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Texting Under the Influence

by Cara Lockwood Mills & Boon (May 15, 2015)

I Know You Want Me…

One last hookup. At least that's what graphic designer Jenna Cho has in mind when she texts her toxic-in-life but amazing-in-bed ex, Jax. When her gorgeous boss Jack responds to the...

Tempting the CEO (a Sleeping With The Enemy novella)

by Angela Claire Entangled Publishing, LLC (September 29, 2014)

If lawyer Angie O'Hare needed another reason to hate New York City, this would be it. Locked out of her room and stranded in the hallway. Wearing only a towel. Lovely. But then, rescue arrives—in the form...

Whole Lesbian Sex Stories: Erotica for Women

by Felice Newman Cleis Press (January 21, 2013)

Confessions of an Erotica Reader I love lesbian sex. I love talking about sex. I love mentally undressing the sexy women in my life. I love planning what I’m going to do when my partner gets home. I love having...

If You Come Back To Me (Mills & Boon Spice)

by Beth Kery Mills & Boon (April 01, 2014)

At eighteen, Marianna Itani fell for boy next door Marc Kavanaugh – hard – until tragedy tore them apart.

Fifteen years later, Mark’s back in her life, and the spark between them is a hot as they day they...

How To Write Erotica: A Mills and Boon Guide (Mills & Boon Spice)

by Mills & Boon Mills & Boon (July 01, 2013)

Love erotic fiction? Brimming with naughty ideas to write your own, but don't know where to start? Mills & Boon's expert guide will give you advice about how to write emotional, scorching sex scenes, and create...

Addicted with a Twist

by Zane Atria Books (November 24, 2014)

From the Queen of Erotica, Zane’s Addicted with a Twist is the sequel to Addicted, her wildly popular novel about a married woman whose life spirals out of control when her three affairs lead her down a dark...

Vice, Virtue & Video: Devoted

by Bianca Giovanni Omnific Publishing (December 02, 2014)

James Laird was once devoted to sex, fame, and money...but now this former porn star is devoted to his lifelong best friend turned fiancée, Lola Caraway. He wants nothing more than to give her a dream wedding:...

Pumping, Grinding and Thrusting to the 80's: Leotards, Leg Warmers and Hot Pounding Sex

by Savannah Stoddard Mojo Enterprises (September 28, 2014)

All Nicki wanted was to workout with her friend and the personal trainer they hired. What she got instead was a front row seat to a hard body fucking her friend, and an invitation to join them. Nicki felt deceived...

Obeying the Boss: Accepting a New Position: Taboo Office Politics

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (September 19, 2014)

Harrison has always been the oddball at work, he's never going to be a model employee, but he always managed to keep his old boss happy enough not to fire him. When the new boss introduces herself, he's not...


by Shakir Rashaan Strebor Books (December 09, 2014)

In this third installment of the trilogy revolving around an African-American Dominant couple, Ramesses and Neferterri, and their submissives, you’ll get a glimpse of Atlanta’s Fetish/BDSM community from...

The Sissy Series: Taboo Erotica Volume 1: Sissy Erotica - Four Short Stories

by Howie Hayes Grab Arse (September 28, 2014)

Books in Taboo Erotica Volume 1 include: Book 1 - A Sissy's Secret Desire: The Mistress, the Master and the Obedient Slave Book 2 - Caught in the Act: A Sissies Secret Exposed Book 3 - A Sissy in Training: Shaved...

Rich Girl Problems Series: Erotica: Books 1-4

by Rita Rojas Love Blots (October 05, 2014)

Erotica - four short stories combined into one collection. Books in Rich Girl Problems Series: Book 1 - Worked Over: Internal Massage Book 2 - Spanked Behind the Library: The Jock and the Good Girl Book 3 -...

The Sissy Series: Taboo Erotica Volume 2: Sissy Erotica - Four Short Stories

by Howie Hayes Grab Arse (October 01, 2014)

Sissy Erotica - four short stories combined into one collection. Books in Taboo Erotica Volume 2 include: Book 1 - Be Careful What You Wish For: The Sissy Inside of Him Book 2 - The Sissy Cop and the Suspect:...

Sissy Maid for Hire: Oral Interview for a New Position

by Howie Hayes Grab Arse (September 23, 2014)

Times are hard all over and after Steven's wife Penny throws him out of the house, the divorce devastates him financially. There's no way to fight it either, she knows everything and she used it to her advantage....

His Secret is Out: Blackmail Never Felt So Good

by Howie Hayes Love Blots (September 14, 2014)

Robert keeps his nasty, little desires locked up in the closet as much as he can, but more and more, he finds himself sneaking away to the upstairs play area of the theater where he allows himself to indulge...

Naughty Pleasures & Desires: Taboo Erotica Volume 3: Erotica - Four Short Stories

by Howie Hayes Grab Arse (October 03, 2014)

Erotica - four short stories combined into one collection. Books in Taboo Erotica Volume 3 include: Book 1 - Master and Slave: Two Wicked Sisters Book 2 - Lessons from the Hired Help: Satisfaction is Black and...

Under the Vulcania

by Maureen Freely Bloomsbury Publishing (January 16, 2012)

This erotic novella tells the story of the women who live on the foothills of the Vulcania and the pleasure dome where they live out their fantasies. Maureen Freely has also written Mother's Helper, The Life...

Desire Me More

by Tiffany Clare Avon Impulse (August 04, 2015)

He was her lover…and her employer.

From the moment Amelia Grant accepted the position of secretary to Nicholas Riley, London's most notorious businessman, she knew her life would be changed forever. For Nick...

Trust No Man

by Cash CASH Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC (January 29, 2009)

TRUST NO MAN is an urban street tale told in such vivid detail and with such gritty and compelling style, it is like watching a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Terrence aka...

Nude Awakening II:: Still Nude

by Victor L. Martin Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC (August 16, 2013)

Trevon Harrison learns in Nude Awakening II that the more money he makes, the more problems he has. Being an adult video star may have solved some immediate problems, but it may have also created more trouble...

Her Forbidden Risk

by Tori St. Claire Entangled Publishing, LLC (October 20, 2014)

A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

She'll complicate his plans in the naughtiest ways...

I guess I'm not in Paris anymore. Emily Gardner has returned to her hometown in Kansas to collect...

Sinful Rewards 12

by Cynthia Sax Avon Red Impulse (June 16, 2015)

The thrilling conclusion to the Billionaires and Bikers series!

One tiny mistake turns Bee Carter's worst fears into a terrifying reality. She knows she isn't alone. The sexy, honorable man she adores stands...

Sweet Seduction Romance & BBW Erotic Romance: Box Set 2 In 1: The Academy Girl's Drop Of Doubt - Volume 1 (The Wall Street Billionaire Saga) + Hues Of

by K. W. Middleton Inge Baum (June 15, 2014)

Red Hot New Sweet Seduction Romance & BBW Erotic Romance Release! - 2 In 1 Box Set LIMITED-TIME SPECIAL: Special Bonus Inside! That's right...For a limited time you can download even more BBW Romance and Erotic...

Sicilian Engagement

by Rachel Lyndhurst Entangled Publishing, LLC (September 29, 2014)

Sicilian Engagement Series, Book One

Billionaire Lorenzo Ferrante has tried marriage before and knows it for the trap it is. However, like it or not, he needs a fiancée now in order to close a deal that will...

The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall

by Lauren Smith Entangled Publishing, LLC (September 29, 2014)

Winner of the 2015 New England Reader's Choice Award for Paranormal Romance

Bastian Carlisle, the Earl of Weymouth, doesn't believe in ghosts. Even though tragedy and mysterious hauntings have driven his family...

Reforming the Rock Star

by Christine Bell Entangled Publishing, LLC (September 29, 2014)

When Sydney Metcalf's bestie asks her to cater her wedding, Syd can't say no, even though the thought of going back to her hometown makes her break out in hives. She's off to a great start until best man


Owned By Fate (a Serve novel)

by Tessa Bailey Entangled Publishing, LLC (September 29, 2014)

A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

Her mind rejects his world. But her body knows its master.

Journalist Caroline Preston arrives at Serve, New York City's hottest BDSM club, with one goal—to...

No More Mr. Nice Guy

by Amy Andrews Entangled Publishing, LLC (September 29, 2014)

Newly single school counselor Josie Butler just made herself a Sexy To-Do list (featuring Bad Boys only). To her mortification, her best friend's gorgeous older brother Mack finds it…and laughs. But when Josie...

Making over the Billionaire (an Italian Connection Novel)

by Joan Kilby Entangled Publishing, LLC (September 29, 2014)

A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

Never fall for your own deception...

After a failed bid to be the first American designer at House of Borhlenghi, Layla Langham is crushed. She's certain...

The Sissy Cop and the Suspect: A Tranny, a Pimp and the Sissy Cop

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (August 16, 2014)

Officer Jefferson is a force to be reckoned with and an upstanding policeman with a dark fantasy world that he has managed to keep locked up, at least until he meets Vivian. Vivian brings him into her seedy,...

Total Role-Play: The Photographer and the Model: Rich Girl Problems Book 3

by Rita Rojas Mojo Enterprises (August 04, 2014)

Book 3 of the Rich Girl Problems series finds Stacy Chilton in an impromptu role playing session with her handsome and dominant lover James. James immediately immerses himself into his fantasy role but can Stacy...

Worked Over: Internal Massage: Rich Girl Problems Book 1

by Rita Rojas Mojo Enterprises (August 04, 2014)

Stacy Chilton has rich girl problems; a spoiled daddy's girl who is young, hot, and bored. Stacy is tired of the local bar scene and looking for something different. But is Stacy really ready to venture out...

A Sissy in Training: Shaved and Submissive

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (August 17, 2014)

John pushed his wife Andrea to be a cuckold for her, but he never knew that it would be this painful. Dates and dressing up, all for the other mystery lover, he wishes he could take it all back now. If Andrea...

Desire Me Now

by Tiffany Clare Avon Impulse (May 05, 2015)

He charged out of the darkness to her rescue …

Amelia Grant has just escaped her lecherous employer with nothing but the clothes on her back. In the predawn hours of London, a horse and carriage come barreling...


by Charlotte Stein Avon Red Impulse (April 14, 2015)

It was just a prank I didn't want to be a part of. I never meant to hurt anyone, least of all Johann Weir. You wouldn't know that he sells literature for a living. He has these wild eyes—eyes that light something...


by Jonathan Shaw Harper Perennial (March 24, 2015)

The first trade edition of the cult classic from the artist/author hailed by Iggy Pop as “the great nightmare anti-hero of the new age,” legendary tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw, that chronicles a scandalous,...

Sinful Rewards 11

by Cynthia Sax Avon Red Impulse (May 12, 2015)

Bee Carter has been invited to one of Chicago's most glamorous charity balls. Attending this high-society event will be a dream come true, giving her the sense of belonging she's always craved and memories she...

Sinful Rewards 10

by Cynthia Sax Avon Red Impulse (April 14, 2015)

Everything that Bee once believed in has changed … because of him. With one heated glance, one meaningful touch, one soul-melting kiss, he has turned her world upside down and transformed her life forever....

Sinful Rewards 9

by Cynthia Sax Avon Red Impulse (March 17, 2015)

No longer torn between the billionaire and the biker, Bee has claimed her man, branding his skin with her scent, his soul with her care. He’s her ideal choice, building passion within her she didn’t know...

Sinful Rewards 8

by Cynthia Sax Avon Red Impulse (February 17, 2015)

Bee Carter is no longer torn between her handsome billionaire and her tattooed bad-boy biker. After enjoying mind-melting, world-tilting sex and experiencing the pleasure of waking in her man's arms, she has...

Be Careful What You Wish For: The Sissy Inside of Him

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (June 20, 2014)

Matt has kept his girlish desires locked away all this time, in his den, he hides the evidence of what he truly lusts for. Knowing that he could never explain it to his gorgeous wife, Melanie, the guilt eats...

Cuckolded by His Boss: When Fantasy becomes Reality

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (August 04, 2014)

Anthony has been nagging his wife for months to indulge him in his hot wife fantasy, something that he can't stop masturbating to and is surprised and delighted when she finally gives in. When he discovers that...

Sinful Secrets: Shameful Taboo Desires

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (June 20, 2014)

David is happily married and loves his wife, Margaret, but his secret desires for hot nameless men keeps him in a constant state of lies, guilt and lust. Just how long can David lead a double life? When Margaret...

Navigating the Captain: Engineering Her Pleasure

by Savannah Stoddard Mojo Enterprises (July 29, 2014)

Captain Fiora is wickedly hot out on the cool salty sea. The good captain is willing to surrender control temporarily when it involves wanton lust, primal desire and raw satisfaction. Fiora's engine is primed...

Weekend Sissy: Obey Thy Mistress

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (July 21, 2014)

David looks forward to Friday every week because that is when his not-so-secret inner sissy slut gets to come out and play. In a dress and heels, Daisy is a hot bimbo who finds it almost impossible to obey her...

Slow Satisfaction

by Cecilia Tan Forever (August 26, 2014)

James has finally pushed Karina beyond her limit--not her limit for kinky sex play, but for his extreme secrecy. She has had enough and breaks things off. But James won't give up on Karina and will do whatever...

Stealing His Heart (A Shillings Agency Novel)

by Diane Alberts Entangled Publishing, LLC (August 25, 2014)

Tara Harris is a professional thief with a conscience. She makes her living retrieving priceless stolen items from sleazy rich jerks, and returning them to their rightful owners. Until a routine nighttime assignment...

A Sissy's Secret Desire: The Mistress, the Master and the Obedient Slave

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (July 21, 2014)

Daniel serves his Mistress but his secret desire still remains unfulfilled. He knows that he will earn her wrath if he confesses, but he knows that there is no other way. Once she knows though, she decides that...

Gutta Mamis

by N'Tyse Strebor Books (August 12, 2014)

In classic street grit of profane tales, disloyalties, and vendettas, are four novellas featuring cold-hearted women who get ahead in America’s grimiest underworld.

Twisted Loyalty by Kai

Tandra is a professional...

Afraid to Lose Him: Turning Her On, Calling Him Out

by Howie Hayes Mojo Enterprises (July 08, 2014)

Daphne is crazy in love with Daniel, there's no denying it. Now that she saw what he's been hiding though, she's not sure if she can go on. When the spying becomes an obsession, she wants to confront him but...