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10 Ways To Screw Up An Ad Campaign

by Barry H Cohen Adams Media (May 22, 2018)

10 Ways to Screw Up an Ad Campaign is a practical, no-nonsense guide to avoiding the most common pitfalls. Written for the small business, professional practitioners, and those who work in the advertising field,...

Day Trading 101

by David Borman Adams Media (January 09, 2018)

A comprehensive guide to day trading, with prescriptive information and actionable advice to help you achieve financial success.

It may seem that day trading is only for savvy investors who know the ins and outs...

Knock 'em Dead Collection: Knock 'em Dead; Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters; Knock 'em Dead Resumes

by Martin Yate Adams Media (December 26, 2017)

New York Times bestselling author Martin Yate has helped millions of people turn their lives around by finding great jobs and managing their careers more effectively. Now his unique and proven secrets to success...

Knock 'em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide

by Martin Yate Adams Media (December 05, 2017)

Completely updated with new material, this bestselling job search guide can help you keep up with changes in the job market—from updating the language of your resume to using social media networking to make...

The 100 Best Stocks to Buy in 2018

by Peter Sander & Scott Bobo Adams Media (December 05, 2017)

Updated for today’s market, the 2018 edition of the 100 Best Stocks series picks the top stocks you should invest in based on the authors’ investing philosophy—which has consistently beaten the S&P average...

Rain Making

by Ford Harding Adams Media (February 01, 2008)

Sell and Market Like a Pro!

In this new edition of his classic book, Rain Making, Ford Harding reveals step by step how--even if you've never sold a product in your life--you can become a top performer in your...

250 Questions for Starting a Nonprofit

by Martin Stephens Adams Media (December 05, 2014)

An essential guide to launching a nonprofit organization!

From budgets to bylaws, 250 Questions for Starting a Nonprofit provides you with the knowledge you need to make a plan, set realistic goals, and obtain...

Investing 101

by Michele Cagan Adams Media (December 04, 2015)

A crash course in managing personal wealth!

Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy details of investing into tedious discourse that would put even Warren Buffett to sleep. Investing 101 cuts out the boring...

Knock 'Em Dead 2016

by Martin Yate Adams Media (September 04, 2015)

Featured on US News & World Report

Take control of your job search, career, and life!

New York Times bestseller Martin Yate has helped millions of job seekers improve their job search and career management tactics,...

Management 101

by Stephen Soundering Adams Media (December 02, 2016)

A crash course in managing productive, successful, and happy employees!

Effective employee management is imperative to a business' success, but all too often management books turn the important details of best...

Social Security 101

by Alfred Mill Adams Media (October 01, 2016)

A crash course in retirement benefits!

Too often, writing about social security turns the noteworthy details of the benefits into boring details about regulations or biased political arguments that would put...

The Ultimate Freelancer's Guidebook

by Yuwanda Black Adams Media (September 02, 2016)

The definitive resource for a new generation of freelancers!


Freelance writer, internet marketer, and mobile entrepreneur Yuwanda Black specializes in helping young freelancers build a business and "live...

Stock Market 101

by Michele Cagan Adams Media (November 04, 2016)

All you need to know about buying and selling stocks!

Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy details of investing into tedious discourse that would put even a hedge fund manager to sleep. Stock Market 101...

The Everything Guide To Network Marketing

by Esther Spina Adams Media (November 13, 2015)

Proven techniques for multilevel marketing success!

Whether you're looking for a career change, a flexible part-time job, or a way to make money while staying home with the kids, network marketing is one of the...


by Emily Brandon Adams Media (March 04, 2016)

As seen in The Washington Post, US News & World Report, and Yahoo!

Get the most out of your retirement!

If you're one of the millions of Americans without a pension plan, your retirement years might seem like...

Economics 101

by Alfred Mill Adams Media (January 02, 2016)

A Crash Course in the Study of Production and Consumption!

Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy details of economics into tedious discourse that would put even Joseph Stiglitz to sleep. Economics 101 cuts...

Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters

by Martin Yate Adams Media (November 04, 2016)

Cover letters that get noticed, get read, and get the interview!

In the newest edition of his classic cover letter guide, job search expert Martin Yate shows you how to dramatically increase your chance of landing...

The Everything Guide to Flipping Houses

by Melanie Williamson Adams Media (December 12, 2014)

Expert advice to find, fix, and flip any residential property!

Are you ready to capitalize on the rising real estate market and get in on the red-hot house flipping scene? You need a step-by-step guide to evaluate...

Performance Appraisals That Work

by Corey Sandler & Janice Keefe Adams Media (October 01, 2005)

It's review time again, and yet you can't find the time or the energy to write those appraisals. You draw a blank when faced with those intimidating HR forms. You struggle to document productivity and behavioral...

Knock 'em Dead 2017

by Martin Yate Adams Media (October 01, 2016)

Take control of your job search--with proven strategies for success!


New York Times bestseller Martin Yate has helped millions of people turn their lives around by finding great jobs and managing their career...

The 100 Best Stocks to Buy in 2015

by Peter Sander & Scott Bobo Adams Media (November 07, 2014)

Now is the time to make money!

As the market continues to grow and reaches record highs in late 2014, you'll need to know where to put your money in order to create the largest profit. With The 100 Best Stocks...

Choose Your Retirement

by Emily Guy Birken Adams Media (September 04, 2015)

As seen in Woman's Day, US News & World Report, and Money Magazine

Uncover the truth about planning for retirement!

From financial advisors and pundits on television to colleagues and family members, everyone...

Knock 'em Dead Resumes

by Martin Yate Adams Media (November 04, 2016)

Expert advice on building a resume to get the job you want!

Your resume is the most important financial document you'll ever create. When it works, so do you. Drawing on more than thirty years of experience,...

The 100 Best Stocks to Buy in 2016

by Peter Sander & Scott Bobo Adams Media (November 06, 2015)

Now is the time to make money!

Although the market has seen growth in 2015, it continues to swing on concerns over energy prices, the possibility of a "Grexit," and currency headwinds. With The 100 Best Stocks...

Predict the Next Bull or Bear Market and Win

by Michael Sincere Adams Media (April 18, 2014)

The secrets to making money--no matter what the market conditions!

A fundamental guide to investing, Predict the Next Bull or Bear Market and Win shows you how to build your wealth and protect your investments...

Healthcare Made Easy

by Michelle Katz Adams Media (November 07, 2014)

An easy-to-understand guide to the Affordable Care Act!

Written by ABC World News' Real Money expert and healthcare advocate Michelle Katz, Healthcare Made Easy is the ultimate resource for understanding and...

Leading Women

by Nancy D O'Reilly Adams Media (November 07, 2014)

Now is the time...

Stop waiting around for the career--and life--that you deserve and start taking the reins! Leading Women shows you how to claim power and respect, conquer your internal barriers, and change...

Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months

by Melinda F Emerson & Michael J. Critelli Adams Media (December 05, 2014)

"Become Your Own Boss is a must-read if you're thinking of launching a business of your own." --Jean Chatzky, bestselling author of Money 911 and Financial Editor, NBC Today

Create a successful business this...

The Everything Guide To Writing Copy

by Steve Slaunwhite Adams Media (June 14, 2007)

The Everything Guide to Writing Copy is a step-by-step guide to writing effective copy for a variety of media including print, web, radio, trade journals, and much more.

Packed with tips and tricks used by the...

Adams Resume Almanac

by Richard J Wallace Adams Media (June 01, 2005)

A revised edition of the most comprehensive resume guide on the market! A must for the successful job search, The Adams Resume Almanac, 2nd Edition contains everything a candidate needs to know in order to craft...

Breakthrough Thinking

by Thomas Vogel Adams Media (June 23, 2014)

Harness your creative potential!

Make no mistake; creative thinking is a skill. As with any skill, it can be strengthened, honed and mastered. And just like any endeavor, mastery of creativity requires thoughtful...

The Everything Start Your Own Business Book

by Judith B Harrington Adams Media (May 18, 2010)

You have a great idea for a new business. Or maybe you're ready to leave your company and branch out on your own. But where do you begin? Let successful business owner Judy Harrington show you the way! With...

Six Figure Salary Negotiation

by Michael Zwell Adams Media (March 01, 2008)

More than 7 million Americans make six-figure salaries--and you can be one of them! Corporate recruiter Michael Zwell uses his twenty-five years of experience to show you how to reach that goal. And he brings...

The Everything Guide to Day Trading

by David Borman Adams Media (December 18, 2010)

Day trading can be perilous or profitable--depending upon the expertise of the trader. In this no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners guide, you learn how the market works and how to make it work for you. From screening...

The Everything Guide to Social Media

by John K Waters & John Lester Adams Media (October 18, 2010)

The ultimate user's guide to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more!

Don't know a tweet from a tweep? Wondering how to get a Second Life? Curious about creating a Facebook profile? Join the social media movement!...

1001 Ways to Make Money If You Dare

by Trent Hamm Adams Media (March 18, 2009)

Everyone’s in search of a quick buck, and now they know where to find it—if they dare. Whether it’s becoming a living, breathing billboard, or selling bootleg concert t-shirts in the arena’s parking...

The Everything Cover Letter Book

by Burton Jay Nadler Adams Media (June 01, 2005)

Get the interview with professional correspondence!

Completely updated for today's competitive job market, The Everything Cover Letter Book, 2nd Edition is what you need to get your foot in the door! With hundreds...

Keep them on your Side

by Samuel B Bacharach Adams Media (October 05, 2006)

'Keep Them On Your Side' shows employees how to maintain organizational momentum for projects and agendas to ensure that goals will actually be achieved over the long haul.

Adams Businesses You Can Start Almanac

by Adams Media Adams Media (September 17, 2006)

500 businesses you can start!

The time to start your own business is now! Whether you're a previously employed manager seeking new opportunities and greater job satisfaction, starting up a home-based business,...

The Everything Guide to Currency Trading

by David Borman Adams Media (February 18, 2012)

Currency trading can be profitable or perilous—depending upon your expertise as a trader. In this no-nonsense guide, you'll learn the basics of currency investing, from global macroeconomics to technical analysis,...

Streetwise Selling On Ebay

by Sonia Weiss Adams Media (July 13, 2006)

Streetwise Guide to Selling on eBay shows all the ins and outs of getting started in this lucrative sales channel. Readers will learn the best ways to conduct eBay transactions; track inventory and profits;...

The Everything Public Speaking Book

by Scott S Smith Adams Media (June 01, 2008)

If you're afraid to speak in public, you're not alone. A well-known study showed that more people put fear of public speaking at the top of their list of fears, even above the fear of death! But armed with The...


by Tom Gorman Adams Media (August 01, 2007)

Productivity, Results, Accomplishments - These are the outcome of good, solid management. Management is the art and science of getting things accomplished via other people and executing results. Execution is...


by Tom Gorman Adams Media (April 02, 2007)

Win over colleagues, customers, and clients!

To get what you want--be it in business or life--you've got to get people to give it to you. While you can use intimidation, manipulation, and seduction to achieve...


by Gary R McClain Adams Media (June 04, 2007)

Create expert presentations with this useful guide!

Presentations, Second Edition takes the anxiety out of creating dynamic presentations with a commonsense, step-by-step plan for success. The book starts you...

The Everything Guide To Starting And Running A Restaurant

by Ronald Lee Restaurateur & Ronald Lee Adams Media (December 12, 2005)

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

The Everything Couponing Book

by Karen Wilmes Adams Media (February 18, 2012)

Want to save money on the items you buy every week? Want to learn how to find deals without spending hours looking for them? Want to leave a store with money in your pocket? Then it's time to start couponing!...

Sell Now!

by Stacia Skinner & Brandon Yusef Toropov Adams Media (September 15, 2011)

With the volatile economy, budgets are tight and expectation for increased revenue is higher than ever. Old sales strategies aren’t cutting it in this tough market. Veteran sales trainer Stacia Skinner and...

The Everything Guide to Starting and Running a Restaurant

by Ronald Lee Adams Media (November 18, 2011)

It takes a lot more than top-notch cooking skills to launch and run a successful eatery. But if you're a hopeful chef or hungry entrepreneur looking to open the next hot spot, you'll find everything you need...

The Everything Job Interview Book

by Lin Grensing-Pophal Adams Media (November 18, 2011)

A job interview can be both terrifying and exciting; interviewees are always eager to put their best foot forward and make a great impression. However, many aspects of this fairly typical business procedure...