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Sergeant Presley

by Rex Mansfield, Marshall and Zoe Terrill, and Rex and Elizabeth Mansfield, Elisabeth Mansfield & Dave Thompson et al. Ecw Press (September 01, 2002)

What happened when Elvis entered the army in 1958? Although many have speculated, for the first time we get the inside story. Rex Mansfield, the co-author, was inducted on the same day as Elvis in Memphis, went...

Secret Life of Glenn Gould, The

by Michael Clarkson, Mike Harrison & Becca Wilcott Ecw Press (April 01, 2010)

Long after his death, Glenn Gould still lures new listeners to his piano, connecting with them on a haunting, personal level. "He feels and you feel," says young New York writer Nicole Spectre. "I can feel his...

Little Evil

by Jens Pulver, Linwood Barclay, Jens Pulver and Erich Krauss & Erich Krauss Ecw Press (October 23, 2003)

At ten years of age, lined up alongside his two brothers in the living room of their Seattle home, Jens Pulver stared down the length of a shotgun into his father's haggard face. Because Jens was the oldest,...

Joyce Wieland

by Iris Nowell & Larry Hicock with John Lewis Ecw Press (September 01, 2001)

"Joyce Wieland is one of Canada's greatest artists of the last half of the twentieth century." - Pierre Theberge, director of the National Gallery of Canada. Joyce Wieland triumphed over what she called "obscene...


by Vince Russo & George Tombs Ecw Press (November 10, 2005)

Ask pro wrestling fans about Vince Russo and you're sure to get a heated reaction: either the guy's a genius, or he single-handedly ruined the sport. What's weird about being "the most hated man" in an industry...

Another Day In Showbiz

by Pierre Cossette & Alex Doulis Ecw Press (January 13, 2003)

The story of an unassuming kid from rural Canada who worked his way to the top of the world of glitz and glamour. He's hunched back in the 30th row of the massive Staples Center, far from the cardboard cut-outs...


by Brian McFarlane & Tony Young and Dalton Higgins Ecw Press (September 01, 1997)

A biography of hockey's first and undisputed all-time King. Once described as "that irrepressible Irishman from Ottawa who was 135 pounds of muscle and conversation," Francis Michael "King" Clancy is the grit...

Rick Rubin

by Jake Brown & Mark Sinnett Ecw Press (August 01, 2009)

There is no greater enigma than Rick Rubin working in record production today. As mysterious personally as the Buddhist religion he practices, Rubin has made one thing crystal clear: the records he produces...

Mouth of the South, The

by Larry Matysik and Barbara Goodish, Foreward by Jim Ross, Wwe Raw Announcer, Jimmy Hart, Jerry "The King" Lawler & Hulk Hogan Ecw Press (November 18, 2004)

What went wrong with WCW? An omnipresent megaphone and maniacal, high-pitched giggle are the only clues that fans of pro-wrestling need to identify perhaps the most successful and internationally recognizable...

Assimilation, The

by Edward Winterhalder, Peter M. Cleveland, Edward Winterhalder and Wil De Clercq & Wil De Clercq Ecw Press (June 01, 2008)

In the early 1990s, Maurice "Mom" Boucher and his fellow Montreal Hells Angels, reputedly the most ruthless and vicious bikers in the world, subdued all comers except the tough-as-nails members of the Rock Machine....

Third Best Hull

by Lainie Cohen Ecw Press (October 01, 1998)

Hockey legend Gordie Howe once said there were two superstars in the Hull family: Bobby, the Golden Jet and one of the greatest players ever to tie up a pair of skates, and his brother Dennis, who had a solid...

Smuggler's Blues

by Jay Carter Brown, Paul Ferriss & James Guttman Ecw Press (October 31, 2007)

Mobsters, murder, betrayal, and revenge are the raw components of this candid look into the day-to-day life of a modern-day marijuana smuggler. Told from the viewpoint of an impressionable young entrepreneur...

Celebrity Tantrums

by Lisa Brandt & Stewart T. Stanyard, Foreword by Neil Gaiman Ecw Press (April 01, 2003)

Catfights, temper tantrums, felonies - they're all here, in scandalous detail. Celebrity Tantrums: The Official Dirt is the only collection of highlights - or, rather, lowlights - of the world's most famous...

Good Girls Do

by Brian Francis Ecw Press (June 01, 2001)

A personal meditation on the wild world that is sexuality now. "'I want you to tell me why you wrote this story,' my mother said. I had once again written an article about sex. 'I made it all up, none of it...

Steve Goodman

by Clay Eals & Alessandro Porco Ecw Press (May 15, 2007)

?Steve Goodman wrote "Good mornin' America, how are ya" into the nation's consciousness, becoming one of the most respected singer/songwriters of the 1970s and early 80s. With warmth and wit, he charmed better-known...

Get Dutch!

by Brian Francis Ecw Press (November 01, 2000)

The biography of the author of Get Shorty, Be Cool, and Out of Sight. "I do it because it's fun? it's the most fun thing I can think of doing" - Elmore Leonard on the secret of his successful writing career....

Far and Away

by Neil Peart, Eva Everything & Stuart Ross Ecw Press (May 01, 2011)

Following in the tradition of Ghost Rider and Traveling Music, Rush drummer Neil Peart lets us ride with him along the backroads of North America, Europe, and South America, sharing his experiences in personal...

Hallo Spaceboy

by Dave Thompson, Mendelson Joe, as told by Nadia Halim & Mark Weisleder Ecw Press (June 09, 2006)

By 1987, David Bowie was at a creative, critical, and commercial low. His most recent album was dismissed by the music press, his latest tour written off as a disaster. Fifteen years after becoming the most...

Lucky Ones, The

by edited by Ann Rauhala, Erich Krauss and Bret Aita, Ann Rauhala & Jan Wong Ecw Press (April 01, 2008)

"What a lucky girl!" Everybody who has adopted a daughter from China has heard that one. And every parent has said, or thought, in reply: "No, we're the lucky ones." This anthology sets out to explain why people...

Final Appeal

by Colin Thatcher, Brian Fritz and Christopher Murray & Lucy Rutherford Ecw Press (September 01, 2009)

On May 7, 1984, Colin Thatcher was convicted of killing his ex-wife JoAnn Wilson the previous year, and was sentenced to life in prison. The murder and the trial provoked a national media frenzy, and the once-prominent...

Bang Your Head

by Michael Knox, Dewey Robertson and Meredith Renwick & Dewey Robertson Ecw Press (May 19, 2006)

"And in this corner, at 260 pounds, from Parts Unknown, it's The Missing Link!" Wrestling fans around the world thrilled to those words in the mid-80s as the bizarre and volatile Missing Link would enter the...

Much Master T

by Tony Young, Emily Schultz, Tony Young and Dalton Higgins & Dalton Higgins Ecw Press (October 01, 2002)

An inside peek at the life of a MuchMusic VJ ? When you think of urban pop culture icons at "the nation's music station" over the past decade, only one name comes to mind: master T. "T" has been an employee...

American Demon, An

by Steve Stanton, Frank Davey & Jack Grisham Ecw Press (May 01, 2011)

?An American Demon is Jack Grisham's story of depravity and redemption, terror and spiritual deliverance. While Grisham is best known as the raucous and provocative front man of the pioneer hardcore punk band...

When Tish Happens

by Frank Davey Ecw Press (April 01, 2011)

In the early 1960s, a group of students at UBC started a magazine called Tish. The name was purposefully an anagram of shit, in order to demonstrate their youthful and iconoclastic attitude. In many ways, Tish,...

They Don't Wanna Wait

by Richard Crouse Ecw Press (October 01, 1999)

Not since that famous Beverly Hills area code was etched into our minds has teen life been given such loving attention. TV's newest hit, Dawson's Creek is a smart, articulate, sexy program that's taken the Archies...

Randy Newman's American Dreams

by Kevin Courrier & Aye Jay Morano, foreword by Andrew W.K. Ecw Press (June 20, 2005)

?Among his peers, Randy Newman is considered one of the most respected singer-songwriters in contemporary American music. For over 40 years, he has composed a variety of hits for artists as diverse as Judy Collins,...

You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Sam Cutler, Paul Challen & Robin Spano Ecw Press (April 01, 2010)

Sam Cutler was tour manager for the Rolling Stones at some of their major gigs in the late sixties, including the infamous concert at Altamont where a man was murdered by a Hells Angel in front of the stage...

Ghost Rider

by Neil Peart, Dewey Robertson and Meredith Renwick & Nikki Stafford Ecw Press (September 24, 2010)

A bold narrative written by a man trying to stay alive by staying on the move. Within a ten-month period, Neil Peart suffered family losses so devastating that they left him a ghost - physically a man but with...

Kid Rex

by Laura Moisin, Martin Popoff & Raeburn Flerlage, Ronald D. Cohen, Bob Riesman Ecw Press (October 31, 2008)

Kid Rex is the story of one woman's struggle to overcome anorexia. After knowing other friends with anorexia and being baffled by their behavior (often wondering, "Why doesn't she just eat?!") Moisin suddenly...

As For Me and My Body

by Keath Fraser & Nikki Stafford, ed. Ecw Press (March 01, 1997)

Keath Fraser, a friend of Sinclair Ross's for twenty-six years, offers an intimate portrait of the last years of Ross's often beleaguered life. Ross moved to Vancouver in 1982 and died fourteen years later at...

Traveling Music

by Neil Peart & Marc Vachon with François Bugingo, translated by Charles Phillips Ecw Press (June 24, 2004)

Neil Peart decided to drive his BMW Z-8 automobile from L.A. to Big Bend National Park, in Southwest Texas. As he sped along "between the gas-gulping SUVs and asthmatic Japanese compacts clumping in the left...

Mariah Carey

by Marc Shapiro & Nikki Stafford Ecw Press (June 01, 2001)

A Cinderella story starring the bestselling female musical artist of the millennium. Mariah Carey grew up in a broken home, poor and with no friends. Singing was her salvation. One day, at a music industry party,...

Thinkin Big!

by James "Quick" Tillis, Paul Cherry, James ÒQuickÓ Tillis as told to J. Engleman Price & J. Engleman Price Ecw Press (November 01, 2000)

"They need to think big like I did. If they can see it in their head, they can get there." Thinkin Big is the story of a kid whose dream was never supposed to come true: the story of a man who won hearts with...

Losing Mariposa

by Doug Little & John McFetridge Ecw Press (October 01, 2002)

The riveting story of one man's descent into hell. Losing Mariposa is the harrowing memoir of Doug Little's two-year binge as a compulsive gambler - a fall from grace that made national front-page headlines,...

Stories About Storytellers

by Doug Gibson & Jonathan Bennett Ecw Press (October 01, 2011)

"Here is my prize read for people who are interested in books, writers, Canada, life, and all that kind of thing." -Alice Munro, from the introduction "I'll kill him!" said Mavis Gallant. Pierre Trudeau almost...


by Christopher Heard & Neil Peart Ecw Press (September 01, 2001)

The truth behind Johnny Depp's bad-boy image in this definitive biography. Accidental actor? Bratty bad boy? Consummate craftsman? Take a little of each, and a whole lot more, and you've got Johnny Depp. Delectably...

Gwyneth Paltrow

by Valerie Milano, Kathleen Tracy & Jimmy Hart Ecw Press (March 01, 2000)

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow has lived the life of a Hollywood princess - despite her parents' attempts to shelter her from the glare of the spotlight. The daughter of producer Bruce Paltrow and actress...

Russell Crowe

by Gabor H. Wylie & Mendelson Joe Ecw Press (November 01, 2001)

In this innovative biography of one of Hollywood's most recently crowned kings, Gabor H. Wylie gives Russell Crowe fans what they've been longing for - the stories that make up a lifetime, little anecdotal gems...

Season of Loss, A Lifetime of Forgiveness, A

by John Manasso, Jennifer Ambrose & George Tombs Ecw Press (November 04, 2005)

Dan Snyder narrowly escaped being cut from his junior hockey team for two years in a row. That's hardly the stuff that NHL careers are made of. But Snyder earned his spot on the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers roster...


by Mark Pytlik & Dave Thompson Ecw Press (May 29, 2003)

The first major biography of one of the most important musicians of the last decade, Björk: Wow and Flutter is an exhaustive and revealing look at the life, music, and philosophy of one of modern music's most...


by Mendelson Joe & Nadia Halim Ecw Press (November 01, 2000)

Musician, artist, anti-smoker, ecological gadfly - here is Mendelson Joe's story, in his own outrageous word. He believes that speaking out can make a difference, that women are the only hope for the future,...

I'm Walking As Straight As I Can

by Geri Jewell, Marc Strange, Jon Waldman and Stephen Laroche & Geri Jewell with Ted Nichelson et al. Ecw Press (April 01, 2011)

Born with cerebral palsy, Geri Jewell inspired a generation of young people when she became the first person with a disability to appear in a recurring role on prime-time television, with her groundbreaking...

Judas Priest

by Martin Popoff & James Guttman Ecw Press (December 01, 2007)

When the world thinks of heavy metal in its pure, potent, undiluted form, it is none other than the Metal Gods, Judas Priest, that instantly come to mind. Chrome and black leather, studs and whips and chains,...

Jennifer Lopez

by Christopher White Ecw Press (November 01, 2000)

Latin heat meets Versace and Puffy. February, 2000. The Grammy Awards. In the evening's highpoint, Latin beauty Jennifer Lopez wears an eye-popping Versace dress that looks like a pasted-on scarf. It barely...


by Barbara Hale-Seubert, Brent Pilkey & Grant Goodbrand Ecw Press (May 01, 2011)

?Riptide is the raw and revealing account of the author's journey during the ten years her oldest daughter struggled with anorexia and bulimia, a battle that ended with her death at age 23 in February 2000....

Cowboy and the Cross, The

by "Cowboy" Bill Watts, Lawrence Hacking with Wil De Clercq, ÒCowboyÓ Bill Watts and Scott Williams & Scott Williams Ecw Press (March 01, 2006)

In The Cowboy and the Cross, Bill Watts takes us from his stormy upbringing and his tumultuous years at the University of Oklahoma, to his days in the wrestling business, sparing nothing in his details about...

Too Close to the Falls

by Catherine Gildiner, Keath Fraser & Shaun Belding Ecw Press (October 01, 1999)

Heartbreaking and wicked: a memoir of  stunning beauty and remarkable grace. Improbable friendships and brushes with death. A schoolgirl affecting the course of aboriginal politics. Elvis and cocktails and...

Stephen Harper

by Lloyd Mackey, Jill Lawless & Edward Winterhalder and Wil De Clercq Ecw Press (November 01, 2006)

Any look at Stephen Harper and the new Conservative party requires an examination of the evangelical Christian legacy coming out of both the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties. In Stephen...

Michael Moore

by Emily Schultz & Terry F. Ritchie with Brian D. Wruk Ecw Press (October 03, 2005)

Love him or hate him, the world over cannot ignore Michael Moore. Left and right can both agree that this son of a Flint autoworker has single-handedly revitalized liberal politics, and turned his unique style...

From Someplace Else

by Ralph Osborne & James Guttman Ecw Press (May 09, 2003)

The decade between 1961 and 1971 was a time of tumult; of innocence lost, gained, and lost again. During those years, Ralph Osborne moved from the confusions of being 17 to, briefly, believing that at 27, he...