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Up Nights

by Daniel Kine Ooligan Press (May 01, 2013)

Up Nights, Daniel Kine's second book, is a classic road novel for a new generation. In raw, unrelenting prose, Kine tells the story of the complexities of human relationships when four friends embark on an existential...

Close is Fine

by Eliot Treichel Ooligan Press (November 01, 2012)

Like an album of Polaroid snapshots, Close Is Fine is a finely wrought collection of stories that gives us a brief glimpse into the quirky and complex lives of the inhabitants of a rural Wisconsin town. At times...

The Life, Adventures & Piracies of the Famous Captain Singleton

by Daniel Defoe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The narrative describes the life of an Englishman, stolen from a well-to-do family as a child and raised by Gypsies who eventually makes his way to sea. One half of the book concerns Singleton's crossing of...

Betty Gordon at Boarding School

by Alice B. Emerson Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Seeking the treasure of Indian Chasm makes an exceedingly interesting incident.

Betty Gordon in Washington

by Alice B. Emerson Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

In this volume Betty goes to the National Capitol to find her uncle and has several unusual adventures.

The Air Trust

by George Allan England Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The story of a billionaire, Isaac Flint, who attempts to control the very air people breathe, and the violent consequences of his ambition and greed. In the concluding chapter, Flint is described as one of "the...

Masters of Space

by Edward Everett Evans & Edward Elmer "Doc" Smith Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Masters had ruled all space with an unconquerable iron fist. But the Masters were gone. And this new, young race who came now to take their place--could they hope to defeat the ancient Enemy of All?

The Beasts in the Void

by Paul W. Fairman Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Holloway was used to big game hunters and their expeditions to other worlds. But this trip was sheer madness—a space ship stalking among—The Beasts in the Void

Martin Conisby's Vengeance

by Jeffery Farnol Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A classic pirate tale of the Spanish Main, featuring the female pirate, Captain Jo.

The Ethical Way

by Joseph Farrell Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

There is a way around every tabu, knock on wood—but just watch out that the wood doesn't knock back!

The Sloths of Kruvny

by Vern Fearing Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

This world we live in is a pretty grim place. It's tough to make a living. At any moment we may get blown up, down or sideways by the atom bomb. The day after tomorrow may never come, and on top of all this,...

The Mathematicians

by Arthur Feldman Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

We gave this story to a very competent, and very pretty gal artist. We said, "Read this carefully, dream on it, and come up with an illustration." A week later, she returned with the finished drawing. "The hero,"...

The Adventures of Don Lavington

by George Manville Fenn Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Lindon, known as Don, is a boy in his late teens who has left school, and who lives with his mother and uncle Josiah, his father being dead, and works as a clerk in the office, the business being sugar and tobacco...

Buttered Side Down

by Edna Ferber Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

From the Foreword:

"And so," the story writers used to say, "they lived happily ever after."

Um-m-m—maybe. After the glamour had worn off, and the glass slippers were worn out, did the Prince never find Cinderella's...

Panthers and the Museum of Fire

by Jen Craig Spineless Wonders (February 10, 2015)

Panther and the Museum of Fire is a novella about walking, memory and writing. The narrator walks from Glebe to a central Sydney café to return a manuscript by a recently-dead writer. While she walks, the reader...