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Beat the Gym

by Tom Holland & Megan McMorris HarperCollins (April 12, 2011)

“Tom Holland is the supportive and informative coach, the motivational voice and the personal touch that you crave when you start any workout regimen.”

—Lucy Danziger, Editor-in-Chief, SELF magazine


The Rules According to JWOWW

by Jenni "JWOWW" Farley HarperCollins (February 08, 2011)

One of the stars of MTV’s smash hit series The Jersey Shore, Jennifer “JWOWW” Farley lays down The Rules According to JWOWW, offering a new spin on the dos and don’ts of dating, from “smushing” guys...

10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting

by Mimi Doe & Marsha Walch, PhD HarperCollins (November 30, 2010)

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, how do we, as parents, honor the spirituality of our children? As we shuttle between school, soccer practice, piano lessons, ballet lessons, birthday parties, and doctors'...

Fathers and Babies: How Babies Grow and What They Need from

by Jean Marzollo HarperCollins (October 05, 2010)

Fathers and Babies is the one and only baby care book written expressly for fathers.

Fathers and Babies is a light and reassuring introduction into the world of fatherhood. Fathers today want to be, and are...

Stroke-Free for Life

by David Wiebers, M.D. HarperCollins (September 14, 2010)

No matter what your age or your family and medicalhistory, you can take steps to prevent debilitatingstrokes. And you can start today.No one plans to have a stroke, but too many people think that avoiding them...

The RealAge Diet

by Michael F. Roizen & John La Puma, M.D. HarperCollins (September 07, 2010)

Food Can Make You Younger!

Dr. Michael Roizen presents his program for eating the RealAge way: a diet that is good for your overall health, plus works to delay or even reverse aging. If there's one thing you...

Raising Adopted Children, Revised Edition

by Lois Ruskai Melina HarperCollins (September 07, 2010)

In this completely revised and updated edition of Raising Adopted Children, Lois Melina, editor of Adopted Child newsletter and the mother of two children by adoption, draws on the latest research in psychology,...

Discover the Wealth Within You

by Ric Edelman HarperCollins (July 13, 2010)

Achieve a Healthy, Balanced, and Richly Rewarding Life!

Have your goals and dreams gotten lost in your daily struggle to earn and provide for your family?

If so, join Ric Edelman on a journey to self-discovery...

The Heart Manual

by Valentín Fuster HarperCollins (February 02, 2010)

The director of the Cardiovascular Institute at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, Valentín Fuster calls his book The Heart Manual, “My Scientific Advice for Eating Better, Feeling Better, and Living a Stress-Free...

The Relaxation Response

by Herbert Benson, M.D. & Miriam Z. Klipper HarperCollins (September 22, 2009)

For the first time, the ebook includes a video of Dr. Benson teaching how to elicit the relaxation response. This video allows the reader to access his or her innate capacity to counteract the harmful effects...

The Essential Over 35 Pregnancy Guide

by Ellen Lavin, PhD HarperCollins (September 15, 2009)

The good news about having a baby when you're over 35

Age 35-plus can be a great time to have a baby, and the chances for getting pregnant and carrying to term are good. Every day in the United States, more than...

The Style Strategy

by Nina Garcia HarperCollins (August 25, 2009)

From Nina Garcia—fashion judge on Bravo’s hit Project Runway and the New York Times bestselling author of The One Hundred and The Little Black Book of Style—comes Style Strategy: a perfect primer on achieving...


by Robert W. Sears HarperCollins (September 01, 2009)

Renowned pediatrician and bestselling author Dr. Robert Sears teams up with HappyBaby, the organic baby food company, in this invaluable guide to green parenting. HappyBaby shows new parents the healthiest,...


by Alexander Avila HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

Everyone who has ever been disappointed in Love knows how hard it is to find the "right" person. All too often we fall for people who seem too good to be true...and then discover they are. True romance is a...

Closing the Deal

by Richard Kirshenbaum & Daniel Rosenberg HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

In this hip and utterly indispensable guide, two happily married husbands and regular guys reveal the secrets to getting a man down on bended knee -- his most uncomfortable position.

Over the years, Richard Kirshenbaum...


by Bernardo J. Carducci, PhD & Susan Golant HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

Shy Facts

  • Shy children are not destined to be shy adults.
  • Shyness does not equal low self-esteem.
  • Shyness is not a "disease," personality deficit, or character flaw.
  • Humans aren't the only species to experience...

Divorce Wars

by Jeffery M. Leving HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

Think the worst won't happen to you? Divorce can turn even the most sensible and perfectly nice people into malicious cutthroats. And while divorce is never easy, it can get downright nasty if your spouse wants...

S.C.O.R.E. for Life

by Jim Fannin HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

Have you ever choked during a performance?

Have you ever been told how much talent you have, yet you're not reaching it?

Are you self-conscious or doubtful during performances?

Does your level of concentration...

Sleepless in America

by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka HarperCollins (March 17, 2009)

Does your child

  • Refuse to cooperate in the morning?
  • Get into trouble for not listening?
  • "Lose it" over seemingly insignificant issues?
  • Seem to resist sleep?

An estimated 69 percent of American infants, children,...

The Tao Of Womanhood

by Diane Dreher HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

The Tao of Womanhood is for every woman who is searching for both external power and internal peace. It's for the woman who wants to be tough but nice, who wants to take care of things and everyone else but...

The Ten Commandments

by Dr. Laura Schlessinger & Rabbi Stewart Vogel HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

The Ten Commandments are the first direct communication between a people and God. Designed to elevate our lives above mere frantic, animal existence to the sublime levels humanity is capable or experiencing,...

SuperFoods HealthStyle

by Steven G. Pratt, M.D. & Kathy Matthews HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

HealthStyle is the twenty-first-century program for promoting vigor, preventing disease, and extending your life span

If up until now you have relied on luck, genetics, and a few healthful practices to achieve...

Parenthood by Proxy

by Dr. Laura Schlessinger HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

Following her previous New York Times bestsellers, Dr.Laura Schlessinger, the conscience of talk radio, now addresses an issue near and dear to her heart: the stupid things parents do to mess up their children....

The RealAge (R) Makeover

by Michael F. Roizen HarperCollins (March 17, 2009)

Why not live at 60 feeling like you did at 35?

Thousands of Americans are younger today than they were five years ago. How is that possible? By following the specific recommendations that reverse aging in Dr....

If You Had Controlling Parents

by Dan Neuharth HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

Do you sometimes feel as if you are living your life to please others? Do you give other people the benefit of the doubt but second-guess yourself? Do you struggle with perfectionism, anxiety, lack of confidence,...

When Your Kid Goes to College

by Carol Barkin HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

"During the summer before he went to college, he was obnoxious; he said, 'There's a reason I'm acting this way; it will make it easier for you to have me leave.'"

"When she was packing to leave, she was completely...

The Divided Mind

by John E. Sarno HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

The Divided Mind is the crowning achievement of Dr. John E. Sarno's distinguished career as a groundbreaking medical pioneer, going beyond pain to address the entire spectrum of psychosomatic (mindbody) disorders....

My Mother, Your Mother

by Dennis McCullough HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

What's the right thing to do for mom and dad as they get older?

Thanks to advances in science and medicine, more of our parents are living longer than ever before. And though we are rewarded with more time with...

Change Your Looks, Change Your Life

by Dr. Michelle Copeland HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

What if our lives, social and professional, could be changed for the better by cosmetic surgery or even a simple lunch-hour procedure?

A recognized leader in the plastic surgery field, Dr. Copeland draws on years...

What Mama Taught Me

by Tony Brown HarperCollins (May 19, 2009)

Millions of viewers of Tony Brown's Journal, the longest-running series on PBS, know Tony Brown as an advocate for self-reliance and self-enrichment. Now, in his most personal book yet, he introduces us to the...

Rebound Rules

by Rick Pitino & Pat Forde HarperCollins (October 06, 2009)

“Rick Pitino knows a thing or two about comebacks—on the court and in life.”

Louisville Courier-Journal


Basketball legend Rick Pitino reveals his model of success built upon his experiences of failure...

Extra Time: 10 Lessons for an Ageing World

by Camilla Cavendish HarperCollins (May 02, 2019)

‘An inspirational call to arms’ DAILY MAIL

‘This book is so sensible, so substantially researched, so briskly written, so clear in its arguments, that one wishes Baroness Cavendish was still whispering...

30 Days 30 Ways to Overcome Anxiety: from Australia's bestselling anxiety expert

by Bev Aisbett HarperCollins (January 22, 2018)

From Australia's bestselling anxiety expert, Bev Aisbett, comes a proven and practical workbook to help people manage their anxiety, with simple daily strategies for work and for home. A clear, practical day-by-day...

Unconquerable: The Invictus Spirit

by Boris Starling HarperCollins (September 21, 2017)

‘You are all Invictus, you are now ambassadors for the spirit of these games. Never stop fighting and do all you can to lift up everyone around you…’

The Invictus Games change lives and save lives.


The O'Reilly Factor for Kids

by Bill O'Reilly & Charles Flowers HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

The bestselling author ofThe O'Reilly Factor, The No Spin Zone, and Who's Looking Out for You? talks straight to kids this time. He is as demanding, direct, and wry asever—but he's also more revealing too,...

Prince Harry: The Inside Story

by Duncan Larcombe HarperCollins (June 15, 2017)

Prince Henry of Wales has emerged as the unexpected jewel in the crown of the modern British monarchy. Despite his unruly antics, for which he’s made headlines all over the world, Harry’s popularity rivals...

Beauty (Collins Nutshell Books)

by Joyce McKinnell HarperCollins (March 30, 2017)

The Swinging Sixties are known for being an era of unmistakable femininity and groundbreaking chic. With this fun, retro title you too can acquire that elusive air of elegance that pervaded the decade.


Now We Are 40

by Tiffanie Darke HarperCollins (February 23, 2017)

What happened to Generation X? Millenials dominate our Facebook feeds and people bang on about the baby boomers – but what about us? The lost generation, the middle youth, the middle child of today. Are we...

Project Semicolon

by Amy Bleuel HarperCollins (September 05, 2017)

For fans of PostSecret, Humans of New York, and If You Feel Too Much, this collection from suicide-awareness organization Project Semicolon features stories and photos from those struggling with mental illness....

I-SPY AT THE SCHOOL GATE: My Mum’s Better Than Your Mum (I-SPY for Grown-ups)

by Sam Jordison HarperCollins (November 03, 2016)

From Sam Jordison, author of the bestselling Crap Towns series, comes I-SPY for Grown-ups.

The I-SPY concept is very simple: it’s like the ‘I spy with my little eye’ game, only instead of all the tedious...

Almost Adulting

by Arden Rose HarperCollins (March 28, 2017)

For fans of Grace Helbig and Alexa Chung comes a fresh, hilarious guide to growing up your way from social media influencer and lifestyle vlogger Arden Rose.

In Almost Adultingperfect for budding adults, failing...

The Stress Protection Plan

by Leon Chaitow HarperCollins (August 25, 2016)

Migraine, chronic back pain, colds, fatigue, panic attacks and high blood pressure can often be caused by stress.

We now know that stress has a disasterous effect on our immune systems and can be a major cause...

The Tree Climber’s Guide

by Jack Cooke HarperCollins (April 07, 2016)

‘After I finished this book I alarmed my family by going into the garden and climbing the apple tree.’ – Damian Whitworth, The Times

‘One of the publishing sensations of the year … For anyone who has...

The Complete Essential Oils Sourcebook: A Practical Approach to the Use of Essential Oils for Health and Well-Being

by Julia Lawless HarperCollins (January 14, 2016)

Comprehensive and fully illustrated throughout, The Complete Essential Oils Sourcebook is the perfect go-to reference for absolutely everything about essential oils—from the best extraction methods to the...

The Art of Wearing Hats: What to choose. Where to find. How to style.

by Helena Sheffield HarperCollins (February 11, 2016)

The perfect and practical pocket guide to being a hat wearer for novices and aficionados alike, complete with tips on where to buy them, how to wear them, who wears them best and tricks of the trade (yes hat...

The Child’s Secret

by Amanda Brooke HarperCollins (January 14, 2016)

A little girl is missing. Her parents are hiding something. Who will pay the price?

When eight-year-old Jasmine Peterson goes missing, the police want to know everything.

What is local park ranger, Sam McIntyre,...

Tainted Love

by Kimberley Chambers HarperCollins (February 11, 2016)

Three Butlers

Two weddings

One funeral

The explosive new novel from the Sunday Times #1 bestselling author Kimberley Chambers.

Nobody can hurt you like the ones you love…

Blood is thicker than water, love...

We're Still Family

by Constance Ahrons HarperCollins (October 06, 2009)

What is the real legacy of divorce? To answer this question, Constance Ahrons, Ph.D., interviewed one hundred and seventy-three grown children whose divorcing parents she had interviewed twenty years earlier...

A Mother’s Gift: Two Classic Novels

by Josephine Cox HarperCollins (January 28, 2016)

A very special collector’s edition of two of Josephine Cox’s most well-loved books to mark the tenth anniversary of The Journey and Journey’s End, a heartbreaking tale of family drama.

Following the fate...


by Jonathan Cohn HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

America's health care system is unraveling, with millions of hard-working people unable to pay for prescription drugs and regular checkups, let alone hospital visits. Jonathan Cohn traveled across the United...