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The Age of Acquiescence

by Steve Fraser & Pete Larkin Little, Brown & Company (February 17, 2015)

A groundbreaking investigation of how and why, from the 18th century to the present day, American resistance to our ruling elites has vanished.

From the American Revolution through the Civil Rights movement,...

The Rival Queens

by Nancy Goldstone & Suzanne Toren Little, Brown & Company (June 23, 2015)

The riveting true story of mother-and-daughter queens Catherine de' Medici and Marguerite de Valois, whose wildly divergent personalities and turbulent relationship changed the shape of their tempestuous and...

Underground in Berlin

by Marie Jalowicz Simon, Ellen Archer, Anthea Bell & Hermann Simon Little, Brown & Company (September 08, 2015)

A thrilling piece of undiscovered history, this is the true account of a young Jewish woman who survived World War II in Berlin.

In 1942, Marie Jalowicz, a twenty-year-old Jewish Berliner, made the extraordinary...

Brought to Justice

by Peter Ganim Little, Brown & Company (June 21, 2011)

May 2, 2011 marked the completion of a mission that had begun even before the devastating day of September 11, 2001. Brought to Justice is a riveting, dramatic, informed and sometimes surprising illustrated...

Rise of the Rocket Girls

by Nathalia Holt & Erin Bennett Little, Brown & Company (April 05, 2016)

The riveting true story of the women who launched America into space.

In the 1940s and 50s, when the newly minted Jet Propulsion Laboratory needed quick-thinking mathematicians to calculate velocities and plot...

The Library of Congress Timeline of the Civil War

by Margaret E. Wagner, Peter Coleman & Gary W. Gallagher Little, Brown & Company (February 10, 2015)

With striking visuals from the Library of Congress' unparalleled archive, THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS ILLUSTRATED TIMELINE OF THE CIVIL WAR is an authoritative and engaging narrative of the domestic conflict that...

Operation Thunderbolt

by Saul David & Peter Ganim Little, Brown & Company (December 01, 2015)

*By the historical consultant to the major motion picture Seven Days in Entebbe*

The definitive account of one of the greatest Special Forces missions ever, the Raid of Entebbe, by acclaimed military historian...

Lone Survivor

by Marcus Luttrell, Patrick Robinson & Kevin T. Collins Little, Brown & Company (May 01, 2012)

The inspiration for a major motion picture by Mark Wahlberg: A Navy SEAL's firsthand account of American heroism during a secret military operation in Afghanistan.

On a clear night in late June 2005, four U.S....


by Pete Hamill & Author Little, Brown & Company (April 01, 2005)

In Downtown, Pete Hamill leads us on an unforgettable journey through the city he loves, from the island's southern tip to Times Square, combining a moving memoir of his days and nights in New York with a passionate...

An Unfinished Life

by Robert Dallek & Richard McGonagle Little, Brown & Company (August 01, 2005)

Drawing on previously unavailable material and never-before-opened archives, An Unfinished Life is packed with revelations large and small -- about JFK's health, his love affairs, RFK's appointment as Attorney...

Death of a King

by Tavis Smiley & David Ritz Little, Brown & Company (September 09, 2014)

A revealing and dramatic chronicle of the twelve months leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination

Martin Luther King, Jr. died in one of the most shocking assassinations the world has known, but...

On Killing

by Dave Grossman Little, Brown & Company (June 22, 2009)

The revised and updated edition of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's modern classic, hailed by the Washington Post as "an illuminating account of how soldiers learn to kill and how they live with the experiences of having...

In Pursuit of Memory

by Joseph Jebelli & Thomas Judd Little, Brown & Company (October 31, 2017)

For readers of Atul Gawande, Siddhartha Mukherjee, and Henry Marsh, a riveting, gorgeously written biography of one of history's most fascinating and confounding diseases--Alzheimer's--from its discovery more...

The Lady Queen

by Nancy Goldstone & Christine Lakin Little, Brown & Company (September 25, 2018)

The riveting history of a beautiful queen, a shocking murder, a papal trial -- and a reign as triumphant as any in the Middle Ages.

On March 15, 1348, twenty-two-year-old Joanna I, Queen of Naples, stood trial...

Finders Keepers

by Craig Childs Little, Brown & Company (October 23, 2018)

To whom does the past belong? Is the archeologist who discovers a lost tomb a sort of hero--or a villain? If someone steals a relic from a museum and returns it to the ruin it came from, is she a thief? Written...

The Last Voyage of Columbus

by Martin Dugard & Simon Jones Little, Brown & Company (June 01, 2005)

The Year is 1500. Christopher Columbus, stripped of his title Admiral of the Ocean Seas, waits in chains in a Caribbean prison built under his orders, looking out at the colony that he founded, nurtured, and...

When Paris Went Dark

by Ronald C. Rosbottom & Malcolm Hillgartner Little, Brown & Company (August 05, 2014)

The spellbinding and revealing chronicle of Nazi-occupied Paris

On June 14, 1940, German tanks entered a silent and nearly deserted Paris. Eight days later, France accepted a humiliating defeat and foreign occupation....

The Secret Game

by Scott Ellsworth Little, Brown & Company (March 10, 2015)

Winner of the 2016 PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing

The true story of the game that never should have happened--and of a nation on the brink of monumental change

In the fall of 1943, at the little-known...

The War Lovers

by Evan Thomas & Richard Davidson Little, Brown & Company (April 27, 2010)

On February 15, 1898, the American ship USS Maine mysteriously exploded in the Havana Harbor. News of the blast quickly reached U.S. shores, where it was met by some not with alarm but great enthusiasm.

A powerful...

Area 51

by Annie Jacobsen Little, Brown & Company (May 17, 2011)

It is the most famous military installation in the world. And it doesn't exist. Located a mere seventy-five miles outside of Las Vegas in Nevada's desert, the base has never been acknowledged by the U.S. government-but...

The Rush

by Edward Dolnick & Bernard Setaro Clark Little, Brown & Company (August 12, 2014)

A riveting portrait of the Gold Rush, by the award-winning author of Down the Great Unknown and The Forger's Spell.

In the spring of 1848, rumors began to spread that gold had been discovered in a remote spot...

A Cool and Lonely Courage

by Susan Ottaway & Catherine Harvey Little, Brown & Company (September 30, 2014)

The incredible true story of British special agents Eileen and Jacqueline Nearne, sisters who risked everything to fight for freedom during the Second World War.

When elderly recluse Eileen Nearne died, few...


by James Bradley Little, Brown & Company (August 01, 2005)

Over the remote Pacific island of Chichi Jima, nine American flyers-Navy and Marine pilots sent to bomb Japanese communications towers there-were shot down. One of those nine was miraculously rescued by a U.S....

Tiger Force

by Michael Sallah, Mitch Weiss & Harry Chase Little, Brown & Company (May 15, 2006)

At the outset of the Vietnam War, the Army created an experimental fighting unit that became known as "Tiger Force." The Tigers were to be made up of the cream of the crop-the very best and bravest soldiers...

Blood Royal

by Eric Jager & Rene Auberjonois Little, Brown & Company (February 25, 2014)

A riveting true story of murder and detection in 15th-century Paris, by one of the most brilliant medievalists of his generation.

On a chilly November night in 1407, Louis of Orleans was murdered by a band of...

Skunk Works

by Ben R. Rich, Leo Janos & Pete Larkin Little, Brown & Company (July 14, 2015)

This classic history of America's high-stakes quest to dominate the skies is "a gripping technothriller in which the technology is real" (New York Times Book Review).

From the development of the U-2 to the...

Show Me A Hero

by Lisa Belkin & Jay Snyder Little, Brown & Company (September 29, 2015)


Not in my backyard -- that's the refrain commonly invoked by property owners who oppose unwanted development. Such words assume a special ferocity when the development in question is public...

Ike's Bluff

by Evan Thomas & Brian Troxell Little, Brown & Company (September 25, 2012)

Evan Thomas's startling account of how the underrated Dwight Eisenhower saved the world from nuclear holocaust.

Upon assuming the presidency in 1953, Dwight Eisenhower set about to make good on his campaign...

Long Walk to Freedom

by Nelson Mandela, Michael Boatman & Sharon Gelman Little, Brown & Company (July 18, 2011)

The autobiography of global human rights icon Nelson Mandela is "riveting...both a brilliant description of a diabolical system and a testament to the power of the spirit to transcend it" (Washington Post)....

The Admirals

by Walter R. Borneman & Brian Troxell Little, Brown & Company (May 01, 2012)

How history's only five-star admirals triumphed in World War II and made the United States the world's dominant sea power.

Only four men in American history have been promoted to the five-star rank of Admiral...