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Starcraft II: Flashpoint

StarCraft II #3

by Christie Golden Pocket Books (November 06, 2012)

The explosive novel based on the eagerly anticipated StarCraft II video game expansion, Heart of the Swarm!

The sinister zerg leader no longer commands her legions of bloodthirsty aliens against the humans of...

Gears of War: The Slab

by Karen Traviss Pocket Books (May 08, 2012)

An original novel based on the groundbreaking and award-winning military sci-fi-action video game series Gears of War—written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss!


Infernal Sky

by Dafydd ab Hugh & Brad Linaweaver Pocket Books (August 08, 2016)

Hawaii-- last outpost of civilization on an Earth overrun by demons, traitors. and nightmarish creatures straight out of the pits of hell. Humanity seems doomed to a bloody ending. Then Hawaii receives a message...


by Dafydd ab Hugh & Brad Linaweaver Pocket Books (August 08, 2016)

They left behind everything that mattered to them-- friends, lovers, country-- to journey to the stars. Now Sergeant Flynn Taggart and Pfc. Arlene Sanders, USMC, have reached their destination... the homeworld...

Starcraft: I, Mengsk

by Graham McNeill Pocket Books (December 30, 2008)

Sixty-thousand light-years from Earth, the corrupt Terran Confederacy holds the Koprulu sector tightly in its tyrannical grip, controlling every aspect of its citizens' lives. One man dares to stand up to this...

Hell on Earth

by Dafydd ab Hugh Pocket Books (June 21, 2016)

Go beyond the classic game Doom in this second book in a terrifying space epic...

They were creatures seemingly spawned straight from the pits of Hell—demons, zombies, fire-breathing imps—all too horrifically...

StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres

by Nate Kenyon Pocket Books (September 27, 2011)

Dominion ghosts epitomize the height of terran evolution and physical conditioning. Augmented by technologies that harness their innate psionic potential, these lethal operatives use telepathy and other superhuman...