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Napa Valley Lawmen and Outlaws

by Todd L. Shulman The History Press (October 12, 2020)

Law enforcement in Napa County traces its roots back to the days of Spanish rule and was formalized when California became a state in 1850. Since then, those who wear the badge have pursued the lawless in search...

Tragedy in Dedham

Wicked Virginia City

by Peter B. Mires The History Press (October 05, 2020)

Perched on the side of a mountain in the Nevada desert, Virginia City existed for one reason only: to make money. The mining frenzy of the mid-nineteenth century uncovered veins of precious metals that would...

True Murder Mysteries of Southwestern Pennsylvania

by A. Parker Burroughs The History Press (October 05, 2020)

In the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, beyond the picturesque scenes of the Monongahela River Valley, there are long-forgotten mysteries of scandal and murder. Amid the hardship of life on the frontier of...

Murder & Mayhem in East Tennessee

by Dewaine A. Speaks The History Press (October 05, 2020)

East Tennessee is gorgeous country, but the hills and hollers have a dark side. James Earl Ray, who had already assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., created mayhem at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary when...

Francis "Two Gun" Crowley’s Killings in New York City & Long Island

by Jerry Aylward The History Press (October 05, 2020)

On a May morning in 1931, Nassau County police officer Fred Hirsch was gunned down by the notorious New York City gangster Francis Crowley. Nicknamed "Two Gun" for tricking and murdering cops with a second loaded...

Alvin Karpis and the Barker Gang in Minnesota

by Deborah Frethem & Cynthia Schreiner Smith The History Press (September 28, 2020)

From their home base in Minnesota, the Karpis-Barker Gang cut a swath of crime and terror across the Midwest in the early 1930s. They kidnapped two important businessmen and held them for exorbitant ransoms....

Notorious Antebellum North Alabama

by John O’Brien The History Press (September 21, 2020)

Before the Civil War, North Alabama was infamous for lawlessness. The era saw courts filled with defendants who spanned the socioeconomic gamut--farmers, merchants and politicians. In 1811, John B. Haynes tore...

Murder at Breakheart Hill Farm

by Douglas L. Heath & Alison C. Simcox The History Press (September 21, 2020)

On a dark, rainy night in October 1900, George E. Bailey, caretaker of Breakheart Hill farm, disappeared. He no longer made his daily milk runs to town or stopped at the tavern for his favorite cherry rum. Some...

Murder & Mayhem in Prescott

by Drew Desmond & Brad G. Courtney The History Press (September 21, 2020)

Despite its early law enforcement presence, Prescott's place in the violent history of Yavapai County is written in blood. The jealousy, greed and pure meanness of some of its citizens produced shocking trails...

The Wake-Up Call

by John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge HarperVia (September 15, 2020)

An urgent and informed look at the challenges America and world governments will face in a post Covid-19 world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed that governments matter again, that competent leadership is the...


by Steven Dudley & Christian Barillas Harlequin Audio (September 08, 2020)

"A remarkable feat of reporting."--Rachel Louise Snyder, author of No Visible Bruises


The definitive account of the most notorious street gang in America--the MS-13--as seen through...

Bottle of Lies

by Katherine Eban Ecco (June 23, 2020)


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New postscript...

Wuhan Diary

by Fang Fang & Michael Berry HarperVia (May 15, 2020)

From one of China’s most acclaimed and decorated writers comes a powerful first-person account of life in Wuhan during the COVID-19 outbreak.

On January 25, 2020, after the central government imposed a lockdown...


by Toby Muse & Alex Wyndham HarperAudio (March 24, 2020)

For fans of the Netflix show Narcos and readers of true crime, Kilo is a deeply reported account of life inside Colombia's drug cartels, using unprecedented access in the cartels to trace a kilo of cocaine--from...

New Castle's Kadunce Murders

by Dale Richard Perelman The History Press (November 18, 2019)

Author Dale Richard Perelman tells the tragic story of the 1978 murders and the mystery surrounding them.

In the summer of 1978, a mother and her four-year-old were stabbed to death in the quiet town of New Castle....

In Plain Sight

by Kathryn Casey & Kate Reading HarperAudio (October 22, 2019)


On a cold January morning, the killer executed Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse in broad daylight. Eight shots fired a block from the Kaufman County Courthouse. Two months later,...

Murder in Roanoke County

by John D. Long The History Press (October 21, 2019)

Did her rival for a man's love get away with murder? It was a story of violence, bigamy, race and a quest for justice. The strange but true story of James and Susan Watkins.

A drama played out in the mountains...

North Carolina Murder & Mayhem

by Rick Jackson The History Press (October 07, 2019)

Author Rick Jackson tells the stories behind some of the most famous, and most heinous, crimes in the history of the Old North State.

The smiling faces and southern hospitality of North Carolina promise a paradise...

Charlotte True Crime Stories

by Cathy Pickens The History Press (August 12, 2019)

A thrilling account of a hundred years of sensational and sinister deeds that marked and shaped one southern town.

Crimes that captivated attention in the Charlotte area over the years run the gamut from missing...

Solving the West Palm Beach Murder of Jeffrey Heagerty

by Graham Brunk The History Press (June 24, 2019)

A gay love triangle, drug deals, and a murder. Just another night in West Palm Beach in 1984?

Jeffrey Heagerty was like most young gay nineteen-year-olds in South Florida in the 1980s, commonly finding himself...

Ted Bundy

by Stephen G. Michaud, Hugh Aynesworth, Graham Halstead & Keith Sellon-Wright et al. HarperAudio (June 04, 2019)

Presented for the first time in audio format, the chilling transcript of Stephen G Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth's interviews with notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, as seen on the hit Netflix documentary series...

The Hunt for the Last Public Enemy in Northeastern Ohio

by Julie A. Thompson & Ian Craig The History Press (April 15, 2019)

The last Public Enemy No. 1 of the Depression era, Alvin "Creepy" Karpis reportedly compiled a record of fifty-four aliases, fifteen bank robberies, fourteen murders, three jailbreaks and two kidnappings.


Wicked Terre Haute

by Tim Crumrin The History Press (March 18, 2019)

Join local historian Tim Crumrin as he reveals the blackguards, rogues and swindlers of Terre Haute's rough and rowdy past.

For more than a century, Terre Haute earned its reputation as a sin city. One of the...

Murder on the Florida Frontier

by Andrew Fink The History Press (November 05, 2018)

In 1880, there was a brutal murder in sunny paradise. This is the story of greed, violence, and a sensational trial that still captures the public's imagination even well after 100 years have passed.

Archie Newton...

Massacre at Duffy’s Cut

by William E. Watson & J. Francis Watson The History Press (October 22, 2018)

Fifty-seven Irish immigrant laborers arrived in the port of Philadelphia in June 1832 to work on Pennsylvania's Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad. They all perished within six weeks.

Contractor Philip Duffy...

The Rise & Fall of Nashville Lawyer Tommy Osborn

by William L. Tabac The History Press (October 22, 2018)

Author William L. Tabac describes the extraordinary legal proceeding with the twists and turns of a modern television drama and the fall of a prominent attorney.

Tommy Osborn's star was rising. The young Nashville...

Hampton Roads Murder & Mayhem

by Nancy E. Sheppard The History Press (October 08, 2018)

Hampton Roads is an iconic destination, but the "birthplace of America" has a nefarious past.

Dive into the story of cannibalism in the Jamestown colony and learn the gory details of the tale of the Witch of...

Wicked Milwaukee

by Yance Marti The History Press (October 08, 2018)

Local historian Yance Marti uncovers the rough and rowdy blackguards who once made Milwaukee infamous.

The Cream City of yesteryear was a dingy haven for scofflaws and villains. Red-light districts peppered downtown's...

Wicked Pittsburgh

by Richard Gazarik The History Press (October 08, 2018)

Join author Richard Gazarik as he reveals the wicked history of the Steel City.

Muckraking journalist Walter Liggett dubbed Pittsburgh the "Metropolis of Corruption" in 1930 when he reported the city had more...

Wicked Women of Detroit

by Tobin T. Buhk The History Press (October 08, 2018)

Author Tobin T. Buhk recounts the thrilling tales of Detroit's most violent, clever and misunderstood female criminals.

"Queen of the Underworld" Sophie Lyons faced off with detective Teresa Lewis in court three...

Wicked Asheville

by Marla Hardee Milling & Joshua P. Warren The History Press (September 17, 2018)

Discover the wicked and sordid history of Asheville, North Carolina in this volume by author and Asheville native Marla Hardee Milling.

Asheville is a wonderfully strange city, but it has a few shadows in its...

Wicked Women of Ohio

by Jane Ann Turzillo The History Press (September 10, 2018)

Award-winning crime writer Jane Ann Turzillo recounts the stories of Ohio's most notorious vixens, viragoes and villainesses.

The Buckeye State produced its share of wicked women. Tenacious madam Clara Palmer...

Trouble in Lafayette Square

by Gil Klein & John Kelly - Washington Post Metro Columnist The History Press (May 14, 2018)

Author Gil Klein reveals the fascinating role of Lafayette Square in the nation's history.

Lafayette Square near the White House is surrounded by landmarks and steeped in a fascinating history of rebellion. A...

Muncie Murder & Mayhem

by Douglas Walker & Keith Roysdon The History Press (May 07, 2018)

Muncie epitomizes the small-town America of squeaky-clean 1950s sitcoms, but its wholesome veneer conceals a violent past. Public scandals and personal tragedy dogged the long, notorious life of Dr. Jules LaDuron....

Louisville's Alma Kellner Mystery

by Shawn M. Herron The History Press (February 26, 2018)

A kidnapping, a brutal murder, an international manhunt, and a diabolical priest? This is the true story of the murder of eight-year-old Alma Kellner.

On a bitterly cold day in December of 1909, young Alma Kellner...

Baltimore Prohibition

by Michael T. Walsh The History Press (December 11, 2017)

Explore the fasciniating history of Prohibition in one of the places where it was most defied-- Baltimore, Maryland.

There was perhaps no region more opposed to Prohibition than Baltimore and Maryland. The Free...

Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem

by Gavin Schmitt The History Press (November 27, 2017)

The safe and sedate Fox Cities have seen their share of horrible crimes. A must-read for fans of true crime and Wisconsin history.

Cold Blooded murder, kidnapping, prostitution, organized crime and other misdeeds...

Mafia Cop Killers in Akron

by Mark J. Price The History Press (November 27, 2017)

From 1917 to 1919, terror struck the streets of Akron. As soldiers marched off to World War I and Spanish influenza ravaged the community, police officers faced a sinister threat.

Murderous kingpin Rosario Borgia...

Virginia State Penitentiary

by Dale M. Brumfield & Evans D. Hopkins The History Press (October 30, 2017)

Thomas Jefferson developed the idea for the Virginia State Penitentiary and set the standard for the future of the American prison system. The prison endured severe overcrowding, three fires, an earthquake and...

The 1868 St. Bernard Parish Massacre: Blood in the Cane Fields

by C. Dier The History Press (October 16, 2017)

Author and historian Chris Dier reveals the horrifying true story behind the St. Bernard Parish Massacre.

As African American men gained the right to vote, white Democrats of St. Bernard Parish feared losing...

Prohibition Pittsburgh

by Richard Gazarik The History Press (October 02, 2017)

Bootlegging, bombs, murder, and more... all for the price of a drink. This is the history of Prohibition in Pittsburgh.

When you work hard, you play hard, and Pittsburgh is a hardworking city. So, when Prohibition...

Historic Crimes of Long Island

by Kerriann Flanagan Brosky & Joan Harrison The History Press (September 04, 2017)

Award-winning author and historian Kerriann Flanagan Brosky uncovers some of the most ghastly and fascinating historical crimes committed on Long Island.

Beyond the idyllic countryside and suburban communities...

Wicked Nashville

by Elizabeth K. Goetsch The History Press (August 21, 2017)

While known for the twang of its country music, Nashville is also home to a colorful and salacious past. A must-read for Nashville history enthusiasts.

The earliest settlers to lay claim to the land surrounding...

Hudson Valley Murder & Mayhem

by Andrew K. Amelinckx The History Press (June 26, 2017)

Visit the long ago crime and dire deeds in the Hudson Valley of New York.

The Hudson Valley is drenched in history, culture and blood. In the fall of 1893, Lizzie Halliday left a trail of bodies in her wake,...

North Carolina Moonshine

by Frank Stephenson Jr. & Barbara Nichols Mulder The History Press (January 09, 2017)

North Carolina holds a special place in the history of moonshine. For more than three centuries, the illicit home-brew was a way of life.

NASCAR emerged from the illegal moonshine tradeas drivers such as Junior...

Wicked Muncie

by Keith Roysdon & Douglas Walker The History Press (October 17, 2016)

Explore the notorious and unusual side of Muncie's history.

Muncie is the classic small American city. But for much of the past two centuries, the city fell victim to murder, corruption and the bizarre. Mayor...

Murder & Mayhem in Nashville

by Brian Allison The History Press (October 03, 2016)

Author Brian Allison illustrates the darker shades of Nashville's colorful past.

Nashville is known for its bold, progressive flair, but few are aware of the city's malevolent past. A rowdy red-light district...

The Corpsewood Manor Murders in North Georgia

by Amy Petulla The History Press (August 08, 2016)

Author Amy Petulla uncovers the curious case that left two men dead and the incredible story still surrounded by controversy, speculation and myth.

In 1982, Tony West and Avery Brock made a visit to notorious...

Wicked Bay City, Michigan

by Tim Younkman The History Press (May 30, 2016)

Join author Tim Younkman for a wild ride into Bay City's wicked side.

From unscrupulous lumber barons to Hell's Half Mile, Bay City history casts a sinister shadow. Pope Leo XIII was forced to intervene when...