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Chaos of the Senses

by Ahlem Mosteghanemi & Nancy Roberts Bloomsbury Publishing (January 15, 2015)

'Love always sits in a seat other than the one we were expecting it to, right alongside the place where we expected love to be'

In the midst of the Algerian civil war, Hayat is a young novelist trapped in a...

She Will Build Him a City

by Raj Kamal Jha Bloomsbury Publishing (February 26, 2015)


As night falls in Delhi a mother spins tales from her past for her sleeping daughter. Her now grown-up child is a puzzle with a million pieces whom she...

Now, God be Thanked

by John Masters Bloomsbury Publishing (December 30, 2014)

The gripping story of a world Â? and a family Â? at war. The Rowlands, powerful and rich, are at the centre of British high society, but they are blind to the changes that the Great War will bring. For the...

The Black Magic Series

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (December 26, 2014)

"Should any of my readers incline to a serious study of the subject, and thus come into contact with a man or a woman of Power, I feel that it is only right to urge them, most strongly, to refrain from being...

The Roger Brook Series

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (December 26, 2014)

Secret agent, gallant and aide-de-camp to Napoleon: Roger Brook is the dashing hero in Dennis Wheatley's historical fiction series.

The Roger Brook Series, available for the first time in one digital volume....

The Duke de Richleau Series

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (December 26, 2014)

All 11 thrilling Duke de Richleau stories, available in one volume for the first time! Follow the aristocratic adventurer as he spies for the British in WWI, rescues friends from the Soviet Union and battles...

The Gregory Sallust Series

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (December 26, 2014)

'Before there was James Bond, there was Gregory Sallust.' Tina Rosenberg,

Dennis Wheatley's complete, bestselling Gregory Sallust series featuring the debonair spy Gregory Sallust, a forerunner to Ian...

Boys and Girls Together

by William Saroyan Bloomsbury Publishing (December 23, 2014)

America in the 1960's; a golden time for the family, when children behaved, wives stayed at home and men wore suits to work. But in all this perfection, reality, life, relationships and people can't help but...

The Last of the Spirits

by Chris Priestley Bloomsbury Publishing (November 06, 2014)

Sam and Lizzie are freezing and hungry on the streets of Victorian London. When Sam asks a wealthy man for some coins, he is rudely turned away. Months of struggle suddenly find their focus, and Sam resolves...

The Eunuch of Stamboul

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (December 10, 2014)

Moral young Englishman, Swithin Destime, to avoid an international incident, had resigned from the Army; within weeks he was in Istanbul to check on rumours of a planned uprising.

But as a spy Destime was an...

The Man Who Broke Out of the Bank and Went for a Walk across France

by Miles Morland Bloomsbury Publishing (December 03, 2014)

At the age of 45 Miles Morland resigned from his highly paid job as head of the UK division of a major American bank and went for a walk with his wife in France. Neither of them was used to walking further than...

Salt Snake and Other Bloody Cuts

by Simon Clark Bloomsbury Publishing (November 18, 2014)

Salt Snake and Other Bloody Cuts is a collection of short horror fiction from Simon Clark, an acclaimed author of blood curdling novels Â? Blood Crazy, Darker, and The Night of the Triffids. Originally published...

Avalanche of Daisies

by Beryl Kingston Bloomsbury Publishing (November 27, 2014)

It is 1944, and Private Steve Wilkins is waiting to go to war. A new recruit to the mighty Desert Rats, he is billeted in Norfolk as the Allies meticulously plan the attack to open up the Second Front. Being...

Nailed by the Heart

by Simon Clark Bloomsbury Publishing (November 18, 2014)

Chris and Ruth Stainforth are living their fantasy, turning the old Sea-fort at Manshead Â? purchased at a steal after the previous owners abandoned building work Â? into a hotel, and living on the coast with...

Lark Ascending

by Mazo de la Roche Bloomsbury Publishing (September 16, 2014)

Restlessness washes over the small town of Saltport with the sea wind that disturbs Diego Palmer's latest landscape painting. A dark, dissatisfied youth with a beautiful disappointed mother, they both yearn...

Death Before Breakfast

by George Bellairs Bloomsbury Publishing (August 26, 2014)

On her way to Church early one November morning, Mrs. Jump sees a dead body in the gutter in July Street. Fearing to investigate, she hurries on, but her conscience finally convinces her that she ought to return...

Death on the Last Train

by George Bellairs Bloomsbury Publishing (August 26, 2014)

Detective-Inspector Thomas Littlejohn of Scotland Yard is travelling to an assignment, exhausted after an arduous journey of delayed connections, when he finally catches the last train. But far from conveying...

The Strange Story of Linda Lee

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (December 11, 2014)

When Linda boarded the train that would take her to London and freedom, she was penniless and alone. A polite offer of help from the stranger in the seat opposite was the last thing she expected.

Life with Rowley...

The Fabulous Valley

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (November 20, 2014)

The fantastic story of an estranged family, brought together by the death of the so called, "uncle John" to attend to the reading out of his will.

Mocking his family, the dead man left his riches to complete...

Gunmen, Gallants and Ghosts

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (October 09, 2014)

A collection of short stories of adventure, crooks, spies and a mine of information about Black Magic by the Prince of Thriller Writers. With personal introductions to each short story, giving their context...

Mediterranean Nights

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (October 16, 2014)

Stories and adventures from an intimate knowledge of the playground of millionaires and international crooks. With personal introductions to each short story, giving their context and inspiration, this collection...

Mayhem in Greece

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (October 23, 2014)

Wheatley produces a new type of hero in Robbie Grenn, a charming but mentally challenged young man who, owing to an injury when young, has never been to school, and is regarded by his family as an outsider....

Canvas Flying, Seagulls Crying

by Justin Tyers Bloomsbury Publishing (August 12, 2014)

After Justin and Linda Tyers lost everything in a devastating house fire, they rebuilt their lives by building a classic wooden yacht from scratch Â? starting by felling the trees. This story was told in their...

A Tour of Bones

by Denise Inge Bloomsbury Publishing (November 06, 2014)

Author, academic and adventurer, Denise Inge grew up in a large and rambunctious family on the east coast of America. She crossed the Sahara, charmed snakes in Marrakech and cycled the Adirondack mountains but...

Some Here Among Us

by Peter Walker Bloomsbury Publishing (December 04, 2014)

It is 1967, and as America's allies hesitate over whether to send more troops to Vietnam and the strains of 'All You Need is Love' echo from Abbey Road, students take to the streets of Wellington, New Zealand,...

Blood Crazy

by Simon Clark Bloomsbury Publishing (October 28, 2014)

It is a quiet, uneventful Saturday in Doncaster. Nick Aten, and his best friend Steve Price Â? troubled seventeen year olds Â? spend it as usual hanging around the sleepy town, eating fast food and planning...


by Simon Clark Bloomsbury Publishing (October 28, 2014)

Video scriptwriter Richard Young is looking forward to a week at home with his wife and their little daughter. He thinks it's going to be a pleasant time of barbecues and lazy summer days. It isn't. It is going...

Such Power is Dangerous

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (November 13, 2014)

. . . Once we have begun our operations there can be no turning back, but if you agree to join me I have no single doubt as to our success. What is your answer?'

Hinckman stood up Â? his great chin jutted out...

The Phantom Coach

by Michael Sims Bloomsbury Publishing (October 23, 2014)

Ghost stories date back centuries, but those written in the Victorian era have a unique atmosphere and dark beauty. Michael Sims, whose previous Victorian collections have been widely praised, has gathered twelve...

The Royal Babysitters

by Clémentine Beauvais & Becka Moor Bloomsbury Publishing (October 09, 2014)

Anna and Holly have spotted an advert in the paper for a Holy Moly Holiday Â? the intergalactic vacation of a lifetime. They simply CAN'T not go. But how will they get enough money? Simple: they'll become royal...

Miss Carter's War

by Sheila Hancock Bloomsbury Publishing (October 09, 2014)

It is 1948 and the young and beautiful Marguerite Carter has lost her parents and survived a terrifying war, working for the SOE behind enemy lines. She returns to England to be one of the first women to receive...

Better than Gold

by Theresa Tomlinson Bloomsbury Publishing (November 06, 2014)

Egfrid is the prince of Bernicia, an Anglo-Saxon kingdom. When he is captured by Penda, King of Mercia during a raid, all seems lost. But though the fierce warrior Penda hates Egfrid's cowardly father, he won't...


by Ellah Wakatama Allfrey & Wole Soyinka Bloomsbury Publishing (September 25, 2014)

Africa has produced some of the best writing of the twentieth century from Chinua Achebe, Ayi Kwei Armah, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, and the Nobel Laureates Wole Soyinka, Nadine Gordimer, J.M. Coetzee and Doris Lessing,...

In Pieces

by Nick Hopton Bloomsbury Publishing (September 09, 2014)

Si is 28 and unsure of what he wants Â? in his job, his love life, even just for dinner. The only thing he's certain of is his friendship with Jimmy, a late-twenties professional footballer in a career he fears...

Desperate Measures

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (September 25, 2014)

1814 - 1815

1814. The Irish Witch is dead, and Europe at peace. Roger Brook, now Lord Kildonan, is content to divide his time between his young wife, Mary, and his life-long mistress and spirit-companion, Georgina....

The Irish Witch

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (September 16, 2014)

1812 - 1814

The Hell Fire Club is being revived Â? by a sensuous wanton who calls herself the Irish Witch. Once more the titled of the land are being sucked into its vortex of vice and degradation. And among...

Strike Out Where Not Applicable

by Nicolas Freeling Bloomsbury Publishing (September 25, 2014)

Commissaire Van der Valk, appointed to his new position after surviving a bullet through the leg, is getting rather bored of his new quiet life in the town of Lisse. Whilst getting home in time for dinner and...

The Two Saplings

by Mazo de la Roche Bloomsbury Publishing (September 16, 2014)

Two baby boys are born on the same day; one American, one English, their futures spread out before them safe in the arms of their affluent parents. But a mix up in the nursing home changes everything. Years...

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

by Jules Verne Bloomsbury Publishing (August 14, 2014)

After a mysterious sea monster damages an ocean liner, the US government assembles a team in New York City to track down the creature and destroy it. French marine biologist Pierre Aronnax receives a last-minute...

The Thieves of Pudding Lane

by Jonathan Eyers Bloomsbury Publishing (October 23, 2014)

Gripping historical adventure set during the Great Fire of London. A young boy orphaned by the Plague learns to survive as a thief on the streets of London - until fire breaks out...

London, 1666. Orphaned by...

Once in Europa

by John Berger Bloomsbury Publishing (August 30, 2014)

A collection of interwoven stories, this is a portrait of two worlds - a small Alpine village bound to the earth and by tradition, and the restless, future-driven culture that will invade it - at their moment...

The Sea Wolf

by Jack London Bloomsbury Publishing (August 14, 2014)

Set adrift after a collision with another vessel, ferry passenger Humphrey van Weyden is picked up by the seal-hunting schooner the Ghost. His relief at being rescued slowly turns into concern once he meets...

The Lazarus Prophecy

by F. G. Cottam Bloomsbury Publishing (September 09, 2014)

There is a killer loose on the streets of London, one that evades security cameras, is not held by locks, and savagely mutilates his victims. When the murderer switches from unknown prostitutes to Julie Longmuir,...


by Deborah Chancellor Bloomsbury Publishing (October 09, 2014)

Working in the dark shadows of Elizabeth I's glory, the spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham protects his queen with plots, entrapment and torture. When Kit is forced into Walsingham's service, he is horrified at...

Blood Entwines

by Caroline Healy Bloomsbury Publishing (August 01, 2014)

In the aftermath of a blood transfusion that saved her life, Kara feels different. Her senses are stronger ... she can hear whispered comments not meant for her ears ... she can hear the person following her....

Leif Frond and the Viking Games

by Joan Lennon Bloomsbury Publishing (August 14, 2014)

Leif wants to be a hero, but as the youngest and smallest member of his huge Viking family, he's never had the chance to shine. Can he finally become a champion at the Midsummer Games?

All he has to do is compete...

Leif Frond and Quickfingers

by Joan Lennon Bloomsbury Publishing (August 14, 2014)

A wandering pedlar turns up in Leif's village, much to the delight of the Vikings of Frondfell. Only Leif suspects there's something not quite right about the small, wrinkly old man.

As belongings start to go...

Devious Murder

by George Bellairs Bloomsbury Publishing (September 09, 2014)

Whilst taking the dog out for the last walk of the day, Littlejohn of Scotland Yard comes across a body in the rain. Recognising it as Charles Blunt, a thief he crossed paths with and admired many years before,...

Murder Adrift

by George Bellairs Bloomsbury Publishing (September 09, 2014)

The Todd family, governed by their aged mother, are important people in Fordinghurst. When the younger brother, Heck, is found murdered in his boat at sea they do their best to hush up the scandal. They obstruct...

The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware

by Dennis Wheatley Bloomsbury Publishing (August 28, 2014)

Sep 1809 - 1 Jan 1813

In 1809 Roger Brook went to Lisbon and became involved in the Peninsular War. While there he first met Lady Mary Ware, with unexpected results for both of them.

Later, events carried him...