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The Oakdale Dinner Club

by Kim Moritsugu Dundurn (May 17, 2014)

After Mary Ann's husband cheats on her, she decides to have an affair of her own. To meet new people, she and her best friend Alice, whose own life is stuck in suburban rut, convene a monthly dinner club. The...

Surface Rights

by Melissa Hardy Dundurn (November 18, 2013)

Verna Macoun Woodcock discovers that a mysterious and menacing stranger has claim-staked a portion of her family's property and the intrusion forces her to confront her troubled past.


by Julie Oakes Dundurn (April 02, 2012)

Hooks grapples with discrepancies between a Western and an Eastern take on prostitution in a country where tradition and necessity cast disturbing slants on the truth.

The Family Album

by Kerry Kelly Dundurn (June 09, 2012)

Cynthia Wilkes has hit one of life's terrifying sweet spots. At this time when change is inevitable and everything is open to introspection, an unlikely would-be protégé arrives, forcing Cynthia to reflect...

Roses for a Diva

by Rick Blechta Dundurn (September 24, 2014)

Opera singer Marta Hendricks discovers she has an mysterious admirer who leaves her roses. But it turns out this fan is a actually a stalker with deadly intentions.

Fields of Exile

by Nora Gold Dundurn (April 14, 2014)

Judith was a peace activist in Israel, yet in graduate school she discovers that vilifying Israel is the expected norm. When Judith protests the hypocrisy she finds on campus, her life begins to unravel.

On the Rim

by Florida Ann Town Dundurn (September 16, 2013)

How do you cope when your husband of more than 30 years announces he's leaving and you didn't see it coming? Ellen thought these would be her marriage's golden years, but instead she learns that everything she...

The Milky Way

by Louise Dupré & Liedewij Hawke Dundurn (May 01, 2002)

Architect Anne Martin is living the good life, until she witnesses a scene that causes a crack to appear in her life.

Moving Water

by Joan Skogan Dundurn (September 16, 1998)

The story of Rose Bachmann, a woman at mid-tide in a life awash in the debris of a mysterious marriage in the magical coastline of the North Pacific.


by Louise Dupré Dundurn (April 01, 1999)

Memoria tells the seemingly ordinary story of a woman overwhelmed by grief when her lover abandons her.

Love Minus One & Other Stories

by Norma Harrs Dundurn (July 25, 1996)

Whether we are eavesdropping on the imaginative Saturdays of a Portuguese cleaning lady or living through a divorced woman's search for the elusive orgasm. Norma Harrs manages in this collection of short stories...

Inappropriate Behaviour

by Irene Mock Dundurn (April 01, 1997)

In these 11 stories Mock pushes the limits of emotional intimacy, tempting us to admit what we have guarded with precious secrecy we want it all.

Film Society

by Gilaine E. Mitchell Dundurn (September 01, 2000)

In a small Ontario town, seven women gather to watch movies and share their lives.

All Inclusive

by Farzana Doctor Dundurn (October 03, 2015)

Ameera does her best to keep her nights at a Mexican resort's swingers' scene as separate as possible from her day job at that same resort. But rumours have begun to swirl, and her job is on the line. And now...

Five Roses

by Alice Zorn Dundurn (July 23, 2016)

Five Roses is a novel about overcoming the emotional fallout of a shattering loss. Fara, Maddy, and Rose's lives intersect in Pointe St-Charles, Montreal, where a backdrop of gentrification mirrors the traumas...

Masques and Murder - Death at the Opera 2-Book Bundle: The Fallen One / Roses for a Diva

by Rick Blechta Dundurn (September 23, 2014)

A special 2-novel bundle - opera star Marta Hendriks is focused on her singing career but finds that life in the spotlight can lead to sorrow and mysteries that must be solved. Rick Blechta brings his musical...

The Instructor

by Ann Ireland Dundurn (July 20, 2013)

When nineteen-year-old Simone Paris followed her art instructor/ lover Otto Guest to Mexico, she had no idea of the impact the decision will have on the formation of her personal identity. When Otto reappears,...

Tears in the Grass

by Lynda A. Archer Dundurn (March 19, 2016)

For Elinor Greystone, the only way forward is back into the past.

At ninety years of age, Elinor, a Saskatchewan Cree artist, inveterate roll-your-own smoker, and talker to rivers and stuffed bison, sets out...

The Caroline Adderson Library: Pleased to Meet You / The Sky is Falling

by Caroline Adderson Dundurn (December 10, 2014)

A special two-book bundle that shows two sides of acclaimed writer Caroline Adderson: short, sharp fiction and a longer novel that allows her wit to shine.