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by Miasha Infamous Books (May 05, 2014)

An erotic drama about four sexy couples and one swinger’s club where their fantasies and nightmares collide.


by Albert Johnson & Steven Savile Infamous Books (July 16, 2013)

Prodigy, from the legendary hip-hop group Mobb Deep, launches Infamous Books with a story of loyalty, vengeance, and greed.


by D & Kenji Jasper The Armory (July 01, 2008)

The highly anticipated second title from Akashic's groundbreaking street-lit imprint, The Armory, curated by author Kenji Jasper.

Black Orchid Blues

by Persia Walker Akashic Books (March 22, 2011)

Front Page meets Harlem Nights: a riveting and racy historical mystery set in 1920s Harlem.

The Sign Painter: A Novel

by Davis Bunn Howard Books (August 05, 2014)

A deeply emotive story about a young mother struggling to get back on her feet after a devastating loss leaves both her and her daughter alone and living on the street—from bestselling and award-winning author...

The Sea Grape Tree

by Gillian Royes Atria Books (July 01, 2014)

Set in a sun-kissed Caribbean paradise, this third book in the Shad detective series explores a love triangle gone wrong—and how class divisions create a perfect storm of trouble.

Sarah, a talented but shy...

The Plot Against Hip Hop: A Novel

by Nelson George Akashic Books (November 01, 2011)

A riveting noir novel set in hip hop culture, by best-selling and critically acclaimed author Nelson George.

The White House

by JaQuavis Coleman Infamous Books (May 05, 2014)

One house, one robbery, one mistake. Sexual intrigue and violent events intermingle in this tense urban thriller.

Black Lotus

by K'wan Infamous Books (May 05, 2014)

Finding the Black Lotus murderer is Detective Wolf's chance to avoid an Internal Affairs investigation. That's when things get personal.

Irish Gold

Nuala Anne McGrail #1

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2007)

Bestselling novelist Andrew M. Greeley outdoes his previous triumphs with Irish Gold, a contemporary, fresh and exciting novel of suspense and love. Nuala Anne McGrail, a student at Dublin's Trinity College,...

Irish Stew!

Nuala Anne McGrail #7

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2007)

And what a stew it is. Here are some of the ingredients: Our heroine, Nuala Anne McGrail, in her guise as international singing star, accompanied by her spear-carrying husband, Dermot Coyne, is off to a major...

Irish Mist

Nuala Anne McGrail #4

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (March 01, 2000)

Dermot Michael Coyne isn't sure what he's gotten himself into. Nuala Anne McGrail, that beautiful and vivacious "Celtic witch" has finally agreed to marry him. But they've barely tied the knot when Nuala's psychic...

Irish Love

Nuala Anne McGrail #6

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (March 15, 2002)

Continuing the enchanting chronicles of the fabulous Nuala Anne McGrail and her spear-carrying husband Dermot, bestselling author Andrew M. Greeley takes them once again to Ireland for another thrill-packed...

Cross Roads: Donde Confluyen el Amor y el Abandono

by Wm. Paul Young FaithWords (November 13, 2012)

Paul Young, author of the international bestseller, The Shack, tells a story of the incremental transformation of a man caught in the torments of his own creation, somewhere between heaven and earth.


Irish Lace

Nuala Anne McGrail #2

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2010)

The beautiful and fey--as they say in the Old Country--Nuala Anne McGrail uses her psychic abilities to help solve mysteries. But even she will admit with a smile that she couldn't do it without Dermot Michael...

Irish Cream

Nuala Anne McGrail #8

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (January 27, 2005)

Countless readers have been delighted by Father Andrew M. Greeley's bestselling tales of Nuala Anne McGrail, a fey, Irish-speaking woman from Galway blessed with the gift of second sight and a knack for unraveling...

Irish Crystal

Nuala Anne McGrail #9

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2010)

"There's evil people around, Dermot love. . . . I knew about them even before me dream. Really evil people. Won't we have to fight them!"

This latest tale of Nuala Anne McGrail, the engagingly fey heroine of...

Irish Whiskey

Nuala Anne McGrail #3

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2011)

Nuala Anne McGrail is almost more than any poor mortal man can handle without losing his sanity: her beauty causes shortness of breath in men of all ages, she's strong, she's smart, she's witty, she sings like...

Irish Tweed

Nuala Anne McGrail #12

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (February 17, 2009)

Countless readers have been delighted by Father Andrew M. Greeley's bestselling tales of Nuala Anne McGrail, a fey, Irish-speaking woman blessed with the gift of second sight, and her husband and accomplice,...

Irish Tiger

Nuala Anne McGrail #11

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (February 03, 2009)

Wife, mother, lover, celebrated singer, and problem solver Nuala Anne McGrail has a tender side that she often shows to her devoted friends and family. But when those under her protection are in danger, she...

The Third Messiah

by Christopher West St. Martin's Press (April 01, 2011)

Anzhuang Wang, a detective in the Beijing police department, starts investigating a cult - the New Church of the Heavenly Kingdom - when his sister-in-law "Julie" gets involved with the group. The church has...

Irish Linen

Nuala Anne McGrail #10

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (February 05, 2008)

The perils of wartime add special urgency to latest mysteries being investigated by Nuala Anne McGrail and her adoring husband, Dermot Coyne. More than a little fey, Nuala has a well-deserved reputation for...

Irish Eyes

Nuala Anne McGrail #5

by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (February 19, 2000)

Nuala Anne McGrail, that beautiful Irish spitfire, now lives in Chicago with her husband, Dermot, and their new baby, Nellliecoyne. As Nuala fans may suspect, Nelliecoyne is no ordinary baby: she is fey like...

Possum Kingdom

by Larry Yoke Apollo Communications (October 18, 2017)

Detective David “Rocky” Brandel just finished a long intense case bringing a neighborhood sniper to justice. All he wanted was to relax at his house on Possum Kingdom Lake, but that was not going to be....

Mise en Death

by Nikki Woolfolk, Claudia Sg Ianniciello & Jamie K Schmidt Nikki Woolfolk (October 15, 2017)

In 1881, Alex LeBeau, Chcoolatier and chef instructor, wants nothing more than to give her almost grown son a quiet life and a place to call home. In Honfleur, Louisiana Alex can distance herself from her chaotic...

One Day You Will

by Kristofer Clarke Prodigy Gold Books (November 21, 2017)


Syreeta Mercer, a successful Lawyer from Atlanta, lived her life as daddy’s little girl, and she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She’s known only...

BlackMail: Get Snatched into a Realm of Deceit, Mystery and Romance

by C.D. Littleton Lightwork Publishing (July 18, 2017)

BlackMail is set in the dirty south where everybody's a hustler. Leroy "Blue" Powers is snatched back into a life of crime he swore he'd left behind. His savage return to his former gangsta lifestyle, is provoked...

SCULPTURE: The Evil of Pride

by Willie Frank Hobbs Willie Frank Hobbs (July 27, 2017)

“Daddy Bo is an evil man.”


"SCULPTURE: The Evil of Pride" is a fast...

Project Terror

by Jamal Lewis & Rahiem Brooks Prodigy Gold Books (October 31, 2017)

In a street war, there's always a body to be discovered.

Lamar Dunken is a dedicated monster who presents the perfect image of a street terrorist. He knows how to respond when a desperate crisis threatens his...

Bury Me When I'm Dead

by Cheryl A Head Bywater Books (July 18, 2016)

  • Story features an African American, lesbian lead character, as well as a diverse cast of supporting characters

  • This is Book One in the Charlie Mack Motown Mystery series

  • Author regularly consults, blogs, and tweets...

  • No Justice, No Peace

    by Myron MacHutchens Mythical Legends Publishing (September 30, 2017)

    No Justice, No Peace: A Cautionary Tale is a story that details what MacHutchens believes is the only way to break a nearly four hundred year American tradition of whites murdering Blacks without consequence....

    Sleeping In Sin

    by Cornelia Smith The Book Plug LLC (April 24, 2017)

    They say you’ll never really know a man until you marry him but will you even know him then? Jarlath pass skeletons resurface and Zakiya wants answers. Right as Zakiya finds her marriage in a hole, she finds...

    To Funk and Die in LA

    by Nelson George Akashic Books (August 21, 2017)

    In this fourth book in the D Hunter music noir series, the ex-bodyguard rushes to LA after his grandfather is mysteriously shot dead. D comes to discover there was more to Big Danny's life than running his grocery....

    Crime Plus Politics

    by Gary Phillips Three Rooms Press (October 10, 2017)

    Noir meets diversity and transforms the genre into an over-the-top, transcendental psychedelic thriller ride of pulpy goodness in Three Rooms Press’ upcomingT HE OBAMA INHERITANCE, a collection of fifteen...

    Skies of Ash

    Detective Elouise Norton #2

    by Rachel Howzell Hall Tom Doherty Associates (May 19, 2015)

    Los Angeles homicide detective Elouise "Lou" Norton and her partner, Colin Taggert, arrive at the scene of a tragic house fire. Juliet Chatman perished in the blaze, along with her two children. Left behind...

    Trail of Echoes

    Detective Elouise Norton #3

    by Rachel Howzell Hall Tom Doherty Associates (May 31, 2016)

    Trail of Echoes: the latest Elouise Norton novel from critically acclaimed writer Rachel Howzell Hall.

    On a rainy spring day in Los Angeles, homicide detective Elouise "Lou" Norton is called away from a rare...

    Detective Cross

    by James Patterson Little, Brown and Company (June 06, 2017)

    The suspect is your patient, Dr. Cross.

    An anonymous caller has promised to set off deadly bombs in Washington, DC. A cruel hoax or the real deal? By the time Alex Cross and his wife, Bree Stone, uncover the...

    We'll Never Tell

    by Kayla Perrin St. Martin's Press (April 03, 2007)

    "I was thinking of some kind of initiation. Tailored just for her. The kind that will teach her a lesson not to mess with me."

    --from We'll Never Tell

    Shandra James is a man stealer. It's a sport to her, a game...

    Rusty Puppy

    by Joe R. Lansdale Little, Brown and Company (February 21, 2017)

    Hap and Leonard investigate a racially motivated murder that threatens to tear apart their East Texas town.

    While Hap, a former 60s activist and self-proclaimed white trash rebel, is recovering from a life-threatening...

    Devil in a Blue Dress

    Easy Rawlins #1

    by Walter Mosley Washington Square Press (June 22, 2010)

    Devil in a Blue Dress, a defining novel in Walter Mosley’s bestselling Easy Rawlins mystery series, was adapted into a TriStar Pictures film starring Denzel Washington as Easy Rawlins and Don Cheadle as Mouse....

    The Goat Woman of Largo Bay

    by Gillian Royes Atria Books (September 27, 2011)

    The Goat Woman of Largo Bay begins the detective series featuring Shad, a bartender in a fishing village in Jamaica, who is the community problem solver and right hand of Eric, an American who owns the bar...

    What's Done in Darkness

    by Kayla Perrin St. Martin's Press (October 06, 2015)

    Jealousy is a strong motive. People kill for love every day...

    Jade Blackwin feels like she's losing her mind. After burying both her parents-and being left by her boyfriend for her scheming best friend-she totally...

    The Rhythm of the August Rain

    by Gillian Royes Atria Books (July 28, 2015)

    Shad Myers, the loveable bartender and town sleuth of Largo Bay, hunts down clues to a woman’s mysterious disappearance in this fourth riveting novel in the Shad detective series.

    Shannon, a photojournalist...


    by Shakir Rashaan Strebor Books (June 16, 2015)

    For fans of the Nubian Underworld series, this first book in the gritty, new Kink, P.I. series introduces former APD detective Dominic Law who knows one thing for certain: you can never predict who or what might...

    The Accidental Hunter

    by Nelson George Akashic Books (February 02, 2015)

    The long-awaited reissue of the book that introduced mystery fans to bodyguard-turned-investigator D Hunter.

    The Lost Treasures of R&B

    by Nelson George Akashic Books (January 12, 2015)

    D Hunter, bodyguard-turned-PI, is back, investigating a murder that lures him into the heart of rhythm-and-blues history.