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The Concession of Évora Monte: The Failure of Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century Portugal

by Ron B. Thomson Lexington Books (September 11, 2014)

This book argues that liberalism in Portugal was an urban phenomenon involving a very small minority of the people, and points to a variety of reasons for this.

Justice in the Marketplace in Early Modern Spain: Saravia, Villalon and the Religious Origins of Economic Analysis

by Michael Thomas D'Emic Lexington Books (June 17, 2014)

Justice in the Marketplace in Early Modern Spain examines the religious views and motivations of the late scholastic authors Cristobal de Villalon and Luis Saravia de la Calle . Michael Thomas D’Emic explains...

US–Spanish Relations after Franco, 1975–1989

by Morten Heiberg Lexington Books (February 19, 2018)

On September 26, 1953, the Eisenhower administration signed three executive agreements with General Franco’s regime, which allowed the United States to install military bases in Spain in exchange for economic...

Modern Spain and the Sephardim

by Maite Ojeda-Mata Lexington Books (December 20, 2017)

Modern Spain and the Sephardim: Legitimizing Identities addresses the legal, political, symbolic, and conceptual consequences of the development of a new framework of relations between the Spanish state and...

Milicianas: Women in Combat in the Spanish Civil War

by Lisa Lines Lexington Books (December 28, 2011)

Milicianas provides a comprehensive picture of what life was like for the women who fought alongside their male comrades during the first year of the Spanish Civil War, focusing on how the women themselves viewed...

Genoa's Freedom

by Matteo Salonia Lexington Books (February 24, 2017)

This book investigates the economic, intellectual and political history of late medieval and early modern Genoa and the historical origins of the Genoese presence in the Spanish Atlantic. Salonia describes Genoa’s...

María de Molina, Queen and Regent: Life and Rule in Castile-León, 1259-1321

by Paulette Lynn Pepin Lexington Books (March 08, 2016)

This biography of Queen María de Molina explores her life and demonstrates the collective exercise of her power and authority as a monarchical queen. The author details her resilient determination as queen...

Protestant Missionaries in Spain, 1869-1936: "Shall the Papists Prevail?"

by Kent Eaton Lexington Books (June 03, 2015)

This book examines the history of the Protestant denominations in Europe that attempted to bring their churches to Spain just prior to the creation of Spain’s First Republic (1873–74), when religious liberty...

Cervantes's Novelas ejemplares: Reading their Lessons from His Time to Ours

by William H. Clamurro Lexington Books (September 17, 2015)

Cervantes’s Novelas ejemplares: Reading their Lessons from His Time to Ours offers a thematically oriented reading of the Novelas ejemplares with relevant asides to Cervantes’ other works. It takes into...