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Eisenhower and Adenauer: Alliance Maintenance under Pressure, 1953-1960

by Steven J. Brady Lexington Books (November 25, 2009)

This book addresses the US-West German alliance in the 1950s, during which time Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House and Konrad Adenauer in the Federal Chancery. This is a unique multi-lateral, multi-archival...

Hitler and Abductive Logic: The Strategy of a Tyrant

by Ben Novak Lexington Books (May 01, 2014)

Was Hitler rational? This question has spawned vociferous debates among historians, and has fascinated every layman who has ever dipped into a biography of Hitler. In Hitler and Abductive Logic, Ben Novak argues...

Suppressed Terror: History and Perception of Soviet Special Camps in Germany

by Bettina Greiner Lexington Books (April 24, 2014)

After World War II, 154,000 Germans were arrested by the Soviet secret police and held incommunicado in so-called special camps in the Soviet occupation zone. One third of the inmates did not survive captivity....

War and German Memory: Excavating the Significance of the Second World War in German Cultural Consciousness

by K. Michael Prince Lexington Books (November 05, 2009)

German memories of the experience of the Second World War have been central in shaping that country's postwar historical consciousness and cultural identity. This book explores how the sufferings of average...

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: The Philosopher of the Second Reich

by William H. F. Altman Lexington Books (October 04, 2012)

By subjecting Nietzsche to a Platonic critique, author William H. F. Altman punctures his “pose of untimeliness” while making use of Nietzsche’s own aphoristic style of presentation. Friedrich Wilhelm...

The Lives of Hans Luther, 1879 - 1962: German Chancellor, Reichsbank President, and Hitler's Ambassador

by Edmund C. Clingan Lexington Books (January 07, 2010)

For the first time in any language, a book examines the life of Hans Luther, the German statesman whose career began at the tail end of the Weimar Republic, and ended in the immediate post-war years. Luther...

The Politics of Religion in Soviet-Occupied Germany: The Case of Berlin-Brandenburg 1945-1949

by Sean Brennan Lexington Books (November 25, 2011)

This book analyzes the relationship between Soviet military authorities, the East German Communists, and the leadership of the Protestant and Catholic Churches in the Soviet zone of Germany, especially its central...

United City, Divided Memories?: Cold War Legacies in Contemporary Berlin

by Dirk Verheyen Lexington Books (February 03, 2010)

United City, Divided Memories? focuses on the basic question of how Berlin today deals with three specific Cold War era legacies: the presence of the four Great Powers, the East German Stasi, and the Berlin...

For the Honor of Our Fatherland

by Tracey Hayes Norrell Lexington Books (November 22, 2017)

For the Honor of Our Fatherland: German Jews on the Eastern Front during the Great War focuses on the German Jews’ role in reconstructing Poland’s war-ravaged countryside. The Germany Army assigned rabbis...

Fulda Gap

by David R. Dorondo, Volker Bausch, Dieter Krüger & Siegfried Lautsch et al. Lexington Books (November 20, 2017)

This edited collection examines the role of the Fulda Gap—located at the border between East and West Germany—in Cold War politics and military strategy. The contributors analyze the strategic deliberations...

Forced Confrontation

by Christopher E. Mauriello Lexington Books (August 04, 2017)

During the final weeks of World War II, the American army discovered multiple atrocity sites and mass graves containing the dead bodies of Jews, slave laborers, POWs and other victims of Nazi genocide and mass...

First Steps toward Détente: American Diplomacy in the Berlin Crisis, 1958-1963

by Richard D. Williamson Lexington Books (April 06, 2012)

This book is a history of negotiations associated with the Berlin crisis from 1958-1963. Events include Khrushchev's visit to the United States in 1959, the Paris 1960 and Vienna 1961 summits, the stalemate...

Bernhard Lichtenberg

by Brenda L. Gaydosh Lexington Books (July 06, 2017)

Bernhard Lichtenberg: Roman Catholic Priest and Martyr of the Nazi Regime is the definitive English biography of the martyred Nazi-era Berlin provost, Bernhard Lichtenberg. This work presents a broad overview...

A Comparative History of Motor Fuels Taxation, 1909–2009

by Carl-Henry Geschwind Lexington Books (May 09, 2017)

Slowing down global warming is one of the most critical problems facing the world’s policymakers today. One favored solution is to regulate carbon consumption through taxation, including the taxation of gasoline....

Early History of the Southwest through the Eyes of German-Speaking Jesuit Missionaries

by Albrecht Classen Lexington Books (December 06, 2012)

The history of the United States has been deeply determined by Germans throughout time, but hardly anyone has noticed that this was the case in the Southwest as well, known as Arizona/Sonora today, in the eighteenth...

The Weimar Moment

by Rudy Koshar, Leonard V. Kaplan, John P. McCormick & Gary Dorrien et al. Lexington Books (January 26, 2012)

The Weimar Moment’s evocative assault on closure and political reaction, its offering of democracy against the politics of narrow self-interest cloaked in nationalist appeals to Volk and “community” –...

Securing the Communist State: The Reconstruction of Coercive Institutions in the Soviet Zone of Germany and Romania, 1944-1948

by Liesbeth van de Grift Lexington Books (December 22, 2011)

In Securing the Communist State, Liesbeth van de Grift provides a new understanding of these organizations using recently disclosed material from the communist archives in Berlin and Bucharest. She reveals how...

Indirect Perpetrators: The Prosecution of Informers in Germany, 1945-1965

by Andrew Szanajda Lexington Books (February 08, 2010)

This work is an examination of the very first systematic attempt to bring before the courts and prosecute those who had directly or indirectly contributed to a crime against humanity by informing upon others...

Marriage in Turkish German Popular Culture: States of Matrimony in the New Millennium

by Heather Merle Benbow Lexington Books (October 08, 2015)

Marriage is a central trope in popular portrayals of Germany’s largest ethnic minority. In exploring Turkish-German matrimony in popular genres including autoethnography, chick lit, wedding film and ethno-sitcom,...

A History of the German Public Pension System: Continuity amid Change

by Alfred C. Mierzejewski Lexington Books (March 04, 2016)

This book is the first comprehensive institutional history of the German public pension system. It combines analyses of political, economic, financial, and demographic factors to explain how the system evolved...

Military Diplomacy in the Dual Alliance: German Military Attaché Reporting from Vienna, 1879-1914

by Tim Hadley Lexington Books (December 24, 2015)

This book challenges the commonly accepted claims of German memoirists that the significant weaknesses of Germany’s ally, Austria-Hungary, were unknown to German military and political leaders before the war....