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Learning to Play the Game: My Journey Through Silence

by Jonathan Kohlmeier Lulu Publishing Services (October 17, 2016)

Everyone has fears. A fear of the dark, a fear of heights, or even a fear of the unknown can make leading an otherwise normal life difficult. But what if you were afraid not of the dark or of heights-but of...

Lessons Learned, Hopefully: Essays About Life Experiences and the Lessons Derived from Those Experiences

by John McMullen McMullen Lulu Publishing Services (October 17, 2016)

Looking back over a lifetime of service in the church and beyond, John McMullen recalls major and minor events in life and what he learned from each. The reader will find stories that they can relate to and...

The Sum of All Things: Connecting With the Spirit and God In Us All

by Derek L. Gray Lulu Publishing Services (October 11, 2016)

Have you ever had a moment that redefined everything you thought to be true about life, family, and faith? Derek L. Gray had such a moment in the fall of 2014, when he suffered a series of personal and professional...

The Adventures and New Beginnings of a Modern-Day Samaritan Woman

by Sandy Fine Lulu Publishing Services (October 06, 2016)

Author Sandy Fine's mother used to say Sandy renewed husbands like a driver's license. Married four times, she recounts her varied experiences in The Adventures and New Beginnings of a Modern-Day Samaritan Woman....

Titch Irreverently Remembers

by Titch Laudrigan Lulu Publishing Services (October 07, 2016)

As the son of a career Air Force officer, author Titch Laudregan was accustomed to moving from place to place and back again. Constantly relocating and always losing or making new friends was a norm in his young...

Go Pound Salt

by Mandy Minick Lulu Publishing Services (October 05, 2016)

Throughout the Great Depression, World War II, the '50s, '60s and '70s, a tiny, hard-scrabble neighborhood in Brownsville, Pennsylvania was the home of a band of siblings who sang, danced, laughed, worked, partied...

Financial Plans for Successful Wealth Management In Retirement: An Easy Guide to Selecting Portfolio Withdrawal Strategies

by Tushar S. Chande, Ph.D., Mba Lulu Publishing Services (August 26, 2016)

Everyone who retires has hopes, dreams, plans, and projects. But how do you manage your nest egg to realize your dreams? Just as a baseball manager sets his batting lineup, you need to choose a portfolio allocation...

A Cryptic Odyssey

by John Bartel Weston Lulu Publishing Services (August 24, 2016)

The first three chapters of the book offer the author's depiction of his life leading up to his cryptic odyssey through various countries and continents of the world. The symptoms and signs of his mental illness...

Hal Holoun On Oil Painting: Living an Artist's Life

by Linda K. Welsch Lulu Publishing Services (August 24, 2016)

Hal Holoun on Oil Painting presents an intimate look into a professional artist's life as he faces the challenges of capturing moments in time with a brush and canvas. A reclusive artist and yet a generous teacher,...