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Nigeria: After the Nightmare

by Iyorwuese Hagher UPA (April 18, 2011)

Nigeria: After the Nightmare is an in-depth look into the Nigerian experience, explaining what went wrong during the country’s thirty years of dictatorship. The book describes Nigeria's problems including...

Educating Muslim Women: The West African Legacy of Nana Asma'u 1793-1864

by Beverley Mack & Jean Boyd Kube Publishing Ltd (September 23, 2013)

Nana Asma’u (1793–1864) was a prolific Muslim scholar, poet, historian, and educator whose legacy in Nigeria and America continues today.

The Paradoxes of History and Memory in Post-Colonial Sierra Leone

by Ismail Rashid, Sylvia Ojukutu-Macauley, Nemata Blyden & Tamba M'bayo et al. Lexington Books (October 10, 2013)

Using Sierra Leone as a case study, this book examines the nature of knowledge production and interpretation of African history since the decade of African independence. This anthology provides critical reflections...

Historical Dictionary of Mali

by Pascal James Imperato & Gavin H. Imperato Scarecrow Press (April 25, 2008)

The fourth edition of the Historical Dictionary of Mali, through its chronology, bibliography, introductory essay, and over 500 cross-referenced dictionary entries on important persons, places, events, and institutions...

Cinema and Development in West Africa: Film as a Vehicle for Liberation

by James E. Genova Indiana University Press (September 25, 2013)

Cinema and Development in West Africa shows how the film industry in Francophone West African countries played an important role in executing strategies of nation building during the transition from French rule...

And Still Peace Did Not Come: A Memoir of Reconciliation

by Agnes Kamara-Umunna Hachette Books (March 22, 2011)

When bullets hit Agnes Kamara-Umunna's home in Monrovia, Liberia, she and her father hastily piled whatever they could carry into their car and drove toward the border, along with thousands of others. An army...

Cloth in West African History

by Colleen E. Kriger AltaMira Press (June 08, 2006)

In this holistic approach to the study of textiles and their makers, Colleen Kriger charts the role cotton has played in commercial, community, and labor settings. She pays close attention the details of how...

Land, Mobility, and Belonging in West Africa: Natives and Strangers

by Carola Lentz Indiana University Press (July 05, 2013)

Focusing on an area of the savannah in northern Ghana and southwestern Burkina Faso, Land, Mobility, and Belonging in West Africa explores how rural populations have secured, contested, and negotiated access...

Historical Dictionary of Nigeria

by Toyin Falola & Ann Genova Scarecrow Press (July 01, 2009)

Since independence in 1960, Nigeria has undergone tremendous change shaped by political instability, rapid population growth, and economic turbulence. The Historical Dictionary of Nigeria introduces Nigeria's...

Historical Dictionary of Benin

by Mathurin C. Houngnikpo & Samuel Decalo Scarecrow Press (November 29, 2012)

The fourth edition of Historical Dictionary of Benin covers the history of Benin through a chronology, an introductory essay, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 900 cross-referenced...

Nigeria's Critical Election: 2011

by John A. Ayoade & Adeoye A. Akinsanya Lexington Books (November 29, 2012)

Nigeria's Critical Election is an analytical exposition of the salient constitutional and political issues by Nigerian scholars who have studied, lived through, and taught those issues over the years. It offers...

Surviving with Dignity: Hausa Communities of Niamey, Niger

by Scott M. Youngstedt Lexington Books (November 29, 2012)

Surviving with Dignity focuses on the lived experience of two generations of migrant Hausa men in Niamey, Niger’s capital city, set in a larger social matrix of national and global transformations. Their extraordinary...

Highlife Saturday Night: Popular Music and Social Change in Urban Ghana

by Nathan Plageman Indiana University Press (December 19, 2012)

Highlife Saturday Night captures the vibrancy of Saturday nights in Ghana-when musicians took to the stage and dancers took to the floor-in this penetrating look at musical leisure during a time of social, political,...

Queen Pokou

by Véronique Tadjo Ayebia Clarke Publishing (December 19, 2009)

Tadjo uses her powerful and fertile imagination to rekindle an ancient Akan myth and deliberately sets it ablaze. Woven into the historic frame of the founding of the Baoule people by Queen Abraha Pokou in 18th...

In the Land of Magic Soldiers

by Daniel Bergner Farrar, Straus and Giroux (September 08, 2004)

An Los Angeles Times Best Book 2003

A chilling, beautifully written narrative of African war

Sierra Leone is the world's most war-ravaged country. There, in a West African landscape of spectacular beauty, rampaging...

Death in the Sahara

by Michael Asher & Dean King Skyhorse (May 17, 2008)

Desert explorer Michael Asher investigates the most disastrous exploration mission in the history of the Sahara. In 1880, the French government ordered a surveying expedition for a railway that would bring...

By the Rivers of Water

by Erskine Clarke & Mirron Willis Blackstone Publishing (October 08, 2013)

In early November 1834, an aristocratic young couple fromSavannah and South Carolina sailed from New York and began a seventeen-year odyssey in West Africa. Leighton and Jane Wilson sailed along what was forthem...

Mighty Be Our Powers

by Leymah Gbowee, Kimberly Scott & Carol Mithers Blackstone Publishing (September 13, 2011)

Leymah Gbowee was one of three women to receive the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize

As a young woman growing up in Africa, seventeen-year-old Leymah Gbowee was crushed by a savage war when violence reached her native...

Blood Diamonds

by Greg Campbell & Tom Weiner Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

The true story of the events that inspired the feature film Blood Diamond

First discovered in 1930, the diamonds of Sierra Leone have funded one of the most savage rebel campaigns in modern history. These "blood...

Nigeria and West Africa

by Wendy McElroy, Richard C. Hottelet & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (February 13, 2006)

With a culture dating back to at least 700 BC, West Africa has a long and rich history. British influence after the sixteenth century, and especially in the eighteenth century, changed the region’s course....

Sufferings in Africa

by James Riley & Dean King Skyhorse (April 01, 2007)

Listed by Abraham Lincoln, alongside the Bible and Pilgrim's Progress, as one of the books that most influenced his life, few true tales of adventure and survival are as astonishing as this one. Shipwrecked...

Voices of Ghana

by Victoria Ellen Smith James Currey (September 21, 2018)

Ghana's first radio programme of original literature, Singing Net, began in 1955 as part of the development of a national radio station in the years leading to independence in 1957. Its centralaim was to bring...

Female Highlife Performers in Ghana

by Nana Abena Amoah-Ramey & A. B. Assensoh Lexington Books (July 15, 2018)

This book offers a detailed analysis of the history of female musicians in the Highlife music tradition of the Republic of Ghana, particularly the challenges and constraints these women faced and overcame. Highlife...

Guns and Society in Colonial Nigeria

by Saheed Aderinto Indiana University Press (January 25, 2018)

Guns are an enduring symbol of imperialism, whether they are used to impose social order, create ceremonial spectacle, incite panic, or to inspire confidence. In Guns and Society, Saheed Aderinto considers the...

The Kingdom of Waalo

by Boubacar Barry Diasporic Africa Press (October 26, 2017)

Situated along the Senegal River, the Kingdom of Waalo was the smallest of the Wolof states of Senegal, but it illustrates the broader consequences of a shift from trans-Saharan to trans-Atlantic commerce during...

The Ahmadiyya in the Gold Coast

by John H. Hanson Indiana University Press (June 06, 2017)

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a global movement with more than half a million Ghanaian members, runs an extensive network of English-language schools and medical facilities in Ghana today. Founded in South...

Burkina Faso

by Ernest Harsch Zed Books (October 15, 2017)

  • There is currently intense interest in Burkina Faso - both scholarly and in policy circles - as a result of the 2014 non-violent revolution.
  • The first major work to be written in English on the country since...

Slave Owners of West Africa

by Sandra E. Greene Indiana University Press (May 22, 2017)

In this groundbreaking book, Sandra E. Greene explores the lives of three prominent West African slave owners during the age of abolition. These first-published biographies reveal personal and political accomplishments...

Kwame Nkrumah and the Dream of African Unity

by Lansiné Kaba Diasporic Africa Press (July 07, 2017)

In Kwame Nkrumah and the Dream of African Unity, Lansiné Kaba describes some of the epic phases of Kwame Nkrumah’s struggle for the independence of his country, Ghana, and the unity of his continent, Africa....

The Concerned Women of Buduburam

by Elizabeth Holzer Cornell University Press (September 04, 2015)

In The Concerned Women of Buduburam, Elizabeth Holzer offers an unprecedented firsthand account of the rise and fall of social protests in a long-standing refugee camp. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees...

Hausaland Divided

by William F. S. Miles Cornell University Press (July 09, 2015)

How have different forms of colonialism shaped societies and their politics? William F. S. Miles focuses on the Hausa-speaking people of West Africa whose land is still split by an arbitrary boundary established...

What Rebels Want

by Jennifer M. Hazen Cornell University Press

How easy is it for rebel groups to purchase weapons and ammunition in the middle of a war? How quickly can commodities such as diamonds and cocoa be converted into cash to buy war supplies? And why does answering...

Proclivity to Genocide

by Grace O. Okoye Lexington Books (August 20, 2014)

This book examines proclivity to genocide in the protracted killings that have continued for decades in the northern Nigeria ethno-religious conflict, spanning from the 1966 northern Nigeria massacres of thousands...

Religion, Tradition, and Restorative Justice in Sierra Leone

by Lyn S. Graybill University of Notre Dame Press (June 15, 2017)

In this groundbreaking study of post-conflict Sierra Leone, Lyn Graybill examines the ways in which both religion and local tradition supported restorative justice initiatives such as the national Truth and...

Granma Nineteen and the Soviet's Secret

by Ondjaki & Stephen Henighan Biblioasis (April 10, 2014)





Hadija's Story

by Harmony O'Rourke Indiana University Press (February 13, 2017)

In 1952, a woman named Hadija was brought to trial in an Islamic courtroom in the Cameroon Grassfields on a charge of bigamy. Quickly, however, the court proceedings turned to the question of whether she had...

The Walking Qur'an

by Rudolph T. Ware Iii The University of North Carolina Press (June 16, 2014)

Spanning a thousand years of history--and bringing the story to the present through ethnographic fieldwork in Senegal, Gambia, and Mauritania--Rudolph Ware documents the profound significance of Qur'an schools...

Domingos Álvares, African Healing, and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic World

by James H. Sweet The University of North Carolina Press (February 28, 2011)

Between 1730 and 1750, Domingos Alvares traversed the colonial Atlantic world like few Africans of his time--from Africa to South America to Europe. By tracing the steps of this powerful African healer and vodun...

American Africans in Ghana

by Kevin K. Gaines The University of North Carolina Press (December 30, 2012)

In 1957 Ghana became one of the first sub-Saharan African nations to gain independence from colonial rule. Over the next decade, hundreds of African Americans--including Martin Luther King Jr., George Padmore,...

Journey of Hope

by Kenneth C. Barnes The University of North Carolina Press (October 12, 2005)

Liberia was founded by the American Colonization Society (ACS) in the 1820s as an African refuge for free blacks and liberated American slaves. While interest in African migration waned after the Civil War,...

The Art of Conversion

by Cécile Fromont Omohundro Institute and University of North Carolina Press (December 19, 2014)

Between the sixteenth and the nineteenth centuries, the west central African kingdom of Kongo practiced Christianity and actively participated in the Atlantic world as an independent, cosmopolitan realm. Drawing...

No Fist Is Big Enough to Hide the Sky

by Basil Davidson, Aristides Pereira, Amilcar Cabral & Zachariah Mampilly Zed Books (February 15, 2017)

No Fist Is Big Enough to Hide the Sky stands as a key text in the history of the eleven-year struggle against Portuguese rule in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. Though perhaps less well known than the struggles...

The Story of an African Working Class

by Jeff Crisp & Doctor Gavin Hilson Zed Books (February 15, 2017)

  • A story of struggle against exploitative mining companies, repressive governments, and authoritarian trade union leaders

  • Combines lively historical narrative with original analysis

  • A unique contribution to the...

The Mayor of Mogadishu

by Andrew Harding St. Martin's Press (November 28, 2016)

"This is a triumph of a book: surprising, informative, and humane." --Alexander McCall Smith

"Stunning." --Foreign Affairs

"Pieces together Nur's astonishing biography and follows him when he became mayor in...

Ghana on the Go: African Mobility in the Age of Motor Transportation

by Jennifer Hart Indiana University Press (October 03, 2016)

As early as the 1910s, African drivers in colonial Ghana understood the possibilities that using imported motor transport could further the social and economic agendas of a diverse array of local agents, including...

Muslim Interpreters in Colonial Senegal, 1850-1920: Mediations of Knowledge and Power in the Lower and Middle Senegal River Valley

by Tamba M'bayo Lexington Books (July 01, 2016)

This book explores the intermediary functions of Muslim interpreters in Senegal to affirm their status as active historical agents in the historiography on French colonial rule in West Africa. Its main themes...

The Making of an African King: Patrilineal and Matrilineal Struggle Among the ?wutu (Effutu) of Ghana

by Anthony Ephirim-Donkor UPA (November 24, 2014)

The Making of an African King examines the source of the kingship struggle in Winneba, Ghana as seen by colonial administrators, and the final court ruling in June 2013 between the patrilineal Otuano Royal Family...

African Immersion: American College Students in Cameroon

by Julius A. Amin Lexington Books (December 18, 2014)

This book examines the University of Dayton Cameroon Immersion program, with comparative evidence from the Peace Corps. It analyzes different aspects of experiential learning, contextualizes them within the...

The Political Philosophy of Chief Obafemi Awolowo

by Olayiwola Abegunrin Lexington Books (September 10, 2015)

This book examines the political leadership of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, one of the nationalists’ leaders who fought for Nigeria’s independence. His model of leadership and perseverance is one to be emulated...

The House at Sugar Beach

by Helene Cooper Simon & Schuster (September 02, 2008)

Journalist Helene Cooper examines the violent past of her home country Liberia and the effects of its 1980 military coup in this deeply personal memoir and finalist for the 2008 National Book Critics Circle...