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Something Inbetween

by Melissa de la Cruz MIRA Ink (October 06, 2016)

‘This is an important, powerful contemporary YA that you won’t regret reading’

- Buzzfeed When your country doesn’t want you there, how do you know where you belong?

Jasmine de los Santos has been...

Chasing Impossible (Pushing the Limits)

by Katie McGarry MIRA Ink (August 25, 2016)

Available by popular demand, the latest installment of the beloved, award-winning Pushing the Limits series

Tough and independent, seventeen-year-old Abby lets very few people into her inner circle. It's common...

Never Always Sometimes

by Adi Alsaid MIRA Ink (August 13, 2015)

Never date your best friend

Always be original

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Best friends Dave and Julia were determined to never be clichés so they even wrote their own Never List of everything...

Every Last Breath (The Dark Elements, Book 3)

by Jennifer L. Armentrout MIRA Ink (July 28, 2015)

Some loves will last 'til your dying breath

Every choice has consequences–but seventeen-year-old Layla faces tougher choices than most. Light or darkness. Wickedly sexy demon prince Roth, or Zayne, the gorgeous,...

Storm (The Paper Gods, Book 4)

by Amanda Sun MIRA Ink (July 01, 2015)

After almost a year in Japan, Katie Greene has finally unearthed the terrible secret behind her boyfriend Tomohiro's deadly ability to bring drawings to life–not only is he descended from Kami, the ancient...

Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road, Book 1)

by Katie McGarry MIRA Ink (May 26, 2015)

The long awaited all new series from the #1 bestselling author of Pushing the Limits

Emily likes her life the way it is…

Doting parents, great friends, good school… But she’s curious about her biological...

Breaking The Rules (A Pushing the Limits Novel)

by Katie McGarry MIRA Ink (December 08, 2014)

“I wish life could be like this forever,” I say.

“We’d be okay then.

We’d forever be okay.”

For Echo Emerson, a road trip with her boyfriend is the perfect way to spend the last summer between...


by Rinda Elliott MIRA Ink (December 01, 2014)

It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world's destiny.

But only if they survive…

Kat Lockwood grew up listening to her unhinged mother's stories about the Norse goddess souls...

The Shape Of My Heart

by Ann Aguirre MIRA Ink (November 25, 2014)

Some people wait decades to meet their soul mate. Courtney Kaufman suspects she met hers in high school–only to lose him at seventeen.

Since then, Courtney's social life has been a series of meaningless encounters,...

Diamonds in the Rough (The Secret Diamond Sisters, Book 2)

by Michelle Madow MIRA Ink (November 01, 2014)

All-access doesn't mean no problems

The three Diamond sisters survived the summer in style after coming to live with their long-lost billionaire father. But making a place for themselves at their exclusive new...

Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements, Book 2)

by Jennifer L. Armentrout MIRA Ink (October 28, 2014)

Every touch has its price

Layla Shaw is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life–no easy task for a seventeen-year-old who's pretty sure things can't get worse. Her impossibly gorgeous best friend,...

The Queen Of Zombie Hearts (The White Rabbit Chronicles, Book 3)

by Gena Showalter MIRA Ink (October 01, 2014)


Alice Bell thinks the worst is behind her. She’s fought zombies and won. Now she’s ready for a peaceful life with boyfriend Cole, the leader of the zombie slayers…...

London Falling

by Chanel Cleeton MIRA Ink (October 01, 2014)

We weren't a relationship, we were a ticking time bomb…

Maggie Carpenter walked away from the hottest encounter of her life when she left the seductive glitz of England for summer break in her South Carolina...

I See London

by Chanel Cleeton MIRA Ink (October 01, 2014)

Maggie Carpenter is ready for a change–and to leave her ordinary life in South Carolina behind. But when she accepts a scholarship to the International School in London, a university attended by the privileged...

Invisible (The Twixt, Book 2)

by Dawn Metcalf MIRA Ink (October 01, 2014)

Some things lie beneath the surface.


With the power to change everything.

Joy Malone wants it all–power, freedom and the boyfriend who loves her. Yet when an unstoppable assassin is hired to kill...

As Long As You Love Me

by Ann Aguirre MIRA Ink (September 30, 2014)

Most people dream about getting out of Sharon, Nebraska, but after three years away, Lauren Barrett is coming home. She has her reasons: missing her family, losing her college scholarship.

But then there's the...


by Rinda Elliott MIRA Ink (August 01, 2014)

The Lockwood triplets are charged with helping to save the world–but at a high cost.

Coral is always in the middle, always the family peacemaker. She's the sister with the most to prove. When a freak snowstorm...

Oceanborn (The Aquarathi, Book 1)

by Amalie Howard MIRA Ink (August 01, 2014)

The coronation is over.

But the battle has just begun.

Nerissa Marin has won her crown. But can she keep it? Already, her ties to the human realm are driving a wedge between Nerissa and her people. When word...

The Stepsister's Tale

by Tracy Barrett MIRA Ink (July 01, 2014)

What really happened after the clock struck midnight?

Jane Montjoy is tired of being a lady. She's tired of pretending to live up to the standards of her mother's noble family–especially now that the family's...

Run to You Part Six: Sixth Sense

by Clara Kensie MIRA Ink (July 01, 2014)

Part Six in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies and danger…

To save Tessa's brother and sister, she and Tristan must...

Run to You Part Five: Fifth Touch

by Clara Kensie MIRA Ink (July 01, 2014)

Part Five in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies and danger…

Tessa's nightmares feel all too real, and the hope of...


by Liz Fichera MIRA Ink (June 01, 2014)

This Game Is Getting All Too Real

Sam Tracy likes to stay under the radar and hang out with his friends from the Rez. But when he saves rich suburban princess Riley Berenger from falling off a mountain, she...

The Girl with the Windup Heart (The Steampunk Chronicles, Book 7)

by Kady Cross MIRA Ink (June 01, 2014)

1897 London, a final showdown is about to begin

London's underworld is no place for a young woman, even one who is strong, smart and part-automaton like Mila. But when master criminal Jack Dandy inadvertently...

Red At Night

by Katie McGarry MIRA Ink (April 29, 2014)

Stella and Jonah are total opposites.

She's the girl with purple hair from the wrong part of town. He hangs with the cool crowd. Until a car accident leaves him haunted by guilt, and Jonah starts spending time...

Rain (The Paper Gods, Book 3)

by Amanda Sun MIRA Ink (April 01, 2014)

American Katie Green has decided to stay in Japan. She's started to build a life in the city of Shizuoka, and she can't imagine leaving behind her friends, her aunt and especially Tomohiro, the guy she's fallen...


by Rinda Elliott MIRA Ink (April 01, 2014)

It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world’s destiny. But only if they survive….

The Lockwood triplets have had the prophecy drummed into their heads since birth. Still,...

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, Book 1)

by Jennifer L. Armentrout MIRA Ink (March 01, 2014)

One kiss could be the last

Seventeen-year-old Layla just wants to be normal. But with a kiss that kills anything with a soul, she's anything but normal. Half demon, half gargoyle, Layla has abilities no one...

Bitter Sweet Love (The Dark Elements prequel)

by Jennifer L. Armentrout MIRA Ink (December 01, 2013)

In a sizzling prequel novella to her new series The Dark Elements, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout draws readers into the extraordinary, irresistible world of Wardens and demons....

Crash into You (A Pushing the Limits Novel)

by Katie McGarry MIRA Ink (November 26, 2013)

‘KISS ME,’ Isaiah whispers.

My heart beats frantically

Isaiah is hot and scary and hot.

Why would a guy like him want to be anywhere near A GIRL LIKE ME?

People expect Rachel Young to be the good girl...

Waterfell (The Aquarathi, Book 1)

by Amalie Howard MIRA Ink (November 01, 2013)

I'm breathless. Just before I walk into the classroom, I glance over my shoulder.

Lo's eyes are deep and piercing. I feel the weight of them hovering, watching. Holding me motionless as time, too, stands still....

Through the Zombie Glass (The White Rabbit Chronicles, Book 2)

by Gena Showalter MIRA Ink (October 01, 2013)

Alice Bell has lost so much.

Family. Friends. A home.

She thought she had nothing else to give. She was wrong.

After a new zombie attack, strange things begin to happen to her. Mirrors come to life, and the...

Consume (The Clann, Book 3)

by Melissa Darnell MIRA Ink (September 06, 2013)

Tristan Coleman has survived the change from Clann magic user to vampire, much to Savannah Colbert's joy—and despair. By changing the Clann's golden boy and newly elected leader, even to save him from death,...

Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend (Confessions, Book 2)

by Louise Rozett MIRA Ink (July 05, 2013)

After a disastrous first year of high school, Rose Zarelli is determined to become an all-new and improved version of herself.

Improved how? Well, Rose is setting some ground rules. This year she absolutely...

Ink (The Paper Gods series, Book 2)

by Amanda Sun MIRA Ink (July 05, 2013)

Ink is in their blood On the heels of a family tragedy, Katie Greene must move halfway across the world.

Stuck with her aunt in Shizuoka, Japan, Katie feels lost. Alone. She doesn’t know the language, she...

Shadow (The Paper Gods, Book 1)

by Amanda Sun MIRA Ink (June 01, 2013)

I looked down at the paper, still touching the tip of my shoe.

I reached for it, flipping the page over to look. Scrawls of ink outlined a drawing of a girl lying on a bench. A sick feeling started to twist...

Dare You To (A Pushing the Limits Novel)

by Katie McGarry MIRA Ink (May 22, 2013)

Ryan lowers his lips to my ear.

‘Dance with me, Beth.’ ‘No,’ I whisper the reply. I hate him and I hate myself for wanting him to touch me again… Beth Risk has spent her whole life hiding the truth...

Belonging (A Temptation Novel, Book 2)

by Karen Ann Hopkins MIRA Ink (May 01, 2013)

I left everything I knew behind. But it was worth it. He was worth it.

No one thought an ordinary girl like me would last two minutes living with the Amish, not even me. There are a lot more rules and a lot...

Crossing The Line

by Katie McGarry MIRA Ink (April 01, 2013)

Lila McCormick first met Lincoln Turner when tragedy struck both their lives.

But she never expected their surprise encounter would lead to two years of exchanging letters—or that she’d fall for the boy...

With All My Soul (Soul Screamers, Book 7)

by Rachel Vincent MIRA Ink (April 01, 2013)

What does it mean when your school is voted the most dangerous in America?

It’s time to kick some hellion butt… After not-really-surviving her junior year (after all, she did die), Kaylee Cavanaugh has...

The Goddess Inheritance (The Goddess Series, Book 3)

by Aimée Carter MIRA Ink (March 01, 2013)

Love or life. Henry or their child. The end of her family or the end of the world.

Kate must choose.

During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy...

Wicked Kiss (Nightwatchers, Book 2)

by Michelle Rowen MIRA Ink (March 01, 2013)


I used to be ordinary Samantha Day, but that’s changed. Now, after one dark kiss from a dangerous boy, I can steal someone’s soul…or their life. If I give in to the constant hunger inside...


by Liz Fichera MIRA Ink (February 01, 2013)

Get Hooked on a Girl Named Fred…

He said: Fred Oday is a girl? Puh-leeze. Why is a girl taking my best friend’s spot on the boys' varsity golf team? She said: Can I seriously do this? Can I join the boys'...

Covet (The Clann, Book 2)

by Melissa Darnell MIRA Ink (January 01, 2013)

Dangerous to be together. Painful to be apart.

Savannah Colbert knows she broke up with Tristan Coleman for the right reasons. Most of all, to keep from killing him with her new vampire abilities. But try...

Indigo Awakening (The Hunted, Book 1)

by Jordan Dane MIRA Ink (January 01, 2013)

Because of what you are, the Believers will hunt you down.

Voices told Lucas Darby to run. Voices no one else can hear. He’s warned his sister not to look for him, but Rayne refuses to let her troubled brother...

Dash And Lily's Book Of Dares: the sparkling prequel to Twelves Days of Dash and Lily

by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan MIRA Ink (October 01, 2012)

I’ve left some clues for you. If you want them, turn the page. If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.

At the urge of her lucky-in-love brother, sixteen-year-old Lily has left a red notebook...

God of Darkness (A Goddess Series short story, Book 8)

by Aimée Carter MIRA Ink (October 01, 2012)

‘Feared by the living, revered by the dead’

As Lord of the Underworld, Hades had unimaginable power at his fingertips, ready to do whatever he must to uphold his duties and laws.

And as the ruler of the...

God of Thieves (A Goddess Series short story, Book 7)

by Aimée Carter MIRA Ink (October 01, 2012)

‘They needed a scapegoat – and I was convenient’

A pariah among the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus, James has been shunned by the council for helping a friend find freedom. Can he clear his name – and...

Goddess of the Underworld (A Goddess Series short story, Book 6)

by Aimée Carter MIRA Ink (October 01, 2012)

‘I just—I don’t belong there. I don’t know how else to explain it.’

Persephone doesn’t fit into the mystical underworld of the Greek gods, especially now that she is being forced to wed Henry,...

The Lovestruck Goddess (A Goddess Series short story, Book 5)

by Aimée Carter MIRA Ink (October 01, 2012)

‘When I’m with him, I feel alive, not just immortal.’

Flighty, capricious Ava thinks she isn’t suited to life as a Greek goddess. Their world is ruled by jealousy and war but Ava cares more for matters...

The Goddess Queen (A Goddess Series short story, Book 4)

by Aimée Carter MIRA Ink (October 01, 2012)

‘In all the years I’d existed, I’d never expected to be free.’

The powerful Greek gods live in a world torn apart by jealousy and love, loss and longing. Could Goddess Queen Calliope finally be the...