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The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War

by David Halberstam Hachette Books (September 25, 2007)

"In a grand gesture of reclamation and remembrance, Mr. Halberstam has brought the war back home."---The New York Times

David Halberstam's magisterial and thrilling The Best and the Brightest was the defining...

The 7th Infantry Regiment: Combat in an Age of Terror

by John C. McManus Tom Doherty Associates (May 28, 2013)

The 7th Infantry's motto, "Willing and Able," speaks volumes about its past. Throughout America's history, the soldiers of this regiment have proven through their sacrifice, their bloodshed, and their sweat...

Policy and Economic Performance in Divided Korea during the Cold War Era: 1945-91

by Nicholas Eberstadt AEI Press (March 16, 2010)

In Policy and Economic Performance in Divided Korea during the Cold War Era: 1945-91, Eberstadt presents an impressive compilation of hard-to-find comparative data on economic performance for the Democratic...

The Imjin and Kapyong Battles, Korea, 1951

by Paul MacKenzie Indiana University Press (March 12, 2013)

The sacrifice of the "Glorious Glosters" in defense of the Imjin River line and the hilltop fights of Australian and Canadian battalions in the Kapyong Valley have achieved greater renown in those nations than...

America at War since 1945

by Gary A. Donaldson Carrel Books (November 22, 2016)

Focusing primarily on politics and foreign policy, America at War since 1945 analyzes America's involvement in its several wars since the end of World War II. The main questions asked are: How did the U.S. become...

One Bugle, No Drums

by William Hopkins Algonquin Books (May 21, 2012)

Korea, December 1950. The temperature has plunged to 20-degrees below zero. Cold enough to crack rocket-launcher ammo wide open. But not cold enough to stop a massive Communist assault against U.S. forces. As...

The Impossible State, Updated Edition

by Victor Cha Ecco (October 23, 2018)

In The  Impossible State, seasoned international-policy expert and lauded scholar Victor Cha pulls back the curtain on provocative, isolationist North Korea, providing our best look yet at its history and...

The Korean War

by Wada Haruki Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (March 23, 2018)

This classic history of the Korean War—from its origins through the armistice—is now available in a paperback edition including a substantive introduction that considers the heightened danger of a new Northeast...

The Korean War in Asia

by Tessa Morris-Suzuki Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (February 07, 2018)

This book takes a fresh look at the Korean War by considering the conflict from a Northeast Asian regional perspective. It highlights the connections of the war to earlier conflicts in the region and examines...

Hearts of Iron

by Jerry Ravino & Jack Carty Turner (February 21, 2011)

HEARTS OF IRON is the epic true story of a little-known but significant part of the Korean War, told by the brave men of the Flame Platoon, First Tank Battalion, First Marine Division. This book shares the honest,...

K-9 Korea

by J. Rachel Reed Regnery History (April 17, 2017)

Story of Hero Animals, Like New York Times bestseller Sgt. Reckless: Much like Regnery History's 2014 New York Times bestseller Sgt. Reckless, which was released in trade paperback in 2015, K-9 Korea is an incredible...

The Korean War

by 50MINUTES.Com 50Minutes.com (April 27, 2017)

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the events of the Korean War in next to no time with this concise guide.

50Minutes.com provides a clear and engaging analysis of the Korean War. On 25 June 1950,...

Mutiny at Koje Island

by Hal Vetter Tuttle Publishing (June 15, 1965)

This Korean War book tells the true story of a brutal and epic prison revolt that occurred during the war.

This absolutely authentic, horrifying account of treachery, intrigue and ruthless brutality among 150,000...


by D.K.R. Crosswell, Ralph Puckett & David H. Petraeus The University Press of Kentucky (March 15, 2017)

On November 25, 1950, during one of the toughest battles of the Korean War, the US Eighth Army Ranger Company seized and held the strategically important Hill 205 overlooking the Chongchon River. Separated by...

Triumph at Kapyong: Canada's Pivotal Battle in Korea

by Dan Bjarnason Dundurn (March 02, 2011)

This is the story of the first battle by Canada's soldiers in the Korean War. These volunteers - truck drivers, construction workers, kids just out of high school - outnumbered, they beat off some of the toughest...

Dundurn Korean War Library Bundle: Fighting Words / Korea / Triumph at Kapyong / Deadlock in Korea / Cross-Border Warriors

by John Melady, Fred Gaffen, Dan Bjarnason & Mark Bourrie et al. Dundurn (October 15, 2013)

This ebook bundle contains five books that chronicle Canada's participation in the conflict that gripped the Korean peninsula from 1950-53 and resulted in two very different nations that remain at odds today....


by John Melady & John M. Rockingham Dundurn (December 10, 2011)

In this revised edition, men from the army, navy, and air force are honoured for their bravery in the Korean War.

The Korean War (1950-53) forms a little-known but exciting part of Canada’s military history....

The Scariest Place in the World

by James Brady St. Martin's Press (April 04, 2006)

Half a century after he fought there as a young lieutenant of Marines, James Brady returns to the brooding Korean ridgelines and mountains to sound Taps for a generation. It's been 15 years since Brady first...

F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15

by Doug Dildy, Warren Thompson, Jim Laurier & Wiek Luijken Bloomsbury Publishing (May 20, 2013)

As the routed North Korean People's Army (NKPA) withdrew into the mountainous reaches of their country and the People's Republic of China (PRC) funneled in its massive infantry formations in preparation for...

F-51 Mustang Units of the Korean War

by Warren Thompson, Chris Davey & Gareth Hector Bloomsbury Publishing (December 20, 2015)

By the time the Korean War erupted, the F-51 Mustang was seen as obsolete, but that view quickly changed when the USAF rushed 145 of them to the theatre in late 1950. They had the endurance to attack targets...

US Army Forces in the Korean War 1950Â?53

by Donald Boose Bloomsbury Publishing (February 20, 2013)

When North Korea attacked the South on June 25, 1950, United States forces in East Asia were under the command of General Douglas MacArthur, whose largest ground force was Eighth US Army. This army fought a...

The Korean War

by Carter Malkasian Bloomsbury Publishing (June 06, 2014)

The Korean War was a significant turning point in the Cold War. This book explains how the conflict in a small peninsula in East Asia had a tremendous impact on the entire international system and the balance...

F-86 Sabre Aces of the 4th Fighter Wing

by Warren Thompson & Mark Styling Bloomsbury Publishing (February 20, 2013)

The entry of the United State's premier jet interceptor into the Korean War was triggered by the ever-increasing presence of the Soviet-built MiG-15 south of the Yalu River. The possibility of the USAF losing...

Korean War Aces

by Robert F Dorr & Chris Davey Bloomsbury Publishing (January 20, 2013)

The first virtually all-jet war, the conflict in Korea saw F-86 Sabres of the USAF take on MiG-15s of the North Korean and Chinese air forces. Although the Allied pilots were initially taken aback by the ability...

The Darkest Summer

by Bill Sloan Simon & Schuster (November 10, 2009)

The Darkest Summer is the dramatic story of the first three months of the Korean War as it has never been told before. A narrative studded with gripping eyewitness accounts, it focuses on the fateful days when...

Historical Dictionary of the Korean War

by Paul M. Edwards Scarecrow Press (June 10, 2010)

This second edition of Historical Dictionary of the Korean War offers a clear and concise, but inclusive, account of the major events, operations, and individuals involved in the Korean War. It covers the war...

B-29 Superfortress Units of the Korean War

by Robert F Dorr & Mark Styling Bloomsbury Publishing (December 20, 2012)

This book is the story of a majestic bomber of the propeller era flying perilous combat missions against a sleek, nimble warplane of the jet age, the Soviet MiG-15. A very heavy bomber and a sky giant during...

F-86 Sabre Aces of the 51st Fighter Wing

by Warren Thompson & Mark Styling Bloomsbury Publishing (November 20, 2012)

The 51st Fighter Wing initially flew the F-80C in the Korean War, but in 1951, the 51st brought in high-scoring World War 2 ace Colonel Francis Gabreski to assume command when it converted from the F-80 over...

United States Marine Corps

by John Selby & Michael Roffe Bloomsbury Publishing (May 20, 2012)

This book examines the uniforms, equipment, history and organisation of the United States Marine Corps, from 1775, through their service in World Wars 1 and 2, through to Korea and Vietnam. Uniforms are shown...

Vought F4U Corsair

by James DÂ?Angina & Adam Tooby Bloomsbury Publishing (November 20, 2014)

With over 12,500 produced, the Vought F4U Corsair is one of the icons of mid-20th century military aviation. It was as a Marine Corps aircraft that the Corsair was to become famous, fighting through World War...

F4U Corsair Units of the Korean War

by Warren Thompson & Mark Styling Bloomsbury Publishing (November 20, 2012)

This book tells the story of the 26 US Navy Squadrons, most of which were carrier based, and the six Marine Corps F-4 squadrons that flew combat missions against the North Koreans. Drawing from a vast repository...

Soviet MiG-15 Aces of the Korean War

by Leonid Krylov & Yuriy Tepsurkaev Bloomsbury Publishing (December 20, 2012)

The Soviet Union began assisting the People's Republic of China in its establishment of a modern air force in 1950, when Soviet Air Force regiments were sent to train local pilots. China's involvement in the...

F9F Panther Units of the Korean War

by Warren Thompson & Jim Laurier Bloomsbury Publishing (June 20, 2014)

In 1948 the USAF, Marine Corps and US Navy were concentrating on converting over to an all-jet force. When the Korean War started in June 1950, the USAF had built up a sizable jet force in the Far East, while...

Truman, MacArthur and the Korean War: June 1950-July 1951

by Dennis D. Wainstock Enigma Books (June 14, 2011)

The best concise military history of the first year of the Korean War and the Truman-MacArthur crisis.