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Harry Harrison! Harry Harrison!

by Harry Harrison Tom Doherty Associates (November 04, 2014)

In Harry Harrison! Harry Harrison! are the recollections of one of the grand masters of science fiction, on his storied career as a celebrated author and on his relationships with other luminaries in the field....

John Muir

by Rod Miller Tom Doherty Associates (May 28, 2013)

In 1849, 11-year-old John Muir immigrated from Scotland to America. Here, he rose from farmer and sawmill worker to become a noted authority on the botany, glaciers, and forestry of the nation's wilderness....

Whip the Rebellion

by George Walsh Tom Doherty Associates (May 21, 2013)

How the unprepossessing Ulysses S. Grant, whose military genius ultimately preserved the Union, came to the forefront in the Civil War is a story as surprising as it is compelling. Forced to resign his commission...

Chief Joseph

by Candy Moulton Tom Doherty Associates (May 14, 2013)

Chief Joseph (1840-1904) became a legend due to his heroic efforts to keep his people in their homeland in Oregon's Wallowa Valley despite a treaty that ordered them onto a reservation in Idaho. In 1877, when...

Gallant Lady

by Don Keith & Ken Henry Tom Doherty Associates (June 13, 2006)

She looked like just about like the other diesel powered, Balao-class submarines crafted in the '40s. But there the similarity ends. Because the Archerfish--named for a fish that kills its victims with a lethal...

Our Country, Right or Wrong

by Leonard F. Guttridge Tom Doherty Associates (September 04, 2007)

Blazing sea fights and undercurrents of intrigue: these are among the compelling ingredients of a biography that brings to life the most illustrious and formidable figure of the United States Navy. His name...

David Crockett

by William Groneman Tom Doherty Associates (February 06, 2007)

Perhaps no other figure in American history is more shrouded in myth and legend than David ("Davy") Crockett, the Tennessee frontiersman whose death at the Alamo in 1836 ensured his place in the Valhalla of...

Armed and Dangerous

by Gina Gallo Tom Doherty Associates (April 06, 2002)

The critically acclaimed memoirs of one female police officer's sixteen-year odyssey, beginning with day one at the Police Academy and spanning assignments on Chicago's West Side, one of the most dangerous areas...

Flying Lessons

by Joan Grady-Fitchett Tom Doherty Associates (June 03, 2000)

Like William Styron's Darkness Visible, Flying Lessons: On the Wings of Parkinson's Disease is a chronicle of the human spirit, an inspiring tale of life lived to the fullest.

When Joan Grady-Fitchett was diagnosed...

How Precious Was That While

by Piers Anthony Tom Doherty Associates (July 20, 2001)

Piers Anthony tells his own remarkable life story in this candid autobiography, a volume that is sure to intrigue and entertain his many fans-and infuriate his critics. The book begins with a review of the author's...


by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (March 06, 2007)

"We must begin our story of Jesus by granting him permission to surprise us endlessly...." ---from the Introduction

Jesus of Galilee taught through stories, which even today contain the power to startle us out...

One Giant Leap

by Leon Wagener Tom Doherty Associates (January 01, 2005)

On July 20, 1969 the whole world stopped. It was a day in which a man who grew up on a farm without electricity would announce, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

In this, the first ever biography...

It's a Long Way from Penny Apples

by Bill Cullen Tom Doherty Associates (February 01, 2004)

Tis better to be born lucky than rich....

There are many ways to confront tragedy and hard times. Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt's tragic--and ultimately uplifting--tale of how one man overcame adversity and found...


by Donald K. Slayton & Michael Cassutt Tom Doherty Associates (June 15, 1995)

Deke Slayton was one of the first seven Mercury astronauts--and he might have been the first American in space. Instead, he became the first chief of American Astronaut Corps. It was Deke Slayton who selected...

Citizen Washington

by William Martin Tom Doherty Associates (June 28, 2011)

He became the nation's first hero. …But before that, George Washington was just a man. And in his youth, he was a man on the make. He wanted to serve the king, so he donned a red coat and fought the French....

Nested Scrolls

by Rudy Rucker Tom Doherty Associates (December 06, 2011)

Nested Scrolls reveals the true life adventures of Rudolf von Bitter "Rudy" Rucker—mathematician, transrealist author, punk rocker, and computer hacker. It begins with a young boy growing up in Louisville,...

The Martian Child

by David Gerrold Tom Doherty Associates (June 01, 2002)

A Novel about a Single Father Adopting a Son

Based on a True Story

"Oh. One more thing: Dennis thinks he's a Martian . . . ."

Soon-to-be parents are instructed to "expect the unexpected." Good advice, it turns...


by Carolyn Rubenstein Tom Doherty Associates (August 18, 2009)

Can you imagine being in high school or college and suddenly learning you have cancer? You thought you had a lifetime ahead of you and the whole world at your feet, but suddenly you're told... maybe not. How...

Amelia Earhart

by Lori Van Pelt Tom Doherty Associates (March 01, 2005)

A exciting new biography of America's first lady of flight.

As a tomboy growing up in Kansas, Amelia Earhart delighted in trying new and risky things, once even building a roller-coaster in her grandparents'...

Dreamer of Dune

by Brian Herbert Tom Doherty Associates (April 19, 2003)

Everyone knows Frank Herbert's Dune.

This amazing and complex epic, combining politics, religion, human evolution, and ecology, has captured the imagination of generations of readers. One of the most popular...

Harold and Me

by Jann Robbins Tom Doherty Associates (May 11, 2010)

In 1982, after years of working in advertising in Oklahoma, Jann Stapp took a job as the personal assistant to the world's bestselling author, Harold Robbins. Like those he portrayed in his novels, Harold Robbins...

Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century

by William H. Patterson, Jr. Tom Doherty Associates (August 17, 2010)

Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) is generally considered the greatest American SF writer of the 20th century. A famous and bestselling author in later life, he started as a navy man and graduate of Annapolis who...

Sandhills Boy

by Elmer Kelton Tom Doherty Associates (April 27, 2010)

"One thing is certain," a reviewer in True West Magazine recently said, "as long as there are writers as skillful as Elmer Kelton, Western literature will never die."

Few would disagree with the assessment of...


by Richard S. Wheeler Tom Doherty Associates (March 02, 2010)

In this powerful biographical novel, Richard Wheeler—winner of the Owen Wister Lifetime Achievement Award and five Spur Awards—tells the amazing tale of the American explorer and hero, John Fremont, and...

The Dream That Will Not Die

by Brian M. Thomsen Tom Doherty Associates (April 27, 2010)

"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country."—John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Inauguration Address, January 20, 1961

"Some men see things as they were...

The Brian Lumley Companion

by Brian Lumley & Stanley Wiater Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2007)

Edited by Brian Lumley and multiple Bram Stoker Award winner Stanley Wiater, The Brian Lumley Companion is an indispensable guide to the life and works of Brian Lumley. The Companion is illustrated with photographs...

George Washington

by James A. Crutchfield Tom Doherty Associates (January 06, 2009)

Between 1753, when he was commissioned as a major of Virginia militia, and 1775, when the Second Continental Congress named him Commander-in-Chief of all colonial military forces, George Washington rose from...

Mary Edwards Walker

by Dale L. Walker Tom Doherty Associates (June 01, 2005)

Mary Edwards Walker (1832-1919) defied the conventions of her era. Born and raised on a farm in Oswego, New York, Walker became one of a handful of female physicians in the nation-and became a passionate believer...


by Andrew M. Greeley Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2011)

Furthermore! is a novel by Andrew M. Greeley, a priest, distinguished sociologist and bestselling author.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM)...

Honor Untarnished

by Donald V. Bennett & William R. Forstchen Tom Doherty Associates (June 01, 2003)

What the bestsellers Flags of Our Fathers was to Iwo Jima and Duty to the mission of the Enola Gay, Honor Untarnished is to the World War II tour of duty of young graduate of a West Point.

Whether it was fighting...

When the Husband is the Suspect

by F. Lee Bailey & Jean Rabe Tom Doherty Associates (March 04, 2008)

From the bestselling author of The Defense Never Rests, a look at the modern spate of spousal homicides.

This book provides an overview of several of the most famous homicidal husband cases of recent years, including:...

I Wish You Love

by Gloria Lynne & Karen Chilton Tom Doherty Associates (February 12, 2000)

I Wish You Love is the inspiring story ofa courageous woman overcoming terrible adversities--a story of triumph over tragedy, of heartbreaking and heart-mending and a jazz career that would span four decades.It...

Return To Ithaca

by Randy Lee Eickhoff Tom Doherty Associates (April 01, 2007)

At the height of the Vietnam War, twenty-seven members of a U.S. special elite team were dropped into North Vietnam to fight alongside the Rands and Montagnards against the communist regime. Their job was to...

Not So Good a Gay Man

by Frank M. Robinson Tom Doherty Associates (June 06, 2017)

Not So Good a Gay Man is the compelling memoir of author, screenwriter, and activist Frank M. Robinson.

Frank M. Robinson (1926-2014) accomplished a great deal in his long life, working in magazine publishing,...

Becoming Bonnie

by Jenni L. Walsh Tom Doherty Associates (May 09, 2017)

Perfect for readers of Paula McClain, Lisa Wingate, and Hazel Gaynor, and fans of Bonnie and Clyde, Breaking Bad and Netflix's The Highwaymen, Jenni L. Walsh's sparkling debut tells the story of Bonnie Parker...

A Dog's Way Home

by W. Bruce Cameron Tom Doherty Associates (May 09, 2017)


The beloved New York Times and USA Today bestseller A Dog's Way Home is now a feature film from Sony Pictures! This remarkable story of one endearing dog's journey home after she is...

Hope and Honor

by Sidney Shachnow & Jann Robbins Tom Doherty Associates (February 02, 2016)

Major General Sid Shachnow was more than a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran--receiving two silver and three bronze stars with V for Valor. He survived a crucible far crueler than the jungles of Vietnam:...

The Man in the Arena

by Theodore Roosevelt Tom Doherty Associates (March 01, 2016)

The first compilation of selections from the major works of Teddy Roosevelt since the resurgence in his popularity due to the major award-winning/bestselling biographies by Edmond Morris and H. W. Brands

By the...

Commanding Voices of Blue & Gray

by Brian M. Thomsen Tom Doherty Associates (March 01, 2016)

The agony and anguish of the War Between the States affected all aspects of American life. Many quarters suffered, but one in particular seemed to prosper in the postwar aftermath: the publishing industry. Though...

Keep Australia On Your Left

by Eric Stiller Tom Doherty Associates (July 08, 2014)

"You mad bastards. You mad bloody bastards."

The challenge? Paddle a kayak around Australia.

As Eric Stiller and Tony Brown would discover, the attempt would be a fascinating, frustrating, maddening, and at times...

Blue & Gray at Sea

by Brian M. Thomsen Tom Doherty Associates (March 01, 2016)

Excerpted memoirs included are:

- Incidents and Anecdotes of the Cival War by Admiral Porter, including sections dealing with the political schism of the navy at the war's outbreak, as well as accounts of various...

I'll Tell Them I Remember You

by William Peter Blatty Tom Doherty Associates (April 07, 2015)

This is Blatty's story of his youth in Manhattan, and of his Lebanese mother who became a single parent with five children in the 1930s.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights...