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Wingfield at War

by Mervyn Wingfield & Peter Hore Whittles Publishing (April 19, 2016)

Captain Mervyn Wingfield was one of the last of his generation of submariners who made their reputation in the Second World War. Pre-war he had served on the China station and lived the riotous life of a young...

Walking Over the Waves

by Chris Foote Wood Whittles Publishing (March 11, 2016)

In 2007, author and broadcaster Chris Foote Wood achieved a lifelong ambition - to visit every seaside pier in England, Wales and the Isle of Man - all 56 of them! This odyssey, plus copious research, has provided...

The Caithness Influence

by Valerie Campbell Whittles Publishing (February 10, 2016)

With a small population, it is remarkable that so many people from the county of Caithness have had such a huge impact, not only in Scotland but worldwide. The sheer hard work and determination of people from...

Seton Gordon's Scotland

by Hamish M. Brown Whittles Publishing (March 11, 2016)

Seton Gordon was only a boy when he began exploring the Cairngorms, fascinated by its wildlife and seeking to photograph all he saw - he later became a pioneer naturalist, photographer and folklorist. He wrote...

Scott's Forgotten Surgeon

by Aubrey A. Jones Whittles Publishing (March 11, 2016)

As senior surgeon on board Discovery, Dr. Reginald Koettlitz played a vital role in the heroic period of polar exploration when Nansen, Amundsen, Shackleton and Scott dominated the headlines. He was awarded...

Scotland's Heritage

by John Hannavy Whittles Publishing (April 28, 2017)

Scotland’s Heritage is a unique book. It combines John Hannavy’s stunning and original photography of Scotland with an engaging narrative on the country’s evolution from 4000 BC to the present day, using...

Scotland's Global Empire

by Jock Gallagher Whittles Publishing (November 06, 2013)

Scotland's Global Empire is one journalist's tribute to some of the lesser-known great Scots and their contribution to the world. Jock Gallagher was encouraged in his epic enterprise by a quote from Voltaire:...

Rock Lighthouses of Britain

by Christopher P. Nicholson Whittles Publishing (April 19, 2016)

Christopher Nicholson vividly describes the construction and history to the present day of some of the world’s most famous lighthouses in this classic book which has become the standard work on the subject....

Reading the Gaelic Landscape

by John Murray Whittles Publishing (February 10, 2016)

How many people have looked at a map of the Highlands and been intrigued and yet, at the same time, felt excluded by the wealth and strangeness of the place names recorded? Reading the Gaelic Landscape is a...

Postcards from the Edge

by Christopher P. Nicholson Whittles Publishing (April 19, 2016)

We've been sending one another postcards for well over a century now - usually brief messages to our friends and family telling them about the weather on our holidays or where we're visiting next on our travels....

Money Talks

by Bob Whittington Whittles Publishing (June 12, 2017)

Money Talks is a fast-paced history of the humble British coin, the events which at times literally shaped it and the stories reflected in its creation. It has been used to barter and to bribe, to hold a cloak...

Light Over Lundy

by Myrtle Ternstrom Whittles Publishing (April 19, 2016)

Set atop the rocky plateau of Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel, the Old Light stands proudly - a monument to the skill of its builder, Joseph Nelson. It is of a pleasing construction, both solid and graceful,...

Last of the Line

by Patricia Gumbrell Whittles Publishing (April 19, 2016)

Now that lighthouse automation has been completed, what of the service and dedication to duty that was unfailingly provided by keepers, their associates and their families? Last of the Line is an account of...

Hadrian's Wildlife

by John Miles Whittles Publishing (February 10, 2016)

Built in the years AD122-30 by order of the Emperor Hadrian ‘to separate Romans from Barbarians’, Hadrian's Wall was 73 miles long, running from Wallsend-on-Tyne to Bowness on the Solway Firth. It was originally...

Great British Shipwrecks

by Rod Macdonald Whittles Publishing (February 10, 2016)

For more than 30 years, internationally acclaimed wreck diver and best-selling author, Rod Macdonald, has surveyed and researched shipwrecks around the world. His books such as Dive Scapa Flow and The Darkness...


by David Balme & Peter Hore Whittles Publishing (October 02, 2017)

David Balme will be forever known as the 20-year-old hero who, on 9 May 1941, boarded a German U-boat in mid-Atlantic, and captured one of the greatest secrets of the Second World War. This capture – or ‘pinch’...

Between Daylight and Hell

by Iain Lundy Whittles Publishing (October 02, 2017)

This is the culmination of years of research into the lives of Scots who were guilty of dastardly deeds after leaving Scotland for America – in some cases they literally got away with murder. These emigrants...

349 Views of Scotland

by David Squires Whittles Publishing (May 31, 2016)

Anyone who has walked or climbed in Scotland will sooner or later come across a view indicator – one of the discs or plates which identify surrounding features in the landscape. This is the first full-length...