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Only Good With You

by Zoey Kinsman Torrid Books (April 19, 2018)

The truth is that I had totally given up on romantic love. Spanx, and not diamonds, were a girl’s best friend. So, when I was unexpectedly pulled off to a Comic Con in San Diego by my assistant Trish, I had...

In-Flight Delight

by Francesca St. Claire Torrid Books (May 03, 2018)

The in-flight attraction between flight attendant Liz and first-class passenger Tom is instant and strong. When Tom invites Liz to dinner she knows she’s accepting more than a dinner invitation. A one-night...

Dangerous Seduction

by Diana Rose Wilson Torrid Books (April 11, 2018)

Marcie tossed away her job at a prestigious company for Mano, a man she barely knows. A man she loves beyond reason, whose touch ignites her soul and burns her body down. Mano is full of mysterious secrets....

Triple Pleasure

by Francesca St. Claire Torrid Books (March 05, 2018)

To manage three lovers simultaneously is no small feat but Amanda Salt does it, and does it well. Her nicely established sex life is challenged though, when one of her men asks her to stay in a monogamous relationship...

In Silence Sealed

by J.R. Lindermuth Torrid Books (February 27, 2018)

Lydia, daughter of Swatara Creek Police Chief Aaron Brubaker, is accused of murdering her boyfriend, Jason Russell, handsome but feckless stepson of Clay Stoneroad, a famous writer who recently moved to a farm...

Initiating Christian

by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (March 14, 2018)

The notorious Duke of Bellingham has a favor to ask of his former lover, the delicious Lauren DeSerre, who—aside from her brief affair with him—is a very virtuous widow known for her beauty and poise.


Paying the Dragon's Price

by Diana Rose Wilson Torrid Books (February 06, 2018)

Vanderbilt and Travis make a lovely couple. She’s beautiful and he’s rich. She’s a brat and he’s an asshole. The only Dom who can fulfill her every need, he gives her the pain, blood, and rough, torrid...

Divine Weekend

by Francesca St. Claire Torrid Books (January 19, 2018)

When Julia Chapman first sees drop-dead handsome Ben Russell at the helm of his boat, she’s hooked. They meet soon after at a mutual friend’s party, but her hopes and dreams are shattered by his less-than-friendly...

Beautiful Assassin: Brothers of the Absinthe Club Book 5

Brothers of the Absinthe Club #5

by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (January 04, 2018)

Jonas Maxim, Viscount Wilding, suspects that someone is out there impersonating him. This revelation comes in the form of a very lovely young lady who invades his bedroom one night, apparently determined to...

Felisha Goulding's Stolen Innocence Series

by Felisha Goulding Torrid Books (December 28, 2017)

Stolen Innocence Book 1: Meggie’s Secret

One night changed her perfect world, and Meg Malone can't leave the past behind her quickly enough. Determined to forget, Meg plows forward and vows to keep her secret...

Blood Emerald

by Amber Anthony Torrid Books (January 10, 2018)

SDV (Single Dom Vampire) unknowingly ISO compassionate, sincere, spontaneous SMW (Single Mortal Woman). Extra points for patience, brains and beauty. Handsome, powerful, Rick Hiatt has managed romance and sex...

The Widow and the Warrior

by Sarah Winn Torrid Books (November 14, 2017)

A Crimean War widow, Ellen Coyler, learns her five-year-old son’s wealthy grandfather is attempting to prove her an unfit mother, so he can get custody of the child. To prevent this, she agrees to a marriage-in-name-only...

Again, For Love

by La Dragoni Torrid Books (November 22, 2017)

A life must be lost. Who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

Lawson lives a simple life: a job at a brewery, and his basketball and hockey leagues. Even his eccentric lifelong friend and roommate—who is intent...

Blood Feathers

Forbidden Secrets #4

by Diana Rose Wilson Torrid Books (December 04, 2017)

Marcie has hosted sex parties for years, but has yet to find the right partner. Love has never been an option for her, but she has a soft spot for romance. Everything changes when she finds herself hopelessly...

A Most Scandalous Position: Brothers of the Absinthe Club Book 4

Brothers of the Absinthe Club #4

by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (December 20, 2017)

When Colin Maxim arrives on the scene of a tragic accident, he doesn't count on suddenly becoming the guardian of a very mysterious, beautiful young woman. Since she can't remember who she is, how on earth can...

Sinful Weekend

by Francesca St. Claire Torrid Books (November 28, 2017)

Nick Dahlberg is captivated the minute he sees Stephanie enter the ski resort’s bar. She has a body that sends his libido into overdrive.

Stephanie is at the resort to vacation with her best friends from college,...

Partners: Deception

by Kira Chase Torrid Books (November 06, 2017)

In the sixth book of the Partners Series, Private Investigators Frankie Barker and Johanna Obrien uncover a sinister plot which could destroy their best friend, Trey Daniels. They are shocked to learn that Trey's...

The Bloodstone Affair

Brothers of the Absinthe Club #2

by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (October 03, 2017)

A dark presence that can't be ignored...

Bloodstone Manor is the most infamous haunted house in England, a place where ancient legends and old mysteries linger amid cold walls. Gavin St. John makes his life's...

In a Reckless Moment

Brothers of the Absinthe Club #3

by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (October 11, 2017)

Ross Benson is titled, privileged, rich—and careful to ignore eligible young women. Most of all, he avoids young maidens with a preference for books and music, rather than society, no matter how beautiful...

Taming the Brat

by Diana Rose Wilson Torrid Books (October 19, 2017)

Vanderbilt Charles is accustomed to getting her way, through beauty and manipulation. She wants Ursa’s man, but he rebukes her. With her world completely out of balance, Vans accepts an invitation from a roughneck...


by Emily Duvall Torrid Books (October 03, 2017)

Self-centered, rude, and undeniably handsome, Damon Harrison can’t be bothered to help anyone besides himself. As a lawyer for his family’s jewelry store, he’s used to appraising diamonds with impeccable...

Darkling Spinster

by Wes Payton Torrid Books (September 14, 2017)

As a young woman, Reb lost her fiancé in the Civil War. After years of living a lonely life as a school teacher in Chicago, she accepts an invitation to stay with her well-to-do sister and brother-in-law in...

Snow Mistress

Forbidden Secrets #2

by Diana Rose Wilson Torrid Books (August 07, 2017)

After nearly a month together, Leo wants Ursa to move in with him. The sex is scorching and the kink enthralling, but she is awed by this magnificent man and is unsure that she can hold her own in his world....

Heroes and Villains

Spanish Posse #4

by Purple Hazel Torrid Books (August 24, 2017)


The final installment in the epic Spanish Posse Wild West erotic romance serial, by author Purple Hazel.

In Heroes and Villains, we experience the exciting climax of the story, as Caroline has been returned...

Jake Marlow

by Wes Henson Torrid Books (September 05, 2017)

Jake Marlow is a soldier of fortune, a gambler and a loner. He’s never gotten close to anyone, or made friends, but that all changes one night when he is shanghaied. Jake promises a dying man, Charlie Reams,...

Arabian Pearl

Brothers of the Absinthe Club #1

by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (July 28, 2017)

The friend of a foreign prince, Lord Grayson is gifted with a beautiful bedmate for his stay at the exotic palace. He is uncertain how to handle the situation, but he certainly wants to help her and not offend...

Lies That Blind: SpiritBeasts Book 1

by Diana Rose Wilson Torrid Books (July 20, 2017)

At 25, Frankie Welton expected to spend the rest of her life as a mixed martial arts fighter, and chef, in New York City. The unexpected death of her aunt forces her to accept her family inheritance, an estate...

The Attorney's Interview & The Plumbers Chronicles

by Daniel Wilson Torrid Books (August 30, 2017)

The Attorney’s Interview

Tom and Susan & James and Anita are two young married couples, whose love lives are stuck in the Saturday night duty-sex rut. But when Susan brings home a video featuring wife swapping,...

The Hunters and the Hunted

Spanish Posse #3

by Purple Hazel Torrid Books (June 21, 2017)

This is the third installment in the thrilling Spanish Posse Wild West erotic romance serial, by author Purple Hazel.

In The Hunters and the Hunted, Caroline and Rex travel to Austin, Texas to hide out with...

Wicked Masquerade

Forbidden Secrets #1

by Diana Rose Wilson Torrid Books (June 29, 2017)

Ursa is unassuming and practical. She never craved glamorous things until she accepted an invitation to the Halloween Masquerade, a carefully arranged erotic event featuring voyeurism, public sex, kinky games,...

Blood Rising

by Amber Anthony Torrid Books (May 30, 2017)

Drop dead gorgeous alive, Matt Brenner has never lacked for feminine attention. Undead, he’s even more potent. Immortality would be stellar if only he accepted his life as a vampire.  Matt and fellow vamp...

Her Will

by Sarah Stein Torrid Books (May 23, 2017)

Way down south in the heart of New Orleans, Jolene Naquin yearns to break the untamable. She visits Serenity Cavern to satisfy her lifestyle, where her taste for submissive men strays toward the young and innocent....

	The casanova an the cyprian

Spanish Posse #2

by Purple Hazel Torrid Books (April 26, 2017)

This is the second installment in the thrilling Spanish Posse series, a Wild West Erotic Romance Serial, by author Purple Hazel.

Back in Fort Worth, the search for Caroline continues with vigor…that is, until...

In the Wicked West

by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (May 17, 2017)

When Lady Arianne Brooke flees England to avoid an arranged marriage, she sails to Boston and finds refuge. Persuading her brother’s friend and business partner to take her to the wilds of the American West...

Waking Up With Brett and Outgrowing Brett

by Keegan Mitchell Finn Torrid Books (June 05, 2017)

Waking Up With Brett

The first time I woke up with my roommate’s mouth on my cock, I was surprised. I wasn’t concerned, because I was positive I wasn’t gay; but now that we’ve graduated to frequent anal...

Death at Gran Quivera

by Jesse J. Elliot Torrid Books (April 04, 2017)

Iragene Jones, a homesteader in central New Mexico, discovers a bloody, blond scalp on her property. Determined to find out who this woman was, Iragene sets off to question her neighbors, only to find that...

The gentleman and the saloon girl

Spanish Posse #1

by Purple Hazel Torrid Books (February 27, 2017)

A young Catholic priest visits an aging and dying man whom he learns has been a long-time loyal benefactor to the church. The old man is no longer able to travel to attend Mass, and thus the young man is tasked...


by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (March 23, 2017)

An unlikely hero—until Fate steps in.

Cal Riker isn’t just a wanted man. His skill with a gun makes his name synonymous with notoriety. Deserved or not, a deadly reputation can sometimes come in handy for...

Meggie's Secret

by Felisha Goulding Torrid Books (January 04, 2017)

One night changed her perfect world, and Meg Malone can't leave the past behind her quickly enough. Determined to forget, Meg plows forward and vows to keep her secret buried. Eight years later, she meets the...


by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (February 21, 2017)

He’s returned from the dead...and he wants her back.

       Jack Templeton was dead. Or so everyone thought. Red-carpet welcome aside, he knows returning from a highly secret year-long mission won’t...

The House That Jack Built

by Patrick Ford Torrid Books (December 23, 2016)

  In Australia, the story of Jack Riordan, and his wife Susan, continues. Together, they build a farming dynasty, through drought, collapsing markets, and the threat of terrorist attack. The action-packed...

Lethal Legacy

by Amanda McKinney Torrid Books (January 13, 2017)

After watching her father get brutally murdered, young Victoria Henry turned to painting to escape the painful memories of her childhood. Over three decades later, a house fire destroys her Texas mansion and...

Empty Chaos

by Jessica Cotter Torrid Books (January 05, 2017)

        Bodhi disappeared almost eighteen months ago. Eri has a new house and a new job, but she still can’t accept that he is gone. Her memories grow dim, however, and new friends make her mundane life...

Riding West

by Emma Wildes Torrid Books (January 18, 2017)

To win the woman of his dreams, Parker takes matters into his own hands. And finds out the West is wilder than he ever imagined!


Just take her.

The advice seems radical, but Parker West...

A Presence of Departed Acts

by A.C. Alexander Torrid Books (December 14, 2016)

When Caroline Williams survives a traumatic event in which she is injured and a friend is murdered, she decides to abandon her career as an actress and return to the farm where she grew up. She’s shaken, and...

Beckoned by the Mist

by Zoey Kinsman Torrid Books (December 09, 2016)

        Would that center point where all supernatural worlds collide be their salvation?

        He was the Immortal, who had chased down time for his one last chance to reunite with his kindred...

The Strawberry Field

by Barbara Jean Ruther Torrid Books (December 19, 2016)

The Strawberry Field, the story of two sisters: Beth, projecting warmth and caring, a luminous smile; and Alyssa, wickedly mean, rumored to practice sadomasochism.

Beth’s husband, Raymond, sees himself as the...

All I Want For Christmas

by Melanie Thompson Torrid Books (December 05, 2016)

When schoolmarm, Sophie Simmons, fell in love with Axel Dagger, the baddest man on earth, she didn’t know he had such a handsome Indian friend.

Axe is a hard and demanding lover, while Chan is all tender caresses...

The Smiling Stallion Inn

by Courtney Bowen Torrid Books (November 30, 2016)

Basha, a wistful young man, yearns to marry his girlfriend Jawen. Yet he is self-conscious of their differences and his lack of prospects. He is scorned by Jawen’s father, the wealthy merchant Lapo, as an...


by C.L. Scholey Torrid Books (December 29, 2016)

Assassin Territory – Book 1

After the demise of her parents, Christy’s boyfriend turns on her, causing her to suffer through an abusive relationship, until she flees. Battered, she wants only to disappear...