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Flight of the Sparrow

by Amy Belding Brown & Heather Henderson Blackstone Publishing (July 01, 2014)

"She suspects that she has changed too much to ever fiteasily into English society again. The wilderness has now become her home. Shecan interpret the cries of birds. She has seen vistas that have stolen away...

The Goddess of Small Victories

by Yannick Grannec, Emily Woo Zeller, Dawn Harvey & Willard Wood Blackstone Publishing (October 14, 2014)

Princeton University, 1980. A young and unambitiouslibrarian named Anna Roth is assigned the task of retrieving the records ofKurt Gödel--the most fascinating and hermetic mathematician of the twentiethcentury....

The Master's Muse

by Varley O’Connor & Coleen Marlo Blackstone Publishing (May 08, 2012)

“We set our sights on each other almost from the beginning.”

So begins The Master’s Muse, an exquisite, deeply affecting novel about the true love affair between two artistic legends: George Balanchine,...

Helen Keller in Love

by Rosie Sultan & Christine Williams Blackstone Publishing (April 26, 2012)

A captivating novel that explores the little-known romance of a beloved American icon

Helen Keller has long been a towering figure in the pantheon of world heroines, yet the enduring portrait of her in the popular...

The Chaperone

by Laura Moriarty, Elizabeth McGovern & Penguin Audiobooks Blackstone Publishing (June 05, 2012)

Inspired by the real-life relationship between the fifteen-year-old future movie star Louise Brooks and the thirty-six-year-old woman who chaperoned her to New York City for a summer, The Chaperone is the story...

Lillian and Dash

by Sam Toperoff, Lorna Raver, Mark Bramhall & Bernadette Dunne Blackstone Publishing (July 16, 2013)

This exciting novel about Dashiell Hammett, author of TheMaltese Falcon and The Thin Man, and Lillian Hellman, author of The Children's Hour,reintroduces their larger-than-life personalities and the vicissitudes...

Notes from a Dead House

by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Stefan Rudnicki, Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky Blackstone Publishing (March 24, 2015)

From renowned translators Richard Pevear and LindsayVolokhonsky comes a new translation--certain to become the definitive version--ofthe first great prison memoir, a fictionalized account of Fyodor Dostoevsky'slife-changing...

Cattle Kate

by Jana Bommersbach, Laura Hicks & Poisoned Pen Press Blackstone Publishing (February 10, 2015)

Cattle Kate is the only woman ever lynched as a cattlerustler. History called it "range-land justice" when she was strung up inWyoming Territory on July 20, 1889, tarring her as a dirty thief and a filthywhore....

This Passing World

by Michael B. Herzog, Antony Ferguson & Ralph Lister Blackstone Publishing (January 21, 2020)

It is 1398, and all of Europe is abuzz about the duel to be fought in September between Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford, and Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, to settle the question of which one has committed...

Somebody in Boots

by Nelson Algren, Ramiz Monsef & Colin Asher Blackstone Publishing (January 07, 2020)

Nelson Algren was a renowned writer, known for his penetrating and influential social novels such as The Man With the Golden Arm and A Walk on the Wild Side. Originally published in 1935, Somebody in Boots was...

The Queen of the Night

by Alexander Chee & Lisa Flanagan Blackstone Publishing (February 02, 2016)

From a writer praised by Junot Díaz as "the fire, in my opinion, and the light," comes a mesmerizing novel that follows one woman's rise from circus rider to courtesan to world-renowned diva.

Lilliet Berne is...

The Cauliflower

by Nicola Barker, Sneha Mathan & Vikas Adam Blackstone Publishing (August 09, 2016)

From Man Booker-shortlisted, IMPAC Award-winning author Nicola Barker comes an exuberant, multivoiced new novel mapping the extraordinary life and legacy of a nineteenth-century Hindu saint.

To the world, he...

And After the Fire

by Lauren Belfer, Xe Sands & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (May 03, 2016)

The New York Times bestselling author of A Fierce Radiance and City of Light returns with a new powerful and passionate novel--inspired by historical events--about two women and the mysterious choral masterpiece...


by Deepak Chopra Blackstone Publishing (November 04, 2008)

Jesusis a fresh and inspirational reimagining of a young man's transformationaljourney from carpenter's son to revolutionary leader to the man whom manybelieve to be the savior of the world.

Verylittle is known...

The Queen's Vow

by C. W. Gortner & Rosalyn Landor Blackstone Publishing (June 05, 2012)

“No one believed I was destined for greatness.” So begins Isabella’s story, in this evocative, vividly imagined novel about one of history’s most famous and controversial queens—the warrior who united...

The Dig

by John Preston, Kate Reading, Simon Vance & Fiona Hardingham et al. Blackstone Publishing (April 05, 2016)

Reimagining the Sutton Hoo dig, the greatest Anglo-Saxon archaeological discovery on British soil, John Preston brilliantly dramatizes three months of intense activity on a small estate when locals fought outsiders,...

West of Sunset

by Stewart O’Nan & Christopher Lane Blackstone Publishing (January 13, 2015)

In 1937 F. Scott Fitzgerald was a troubled, uncertain manwhose literary success was long over. In poor health, with his wife consignedto a mental asylum and his finances in ruins, he struggled to make a new...

The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

by C. W. Gortner & Cassandra Campbell Blackstone Publishing (July 30, 2010)

From C. W. Gortner, acclaimed author of The Last Queen, comes an ambitious and gripping new novel about the dramatic, tragic, and misunderstood life of one of history’s most powerful and influential women:...

Abraham and the Idols

by A. C. Fellner Blackstone Publishing (October 01, 2007)

An old and mysterious legend was told thousands of years ago about Abraham of the Bible. It seems that his father was a seller of idols and statues. People bought those idols and statues as way of warding off...

All the Happiness You Deserve

by Michael Piafsky & Lloyd James Blackstone Publishing (February 11, 2014)

Michael Piafsky's captivating, Tarot-inspired debut depicts the dramatic arc of an Everyman's life from childhood to old age.

AnEveryman searches for truth and meaning in a life fraught with unsettlingchallenges,...

Studio Saint-Ex

by Ania Szado & Cassandra Campbell Blackstone Publishing (June 04, 2013)

This sleek, stylishnovel set in 1940s New York, between the shock of Pearl Harbor and the landingof American troops in Europe, is a deft, romantic novel about a wartime love triangleinvolving a twenty-two-year-old...

The Cost of Courage

by Kelly Estes, Dan McGowan & Made for Success Made for Success (May 01, 2013)

The Cost of Courage is a work ofmilitary fiction based on the true story of two brothers who served in separatecampaigns of World War II. After being shot down over Berlin, one brother isforced to endure both...


by Stéphane Michaka, various narrators, Lloyd James & Hillary Huber et al. Blackstone Publishing (August 13, 2013)

Based on the life of the great short-storywriter Raymond Carver, particularly his last ten, postalcoholic years, Scissors is that rare thing: a funny,compassionate, and convincing portrayal of the creative life--its...

I Always Loved You

by Robin Oliveira & Mozhan Marnò Blackstone Publishing (February 04, 2014)

A novel of MaryCassatt and Edgar Degas's great romance from the New York Times bestsellingauthor of My Name Is Mary Sutter

The young Mary Cassatt never thought moving to Paris afterthe Civil War to be an artist...

The Beautiful American

by Jeanne Mackin & Kate Reading Blackstone Publishing (June 03, 2014)

From Paris in the1920s to London after the Blitz, two women find that a secret from their pastreverberates through years of joy and sorrow.

As recovery from World War II begins, expatriate American NoraTours...

What Is the What

by Dave Eggers & Dion Graham Blackstone Publishing (July 01, 2007)

In a heartrending and astonishing novel, Dave Eggers illuminates the history of the civil war in Sudan through the eyes of Valentino Achak Deng, a refugee now living in the United States. We follow his life...


by Jake Brennan Grand Central Publishing (October 01, 2019)

From the creator of the popular rock 'n' roll true crime podcast, DISGRACELAND comes an off-kilter, hysterical, at times macabre book of stories from the highly entertaining underbelly of music history.

You may...

I Am Madame X

by Gioia Diliberto, Lorna Raver & Yuri Rasovsky Blackstone Publishing (February 01, 2014)

Madame X, John Singer Sargent’s most famous and scandalous portrait, caused an immediate furor when Sargent unveiled it at the 1884 Paris Salon. The subject’s bold pose, provocative dress, and decadent pallor...

The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr

by Susan Holloway Scott & Kirsten Potter Blackstone Publishing (December 24, 2019)

Eug+®nie Bearhani (1760-1835) was born in Calcutta, raised in Haiti, and brought as a servant--a free woman of color--to America by an English officer on the eve of the American Revolution. Yet none of that...

Exquisite Mariposa

by Fiona Alison Duncan & Natasha Soudek Blackstone Publishing (December 31, 2019)

Given the initials F.A.D. at birth, Fiona Alison Duncan has always had an eye for observing the trends around her. But after years of trying to please others, looking for answers in books and astrological charts,...

Plus One

by Christopher Noxon & Tom Taylorson Blackstone Publishing (January 13, 2015)

The hilarious tale of a newly full-time dad and awards-show "plusone" whose TV-writer wife has hit the big time

Christopher Noxon's debut novel Plus One is a comedictake on breadwinning women and caretaking men...


by Gabriel Chevallier, Clive Chafer & Malcolm Imrie Blackstone Publishing (November 24, 2014)

In 1915, Jean Dartemont heads off to the Great War, an eagerconscript. The only thing he fears is missing the action. Soon, however, thevaunted "war to end all wars" seems like a war that will never end: whethermired...

Vipers' Tangle

by François Mauriac, Ralph Cosham & Warre B. Wells Blackstone Publishing (October 14, 2009)

In this remarkable novel, Mauriac brings his extraordinary talent for probing the inmost core of the human character to what is arguably the most exciting theme in the world: the battle for the human soul. In...

The Whale

by Mark Beauregard & Lloyd James Blackstone Publishing (June 14, 2016)

A rich and captivating novel set amid the witty, high-spirited literary society of 1850s New England, offering a new window on Herman Melville's emotionally charged relationship with Nathaniel Hawthorne and...

Newton and Polly

by Jody Hedlund & Saskia Maarleveld Blackstone Publishing (September 20, 2016)

"Amazing grace! How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found..."

Now remembered as the author of the world's most famous hymn, in the mid-eighteenth century as England and...

The Enormous Room

by E. E. Cummings, Stefan Rudnicki & Claire Bloom Blackstone Publishing (November 26, 2019)

One of the most important and popular American poets of the twentieth century, E. E. Cummings is best known for his brilliant and innovative verse and its distinctive lack of uppercase letters and conventional...

I, Eliza Hamilton

by Susan Holloway Scott & Saskia Maarleveld Blackstone Publishing (September 26, 2017)

In this beautifully written novel of historical fiction, bestselling author Susan Holloway Scott tells the story of Alexander Hamilton's wife, Eliza--a fascinating, strong-willed heroine in her own right and...


by Will Eaves Blackstone Publishing (October 15, 2019)

In Murmur, a hallucinatory masterwork, Will Eaves invites us into the brilliant mind of Alec Pryor, a character inspired by Alan Turing. Turing, father of artificial intelligence and pioneer of radical new techniques...


by Deepak Chopra Blackstone Publishing (September 01, 2010)

Born into the factious world of war-torn Arabia, Muhammad experienced a life that is a gripping and inspiring story of one man's tireless fight for unity and peace. In a world in which greed and injustice ruled,...

Signora da Vinci

by Robin Maxwell & Bernadette Dunne Blackstone Publishing (August 27, 2009)

Caterina was fifteen years old when she fell in love with a man much above her station. The daughter of a humble village apothecary, she was considered unmarriageable by her lover’s wealthy and ambitious family....

The Secret Scripture

by Sebastian Barry & Wanda McCaddon Blackstone Publishing (September 19, 2008)

Roseanne McNulty, once one of the most beautiful and beguiling girls in County Sligo, Ireland, is now an elderly patient at a mental hospital. As her hundredth year draws near, she decides to record the events...


by Charles Rowan Beye, Mark Bramhall, Yuri Rasovsky & Warren Dewey Blackstone Publishing (June 25, 2005)

In this highly unusual and entertaining book, acclaimed classicist Charles Beye imagines a biography of the fictional Bronze Age hero and puts his unique spin on Odysseus’ strange and adventuresome existence....