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A Passage to India

Pride & Prejudice

How Right You Are, Jeeves

by P. G. Wodehouse & Ian Carmichael Blackstone Publishing (August 02, 2017)

The Times has announced, much to Bertie's astonishment, the news of his engagement to the beautiful Bobbie Wickham. But worse is yet to come... Uncle Tom's antique silver cow-creamer has gone missing. Kipper...

Hot Water

by P. G. Wodehouse & Jonathan Cecil Blackstone Publishing (February 01, 2012)

At the house party at Chateau Blissac, Brittany features a rather odd array of guests this year.

Mr. J. Wellington Gedge is hoping for some peace and quiet while his wife takes herself off for a while. She, however,...


by John Buchan & Christian Rodska Blackstone Publishing (December 01, 2011)

In Greenmantle, Richard Hannay, hero of The Thirty-Nine Steps, travels across war-torn Europe in search of a German plot and an Islamic Messiah. He is joined by three more of Buchan's heroes: Peter Pienaar,...

Queen Lucia

by E. F. Benson & Wanda McCaddon Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

England between the wars was a paradise of calm and leisure for the very, very rich. Into this enclave is born Mrs. Emmeline Lucas--La Lucia, as she is known--a woman determined to lead a life quite different...

The Castle

by Franz Kafka, Ralph Cosham & Mark Harman Blackstone Publishing (December 01, 2008)

This edition of Kafka's terrifying and comic masterpiece is the product of an international team of experts who used Kafka's original text and notes to render this story as close to the author's vision as possible....

Le Morte d'Arthur, Vol. 1

by Thomas Malory, Frederick Davidson & William Caxton Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

This monumental work made the Arthurian cycle available for the first time in English. Malory took a body of legends from Celtic folklore that had been adapted into French literature, gave them an English perspective,...

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

by Anne Brontë, Frederick Davidson & Wanda McCaddon Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

Like her sisters Emily and Charlotte, Anne Brontë published under a male pseudonym, yet still this novel was scorned by many for its exposure of the abusive male chauvinism that was concealed, like all things...

One of Ours

by Willa Cather & Kristen Underwood Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

Willa Cather’s Pulitzer Prize–winning novel tells of the making of a young American soldier.

Claude Wheeler, the sensitive, aspiring protagonist, resembles the youngest son of a peculiarly American fairy...

Crome Yellow

by Aldous Huxley & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2007)

One of the greatest prose writers and social commentators of the twentieth century, Aldous Huxley here introduces us to a delightfully cynical, comic, and severe group of artists and intellectuals engaged in...

The Secret Adversary

by Agatha Christie & Wanda McCaddon Blackstone Publishing (January 28, 2009)

Just after World War I, Tommy Beresford and Tuppence Cowley are desperately short of money. With a shortage of job opportunities, they form a partnership, hiring themselves out as “young adventurers, willing...

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

by Shirley Jackson & Bernadette Dunne Blackstone Publishing (March 10, 2010)

Shirley Jackson’s deliciously unsettling novel about a perverse, isolated, and possibly murderous family takes readers deep into a labyrinth of dark neurosis, macabre humor, and gothic atmosphere.

Six years...

The Innocents Abroad

by Mark Twain & Grover Gardner Blackstone Publishing (August 24, 2011)

In June 1867, Mark Twain set out for Europe and the Holy Land on the paddle steamer Quaker City. His enduring, no-nonsense guide for the first-time traveler also served as an antidote to the insufferably romantic...

How Green Was My Valley

by Richard Llewellyn & Ralph Cosham Blackstone Publishing (April 18, 2011)

How Green Was My Valley is Richard Llewellyn’s bestselling—and timeless—classic, as well as the basis of a beloved film. As Huw Morgan is about to leave home forever, he reminisces about the golden days...


by Robert Nathan & Stephen R. Thorne Blackstone Publishing (February 15, 2014)

The haunting novel ofa strange love...

Michael Robb, a young journalist and aspiring author, hasjust landed a dream assignment: interviewing the renowned but reclusive authorEdward Granville. The famous writer...

At the Mountains of Madness

by H. P. Lovecraft & Edward Herrmann Blackstone Publishing (June 01, 2013)

The only audio edition of At the Mountains of Madness authorized by the H. P. Lovecraft Estate!

A master of terror and nightmarish visions, H.P. Lovecraft solidified his place at the top of the horror genre with...

The Bishop's Wife

by Robert Nathan & Stephen R. Thorne Blackstone Publishing (October 15, 2013)

This classic novel is the inspiration behind thebeloved Christmas film of the same name starring Cary Grant and Loretta Young.

BishopHenry Brougham desperately wants to build a great cathedral for his overcrowdedparish....

The Valley of Fear

by Arthur Conan Doyle & Michael Healy Blackstone Publishing (November 15, 2013)

When a strange coded message arrives at 221B Baker Street, sent by a member of Professor Moriarty’s criminal organization, Sherlock Holmes soon deciphers it and finds a warning: someone is about to be murdered....

The War of the Worlds

by H. G. Wells & Christopher Hurt Blackstone Publishing (July 18, 2012)

"No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own..." So begins The...


by Edwin A. Abbott & Robin Field Blackstone Publishing (October 11, 2011)

With this satirical novella, English schoolmaster Edwin A. Abbott provides both a mathematical fantasy and pointed observations on the social hierarchy of Victorian culture. The narrator, A. Square, resides...

The Prime Minister

by Anthony Trollope & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (June 27, 2012)

Unscrupulous financial speculator Ferdinand Lopez, aspiring to marry into respectability and wealth, has society at his feet: well-connected ladies vying with each other to exert influence on his behalf. Even...

Phineas Redux

by Anthony Trollope & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (March 15, 2012)

His beloved wife having died in childbirth, Phineas Finn finds Irish society and his job as a poorhouse inspector dull and unsatisfying, particularly after the excitement of his former career as a member of...

Fathers and Sons

by Ivan Turgenev, Anthony Heald & Constance Garnett Blackstone Publishing (June 02, 2011)

One of the most controversial Russian novels ever written, Fathers and Sons dramatizes the volcanic social conflicts that divided Russia just before the revolution, pitting peasants against masters, traditionalists...

The Metamorphosis

by Franz Kafka & Ralph Cosham Blackstone Publishing (April 19, 2011)

"One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in bed he had been changed into a monstrous verminous bug."

With this startling, bizarre, yet surprisingly funny first sentence,...

The Monkey's Paw

by W. W. Jacobs & Jeffrey Kafer Blackstone Publishing (June 25, 2013)

Originally published in 1902, "The Monkey's Paw" is aclassic horror short story written by author W. W. Jacobs. In the story, thepaw of a dead monkey is a talisman that grants its possessor three wishes, butthe...

The Death of a Government Clerk

by Anton Chekhov & David Drummond Blackstone Publishing (June 05, 2013)

Considered one of the greatest short story writers of alltime, Anton Chekhov heavily influenced the evolution of the modern short story.Most notably, he used a technique that would later be called"stream-of-consciousness,"...

A Society

by Virginia Woolf & Jo Anna Perrin Blackstone Publishing (June 06, 2013)

Known as one of the foremost modernist novelists of thetwentieth century, Virginia Woolf also wrote several shorter works. In "ASociety," one of her earlier short stories, a young woman receives asubstantial...

King Lear

by William Shakespeare, a full cast, Oregon Shakespeare Festival & Bill Rauch et al. Blackstone Publishing (April 29, 2014)

Blackstone Audio is proud to present the Oregon ShakespeareFestival's 2013 production of King Lear, Shakespeare's dark yetbrilliant tragedy of madness and betrayal, directed by artistic director Bill Rauch....

Going Public ... in Shorts!

by Various Authors, Gabrielle de Cuir, Xe Sands & Robin Ray Eller et al. Blackstone Publishing (June 30, 2013)

From haunting ghost storiesto classic fairy tales, Going Public ... In Shorts! is a collection of forty classic andlesser-known works by history's greatest writers.

Among the stories includedare "The Death of...

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

by Ambrose Bierce & Kyle Munley Blackstone Publishing (June 28, 2013)

Set during the American Civil War, "An Occurrence at OwlCreek Bridge" is the classic short story of Peyton Farquhar, a Confederatesympathizer condemned to death by hanging from Owl Creek Bridge. Flashingbetween...

Prince Bull

by Charles Dickens & Gabrielle de Cuir Blackstone Publishing (June 09, 2013)

Charles Dickens created some of the world's most memorable fictionalcharacters. Widely regarded as the greatest writer of the Victorian period, hisnovels and short stories continue to be widely popular today....


by Sherwood Anderson & Amy Rubinate Blackstone Publishing (June 27, 2013)

Sherwood Anderson's most enduring work, Winesburg, Ohio, is considered one of earliest works of modernistliterature. The sequence of short stories centers on the life of George Willardand those who live in the...

The Lottery Ticket

by Anton Chekhov & Patrick Lawlor Blackstone Publishing (June 13, 2013)

Considered one of the greatest short story writers of alltime, Anton Chekhov heavily influenced the evolution of the modern short story.Most notably, he used a technique that would later be called"stream of...


by James Joyce & John Lee Blackstone Publishing (June 24, 2013)

"Eveline" is a short story from James Joyce's classic Dubliners. Nineteen-year-old Eveline hasdecided to leave home, but her future journey may not be all that she hopes.Like other stories in Dubliners,"Eveline"...

The Spectre Bridegroom

by Washington Irving & Robert Fass Blackstone Publishing (June 01, 2013)

The author of "The Legend of Sleepy Hallow" and "Rip VanWinkle," Washington Irving perfected the American short story. His stories werewritten in an approachable tone and intended to entertain rather thanenlighten....

The Pit and the Pendulum

by Edgar Allan Poe & Paul Michael Garcia Blackstone Publishing (June 10, 2013)

Edgar Allen Poe is seen today as one of the greatestpractitioners of gothic and detective fiction that ever lived, and popularculture is replete with references to him. In "The Pit and the Pendulum," oneof his...

The Magician

by W. Somerset Maugham & James Adams Blackstone Publishing (September 21, 2012)

From one of literature’s finest storytellers comes an enchanting tale of secrets, the supernatural—and fatal attraction.

Renowned English surgeon Arthur Burdon is engaged to the beautiful Margaret Dauncey,...

Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare, a full cast, Barry Creyton & Laird Williamson et al. Blackstone Publishing (March 01, 2013)

Blackstone Audiois proud to present the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's 2012 production of Romeoand Juliet, one of Shakespeare's most beloved tragedies. This stunningwork of audio theater, fully dramatized with...

It Happened in Boston?

by Russell H. Greenan, Robert Fass & Jonathan Lethem Robert Fass (December 17, 2014)

Originally published in 1968 to critical acclaim,Russell H. Greenan's brilliant, audacious mystery novel It Happened in Boston? quickly became an underground sensation andhas emerged over forty years later as...

The Naval Treaty

by Arthur Conan Doyle & Edward Hardwicke Blackstone Publishing (June 07, 2017)

In The Naval Treaty, a classic Sherlock Holmes tale of treachery, murder, and theft, an innocent man's honor, position, and health are at stake when a treaty of the utmost importance is stolen from his office....

The Double

by Fyodor Dostoevsky & Nick Sullivan Blackstone Publishing (December 01, 2012)

First published in 1846, Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novella The Double is a classic doppelganger and the second major work published by the author. It is the story of Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, a government clerk...


by Patricia Highsmith & Cassandra Campbell Blackstone Publishing (August 04, 2015)

A chance encounter between two lonely women leads to a passionate romance in this lesbian cult classic. Therese, a struggling young sales clerk, and Carol, a homemaker in the midst of a bitter divorce, abandon...

The Counterlife

by Philip Roth & Malcolm Hillgartner Blackstone Publishing (October 01, 2016)

The Counterlife is about people enacting their dreams of renewal and escape, some of them going so far as to risk their lives to alter seemingly irreversible destinies. Wherever they may find themselves, the...

Zuckerman Unbound

by Philip Roth & Malcolm Hillgartner Blackstone Publishing (June 28, 2016)

Now in his mid-thirties, Nathan Zuckerman, a would-be recluse despite his newfound fame as a bestselling author, ventures onto the streets of Manhattan in the final year of the turbulent sixties. Not only is...

The Ghost Writer

by Philip Roth & Malcolm Hillgartner Blackstone Publishing (May 03, 2016)

The Ghost Writer introduces Nathan Zuckerman in the 1950s, a budding writer infatuated with the great books, discovering the contradictory claims of literature and experience while an overnight guest in the...

Jennie Gerhardt

by Theodore Dreiser & Lloyd James Blackstone Publishing (May 10, 2016)

Jennie Gerhardt is the tragic story of an innocent, caring, beautiful young girl from an extremely poor family who throughout her life is drawn into affairs with two different men from a much higher social class....

The Poor Clare

by Elizabeth Gaskell & Derek Perkins Blackstone Publishing (January 12, 2016)

Originally written for Charles Dickens' Household Words magazine, The Poor Clare is a dark, gothic short novel of thwarted love and a family curse that vividly illustrates the social tensions of Victorian England....

A House Divided

by Pearl S. Buck & Adam Verner Blackstone Publishing (March 14, 2017)

The conclusion to Buck's celebrated Good Earth trilogy: the story of a man's return to a homeland embroiled in revolution

On the eve of a popular rebellion, the Chinese government starts to crack down in cities...


by Pearl S. Buck & Adam Verner Blackstone Publishing (February 14, 2017)

The second installment in Pearl S. Buck's acclaimed Good Earth trilogy: the powerful story of three brothers whose greed will bring their family to the brink of ruin

Sons begins where The Good Earth ended: revolution...