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Truth Be Told

Jane Ryland & Jake Brogan #3

by Hank Phillippi Ryan Tom Doherty Associates (October 07, 2014)

Truth Be Told, part of the bestselling Jane Ryland and Jake Brogan series by Agatha, Anthony, Mary Higgins Clark, and Macavity Award-winning author Hank Phillippi Ryan, begins with tragedy: a middle-class family...


by Matt Cook Tom Doherty Associates (September 09, 2014)

A cruise ship loses power in the North Atlantic. A satellite launches in the South Pacific. Professor Malcolm Clare—celebrated aviator, entrepreneur, and aerospace engineer—disappears from Stanford University...

Ark Storm

by Linda Davies Tom Doherty Associates (August 19, 2014)

The Ark Storm is coming—a catastrophic weather event that will unleash massive floods and wreak more damage on California than the feared "Big One." One man wants to profit from it. Another wants to harness...


by Jerry Ludwig Tom Doherty Associates (June 10, 2014)

The last time the United States looked on its own citizens with suspicion, the results were ruined dreams, shattered lives…and murderin Jerry Ludwig's Blacklist

Today, people point fingers and shout, "terrorist!"...

The Kraken Project

Wyman Ford #3

by Douglas Preston Tom Doherty Associates (May 13, 2014)

From celebrated Relic author Douglas Preston, Wyman Ford races to stop a rogue AI in The Kraken Project, a New York Times bestselling thriller “as chilling as it is provocative" (James Rollins)

NASA is building...

RedDevil 4

by Eric C. Leuthardt Tom Doherty Associates (February 04, 2014)

RedDevil 4 is spine-tingling techno-thriller based on cutting edge research from surgeon and inventor Eric C. Leuthardt.

Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Hagan Maerici is on the verge of a breakthrough in artificial...


Detective Ellie MacIntosh #3

by Kate Watterson Tom Doherty Associates (December 31, 2013)

Kate Watterson continues Ellie MacIntosh's story in Buried.

Two cases vie for Detective Ellie MacIntosh's attention—a sudden rash of seemingly unrelated cop killings and the discovery of an old, hidden grave...

The Land Across

by Gene Wolfe Tom Doherty Associates (November 26, 2013)

An American writer of travel guides in need of a new location chooses to travel to a small and obscure Eastern European country. The moment Grafton crosses the border he is in trouble, much more than he could...


by R. J. Pineiro Tom Doherty Associates (July 23, 2013)

The final words that Mortimer Fox whispered to ex CIA agent Bruce Tucker. Cryptic words said in a code coveted the world over, a code that could wipe all the world's powers off the map and trigger Armageddon....


by Frederik Pohl Tom Doherty Associates (October 22, 2013)

Chernobyl: The very name conjures the catastrophe that the world feared could happen someday at a nuclear power plant. On April 26, 1986, a power surge caused the core of one of the reactors to explode, spewing...

Poison Pill

by Glenn Kaplan Tom Doherty Associates (October 22, 2013)

Caught in a war that pits greed and ambition against conscience and love, Emma Conway faces the fight of her life-to save her family, her company, and everything she treasures.

Emma is finally living the dream-a...

Ask Not

by Max Allan Collins Tom Doherty Associates (October 22, 2013)

Chicago, September 1964. Beatlemania sweeps the nation, the Vietnam War looms, and the Warren Commission prepares to blame a "lone-nut" assassin for the killing of President John F. Kennedy. But as the post-Camelot...

The Wrong Girl

Jane Ryland & Jake Brogan #2

Agatha Award for Best Novel 2013

by Hank Phillippi Ryan Tom Doherty Associates (September 10, 2013)

Award-winning and Boston Globe bestselling author Hank Phillippi Ryan presents a spine-chilling, heart-wrenching suspense novel that explores a terrifying scenario striking at the heart of every family.


Beloved Enemy

Jack McClure #5

by Eric van Lustbader Tom Doherty Associates (September 10, 2013)

New from Eric Van Lustbader, the author of The Bourne Legacy and The Bourne Betrayal, comes Beloved Enemy, the thrilling fifth installment in the New York Times bestselling Jack McClure series.

In the stunning...

The Zebra Network

by Sean Flannery Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

"Look to Washington. Look to Moscow. Zebra One. Zebra Two." These cryptic words, whispered on a dark Moscow street, lead one-time CIA "golden boy" David McAllister on a desperate quest for the truth. Hunted...

Pipeline From Hell

by David Bannerman Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

Donald Briggs O'Meara is more than a fabulously successful con man: he is the CIA's ace in the hole. He blends into his surroundings like a shadow, speaks Russian like a Muscovite, and fights—when he has to—like...

Moscow Crossing

by Sean Flannery Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

When a Russian courier is shot and killed in Helsinki, his last words are "A letter from Anna." This mysterious message leads CIA investigator Jack Horn into a tangled maze of shocking truths: a clandestine...

The Magic Man

by David Bannerman Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

Donald Briggs O'Meara can be who he needs to be, when he needs to be. It's one of the reasons he's had such an extraordinarily successful career as a con man. And it's why, when the government needs someone...

The Kremlin Conspiracy

by Sean Flannery Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

CIA chief analyst for Soviet Activities Wallace Mahoney is tasked with finding a missing Russian laser before the American president arrives in Moscow for a diplomatic visit. Under dubious orders, Mahoney must...

Hollow Men

by Sean Flannery Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

Retired CIA agent Wallace Mahoney is approached by Sonja, an Israeli intelligence agent. There's a mole in the Mossad, and they need an outsider to help uncover him. Against his better judgment, Mahoney agrees...


by Sean Flannery Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

KGB Colonel Rotislav Okulov is shot dead by his own agents while passing a deadly Soviet secret to the Americans. Now CIA agent Tony Bertonelli is the only one who knows what the colonel revealed with his dying...


by Byron L. Dorgan & David Hagberg Tom Doherty Associates (July 09, 2013)

Two Iranian agents hand over one million dollars to a Russian engineer for a thumbdrive. The drive contains a deadly computer virus that could shut down all electrical power in the United States at a keystroke....

The Gamov Factor

by David Bannerman Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

Inside the Kremlin, the Chairman is dying. Those who vie to replace him struggle in the shadows. Andropov is the leading contender, but the insane, brilliant Boris Gamov is preparing to make a move of his own—if...


by Jon McGoran Tom Doherty Associates (July 09, 2013)

When Philadelphia narcotics detective Doyle Carrick loses his mother and step-father within weeks of each other, he gains a twenty-day suspension for unprofessional behavior and instructions to lay low at the...

Crossed Swords

by Sean Flannery Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

Retired CIA agent Wallace Mahoney has every reason to want to see Chernov, his lifelong enemy in the KGB, dead and buried. But now vengeance must be put on hold—the Soviet spy has uncovered a conspiracy so...


by Sean Flannery Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

Ace Assassin Donald Moran has been hired by high-level Russian officers to kill Mikhail Gorbachev and destabilize the Soviet Union. But when the job is called off at the eleventh hour, it is already too late...

The Capsule

by David Hagberg Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

An investigative reporter, a beautiful young journalist, and United States and Soviet intelligence forces must race to find a dangerous secret weapon—a mysterious capsule with the power to change the course...

Call of Honor

by David Bannerman Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

Donald Briggs O'Meara, the Magic Man, is sent to a remote island in the Pacific where a top-secret radar station has been attacked by unknown forces. Who is behind it—the Russians? The Chinese? Caught in a...

Broken Idols

by Sean Flannery Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

When the chairman of NATO's Nuclear Defense Affairs Committee, General Sir Robert Marshall, goes missing, NATO's top secret Genesis plan goes missing with him. CIA agent Wallace Mahoney is tasked with finding...

Breaking Point

by David Hagberg Tom Doherty Associates (July 01, 2013)

David Hagberg brings us another Kirk McGarvey adventure, in which the CIA director becomes entangled in the rising tensions between China and Taiwan. When a revolutionary leader is rescued from a Chinese prison,...


by Kevin Egan Tom Doherty Associates (July 02, 2013)

Midnight is a compulsively readable legal thriller by Kevin Egan that keeps tightening the screws with every page.

How long can you hide a death?

The New York County Courthouse, in Lower Manhattan, has its own...

Pray for Us Sinners

by Patrick Taylor Tom Doherty Associates (June 18, 2013)

In Patrick Taylor's thrilling series set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, a British Army bomb-disposal expert goes undercover to try to identify the source of the bombs being used by the Provisional...

Shadow People

by James Swain Tom Doherty Associates (June 11, 2013)

In Shadow People, national bestselling author James Swain's brilliant follow-up to Dark Magic, magician Peter Warlock has a dark secret. A psychic who peers into the future, he is able to use the information...

The Navigator

by Michael Pocalyko Tom Doherty Associates (June 11, 2013)

Wall Street comes to Washington in Michael Pocalyko's The Navigator.

On the darkest night of 1945, a 20-year-old B-24 navigator assists in the liberation of a German concentration camp. His haunting trauma is...


by R. J. Pineiro Tom Doherty Associates (May 27, 2013)

Mac Savage, a former CIA officer; Marie Kovacs, a former nanotechnology scientist turned missionary; and Kate Chavez, a Texas Ranger investigating a murder, join forces to unravel a global conspiracy that starts...


by Alan L. Lee Tom Doherty Associates (June 04, 2013)

Sandstorm is a thrilling debut novel about an ex-CIA agent and a covert operation designed to derail Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Lurking in the shadows, away from any government oversight, a secret partnership...

China Bride

by Henry Luk Tom Doherty Associates (May 28, 2013)

Beth Connor is suddenly plunged into the nightmarish world of underground Hong Kong when she is kidnapped by the Chinese Mafia while on her way to meet her fiance's parents. A former Olympic runner, Connor makes...


Detective Ellie MacIntosh #2

by Kate Watterson Tom Doherty Associates (June 04, 2013)

It's the hottest summer on record. The streets are shimmering, walking outside is like walking into a furnace, and yet, someone is still setting fires. Milwaukee homicide detective Ellie MacIntosh is called...

The Mosquito War

by V. A. MacAlister Tom Doherty Associates (September 01, 2004)

They were so close to a cure. And no one cared. Why should they? Americans would not care about malaria until their own children woke screaming with the fever, until they started burying small caskets in their...

Guilty Knowledge

by E. Howard Hunt Tom Doherty Associates (November 15, 2010)

"With hard-hitting prose and clipped dialogue, this enjoyable thriller boasts a snappy authenticity, a Don Juan/James Bond barrister and a timely, jaunty mix of sex and politics." - Publishers Weekly

The first...

The Cure

by Jack D. Hunter Tom Doherty Associates (December 26, 2006)

Suppose a cure for cancer was finally discovered, a cure that could save the lives of millions—and render much of today's medical and pharmaceutical industry obsolete? How far would the world's movers and...

Terror Red

by Col. David Hunt & Christine Hunsinger Tom Doherty Associates (April 16, 2013)

What have we been afraid of since 9/11? In Terror Red, Colonel David Hunt gives us a frighteningly realistic look at what could be the next major terrorist assault.

Colonel David Gibson is a recently retired...

Loose Cannon

by Dean Ing Tom Doherty Associates (June 16, 2003)

From the bestselling author of The Ransom of Black Stealth One

Dean Ing returns to his fascination with experimental aircraft, but this time instead of the big jets of The Ransom of Black Stealth One, this one...

Code White

by Scott Britz-Cunningham Tom Doherty Associates (April 09, 2013)

Ali O'Day, a dedicated young neurosurgeon, might have a Nobel Prize in her future—if she can survive the next eleven hours.

Under the glare of live television cameras—and with her lover, Dr. Richard Helvelius,...

Virus Thirteen

by Joshua Alan Parry Tom Doherty Associates (March 26, 2013)

Virus Thirteen is an irreverent and contagious thriller from debut author Joshua Alan Parry.

Scientists James Logan and his wife, Linda, have their dream careers at the world's leading biotech company, GeneFirm,...

The Quiller Memorandum

Quiller #1

Edgar Allan Poe Award Best novel 1966

by Adam Hall Tom Doherty Associates (May 07, 2004)

You are a secret agent working for the British in Berlin. You are due to go home on leave, but you are being followed-by your own people, or by the enemy. A man meets you in the theater and briefs you on a plot...


by Joanna Elm Tom Doherty Associates (January 15, 1999)

When Emma Kane turns up dead in her Main Line mansion, no one is free from suspicion, least of all her husband of twenty-five years, New York media mogul Jack Kane. Too many people would love to see Jack Kane...

The Apocalypse Stone

by Pete Earley Tom Doherty Associates (June 26, 2007)

"Judge not, lest ye be judged."

These words have rarely if ever crossed the mind of Aberlene county judge Evan Spencer. From a middle class background, he graduated law school, married into wealth, and now has...

The Sixth Station

Alessandra Russo #1

by Linda Stasi Tom Doherty Associates (January 22, 2013)

Some say Demiel ben Yusef is the world's most dangerous terrorist, personally responsible for bombings and riots that have claimed the lives of thousands. Others insist he is a man of peace, a miracle worker,...

The Da Vinci Legacy

by Lewis Perdue Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2007)

The Lost Mysteries of Leonardo

The Da Vinci Codex is a priceless collection of Leonardo's original work-- or is it? When Da Vinci scholar Vance Erikson discovers that several of the Codex's pages are forgeries,...