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by Lauren Wise WBS Entertainment Inc. (February 14, 2017)

An old seventies trend was making its way back into the suburban homes of Montreal, Quebec. Husbands and wives were having consensual sex with other married couples and trying to keep the secret under wraps,...

The Love Book

by Nina Solomon Kaylie Jones Books (December 15, 2014)

An anti-romantic comedy about the misadventures of four women who meet on a singles' bike trip.

Herstories: An Anthology Of New Ukrainian Women Prose Writers

by Michael M. Naydan Glagoslav Publications B.V. (March 15, 2014)

Women's prose writing has exploded on the literary scene in Ukraine just prior to and following Ukrainian independence in 1991. Over the past two decades scores of fascinating new women authors have emerged....

Miracle Girls

by MB Caschetta Engine Books (October 13, 2014)

Spiritual visions, a horrific attack, and an order of peacenik nuns change the Bianco family and their community forever.

A Cup of Redemption: A Novel

by Carole Bumpus She Writes Press (October 27, 2014)

Like the braiding of three strands of brioche, the lives of three women-Sophie Zabél Sullivan, Marcelle Pourrette Zabél, and Kate Barrington-become inextricably intertwined as each struggles to resolve issues...

A Corner of the World

by Mylene Fernández Pintado & Dick Cluster City Lights Publishers (September 01, 2014)

In contemporary Havana, "Do I stay or do I go?" is always the question, and love doesn't necessarily conquer all

You Are Free to Go

by Sarah Yaw Engine Books (August 25, 2014)

A maximum security prison dominates the lives of prisoners inside and beyond its walls, testing the bonds of three women.

Into the Go-Slow

by Bridgett M. Davis The Feminist Press at CUNY (August 18, 2014)

A novel about sisters, the legacy of the Black Power Movement, and the troubled bond between African Americans and Africans.

The Game We Play

by Susan Hope Lanier Curbside Splendor Publishing (August 18, 2014)

Stories by an emerging Chicago author that trace the consequences of cowardice and courage in the lives of ordinary people

The Late Work of Margaret Kroftis

by Mark Gluth & Dennis Cooper Akashic Books (January 01, 2010)

A phenomenal debut novella to further establish the literary exellence of Dennis Cooper's Little House on the Bowery series.

Becoming Abigail

by Chris Abani Akashic Books (March 01, 2006)

A breathtaking new novella from the award-winning author of GraceLand

Alice Fantastic

by Maggie Estep Akashic Books (May 01, 2009)

Maggie Estep's best novel to date explores (with deep wit and insight) how a shocking family secret impacts the lives of an eccentric mother and her two daughters.

How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales: and Other Stories

by Kate Bernheimer & Catherine Eyde Coffee House Press (July 14, 2014)

Elegantly simple fairy tales where nonsense is as commonplace as violence from a master of the form.

Famous Baby

by Karen Rizzo Prospect Park Books (June 16, 2014)

This hilarious and poignant debut novel about a mommy blogger and her unwillingly famous daughter explores privacy, fame, and family.

With or Without You

by Lauren Sanders Akashic Books (March 01, 2005)

A lonely teenage girl takes the life of a soap opera actress she's been enamored with.

Since You Ask

by Louise Wareham Akashic Books (May 01, 2004)

Winner of a James Jones Literary Society First Novel Award.

Collected Stories

by Donald Margulies Theatre Communications Group (July 25, 2012)

The highly acclaimed new play by the author of Sight Unseen and The Model Apartment .

Water on the Moon: A Novel

by Jean Moore She Writes Press (June 03, 2014)

After her Greenwich, Connecticut farmhouse is destroyed, Lidia Raven is shaken, but also thankful that her teenage twins, Carly and Clarisse, are unharmed and that her friend Polly has been kind enough to take...

A Tight Grip: A Novel about Golf, Love Affairs, and Women of a Certain Age

by Kay Rae Chomic She Writes Press (June 10, 2014)

Some people might that, at age forty-six, Jane "Par" Parker is too old to win golf tournaments; too old to fear her mother; and too old, after twenty years, to still feel such heavy grief over the murder of...

Love's Ransom

by DANA JAMES Accent Amour (July 04, 2013)

A Caribbean Island romance by best-selling author Dana James

The Last Time We Saw Marion

by Tracey Scott-Townsend Inspired Quill (April 14, 2014)

Meeting author Callum Wilde is the catalyst that turns Marianne Fairchild's fragile sense of identity on its head, evoking demons that will haunt two families. She is seventeen and has spent her life fighting...

The Oakdale Dinner Club

by Kim Moritsugu Dundurn (May 17, 2014)

After Mary Ann's husband cheats on her, she decides to have an affair of her own. To meet new people, she and her best friend Alice, whose own life is stuck in suburban rut, convene a monthly dinner club. The...

Faces in the Crowd

Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction 2014

by Valeria Luiselli & Christina Macsweeney Coffee House Press (April 21, 2014)

Collapsing narratives and the perils of translation from "one of the most important new voices in Mexican writing." (Alma Guillermoprieto)

The Tao of Humiliation

by Lee Upton BOA Editions Ltd. (April 21, 2014)

Chilling, funny, devastating: Upton’s characters backtrack into the past, then make their way forward with humiliation as their guide.

Orion's Daughters

by Courtney Elizabeth Mauk Engine Books (April 14, 2014)

A mysterious postcard's arrival forces a newly-single mother to choose between her commune past and her future with her daughter.

Lesson Plans

by Suzanne Greenberg Prospect Park Books (April 14, 2014)

This funny, gripping debut novel tells the story of three California families as they struggle with homeschooling.

Piano Rats

by Franki Elliot Curbside Splendor Publishing (October 14, 2011)

"What’s it about? It’s about you. Something you said to me five years ago, five days ago, five minutes ago. It’s about sex, honesty, sadness, falling in and out of love, firsts and lasts, awkward moments....

May We Shed These Human Bodies

by Amber Sparks Curbside Splendor Publishing (September 14, 2012)

May We Shed These Human Bodies peers through vast spaces and skies with the world's most powerful telescope to find humanity: wild and bright and hard as diamonds. Here is humanity building: families reconstruct...

Nine Rabbits

by Virginia Zaharieva & Angela Rodel Black Balloon Publishing (March 17, 2014)

An eccentric Bulgarian woman’s restless enthusiasm defines her life from childhood onward as she strives for a life less ordinary.

Finding the Grain

by Wynn Malone Bywater Books (February 10, 2014)

After twenty years roaming the backwaters of the country, Blue Riley is finally going home to face her past.

Red Girl Rat Boy

by Cynthia Flood Biblioasis (September 23, 2013)

A new collection from a noted feminist author and winner of the prestigious Journey Prize for short fiction.

The Wisdom of Water

by Karen Hood-Caddy Napoleon and Co (May 01, 2003)

In Karen Hood-Caddy's third inspiring novel featuring environmentalist heroine Jessie Dearborn, Jessie is concerned about the health of the water in her northern town.

Surface Rights

by Melissa Hardy Dundurn (November 18, 2013)

Verna Macoun Woodcock discovers that a mysterious and menacing stranger has claim-staked a portion of her family's property and the intrusion forces her to confront her troubled past.


by Kristin Waterfield Duisberg Engine Books (January 20, 2014)

When cancer shatters Nina Baldwin’s perfect life, she renegotiates her marriage and her relationship with her awkward, extraordinary daughter.

The Peerless Four: A Novel

by Victoria Patterson Counterpoint (October 21, 2013)

Running so hard you think you’ll choke on your next breath. Lungs burning like they’re drenched in battery acid. Peripheral vision blurred by the same adrenaline that drowns out the cheers coming from the...

Kamikaze Lust

by Lauren Sanders Akashic Books (December 20, 2013)

Kamikaze Lust puts a crackling, rapid-fire spin on a traditional theme--young woman in search of herself--and stands it on its head.

Clear Lake: A Novel

by Nan Fink Gefen She Writes Press (May 01, 2013)

Overcome with guilt over her estranged father's death, psychotherapist Rebecca Lev leaves her Chicago practice for the Bay Area to investigate, convinced his abusive wife killed him-but before she can find out...

Cleans Up Nicely: A Novel

by Linda Dahl Vogl She Writes Press (August 25, 2013)

When twenty-something artist Erica Mason moves from laidback Mexico to Manhattan in the mid-1970s, she finds a hard-edged, decadent, and evolving art scene. Her life there leads her to a self-destructive string...

Watchdogs: A Novel

by Patricia Watts She Writes Press (March 19, 2013)

Twenty years after covering the murder of the girlfriend of Josh Harrison, a local basketball star in Fairbanks, Alaska-a story that ended when he committed suicide-Julia Silver returns to town. As she grapples...

Class Letters: Instilling Intangible Lessons through Letters

by Claire Chilton Lopez She Writes Press (April 15, 2012)

In an attempt to reach her students on a more personal level, Anne English, single mom and high school English teacher, begins writing them letters and asking for honest responses. Taking place over one full...

Duck Pond Epiphany: A Novel

by Tracey Barnes Priestley She Writes Press (May 12, 2013)

Though she's a painter, 53-year-old Lee MacPhearson has spent her life coloring inside the lines. But when her last child leaves for college and her brilliant best friend convinces her to try something new,...

Warming Up: A Novel

by Mary Hutchings Reed She Writes Press (April 23, 2013)

Approaching forty, unemployed but well-off, talented but unknown, functional but depressed, former musical actress Cecilia Morrison reluctantly starts therapy, hoping for a change in her life-but ultimately...

Beautiful Garbage: A Novel

by Jill Di Donato She Writes Press (April 01, 2013)

Fresh out of her teens, Jodi Plum leaves suburbia for Manhattan's glam and gritty art scene and quickly becomes a rising star-but when a skeleton from her past surfaces, her dream life crashes to a halt, and...

Look At Me

by Lauren Porosoff Mitchell Leapfrog Press (August 20, 2013)

A fresh, edgy, sexy novel about a young woman scientist's struggle between promiscuity and acceptance.

Fort Starlight

by Claudia Zuluaga Engine Books (August 19, 2013)

Stranded in a half-finished tract house in a Florida swamp, Ida Overdorff turns away from her unlucky past.

what purpose did i serve in your life

by Marie Calloway Tyrant Books (May 17, 2013)

By the author of "Adrien Brody," the controversial Internet piece, Marie Calloway effaces the boundary between life and narrative.

Elizabeth the First Wife

by Lian Dolan Prospect Park Books (April 26, 2013)

Satellite Sister Lian Dolan, the best-selling author of Helen of Pasadena, is back with another smart, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy.

Spark: a novel

by Courtney Elizabeth Mauk Engine Books (December 01, 2012)

An arsonist’s sister helps him adjust to life after prison, and finds herself unmoored in the process.

Let the Dark Flower Blossom

by Norah Labiner Coffee House Press (April 12, 2013)

An existential murder mystery about two rival writers willing to do anything--lie, steal, kill--to get the perfect story.

Half as Happy: stories

by Gregory Spatz Engine Books (March 22, 2013)

Eight stories—each as expansive as a novel—reveal the ways we hurt and heal one another. From the author of Inukshuk.