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Spatial planning and urban resilience in the context of flood risk.

by Pei-Wen Lu, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment Tu Delft (September 05, 2014)

Spatial planning is increasingly being considered as an important mechanism in coping with flood risk due to climate change. One of the reasons for this is that engineering approaches are increasingly expensive...

Negotiation and Design for the Self-Organizing City

by Ekim Tan, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment Tu Delft (September 05, 2014)

This book is dedicated to building an open negotiation and design method for cities as self-organizing systems that bridges the gap between collaborative planning and collaborative design methods. Gaming as...

Landscape Urbanism and its Discontents: Dissimulating the Sustainable City

by Andrés Duany & Emily Talen New Society Publishers (May 17, 2013)

Landscape Urbanism vs. the New Urbanism—negotiating the relationship between cities and the natural world.

Back to the Future: New Urbanism and the Rise of Neotraditionalism in Urban Planning

by Karl Besel & Viviana Andreescu UPA (July 19, 2013)

This book explores new urbanism and urban revitalization within the context of public policy developments. Back to the Future examines the historical roots and the beginnings of new urbanism and illustrates...

Community Planning: How to Solve Urban and Environmental Problems

by Stephanie B. Kelly Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (October 17, 2004)

Community Planning is an introductory, interdisciplinary, planning textbook. This 'working' text uses an integrated text and lab manual approach, where theoretical concepts are integrated with practical applications...

Cities in the Third Wave: The Technological Transformation of Urban America

by Leonard I. Ruchelman Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (December 20, 2006)

This fully updated edition surveys the remarkable transformation that is taking place in urban America. Arguing that technology has transformed cities throughout history, Leonard I. Ruchelman explores how cities...

The Most Segregated City in America": City Planning and Civil Rights in Birmingham, 1920-1980

by Charles E. Connerly University of Virginia Press (July 04, 2013)

One of Planetizen's Top Ten Books of 2006

"But for Birmingham," Fred Shuttleworth recalled President John F. Kennedy saying in June 1963 when he invited black leaders to meet with him, "we would not be here today."...

Policy, Planning, and People: Promoting Justice in Urban Development

by Naomi Carmon & Susan S. Fainstein University of Pennsylvania Press (May 31, 2013)

Policy, Planning, and People presents original essays by leading authorities in the field of urban policy and planning. The volume includes theoretical and practice-based essays that integrate social equity...

Housing, Urban Renewal and Socio-Spatial Integration

by Xiaoxi Hui, Tu Delft, Architecture & Xiaoxi Hui Tu Delft (February 07, 2013)

This issue of A+BE addresses two critical urban issues China faces today: housing and urban renewal. In the recent two decades, the Chinese urban housing stock underwent a significant, if not extreme, transformation....

Beyond Zuccotti Park: Freedom of Assembly and the Occupation of Public Space

by Ronald Shiffman, Rick Bell, Lance Jay Brown & Lynne Elizabeth New Village Press (October 02, 2012)

In the wake of the Occupy movement, leading planners and social scientists examine public space today and freedom to assemble.

Egypt's Desert Dreams

by David Sims & Timothy Mitchell The American University in Cairo Press (January 01, 2015)

Egypt has placed its hopes on developing its vast and empty deserts as the ultimate solution to the country's problems. New cities, new farms, new industrial zones, new tourism resorts, and new development corridors,...

Cairo Cosmopolitan

by Diane Singerman & Paul Amar The American University in Cairo Press (August 01, 2009)

Bringing together a distinguished interdisciplinary group of scholars, this volume explores what happens when new forms of privatization meet collectivist pasts, public space is sold off to satisfy investor...

Sweet Spots

by Teresa A. Toulouse & Barbara C. Ewell University Press of Mississippi (May 17, 2018)

Contributions by Carrie Bernhard, Scott Bernhard, Marilyn R. Brown, Richard Campanella, John P. Clark, Joel Dinerstein, Pableaux Johnson, John P. Klingman, Angel Adams Parham, Bruce Boyd Raeburn, Ruth Salvaggio,...

Shaping a City

by Mack Travis Cornell Publishing (December 15, 2018)

Picture your downtown vacant, boarded up, while the malls surrounding your city are thriving. What would you do?

In 1974 the politicians, merchants, community leaders, and business and property owners, of Ithaca,...

A New Way of Living

by Gordon Haynes Whittles Publishing (August 15, 2016)

A New Way of Living tells the broad story of the development of new towns in the Scottish Highlands and Islands post-1750. It pulls together the various strands that influenced the development of the North West...

From Conflict to Inclusion in Housing

by Graham Cairns, Georgios Artopoulos & Kirsten Day UCL Press (November 13, 2017)

Socio-political views on housing have been brought to the fore in recent years by global economic crises, a notable rise of international migration and intensified trans-regional movement phenomena. Adopting...

City of Forests, City of Farms

by Lindsay K. Campbell Cornell University Press (September 08, 2017)

City of Forests, City of Farms is a history of recent urban forestry and agriculture policy and programs in New York City. Centered on the 2007 initiative PlaNYC, this account tracks the development of policies...

Religion and Place in Leeds

by John Minnis & Trevor Mitchell English Heritage (April 01, 2015)

Religious and cultural diversity has been a key feature of the city of Leeds for almost 200 years and has resulted in the building of many fine churches, chapels and synagogues; these are now joined by mosques,...


by Adam Menuge & Catherine Dewar English Heritage (April 01, 2015)

Nikolaus Pevsner described Berwick-upon-Tweed as 'one of the most exciting towns in England' [Nikolaus Pevsner, Buildings of England: Northumberland (1957), 88] - a place where an absorbing historical tale can...

Built to Last?

by Kathryn A Morrison & Ann Bond English Heritage (April 01, 2015)

Northamptonshire is renowned for the production of high-quality boots and shoes, which were exported throughout the world. Its manufacturers dispatched huge cargoes of footwear for all climates and terrains...

Beyond the Supersquare: Art and Architecture in Latin America after Modernism

by Mario Torres & Antonio Sergio Bessa Fordham University Press (July 01, 2014)

Beyond the Supersquare: Art and Architecture in Latin America after Modernism, which developed from a symposium presented by the Bronx Museum of the Arts in 2011, showcases original essays by distinguished Latin...

New Delhi

by Robert Byron Index ebooks (June 26, 2017)

"THAT New Delhi exists, and that, twenty years ago, it did not exist, are facts known to anyone who is at all aware of the British connection with India. It is expected, and assumed, that the representatives...


by Daniela Sandler Cornell University Press and Cornell University Li (November 03, 2016)

In Berlin, decrepit structures do not always denote urban blight. Decayed buildings are incorporated into everyday life as residences, exhibition spaces, shops, offices, and as leisure space. As nodes of public...

Community Architect

by Kristin E. Larsen Cornell University Press (August 03, 2016)

Clarence S. Stein (1882–1975) was an architect, housing visionary, regionalist, policymaker, and colleague of some of the most influential public figures of the early to mid-twentieth century, including Lewis...

Saving Our Cities

by William W. Goldsmith Cornell University Press (August 12, 2016)

In Saving Our Cities, William W. Goldsmith shows how cities can be places of opportunity rather than places with problems. With strongly revived cities and suburbs, working as places that serve all their residents,...

Constructive Feminism

by Daphne Spain Cornell University Press (March 04, 2016)

In Constructive Feminism, Daphne Spain examines the deliberate and unintended spatial consequences of feminism's second wave, a social movement dedicated to reconfiguring power relations between women and men....

Public Housing Myths

by Nicholas Dagen Bloom, Fritz Umbach & Lawrence J. Vale Cornell University Press (March 26, 2015)

Popular opinion holds that public housing is a failure; so what more needs to be said about seventy-five years of dashed hopes and destructive policies? Over the past decade, however, historians and social scientists...

The Building of Cities

by Harvey H. Kaiser Fall Creek Books (August 23, 2013)

In this classic book that records a moment in the history of urban planning, the architect and city planner Harvey H. Kaiser examines the city-building process from the time when a proposal for urban development...

Zoned in the USA

by Sonia A. Hirt Cornell University Press (January 26, 2015)

Why are American cities, suburbs, and towns so distinct? Compared to European cities, those in the United States are characterized by lower densities and greater distances; neat, geometric layouts; an abundance...

City Bound

by Gerald E. Frug & David J. Barron Cornell University Press

Many major American cities are defying the conventional wisdom that suburbs are the communities of the future. But as these urban centers prosper, they increasingly confront significant constraints. In City...

The just city

by Susan S. Fainstein Cornell University Press (May 16, 2011)

For much of the twentieth century improvement in the situation of disadvantaged communities was a focus for urban planning and policy. Yet over the past three decades the ideological triumph of neoliberalism...

The Self-Sufficient City

by Vicente Guallart Actar (April 01, 2014)

Internet has changed our lives but it has not yet changed our cities. Any technological revolution takes paired radical transformations in the life styles. If the age of the car and the oil shaped the cities...

Skyscraper Gothic

by Kevin D. Murphy & Lisa Reilly University of Virginia Press (June 08, 2017)

Of all building types, the skyscraper strikes observers as the most modern, in terms not only of height but also of boldness, scale, ingenuity, and daring. As a phenomenon born in late-nineteenth-century America,...

Bootstrap New Urbanism

by Joseph A. Rodriguez Lexington Books (August 26, 2014)

Joseph A. Rodriguez critically examines the urban design and revitalization initiatives undertaken by both the government and the people of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the 1990s, New Urbanists followed a city tradition...

The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race

by Carl C. Anthony New Village Press (October 16, 2017)

Carl Anthony's memoir offers a new worldview to people of color. His work is both a personal story and an exposition of ideas that will appeal to those who appreciate thoughtful writing on issues of race, including...

The Social Ecology of Border Landscapes

by Anna Grichting & Michele Zebich-Knos Anthem Press (May 02, 2017)

“The Social Ecology of Border Landscapes” is a collection of essays from a wide range of disciplines that address Social Ecologies in border landscapes. As an approach, Social Ecology is useful because it...

Common Ground in a Liquid City

by Matt Hern AK Press (March 01, 2010)

If we want to preserve what's still left of the natural world, we need to stop using so much of it. And, says veteran environmental activist Matt Hern, cities are the best chance we have left for a truly ecological...

Urban Alchemy

by Mindy Thompson Fullilove New Village Press (June 04, 2013)

What if divided neighborhoods were causing public health problems? What if a new approach to planning and design could tackle both the built environment and collective well-being at the same time? What if cities...

The Great Neighborhood Book

by Jay Walljasper & Project for Public Spaces New Society Publishers (June 01, 2007)

Abandoned lots and litter-strewn pathways, or rows of green beans and pockets of wildflowers? Graffiti-marked walls and desolate bus stops, or shady refuges and comfortable seating? What transforms a dingy,...

Small is Possible

by Lyle Estill New Society Publishers (May 01, 2008)

"In Small is Possible, Estill chronicles the failures and victories of an ongoing movement for sustainability and local resiliency in Chatham County, located in the piedmont region of North Carolina. Estill...

The Natural Step for Communities

by Sarah James & Torbjörn Lahti New Society Publishers (April 01, 2004)

Sustainability may seem like one more buzzword and cities and towns like the last places to change, but The Natural Step for Communities provides inspiring examples of communities that have made dramatic changes...


by Richard Register New Society Publishers (April 01, 2006)

Most of the world’s population now lives in cities. So if we are to address the problems of environmental deterioration and peak oil adequately, the city has to be a major focus of attention.

Ecocities is about...

The Urban Food Revolution

by Peter Ladner New Society Publishers (November 15, 2011)

Our reliance on industrial agriculture has resulted in a food supply riddled with hidden environmental, economic, and health care costs and beset by rising food prices. With only a handful of corporations responsible...

City on a Grid

by Gerard Koeppel Da Capo Press (November 10, 2015)

"The best account to date of [how] an odd amalgamation of democracy and capitalism got written into New York's physical DNA."-New York Times

"Intriguing...breezy and highly readable." -Wall Street Journal


The Permaculture City

by Toby Hemenway Chelsea Green Publishing (July 17, 2015)

Permaculture is more than just the latest buzzword; it offers positive solutions for many of the environmental and social challenges confronting us. And nowhere are those remedies more needed and desired than...

The Creation of Markets for Ecosystem Services in the United States

by Mattijs van Maasakkers Anthem Press (November 01, 2016)

The Creation of Markets for Ecosystem Services in the United States is a detailed analysis of the most advanced efforts to create markets for ecosystem services in the United States. With the help of in-depth...

Public Space Acupuncture

by Helena Casanova & Jesús Hernández Actar (February 15, 2015)

As the financial crisis deepens in many European countries and the construction sector remains in a slump, many plans for urban regeneration have been shelved. Cities are cutting their spending on large public...

The New Localism

by Bruce Katz & Jeremy Nowak Brookings Institution Press (January 09, 2018)

Finding local solutions when the nation cannot, or will not

With the rise of the politics of populism in the United States and much of Europe, how can openness and diversity survive? The answer, according to...

Dream City

by Lance Berelowitz Douglas & McIntyre (July 01, 2009)

Vancouver, located at the edge of a continent and the edge of national consciousness, has become the model for post-industrial urbanism. Does it deserve the attention? This provocative new book explores the...

Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle¿s Topography

by David B. Williams University of Washington Press (November 30, 2015)

Residents and visitors in today�s Seattle would barely recognize the landscape that its founding settlers first encountered. As the city grew, its leaders and inhabitants dramatically altered its topography...