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The Final Recollections of Charles Dickens: A Novel

by Thomas Hauser Counterpoint (October 20, 2014)

England, 1870: His health failing, his most important work all but done, Charles Dickens is readying himself for the final bed. But there is still one more story that he must tell. As a young journalist just...

Teresa, My Love: An Imagined Life of the Saint of Avila

by Julia Kristeva & Lorna Scott Fox Columbia University Press (November 25, 2014)

Mixing fiction, history, psychoanalysis, and personal fantasy, Teresa, My Love follows Sylvia Leclercq, a French psychoanalyst, academic, and incurable insomniac, as she falls for the sixteenth-century Saint...

Children Bob Moses Led

by William Heath NewSouth Books (June 01, 2014)

Winner of the Hackney Literary Award and selected in 2002 by Time as one of the eleven best novels on the African American experience, The Children Bob Moses Led is a compelling, powerful chronicle of the events...

Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night

by Barbara J. Taylor Kaylie Jones Books (June 16, 2014)

A page-turning debut novel set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, during the height of coal mining, vaudeville, and evangelism.

The Age of Dreaming

by Nina Revoyr Akashic Books (April 01, 2008)

Nina Revoyr's long-awaited follow-up to the smash hit and award-winning Southland.

The Family Mansion

by Anthony C. Winkler Akashic Books (May 14, 2013)

An illuminating and unflinching novel exploring England's nineteenth-century colonization of Jamaica.

As Flies to Whatless Boys

by Robert Antoni Akashic Books (August 12, 2013)

Tragedy and humor meet in an adventure-packed, historical novel about a British incursion into the island of Trinidad in 1845.

God Carlos

by Anthony C. Winkler Akashic Books (September 04, 2012)

A provocative and persuasive historical novel exploring the Spanish brutality against native Indians in early-16th-century Jamaica.

Cervantes Street

by Jaime Manrique Akashic Books (September 04, 2012)

A mesmerizing fictional biography of Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote) that Junot Diaz calls a "masterpiece."

After Midnight: A Novel

by Diane Shute She Writes Press (September 16, 2014)

As far as Alix is concerned, she has no past-she only has today, and her plans for the future: raising a dynamic string of racehorses that will take the 1830s British racing world by storm by storm. Enter Lily,...

The Mercury Fountain

by Eliza Factor Akashic Books (February 28, 2012)

An enchanting debut novel set on the Texas/US border at the turn of the twentieth century.

In the Shadow of Lies: An Oliver Wright Mystery Novel

by M.A. Adler She Writes Press (June 10, 2014)

Richmond, California. World War II. A cross burning takes innocent lives and unsettles the town. After Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, American Italians start to disappear, a rapist promises to revisit his victims,...

The Three Kingdoms, Volume 3: Welcome the Tiger: The Epic Chinese Tale of Loyalty and War in a Dynamic New Translation

by Luo Guanzhong, Yu Sumei & Ronald C. Iverson Tuttle Publishing (May 27, 2014)

This exciting new translation with footnotes is more readable than past versions and will appeal to modern readers.

The Three Kingdoms is an epic Chinese novel written over six centuries ago. It recounts in vivid...

King Arthur and His Knights

by Louis Rhead & Sir James Knowles Dover Publications (March 10, 2014)

Readers of all ages will thrill to these timeless tales of chivalry and romance at the court of Camelot. Based on Thomas Malory's classic Le Morte d'Arthur and influenced by the poetry of Tennyson's Idylls of...

Beggars and Choosers

by Catrin Collier Accent Press (July 18, 2013)

The first in the Brothers and Lovers series by Catrin Collier

Christmas Eve in the Workhouse

by Catrin Collier Accent Press (November 06, 2013)

A Christmas Short Story by best-selling author Catrin Collier.

The History of Sigismund, Prince of Poland

by Oscar Mandel Prospect Park Books (April 01, 2014)

An arresting short story following the unique tale of Sigismund, the lost prince of Poland by Belgian scholar Oscar Mandel.

Gone West

by Victoria Wilcox Knox Robinson Holdings, LLC (May 06, 2014)

The American Wild West, 1873: Jesse James and his gang are robbing trains, the Sioux Indians are on the warpath, and John Henry Holliday arrives in Texas as a young man with a troubled past hoping to regain...

Wade in the Water

by Michael Oates Knox Robinson Holdings, LLC (April 22, 2014)

It is spring in the year 1889, and Americans are enjoying the spoils of an industrial revolution, but in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the wheels of industry are brought to a grinding halt when the River Fork dam...

The Three Kingdoms, Volume 2: The Sleeping Dragon: The Epic Chinese Tale of Loyalty and War in a Dynamic New Translation

by Lu Guanzhong, Yu Sumei & Ronald C. Iverson Tuttle Publishing (May 20, 2014)

This exciting new translation with footnotes is more readable than past versions and will appeal to modern readers.

The Three Kingdoms is an epic Chinese novel written over six centuries ago. It recounts in vivid...

The Three Kingdoms, Volume 1: The Sacred Oath: The Epic Chinese Tale of Loyalty and War in a Dynamic New Translation

by Luo Guanzhong, Yu Sumei & Ronald C. Iverson Tuttle Publishing (May 20, 2014)

This exciting new translation with footnotes will appeal to modern readers who find the twists and turns of Game of Thrones so compelling.

The Three Kingdoms is an epic Chinese novel written over six centuries...

Chicago Stories: 40 Dramatic Fictions

by Michael Czyzniejewski & Rob Funderburk Curbside Splendor Publishing (March 15, 2012)

A collection of 40 dramatic fictions each told in the persona of a famous Chicagoan

House of Purple Cedar

by Tim Tingle Cinco Puntos Press (January 27, 2014)

A Choctaw tale of tragedy, white and Indians, good and evil, revenge and forgiveness, even humor and magic realism.

Secrets in the Heather

by Gwen Kirkwood Accent Press (January 16, 2014)

The discovery of a secret from the past deeply affects Victoria Lachlan and the future of the two most important men in her life.

Come Looking for Me: A Novel

by Cheryl Cooper Blue Butterfly (October 12, 2010)

Fleeing England, a mysterious young woman named Emily risks the Atlantic during the War of 1812 for a new adventure in Canada. She never arrives. Deadly sea battles with Americans and a ship's captain hell-bent...

The Secret Sense of Wildflower - Southern Historical Fiction, Best Book of 2012

by Susan Gabriel Wild Lily Arts, Inc. (May 22, 2012)

Named a Best Book of 2012 by Kirkus Reviews! Set in 1940s Appalachia, The Secret Sense of Wildflower tells the story of Louisa May "Wildflower" McAllister whose life has been shaped around the recent death of...

Quarrel with the Foe: A Paul Shenstone Mystery

by Mel Bradshaw Napoleon and Co (October 01, 2005)

After surviving the horrors of the Great War, Paul Shenstone works as a police detective in 1920s Toronto. The unusual murder of a prominent industrialist gives him the biggest case of his career and a not entirely...

Death of a Hero

by Richard Aldington Dundurn (May 15, 1998)

"Death of a Hero", published in 1929 was the author's literary response to the war. He went on to publish several works of fiction. In 1942, having moved to the United States, he began to write biographies....

The Nightless City: Or the History of the Yoshiwara Yukwaku

by J.E. De Becker & Terence Barrow Tuttle Publishing (November 13, 2012)

Organized sex in Japan has always been big business, and nowhere was it more politely offered than in the Yoshiwara Yukwaku (red light district) of Tokyo.

The appeal of the Yoshiwara was its women, all the surroundings...

The Heptameron: Selected Tales

by Marguerite, Queen of Navarre, Arthur Machen & Stanley Appelbaum Dover Publications (October 04, 2012)

Ten men and women engage in a storytelling battle of the sexes that abounds in murder, adultery, remorse, and revenge, all set in 16th-century France. Translation by Arthur Machen.

Second Summer of War

by Cheryl Cooper A J. Patrick Boyer Book (January 20, 2014)

Harrowing, humorous, and heart-warming, Second Summer of War is a tale of life on the sea in the summer of 1813, through England's stodgy salons and horrific prison hulks, and into the bloody battles between...

The Prisoner of Zenda

by Anthony Hope Dover Publications (June 26, 2013)

A fiendish plot imprisons the rightful king of Ruritania, leaving his dashing lookalike cousin to attempt to save the day. Brimming with adventure and romance, this classic delights readers of all ages.

The Octopus

by Frank Norris Dover Publications (February 05, 2013)

Based on an actual bloody dispute in 1880 between wheat farmers and the Southern Pacific Railroad, this tale of greed, betrayal, and a lust for power is played out during the waning days of the western frontier....

Daughter of Earth

by Agnes Smedley Dover Publications (August 14, 2012)

Written in 1929 by a social activist, this autobiographical novel chronicles woman's escape from grinding rural poverty into a world of politics and revolution. Filled "with erotic heat which informs every page."...

Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite

by Anthony Trollope Dover Publications (December 20, 2012)

Incisive, unconventional psychological study of a conflict between a wealthy baronet, his idealistic daughter, and their scapegrace cousin. "Probes into a subtle contrasts between aooearance and reality." —...

Sir Nigel: A Novel of the Hundred Years' War

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dover Publications (April 09, 2012)

In this illustrated epic of adventure and romance, squire Nigel Loring attempts to earn his knighthood during the Hundred Years War . . . and must perform three great deeds to win the heart of the woman he loves....

El Dorado: Further Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel

by Baroness Orczy Dover Publications (June 05, 2012)

A popular sequel to The Scarlet Pimpernel, this suspenseful story recounts the Pimpernel's attempts to rescue the Dauphin from imprisonment during the French Revolution. An irresistible blend of intrigue, period...

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

by Jessie L. Weston Dover Publications (February 06, 2012)

This interpretation by a distinguished scholar of one of English medieval literature's gems translates Middle English poetry into modern prose for a retelling that both preserves the spirit of the original and...

In Praise of Folly

by Desiderius Erasmus Dover Publications (February 02, 2012)

Witty, influential work by one of the great Renaissance scholars satirizes the shortcomings of the upper classes and religious institutions. A clever mix of drollery and fantasy, the work endures as a classic....

The Peerless Four: A Novel

by Victoria Patterson Counterpoint (October 21, 2013)

Running so hard you think you’ll choke on your next breath. Lungs burning like they’re drenched in battery acid. Peripheral vision blurred by the same adrenaline that drowns out the cheers coming from the...


by Laurie Loewenstein Kaylie Jones Books (December 16, 2013)

A powerful debut historical novel to launch a new imprint, Kaylie Jones Books, curated by acclaimed author Kaylie Jones.

The King's Last Song

by Geoff Ryman Small Beer Press (September 01, 2008)

Can a twelfth-century Cambodian king's sense of compassion and justice translate to the present?

Play Pretty Blues

by Snowden Wright Engine Books (October 21, 2013)

A novel of the life and death of blues legend Robert Johnson, as told by all six of his wives.


by Lee Mandel Glagoslav Publications B.V. (June 15, 2013)

Lee Mandel's historical novel Moryak revolves around the story of Lieutenant Stephen Morrison, a naval officer sent by President Theodore Roosevelt on a top-secret mission in 1905. Morrison's assignment is to...

Spider in a Tree

by Susan Stinson Small Beer Press (September 16, 2013)

Eighteenth-century preacher Jonathan Edwards made the town of Northampton famous for its piety before the town rejected him.

Cry Murder! in a Small Voice

by Greer Gilman Small Beer Press (August 16, 2013)

Ben Johnson, in all his wordy and worldly glory: detective.

Sultana's Dream: And Selections from The Secluded Ones

by Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, Roushan Jahan & Hanna Papanek The Feminist Press at CUNY (September 02, 2013)

Sultana’s Dream, first published in 1905 in a Madras English newspaper, is a witty feminist utopia—a tale of reverse purdah that posits a world in which men are confined indoors and women have taken over...

Jalna: Books 5-8: Whiteoak Heritage / Whiteoak Brothers / Jalna / Whiteoaks of Jalna

by Mazo de la Roche Dundurn (August 19, 2013)

Perhaps the most classic novels of Mazo de la Roche's monumental family saga are these four, including the original novel Jalna. They fall in the middle of her books' multi-generation narrative, but were the...

Murder in A-Major: An Inspector Hermann Preiss Mystery

by Morley Torgov Napoleon and Co (May 01, 2008)

Schumann and Brahms are the stars of Torgovs first Hermann Preiss mystery. Musical egos clash and murder ensues in mid-19th century Germany.

Country of the Bad Wolfes

by James Carlos Blake Cinco Puntos Press (January 31, 2012)

The violent but manifest destiny of the Wolfe family from Yankee America through the Diaz Regime of Mexico.