...

Down The Tube

by Bill Brownstein & Neil Peart Ecw Press (September 01, 2001)

A couch potato's downward spiral. Imagine yourself at home on your couch, contractually obligated to remain in front of your satellite-rigged television for a period of seven days, at the end of which you will...

Mike Harris Made Me Eat My Dog

by Dr. Joe Schwarcz Ecw Press (November 01, 1998)

Where are we, three years into Ontario's Common Sense Revolution? Hospitals and schools are closing by the hundreds; thousands of nurses and teachers and other workers are jobless; schools are in chaos; pregnant...

Woman Who Swallowed a Toothbrush, The

by Rob Myers, M.D. & Larry MacDonald Ecw Press (June 16, 2003)

Why did the woman swallow the toothbrush? Was it an accident? Why was the brush end not facing down? Join Dr. Myers in his quest for unusual case studies as he unravels medical mysteries.

Mysteries of Wrestling: Solved

by "Sir" Adam Kleinberg, Jacob Scheier, ÒSirÓ Adam Kleinberg and Adam ÒThe PhantomÓ Nudelman & Adam "The Phantom" Nudelman Ecw Press (June 29, 2005)

Mysteries of Wrestling: Solved is a hysterical and informative look at the sports entertainment industry, brought to you by the hosts of Get in the Ring (GIR), the longest running professional wrestling radio...

The Gay Man's Guide To Heterosexuality

by Cathy Crimmins St. Martin's Press (November 04, 2014)

The Gay Man's Guide to Heterosexuality offers a humorous look at the strange and often inexplicable habits of heterosexuals. This book not only tells you everything you need to know about the straight world...

Off the Leash

by Rupert Fawcett St. Martin's Press (October 14, 2014)

Originally launched on Facebook, Rupert Fawcett's charming and heartfelt Off the Leash cartoons have developed a huge daily following around the world. This books brings together the very best of those cartoons,...

The visitor

by Claude Daigneault & Jocelyn Jalette Éditions la Caboche (May 13, 2014)

Ousted from their beds by the sweltering heat, Pyro and Gluco decide to head down by the lakeside to sleep under the stars instead. But as Pyro snores the night away while Glucosina dreams of her prince charming,...

Have a Nice Guilt Trip

by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella St. Martin's Press (July 08, 2014)

Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella are back with another collection of warm and witty stories that will strike a chord with every woman. This four book series is among the best reviewed humor books published...

The Rocklopedia Fakebandica

by T. Mike Childs St. Martin's Press (June 10, 2014)

Have you ever wondered what the name of the cantina band in Star Wars was? Or how many fictional singers Elvis played? Or how many fake bands had real Top Ten hits? This hysterical, witty, and irreverent book...

Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck

by Amy Alkon St. Martin's Press (June 03, 2014)

"Miss Manners with Fangs." —LA Weekly

We live in a world that's very different from the one in which Emily Post came of age. Many of us who are nice (but who also sometimes say "f*ck") are frequently at a...

The Bridesmaids

by Eimear Lynch & Hanya Yanagihara Picador (April 29, 2014)

"An entertaining beach read… [and] a nice way to provide your besties with reading material for the bachelorette weekend."—Lauren Conrad


How to Make Friends and Oppress People

by Vic Darkwood St. Martin's Press (April 22, 2014)

No traveler to date has matched the intrepid 19th-century gentleman for his bravery, derring-do, and ability to make a perfect cup of tea in the most malarial of climes. But the sun has set on the golden age...

It Looks Like a C**k!

by Ben Dunn & Jack St. Martin's Press (April 08, 2014)

We live in a beautiful, enchanting world, a startling universe resplendent with a cornucopia of multitudinous delights – the laughter of a child; the first rainfall after an endless, sweltering summer; the...

Little Book of Bad Business Advice

by Steve Altes St. Martin's Press (April 01, 2014)

Who says there's only one way to the top?

You've tried all the traditional approaches in the business world, read countless self-help books guaranteeing career success, and where has it gotten you? With the unique...

Tales From the Prom

by Elissa Stein & Daniel Mailliard St. Martin's Press (March 11, 2014)

The joy, the pain, the triumph, the heartbreak: the Prom.

Remember the crepe paper? How about the synthetic rustle of yards and yards of pastel taffeta? Let Elissa Stein and Daniel Mailliard take you back to...

Grin and Bear It

by Jenni Pulos & Laura Morton St. Martin's Press (March 11, 2014)

Jenni Pulos, from Bravo's Flipping Out and Interior Therapy, pens a charming memoir-advice book on how to survive (and thrive) in any situation

Jenni Pulos has specialized in a lifetime of disappointments. She's...

The Wall Street Joke Book

by Four Anonymous Wall Street Guys St. Martin's Press (February 04, 2014)

When disaster strikes, when election returns are in, when scandals break, when the ubiquitous racial and sexual tensions of our land blow their PC gasket, when the famous die, it seems the monied men of Wall...

101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die

by Matador Network & David S. Miller St. Martin's Press (January 07, 2014)

What Are You Waiting For?

Looking for a guidebook that isn't full of tired, lame, or even BS travel information? 101 Places to Get Fucked Up Before You Die brings together the most irreverent and legit accounts...

Hogan's Heroes

by Brenda Scott Royce St. Martin's Press (December 10, 2013)

If your fondest TV memories involve the POWs of Stalag 13 cleverly outwitting their captors, Schultz stammering "I know nothing!" and Hochstetter threatening to send everyone to the Russian front, then this...


by John Boswell St. Martin's Press (December 03, 2013)

Dear Reader:


You have just picked up the best book ever written, by the greatest person who ever lived, using the finest pen ever made, set down on the world's most luxurious legal pads.

And the...

Wedding Etiquette Hell

by Jeanne Hamilton St. Martin's Press (October 22, 2013)

Covering such wedding staples as attendants, invitations, registries, showers, the ceremony, the reception, and thank yous, Etiquette guru Jeanne Hamilton will give numerous examples of bad etiquette that should...

Bride in Overdrive

by Jorie Green Mark St. Martin's Press (October 22, 2013)

"A very funny, candid, and heartwarming look at bridal mania. Bride in Overdrive is a must-read for brides and the people who love them."

- Cara Lockwood, author of I Do (But I Don't)

Jorie Green was a practical,...

Weddings of the Times

by Kasper Hauser Comedy Group, Dan Klein, Robert Baedeker & James Reichmuth et al. St. Martin's Press (October 08, 2013)

You are cordially invited to celebrate

A Parody of

The New York Times

Wedding Announcements


Kasper Hauser

Along with fully illustrated guides to:

Wedding-night sex,

Honeymoon hot spots,

Formalwear malfunctions,


Happy Cruelty Day!

by Bob Powers St. Martin's Press (October 08, 2013)

For everyone looking to find a little extra magic in a life with little to celebrate, Happy Cruelty Day! is here. Beginning on January 1, this book features 365 new holidays, each accompanied by a strange, dark...


by Jesse Bering Farrar, Straus and Giroux (October 08, 2013)

"As a sex writer, Jesse Bering is fearless—and peerless." —Dan Savage

"You are a sexual deviant. A pervert, through and through." We may not want to admit it, but as the award-winning columnist and psychologist...

You Still Ghetto

by Bertice Berry, Ph.D. St. Martin's Press (August 13, 2013)

Still confused about what ghetto is...and what ghetto ain't?

You know you're still ghetto if:

-You're looking for a brother or sister who will pay your rent

-You think you had a great workout because you shouted...

Frost on my Moustache

by Tim Moore St. Martin's Press (August 13, 2013)

Guided by the fastidious journals of an eminent Victorian adventurer by the name of Lord Dufferin, Time Moore sets off to prove his mettle in the most stunningly inhospitable place on Earth-the Arctic. Armed...

Housewife Superstar!

by Danielle Wood Farrar, Straus and Giroux (May 21, 2013)

The life, advice, and many marriages of a ninety-something Tasmanian domestic goddess, the real-life humor inspiration for television's Dame Edna

Marjorie Bligh is the ninety-five-year-old Martha Stewart you...

The Petraeus Files

by Ted Travelstead St. Martin's Press (February 12, 2013)

WARNING: The satire you are about to read will change the way you look at our nation's leaders. FOREVER.

In November 2012, General David Petraeus stepped down from his post as director of the CIA when it was...

An explosive friendship

by Claude Daigneault, Jocelyn Jalette & Mathieu Daigneault Éditions la Caboche (January 19, 2013)

After her friend Pyro makes an indelicate comment about her weight, Glucosina’s feelings are hurt. The little orphan dragon would sure like to try and apologize, but the fire in his belly is dying out, and...

Insulting English

by Peter Novobatzky & Ammon Shea St. Martin's Press (June 09, 2001)

At last, a compendium of ingeniously insulting words for every occasion.

For anyone who's been stymied by the level of sloth, bad looks and low intelligence of his fellow man (and woman), help is on the way....

The Heming Way

by Marty Beckerman St. Martin's Press (November 27, 2012)

Marty Beckerman's hilarious guide for the modern man to booze, battle, and bull-fight his way to becoming more like Hemingway

More than fifty years have passed since the death of Ernest Hemingway, history's...

Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim

by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella St. Martin's Press (November 13, 2012)

Love and guilt are thick in the Scottoline/Serritella household, and Lisa and Francesca's mother-daughter-turned-best-friends bond will strike a familiar note to many. But now that Lisa is a suburban empty nester...

Dating Your Mom

by Ian Frazier Farrar, Straus and Giroux (March 01, 2003)

From the opening essay, "The Bloomsbury Group Live at the Apollo (Liner Notes from the New Best-Selling Album)" to the title piece that discusses ways in which you might begin a romance with your mother ("In...

My Heart Is an Idiot

by Davy Rothbart Farrar, Straus and Giroux (September 04, 2012)

Davy Rothbart is looking for love in all the wrong places. Constantly. He falls helplessly in love with pretty much every girl he meets—and rarely is the feeling reciprocated. Time after time, he hops in a...

A Fine and Pleasant Misery

by Patrick F. McManus & Jack Samson Henry Holt and Co. (April 15, 1981)

A Fine and Pleasant Misery

More witty cautionary tales of outdoor life, by everybody's favorite expert on the subject, Patrick F. McManus.

They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?

by Patrick F. McManus Henry Holt and Co. (September 15, 1982)

McManus celebrates the hidden pleasures, unappreciated lore, and opportunities for disaster to be found in such outdoor recreations as camping, hunting, and fishing

Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs

by Patrick F. McManus Henry Holt and Co. (October 15, 1988)

America's favorite outdoor humorist is back with an outrageously fresh collection of stories. He introduces a variety of friends old and new, and takes readers to many exotic locales outdoors and indoors.

The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw

by Patrick F. McManus Henry Holt and Co. (May 15, 1990)

The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw

More witty cautionary tales of outdoor life, by everybody's favorite expert on the subject, Patrick F. McManus.