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Whole Lesbian Sex Stories: Erotica for Women

by Felice Newman Cleis Press (January 21, 2013)

Confessions of an Erotica Reader I love lesbian sex. I love talking about sex. I love mentally undressing the sexy women in my life. I love planning what I’m going to do when my partner gets home. I love having...

Best Gay Romance 2015

by Felice Picano Cleis Press (February 01, 2015)

Gay romance is coming into full bloom in the wake of the Defense of Marriage Act’s fall, and the literary world is giving this full expression. New series editor Felice Picano is one of the top gay writers...

World of Women

by Carol Caine Cleis Press (April 24, 2012)

Why do women keep trying to pin Kat down? She’s a free spirit. When she returns to Manhattan from a winter holiday with her latest conquest — bored and desperate to escape those sweet words and caresses...

Best Gay Erotica 2001

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (December 09, 2000)

Presenting the year's steamiest, most provocative gay sex writing…The best-selling gay erotica series in America! "A must read." —In Touch "Full of surprises." —Bay Area Reporter "Consistently outstanding."...

Black Like Us

by Devon Carbado Cleis Press (October 01, 2011)

Winner of the 2003 Lambda Literary Award for Fiction Anthology Showcasing the work of literary giants like Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Alice Walker, and writers whom readers may be surprised...

Three Women

by March Hastings Cleis Press (August 01, 2006)

Phil Carlson’s marriage proposal is 18-year-old Paula’s ticket out of the tenement and dingy life with her alcoholic father. But the dream dissolves the moment Paula meets Byrne, Phil’s wealthy aunt. Byrne,...

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 2

by Sacchi Green Cleis Press (November 21, 2017)

Looking forthe steamiest stories of female-on-female passion? You’ve found them! Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 2 showcases only the most lustful and orgasmic F/F stories, from one-night stands with...

Unspeakably Erotic: 20 Stories of Lesbian Kink

by D.L. King Cleis Press (October 24, 2017)

Everyone has secrets, especially secret, kinky desires.  Unspeakably Erotic: Lesbian Kink is guaranteed to trigger that hot flush that comes with the discovery of a new, sexy, sometimes unmentionable desire...

Best Gay Erotica of the Year, Volume 3

by Rob Rosen Cleis Press (November 21, 2017)

In the world of man-on-man erotica, the best just keeps getting better! Best Gay Erotica of the Year, Volume 3 features the absolute hottest M/M stories around. From stories of dominant men going after the lovers...

Cowboy Up

by Shane Allison Cleis Press (March 13, 2018)

Get your ranch hands on these cowboys! This sweltering collection of gay erotic stories highlights the men who work tirelessly (and shirtlessly!) herding cattle, fixing barns, lifting bales of hay, and lassoing...

Best Gay Romance 2013

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (January 21, 2013)

Best Gay Romance 2013 has both heat and sweet. These stories of meet-cutes, first times and long time loves are tales well told with relatable characters you root for from beginning to end. Cream-of-the-crop...

Best of the Best Gay Erotica

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (June 25, 2000)

Presenting the best of five years of the steamiest, most provocative gay sex writing...The hottest stories from the best-selling gay erotica series in America!

"Literally orgasmic." —HX Magazine

"A must read."...

Best Lesbian Romance 2012

by Radclyffe Cleis Press (January 17, 2011)

In this sizzling new treasury, erotica maestro Radclyffe has assembled over two dozen titilating tales of lesbian couples taking each other to new heights of happily bedded bliss. Imagination and experimentation...

Best Gay Romance 2012

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (January 17, 2012)

Brains, muscle, tenderness, kink. Like the perfect lover, Best Gay Romance 2012 captures the raw energy of man-on man desire like no other. Once again, award-winning editor Richard Labonté has gathered hot,...

Best Lesbian Romance 2010

by Radclyffe Cleis Press (January 01, 2010)

Ranging from the short and ever-so-sweet to make-you-cry passionate, Best Lesbian Romance 2010 is essential reading for anyone who favors the highly imaginative, the deeply sensual, and the very loving. Radclyffe's...

Best Lesbian Erotica 2012

by Kathleen Warnock Cleis Press (December 13, 2011)

Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 is fully loaded, literary, and lustful. Curated by Lammy Award-nominated editor Kathleen Warnock, this volume is long on variety and even longer on beautifully developed characters...

Girls Who Bite

by Delilah Devlin Cleis Press (September 15, 2011)

For bad girls looking for love... fangs are more than an accessory. These are no Twilight tales — the stories in Girls Who Bite are varied, unexpected, and soul-scorching. Best-selling romance writer Delilah...

Frat Boys

by Shane Allison Cleis Press (September 15, 2011)

Paddlings, partying, hazing, wrestling at the frat house — these gorgeous undergrads know how to have fun, especially with each other. The stories of Frat Boys not only make the grade but go to the head of...

Best of Best Gay Erotica 3

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (September 01, 2010)

Since it began in 1996, this groundbreaking series — hailed as “consistently outstanding” by the Lambda Book Report and as “literally orgasmic” by HX Magazine — has delivered the hottest gay male...

Hot Daddies

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (August 15, 2011)

From hunky father figures to dominant leathermen, Hot Daddies collects stories capturing the erotic dynamic between younger and older men, their emotional connections, and the benefits of sexual mentorship....

Queer Beats

by Regina Marler Cleis Press (August 28, 2004)

The writings that shocked America out of the 1950s Blasting through the crew-cuts and conformism of their day, the Beat writers were queer in the fullest sense of the word: their fluid sexuality challenged all...

Afternoon Pleasures

by Shane Allison Cleis Press (June 20, 2011)

Shane Allison has put together that rarest of anthologies- bedtime reading for gay couples. Filled with romance, passion, and lots of lust, Afternoon Pleasures is irresistably erotic yet celebrates the coming...

Country Boys

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (April 01, 2007)

Sexy gay stories with a country twang.

Something about the country brings out the best – and the sexiest – in a man, and country boys are a special breed. These tobacco-chewin’, cattle-ropin’ icons in...

College Boys

by Shane Allison Cleis Press (February 10, 2010)

Is it any wonder that college boys are the stuff of fantasies the world over? These dreamy hunks stride across campus, stirring lust in their wake. Whether toweling off after a swim, lurking in the library stacks,...

Curbside Boys

by Robert Kirby Cleis Press (April 23, 2012)

Queer as Folk meets Dykes to Watch Out For in Robert Kirby's whimsical story of "twenty-something" gay boys falling in love in and out of love in New York City. Kirby's chronicle of sexual mishaps and bittersweet...

Dark Angels

by Pam Keesey Cleis Press (October 01, 2006)

If the vampire is both scary and seductive, the lesbian vampire, who lives at the farthest fringes of society, is doubly so. The appeal of this quintessential bad girl is unmistakable and irresistible: the hypnotic...

Duty and Desire

by Kristina Wright Cleis Press (November 13, 2012)

The only thing stronger than the call of duty is the call of desire! This anthology of military erotic romance serves up a team of hot-blooded men (and women) from every branch of the military who serve their...

Riddle of the Sands

by Geoffrey Knight Cleis Press (September 17, 2009)

The clock is ticking! Blackmailed by Jake's nemesis - the vengeful Pierre Perron - Professor Fathom's team of five horny gay adventurers is sent on a seemingly impossible mission to uncover the legendary Riddle...

Say Please

by Sinclair Sexsmith Cleis Press (April 02, 2012)

Sinclair Sexsmith presents a cornucopia of lesbian kink — tantalizing tales rich in variety and saucy details of girls put in their place — and held there firmly. A girly-girl reaps a sweet punishment for...

The Hardest Thing

by James Lear Cleis Press (May 20, 2013)

Killing is easy. Love is... The Hardest Thing

James Lear does Lee Child

Once a major in the U.S. Army, Dan Stagg fell afoul of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. In his late 30s, tall, and muscular, Dan is prone to violence,...

The Harder She Comes

by D. L. King Cleis Press (March 01, 2012)

What is it about a pretty girl in a tight skirt bent over to adjust her stockings? Or that hotter-than-hot butch, swaggering into the bar like she owns it, eyes undressing every pretty girl in the place?


She Shifters

by Delilah Devlin Cleis Press (June 20, 2012)

The idea of shapeshifters—beings both human and animal—ignites our imaginations with visions of primal passions and insatiable hungers. Most commonly seen as dark, masculine demons, shapeshifters are in...

Skater Boys

by Neil Plakcy Cleis Press (August 01, 2010)

Two words describe the appeal of skateboarders: barely legal. Skateboarding is not allowed on most public property, so it takes a tough and independent young man to find the best places to shred. No wonder skaters...

Soaking Wet

by Alex Algren Cleis Press (May 01, 2011)

If the thought of bikinis on the beach, cherry red latex miniskirts, or bare shoulders in the backseat make your heart race and your hands wander—don’t stop now, because Soaking Wet is bound to keep the...

Sometimes She Lets Me

by Tristan Taormino Cleis Press (January 13, 2010)

Does the swagger of a sure-footed butch make you swoon? Do your knees go weak when you see a femme straighten her stockings? A duet between two sorts of women, butch/femme is a potent sexual dynamic. Tristan...

Stripped Down

by Tristan Taormino Cleis Press (July 01, 2012)

Where else but a Tristan Taormino erotica collection can you find a femme vigilante, a virgin baby butch, and a snake charmer jostling for your attention? The salacious stories in Stripped Down draw you in like...


by Shane Allison Cleis Press (September 01, 2008)

What is it about firemen that rings the bell for gay men? Could it be the strong arms and chiseled jaw, the bulging muscles under sweaty tees and tight red suspenders, or the cool calm as they use their hoses...

Beautiful Boys

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (November 01, 2010)

From ruggedly handsome athletes to fresh-faced twentysomethings and ravishing male models, Beautiful Boys is a tribute to the glory of gorgeous gay men. Richard Labonté, master of gay erotica, has gathered...

Surfer Boys

by Neil Plakcy Cleis Press (April 07, 2009)

“Hang ten!” takes on new meaning in this collection of erotic stories that follows the sexual escapades of those fabulous beach boys. Their taut, tanned bodies glistening with water and their hair damp from...


by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (September 01, 2008)

Unlike their namesakes in the wild, the bears in this collection are decidedly sexier. Assembled by noted editor Richard Labonté, these tales take readers on a tantalizing tour of a gay subculture that's sweet...

The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov

by Paul Russell Cleis Press (November 08, 2011)

In his novel based on the extraordinary life of the brother of Vladimir Nabokov, Paul Russell re-creates the rich and changing world in which Sergey, his family and friends lived; from wealth and position in...

Hot Cops

by Shane Allison Cleis Press (July 01, 2007)

What is it about cops that so excites gay men? Could it be the buzz cut and chiseled jaw, those bulging thighs under tight blue serge, the cool mirrored glasses that reflect unbridled lust in the eyes (and other...

Hot Jocks

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (July 01, 2011)

Who hasn't been hot for a jock, or, for that matter, an entire team? Those sweat-drenched Lotharios induce lust in the heart of all and finally receive their due in Hot Jocks, erotic short stories with an athletic...

Hot Rods

by Sean Laurence Cleis Press (March 14, 2011)

Turn it on, get it on and get off - Hot Rods wastes no time in its explicit stories of muscled men on the prowl. In an e-book exclusive, Sean Laurence's book of pocket erotica delivers a payoff that you can...

Hot Lesbian Erotica

by Tristan Taormino Cleis Press (June 01, 2005)

Tristan Taormino, the biggest name in lesbian erotica, picks 22 tales of lesbian desire to send the mercury soaring. Lust, love, strip down, strap-on — it’s all here. As always, Taormino sets the standard...

Hot Gay Erotica

by Richard Labonté Cleis Press (May 01, 2006)

Lambda Award–winning editor Richard Labonté leaves no fetish unfulfilled in this new collection of gay erotica. This steamy collection contains a wide range of erotic short stories for readers with a taste...

How I Adore You

by Mark Pritchard Cleis Press (September 02, 2001)

Mark Pritchard is known for his intelligent, complex, and uncompromisingly graphic explorations of sexual taboos — from incest and drugs to S/M and sex among youth. How I Adore You, Pritchard’s new collection...

Hot Valley

by James Lear Cleis Press (May 11, 2007)

Move over, Scarlett O’Hara! It’s New England, 1861, and the troubles in the southern states seem a long way off for Jack Edgerton, the spoiled son of a prominent Vermont family. Howver, when he meets and...

We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?

by Achy Obejas Cleis Press (March 01, 1998)

Achy Obejas writes stories about uprooted people. Some, like herself, are Latino immigrants and lesbians; others are men (gay and straight), people with AIDS, addicts, people living marginally, just surviving....

Lesbian Lust

by Sacchi Green Cleis Press (August 01, 2010)

For readers who crave stories of uninhibited, unrepentant sex between women, Lesbian Lust delivers. This is real lesbian sex: sensual, inventive, and nothing less than breathtaking. Butches abound, baby dykes...