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The True Story of Tom Dooley: From Western North Carolina Mystery to Folk Legend

by John Edward Fletcher PhD & Edith Marie Ferguson Carter The History Press (May 07, 2013)

In the wake of a love affair and a mysterious chain of events, Tom Dooley was convicted and hanged for the murder of Laura Foster.

At the conclusion of the Civil War, Wilkes County, North Carolina, was the site...

Murder on the Florida Frontier

by Andrew Fink The History Press (November 05, 2018)

In 1880, there was a brutal murder in sunny paradise. This is the story of greed, violence, and a sensational trial that still captures the public's imagination even well after 100 years have passed.

Archie Newton...

The Jefferson County Egan Murders: Nightmare on New Year's Eve 1964

by Dave Shampine & Daniel T. Boyer The History Press (October 14, 2014)

With interviews from key witnesses, authors Dave Shampine and Daniel Boyer recount the grisly story of this New Year's Eve North Country nightmare, which is still shrouded in mystery today.

The names Peter, Barbara...

Murder in the Midlands

by Rita Y. Shuler The History Press (March 20, 2007)

Documented in film, crime T.V. shows and now captured in this book; read about Larry Gene Bell and his reign of terror in South Carolina.

Former South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) forensic photographer...

Mystery, Millions & Murder in North Jersey

by John E. O'Rourke The History Press (February 25, 2019)

Author John E. O'Rourke recounts the crime that rocked a sleepy community and brought the nation's eyes to North Jersey.

On a spring morning in Morristown in 1992, authorities discovered a car idling in a driveway...

Wicked Muncie

by Keith Roysdon & Douglas Walker The History Press (October 17, 2016)

Explore the notorious and unusual side of Muncie's history.

Muncie is the classic small American city. But for much of the past two centuries, the city fell victim to murder, corruption and the bizarre. Mayor...

Murder & Mayhem in the Highlands

by John King The History Press (October 24, 2008)

Visitors gazing out over the Highlands of coastal New Jersey might never guess that these rolling hills have been a stage for mankind's darkest deeds.

Author John King shines a spotlight on the region's violent...

The Corpsewood Manor Murders in North Georgia

by Amy Petulla The History Press (August 08, 2016)

Author Amy Petulla uncovers the curious case that left two men dead and the incredible story still surrounded by controversy, speculation and myth.

In 1982, Tony West and Avery Brock made a visit to notorious...

Wicked Newport

by Dr. Thomas Barker, Dr. Gary W. Potter & Jenna Meglen The History Press (October 10, 2008)

Controlled by the heavy hand of the mob and fueled by government corruption, Newport evolved through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries into a notoriously robust center of criminal activity.

With top political...

Wicked Terre Haute

by Tim Crumrin The History Press (March 18, 2019)

Join local historian Tim Crumrin as he reveals the blackguards, rogues and swindlers of Terre Haute's rough and rowdy past.

For more than a century, Terre Haute earned its reputation as a sin city. One of the...

A History of Smuggling in Florida

by Stan Zimmerman The History Press (October 01, 2006)

Put on your life vest and head out for this exciting, entertaining history of Florida's most-fascinating smugglers!

Think you're a smuggler? With that box of Cuban cigars or those unclaimed duty-free souvenirs...

Hudson Valley Murder & Mayhem

by Andrew K. Amelinckx The History Press (June 26, 2017)

Visit the long ago crime and dire deeds in the Hudson Valley of New York.

The Hudson Valley is drenched in history, culture and blood. In the fall of 1893, Lizzie Halliday left a trail of bodies in her wake,...

Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem

by Gavin Schmitt The History Press (November 27, 2017)

The safe and sedate Fox Cities have seen their share of horrible crimes. A must-read for fans of true crime and Wisconsin history.

Cold Blooded murder, kidnapping, prostitution, organized crime and other misdeeds...

Hot Springs

by Robert K. Raines Arcadia Publishing (November 18, 2013)

From a hot springs attraction to a central location for gangsters, gambling, moonshine and organized crime, trace the evolution of this "loose buckle in the Bible belt", now a resort and major tourist destination....