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Fight to Win: 20 Simple Techniques That Win Any Fight

by Martin Dougherty Tuttle Publishing (October 08, 2013)

If you are going to fight, you might as well fight to win! This book presents 20 simple fighting techniques that will win any fight, any time!

Fight to Win strips self-defense and street fighting tactics down...

The Sustainable Asian House: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines

by Paul McGillick & Masano Kawana Tuttle Publishing (October 08, 2013)

With over 350 vibrant photographs, extensive commentary and architectural plans, this architecture and design book showcases the modern luxury homes of Asia.

The Sustainable Asian House celebrates modern architecture...

Practical Korean: Your Guide to Speaking Korean Quickly and Effortlessly in a Few Hours

by Samuel E. Martin & Jinny Kim Tuttle Publishing (September 10, 2013)

A handy introduction to the Korean language that is concise, simple, and useful.

This book has been written to fill a specific need: that of the hundreds of thousand of people now visiting Korea for business...

Jakarta: 25 Excursions in and Around the Indonesian Capital

by Andrew Whitmarsh & Melanie Wood Tuttle Publishing (September 03, 2013)

The only Indonesia travel guide you'll need for getting around Jakarta! Everything you need is in this one convenient package.

Linking over 500 activities and attractions into 25 half-day and full-day excursions,...

All About Japan: Stories, Songs, Crafts and More

by Willamarie Moore & Kazumi Wilds Tuttle Publishing (September 03, 2013)

**2012 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award Winner!**

A cultural adventure for kids, All About Japan offers a journey to a new place—and ways to bring it to life! Dive into stories, play some games...

Easy Japanese: A Direct Learning Approach for Immediate Communication (Japanese Phrasebook)

by Samuel E. Martin Tuttle Publishing (August 20, 2013)

This is a carefully structured, practical book for learning colloquial spoken Japanese.

Each lesson presents a few of the most common features of the language in sentences which are short, easy, and immediately...

Japanese Traditions: Rice Cakes, Cherry Blossoms and Matsuri: A Year of Seasonal Japanese Festivities

by Setsu Broderick & Willamarie Moore Tuttle Publishing (August 20, 2013)

Packed with colorful illustrations and fun facts about Japanese culture, celebrations, language and history, this multicultural children's books will delight children and parents alike!

A wonderful look at Japanese...

Monkey: The Classic Chinese Adventure Tale

by David Seow & L. K. Tay-Audouard Tuttle Publishing (August 20, 2013)

This Chinese children's story is beautifully illustrated with traditional Chinese watercolor-inspired paintings.

Monkey: The Classic Chinese Adventure Tale is inspired by Chinese folktales and legends about Monkey,...

Essential Japanese Vocabulary: Learn to Avoid Common (and Embarrassing!) Mistakes

by Akira Miura & Wesley Jacobsen Tuttle Publishing (August 20, 2013)

This is a clear, simple and compact guide to colloquial, everyday Japanese.

  • Acquire basic proficiency in spoken Japanese.
  • A streamlined, efficient approach.
  • Perfect for self–learners or classroom use.
  • Includes...

Dragon Mountain

by Daniel Reid Tuttle Publishing (August 13, 2013)

Captain Jack Robertson faces an impossible choice: Can he learn to love his violent, drug-fueled jungle prison--or will he die trying to escape?

While spying on the Burmese drug-traffic for the CIA, Jack Robertson,...

Everyday Thai Cooking: Quick and Easy Family Style Recipes

by Katie Chin, Katie Workman & Masano Kawana Tuttle Publishing (August 06, 2013)

In Everyday Thai Cooking, Katie Chin—a chef hailed as the “Asian Rachel Ray” by her many fans—shares her recipe secrets along with tips, tools, and techniques that enable you to easily bring delectable...

Tuttle Pocket Japanese Dictionary: Completely Revised and Updated Second Edition

by Samuel E. Martin, Sayaka Khan & Fred Perry Tuttle Publishing (August 06, 2013)

It's never a good idea to be overly–relient on technology while traveling! Look up words quickly and easily with this great Japanese dictionary.

Intended for use by tourists, students, and business people traveling...

The Ninja: Ancient Shadow Warriors of Japan (The Secret History of Ninjutsu)

by Kacem Zoughari, Ph.D. & Christopher Davy Tuttle Publishing (July 30, 2013)

Ninjutsu is the most renowned and misunderstood of all martial arts. The long history of ninjutstu is often murky; surrounded by mystery and legend. Here, for the first time, is an in-depth, factual look at...

Shinsengumi: The Shogun's Last Samurai Corps

by Romulus Hillsborough Tuttle Publishing (June 25, 2013)

Shinsengumi: The Shogun's last Samurai Corps is the true story of the notorious samurai corps formed in 1863 to arrest or kill the enemies of the Tokugawa Shogun.

The only book in English about the Shinsengumi,...

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking: Easy Recipes for the Hurry Home Cook

by Shubhra Ramineni & Monica Pope Tuttle Publishing (June 25, 2013)

Bring spice into your kitchen and happiness to your taste buds with this delightful Vegetarian Cookbook.

When Shubhra Ramineni became a new mother she wanted to make sure that healthy and delicious food became...

The First 100 Chinese Characters: Traditional Character Edition

by Laurence Matthews & Alison Matthews Tuttle Publishing (May 21, 2013)

The major struggle facing all beginning Chinese language students is to learn to recognize, read and write hundreds of Chinese characters. This book adopt a structural approach that helps students overcome this...

Keiko's Ikebana: A Contemporary Approach to the Traditional Japanese Art of Flower Arranging

by Keiko Kubo & Erich Schrempp Tuttle Publishing (May 21, 2013)

Keiko's unique approach to ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, combines traditional techniques with modern tastes. Her influences—which range from sculpture to today's Western floral design—come...

Introduction to Japanese Culture

by Daniel Sosnoski Tuttle Publishing (May 21, 2013)

Featuring full-color photographs and illustrations throughout this text is a comprehensive guide to Japanese culture.

The richness of Japan's history is renowned worldwide. The heritage of culture that its society...

Kendo: A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Swordsmanship

by Geoff Salmon Tuttle Publishing (May 07, 2013)

Master the art of Kendo—Japanese Swordsmanship with this illustrated and comprehensive martial arts guide.

Kendo or the "Way of the Sword" holds a special place within the martial arts as one of the few practices...

Quiet Beauty: The Japanese Gardens of North America

by Kendall H. Brown & David M. Cobb Tuttle Publishing (April 23, 2013)

Quiet Beauty: Japanese Gardens of North America is an extraordinary look at the most beautiful—and serene—gardens in the United States and Canada. Most Japanese garden books look to the gardens of Japan. Quiet...

250 Essential Japanese Kanji Characters Volume 1 Revised: (JLPT Level N5)

by Kanji Text Research Group Univ of Tokyo Tuttle Publishing (April 23, 2013)

"This is the best kanji book available today. Designed for beginners with a basic knowledge of Japanese to use in the classroom on for self–study."—Modern Language Journal

Everyday tasks like finding a street...

Walk Into My Parlor: Chapters from Inviting Books

by Betty Bandel Tuttle Publishing (April 18, 2013)

Chapters from fourteen best-selling classic novels published between 1842 and 1919 are compiled here for today's readers. The selections not only give a rare un-stereotyped look at the day-to-day life in grandma's...

The Chinese Way in Business: The Secrets of Successful Business Dealings in China

by Boye Lafayette De Mente Tuttle Publishing (April 16, 2013)

This book is a comprehensive, expert guide to doing business in China

Western technology, management expertise and capital have fueled an incredible expansion of China's economy. Trade with China is at an all...

Outrageous Japanese: Slang, Curses & Epithets

by Jack Seward Tuttle Publishing (April 09, 2013)

This is a user–friendly and concise Japanese phrase book and guide to Japanese slang and Japanese curses.

The Japanese are extraordinarily polite and soft-spoken people who are always indirect and evasive in...

Tuttle Pocket Indonesian Dictionary: Indonesian-English English-Indonesian

by Katherine Davidsen Tuttle Publishing (April 09, 2013)

This is a pocket sized Indonesian Dictionary

Intended for use by tourists, students, and business people traveling to Indonesia Pocket Indonesian Dictionary is an essential tool for communicating in Indonesian....

Kirigami Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap

by Florence Temko Tuttle Publishing (April 09, 2013)

This book explores the Japanese art of paper cutting through a collection of kirigami greeting cards and gift wraps.

Kirigami is an ideal pastime for both adults and children alike. You'll be amazed at the intricate...

What More Do You Want?: Zen Questions, Zen Answers

by Albert Low, Jeffrey Frith & Monique Dumont Tuttle Publishing (April 09, 2013)

We've all had moments in our lives when we've thought, "Something is missing. There must be more to life than this." It is this sense that often brings people to the practice of Zen. By turning to Zen, they...

Warrior Wisdom: (Analysis of Sun Tzu's the Art of War, Shokatsu Komei's the Tactics, and More)

by Kazumi Tabata Tuttle Publishing (April 02, 2013)

Martial arts legend Grandmaster Kazumi Tabata presents a brilliant analysis for modern readers of the most famous work of martial strategy, The Art of War of Sun Tzu.

Warrior Wisdom also includes an analysis...

Filipino Friends

by Liana Romulo & Corazon Dandan-Albano Tuttle Publishing (April 02, 2013)

Travel to the Philippines without leaving home!

From the author of Filipino Children's Favorite Stories comes a book for young children that features a Filipino-American boy visiting the Philippines for the very...

The Legends and Myths of Hawaii

by King David Kalakaua Tuttle Publishing (March 26, 2013)

The Legends and Myths of Hawaii, by King David Kalakaua, who lived from 1836 to 1890, is a remarkable work. It combines many traditional Hawaiian legends with stories about historical incidents, such as the...

The Japanese Company

by Rodney Clark Tuttle Publishing (March 12, 2013)

This Japanese business guide takes an honest look at the Japanese company in its full historical, industrial, and societal contexts.

The author explains how the Japanese company is run and how its workings affect...

Victories & Foibles: Some Western Haiku

by David Seegal Tuttle Publishing (March 12, 2013)

The following haiku verses, written in an American style, are departures from the exacting nature of this Japanese poem. By relaxing the restraints upon subject and style, the American poet gains the opportunity...

The Book of Indian Beauty

by Mulk Raj Anand & Krishna Nehru Hutheesing Tuttle Publishing (March 12, 2013)

Learn the sensual secretes of Eastern beauty practices with this informative and readable guide.

The beauty rituals of the East have long been legendary—the use of oils and unguents, lotions of rose leaves...

Grandma Panda's China Storybook: Legends, Traditions and Fun

by Mingmei Yip Tuttle Publishing (March 10, 2013)

With classic Chinese fairytales and folk stories, Grandma Panda's China Storybook introduces children to Chinese culture in a fun, adventurous way!

Grandma Panda is a wonderful teacher, a wonderful storyteller—and...

The Peranakan Chinese Home: Art and Culture in Daily Life

by Ronald G. Knapp & A. Chester Ong Tuttle Publishing (March 10, 2013)

This Asian art and design book focuses on the unique material culture of Southeast Asia's Peranakan people.

The "Peranakan" or native-born Chinese of Southeast Asia are descendants of early Chinese migrants and...

Around the World with a King

by William N. Armstrong Tuttle Publishing (March 05, 2013)

Around the World with a King, is an eyewitness account of Hawaiian King Kalakaua's journey around the world in 1881.

William Armstrong accompanied the King as a member of His Majesty's Government and Royal Commissioner...

Journal of William Ellis

by William Ellis Tuttle Publishing (March 05, 2013)

The Journal of William Ellis is a classic of Pacific literature, ranking with the journals of Captain Cook and his men as a record of life and customs of the traditional Hawaiians.

No other book rivals it as...

Alien Rice: A Novel of Mixed Marriage

by Ichiro Kawasaki Tuttle Publishing (March 05, 2013)

In this perceptive novel of interracial marriage, the author of Japan Unmasked again exposes the harsh realities and strange contradictions of life in post-WWII Japan.

Alice Burns, the canny and compassionate...

A Gift of Japanese Flowers

by Alfred Koehn Tuttle Publishing (March 05, 2013)

This timeless guide to Japanese flower arranging and appreciation is a must have for Japanese garden enthusiasts.

Enjoyed by young and old, rich and poor, hanami, or flower-viewing, is an integral part of the...

Manners and Customs of the Japanese in the Nineteenth Century: From the Accounts of Dutch Residents in Japan and from the German Work of Dr. Philipp F

by Philipp Franz von Siebold, Ph.D. & Terence Barrow, Ph.D. Tuttle Publishing (March 05, 2013)

Manners and Customs of the Japanese in the Nineteenth Century is a delightful account of the Japanese of Tokugawa Japan.

This unique handbook of Japanese manners, customs, history, and singular happenings was...

A Pepper-Pod: A Haiku Sampler

by Kenneth Yasuda & John Gould Fletcher Tuttle Publishing (March 05, 2013)

This collection of Japanese haiku profiles noted poet Kenneth Yasuda and is a welcome addition to the world of haiku.

In the compact, evocative verse-form known as haiku Japanese writers have for centuries been...

Pele and Hiiaka: A Myth from Hawaii

by Nathaniel B. Emerson Tuttle Publishing (March 05, 2013)

Pele and Hiiaka are Hawaii's most spectacular female deities, and this story of their conflict over the mortal Lohi'au stands at the fountainhead of Hawaiian myth, oral tradition, and dance. For centuries, however,...

A Residence of Twenty-One Years in the Sandwich Islands: Of the Civil, Religious, and Political History of Those Islands

by Hiram Bingham, Am & Terence Barrow, Ph.D. Tuttle Publishing (March 05, 2013)

The fascinating personal account from one of the first Westerners to live in Hawaii.

A Residence of Twenty-One Years in the Sandwich Islands, by the Reverend Hiram Bingham, was first printed in New York in 1847....

Tuttle Concise Balinese Dictionary: Balinese¿Indonesian¿English English¿Balinese¿Indonesian

by I Gusti Made Sutjaja Tuttle Publishing (February 28, 2013)

This is the most up-to-date Balinese Dictionary on the market

Tuttle Concise Balinese Dictionary has both Balinese to English and English to Balinese sections. It's compact size allows for easy transport without...

Decoding China: A Handbook for Traveling, Studying, and Working in Today's China

by Matthew B. Christensen Tuttle Publishing (February 26, 2013)

Embrace the culture and get the most out of your time in China.

Going to China for the first time can be an intimidating experience, even for those who have studied the language. In fact, traveling to China for...

The Second 100 Chinese Characters: Traditional Character Edition: The Quick and Easy Method to Learn the Second 100 Basic Chinese Characters

by Laurence Matthews & Alison Matthews Tuttle Publishing (February 26, 2013)

This book is a quick and easy way to learn the second 100 basic Chinese traditional characters.

The major struggle facing all beginning Chinese language students is to learn to recognize, read and write hundreds...

250 Essential Chinese Characters Volume 1: Revised Edition (HSK Level 1)

by Philip Yungkin Lee & Darell Tibbles Tuttle Publishing (February 26, 2013)

This is an invaluable study guide for learning basic Chinese characters.

250 Essential Chinese Characters Volume 1 is a second edition, completely revised and with 50 percent new material. Featuring a new design;...

Kiki the Orangutan: The Big Banana Festival

by Arie Komalasari Tuttle Publishing (February 26, 2013)

This children's book will entertain kids while imparting an important message about rainforest conservation.

Kiki the Orangutan is the charming tale of a naughty but good-natured orangutan who simply cannot resist...

Japanese for Travelers: Useful Phrases Travel Tips Etiquette (Japanese Phrasebook)

by Scott Rutherford Tuttle Publishing (February 26, 2013)

This ebook is a combination Japanese phrase book, Japanese travel guide and Japanese etiquette guide

Packed with expressions and information for everyday occasions (looking for a place to stay, eating at a restaurant,...

The Second 100 Japanese Kanji: (JLPT Level N5) The Quick and Easy Way to Learn the Basic Japanese Kanji

by Eriko Sato Tuttle Publishing (February 26, 2013)

This is an invaluable study guide for learning Japanese characters.

The major struggle facing all beginning Japanese language students is to learn to recognize, read and write hundreds of Japanese characters....