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Diana: Case Solved

by Dylan Howard, Colin McLaren, David Linski & A. J. Moseley Blackstone Publishing (March 31, 2020)

It is a moment that remains frozen in history. When the Mercedes carrying Diana, Princess of Wales, spun fatally out of control in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris in August 1997, the world was shocked by...

Relentless Pursuit

by Bradley J. Edwards, Brittany Henderson & Steven Weber Simon & Schuster Audio (March 31, 2020)

This is the definitive story of the case against Jeffrey Epstein and the corrupt system that supported him, told in thrilling detail by the lawyer who has represented Epstein’s victims for more than a decade....

Relentless Pursuit

by Bradley J. Edwards & Brittany Henderson Gallery Books (March 31, 2020)

This is the definitive story of the case against Jeffrey Epstein and the corrupt system that supported him, told in thrilling detail by the lawyer who has represented Epstein’s victims for more than a decade....


by Caroline Goode Oneworld Publications (March 26, 2020)

When Rahmat Sulemani reported his girlfriend Banaz missing, it quickly became clear to DCI Caroline Goode that something was very wrong. In fact, Banaz had contacted her local police station multiple times before,...

Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist

by Houston Curtis & Dylan Howard Skyhorse (March 24, 2020)

“Right out of the gate, the entire game was designed to empty the pockets of those rich, celeb-loving LA suckers.”—Houston Curtis


Leonardo DiCaprio. Alex Rodriguez. Tobey Maguire. Ben Affleck. Matt...

Without a Prayer

by Susan Ashline Pegasus Crime (August 06, 2019)

The horrifying true story of a fatal encounter inside the secluded Word of Life Christian Church, a parish-turned-cult in upstate New York.

Teenager Lucas Leonard made shocking admissions in front of the altar—he’d...

Serial Killer Trivia

by Michelle Kaminsky Ulysses Press (July 22, 2019)

The Ultimate Collection of Serial Killer Trivia for True Crime Fanatics

This bloody and completely true trivia collection will horrify and intrigue readers, with answers to questions like “What was John Wayne...

Cults that Kill

by Wendy Joan Biddlecombe Agsar Ulysses Press (December 18, 2018)

What happens when true believers go too far?

Thousands of religious, political and self-improvement cults are active around the world, and an estimated 2 to 5 million Americans have been involved in a cult at...

A Tale of Two Murders

by Laura Thompson Pegasus Crime (November 06, 2018)

The death penalty is never without its ethical conflicts or moral questions. Never more so than when the person being led to the gallows may very well be innocent of the actual crime, if not innocent according...

Nine Lives

by Aimen Dean, Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister Oneworld Publications (June 07, 2018)

As one of al-Qaeda’s most respected bomb-makers, Aimen Dean rubbed shoulders with the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and swore allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

As a double agent at the heart of al-Qaeda’s chemical...

Saving Sin City

by Mary Cummings Pegasus Crime (May 01, 2018)

When Stanford White was murdered by Harry K. Thaw in 1906, his death become known as “The Crime of the Century.” Thaw was the debauched and deranged heir to a Pittsburgh fortune with a sadistic streak. White...

Roadmap to Hell

by Barbie Latza Nadeau Oneworld Publications (February 01, 2018)

From sex slaves to drug mules, The Daily Beast's Rome Bureau Chief uncovers a terrifying and intricate web of criminal activity right on Europe’s doorstep.

Chasing the money from kidnapped Nigerian hair braiders...

The Pierre Hotel Affair

by Daniel Simone Pegasus Crime (May 09, 2017)

New York City, 1972.Bobby Comfort and Sammy “the Arab” Nalo were highly skilled jewel thieves who specialized in robbing luxury Manhattan hotels. With the blessing of the Lucchese Crime Family, their next...

The Thieves of Threadneedle Street

by Nicholas Booth Pegasus Crime (November 08, 2016)

In the summer of 1873, four American forgers went on trial at the Old Bailey for the greatest fraud the world had ever seen. The attempted crime: stealing five million dollars from the Bank of England from under...

Pretty Jane and the Viper of Kidbrooke Lane

by Paul Thomas Murphy Pegasus Crime (April 15, 2016)

On April 26th, 1871, a police constable walking one of London’s remotest beats stumbled upon a brutalized young woman kneeling in the muddy road. She stretched out her hand to him, collapsed in the mud, muttered,...

The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer

by Unni Turrettini Pegasus Crime (November 15, 2015)

July 22, 2011 was the darkest day in Norway’s history since Nazi Germany’s invasion. It was one hundred eighty-nine minutes of terror, from the moment the bomb exploded outside a government building until...

Murder by Candlelight

by Michael Knox Beran Pegasus Crime (August 15, 2015)

In the early nineteenth century, a series of murders took place in and around London which shocked the whole of England. The appalling nature of the crimes--a brutal slaying in the gambling netherworld, the...

The Phantom Killer

by James Presley Pegasus Crime (November 15, 2014)

The salacious and scandalous murders of a series of couples on Texarkana's "lovers lanes" in seemingly idyllic post-WWII America created a media maelstrom and cast a pall of fear over an entire region. What...

Pin Action

by Gianmarc Manzione Pegasus Books (November 04, 2014)

Most of us think of bowling as a "sport" in quotation marks, and bowling alleys are places with disco balls, matching shirts, and funny shoes. But in the 1960s, New York City was the center of "action bowling",...

The Art of the English Murder

by Lucy Worsley Pegasus Crime (October 15, 2014)

Murder--a dark, shameful deed, the last resort of the desperate or a vile tool of the greedy. And a very strange obsession. But where did this fixation develop? And what does it tell us about ourselves?Our fascination...

The Peculiar Case of the Electric Constable

by Carol Baxter Oneworld Publications (September 01, 2013)

John Tawell was a sincere Quaker but a sinning one. Convicted of forgery, he was transported to Sydney, where he opened Australia’s first retail pharmacy and made a fortune. When he returned home to England...

Mafia and Organized Crime

by James O. Finckenauer Oneworld Publications (December 01, 2012)

A compelling introduction to the global impact of organized crime

Famous for being ruthless, cruel, and cool, the Mafia has always captured the darker side of the imagination. Here, James Finckenauer debunks...

Against Their Will

by Nigel Cawthorne Ulysses Press (June 19, 2012)


True stories of twisted criminals who hold their victims in endless captivity to satisfy their perverse desires, Against Their Will is a comprehensive...

Cannibal Serial Killers

by Christopher Berry-Dee Ulysses Press (May 10, 2011)


Delving deep into the twisted actions of Hannibal Lecter-type murderers, Cannibal Serial Killers profiles the depraved individuals who prolong their horrific crimes beyond...