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Thor's Serpents

by K. L. Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Jon Wierenga & Pat Young et al. Little, Brown Young Readers (May 14, 2019)

For fans of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the thrilling conclusion to The Blackwell Pages, written by New York Times bestselling YA authors, K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr.

Thirteen-year-olds Matt, Laurie,...

Thorfinn and the Dreadful Dragon

by David MacPhail & Richard Morgan Kelpies (April 18, 2019)

Prepare yourself for the wrath of the Norsemen! That is, if you don't mind and it's not too inconvenient...

Everyone knows Vikings are ruthless barbarians whose idea of a good time involves pillaging, plundering...

Eos the Lighthearted

by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams Aladdin (December 04, 2018)

Get to know Eos, the Goddess of Dawn, in this twenty-fourth Goddess Girls adventure!

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Vanishing Viking

by Mike Nicholson & Mike Phillips Kelpies (November 22, 2018)

Some people think that museums are boring places full of glass cases, dust and stuff no one cares about: wrong! In a hidden headquarters below the exhibits there's a gang ready to handle dangerous, spooky or...

King Arthur

by N.C. Wyeth & Sidney Lanier Atheneum Books for Young Readers (November 06, 2018)

Rediscover the legend of Excalibur, King Arthur, and the Knights of the Round Table in this Scribner Classics keepsake edition of Sir Thomas Malory’s enchanting Arthurian legend.

This collectible edition of...

East Lothian Folk Tales for Children

by Tim Porteus The History Press (November 01, 2018)

East Lothian’s landscape has stories sewn into it. In this collection there are tales of witches and wizards, of magical creatures and eerie happenings. There are pirates and smugglers, giants and ogres. You...

The Blue Witch

by Alane Adams SparkPress (October 23, 2018)

Nine-year-old Abigail Tarkana has a problem: her witch magic has finally come in, but it’s different—and being different is a problem at the Tarkana Witch Academy. Together with her scientist-friend Hugo,...

Knights vs. Dinosaurs

by Matt Phelan Greenwillow Books (October 23, 2018)

An ALA Notable Title

“Absurdly entertaining. Victorious on all fronts.”—Booklist (starred review)

Renowned for their courage, their chivalry, and their ability to fight mythical creatures, the Knights of...

Mucking About

by John Chambers Little Island Books (September 06, 2018)

We are in Ireland and it’s an awfully long time ago – centuries and centuries. Manchán’s mother wants to make a monk of Manchán, but Manchán isn’t having any of it. He’d much rather be mucking about...

Shropshire Folk Tales for Children

by Amy Douglas The History Press (July 02, 2018)

Do you know that there are mermaids in Shropshire? How about giants? Or highwaymen? Shropshire is full of myths, legends and magical creatures. Under every rock lurks a fortune-telling toad; heroes lie sleeping...

A story to kill time

by Laurent Peyronnet & Godo Dadoclem (May 28, 2018)

A dreamlike travel in the Vikings and Lapps land !

Magnus, a ten-year old Norwegian boy, discovers a magic bookcase which enables him to travel in time through Scandinavian history. In the company of Rognetide...

The Legend of Parzival

by Robin Cook Floris Books (May 17, 2018)

Enter the extraordinary world of Arthurian legend in an adventure overflowing with knightly chivalry, the danger of jousting and the warmth of true love. But the Legend of Parzival is more than the tale of one...

Crime of Passion

by Richard S. Prather Wildside Press (June 21, 2018)

A classic entry in the Shell Scott series!

This was a warm Sunday afternoon; Sheldon Scott, Investigations—my downtown L.A. office—was closed, and I was invited to a party. A Hawaiian party at that: luau,...

By the Watchman's Clock

by Zenith Brown & Leslie Ford Wildside Press (May 31, 2018)

Slowly I turned to face the hall and the doorway. I waited in an agony of suspense. The great house was as silent as an empty grave, with the pulse of time beating eternally against it; tick, tock; tick, tock;...

The Mystery of the Auction Trunk

by Elizabeth Honness Wildside Press (May 24, 2018)

Nancy, Barby, and Doug Holland looked forward to summer in New Hampshire without realizing what exciting secrets came with their new home. The summer would hold more than swimming and horseback riding, blueberry...

The Ghost of the Isherwoods

by Carol Beach York Wildside Press (May 22, 2018)

Does Catherine Isherwood really haunt the lovely old house in Westriver? When Louise arrives there, she is looking forward to a happy family reunion -- with the usual whirl of parties and picnics, swimming and...

Patty and Jo, Detectives: The Case of the Toy Drummer

by Janet Knox Wildside Press (March 29, 2018)

When Patty and Jo Faraday returned to Harker’s Cove, the scene of their exciting adventure with an escaped convict, it was for a fun-filled summer vacation. It started with a birthday party at which the Faraday...

Takers and Returners

by Carol Beach York Wildside Press (March 10, 2018)

'I've thought of a game," said my cousin Julian.

"What kind of a game?" I asked.

"A different kind of game," Julian said. "We've never played it before."

It was a hot day and they had al¬ready seen the movie at...

The Witch Lady Mystery

by Carol Beach York Wildside Press (March 07, 2018)

“I really saw Mrs. Prichard disappear,” Oliver says. “She came toward me, closer and closer. Then she was gone! Just like that!”

The kids call old Mrs. Prichard the Witch Lady. And now Oliver has to rake...

The Secret of Saturday Cove

by Barbee Oliver Carleton Wildside Press (February 22, 2018)

David Blake and his sister Sally have grown up with the legend of the Blake treasure, buried on one of the islands off Saturday Cove, a fishing village on the coast of Maine. One day, while lobstering in the...

Czech Tales

by Patrick Healy & Anna Kutukova Stergiou Limited (December 14, 2017)

The teacher, Patrick Healy, traveled around the world, talked with people in different places, and collected around half thousand myths, legends, and folktales and their several alternative versions. His opinion...

Medea the Enchantress

by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams Aladdin (December 05, 2017)

Princess Medea and a boy named Jason go on a quest for the Golden Fleece in this twenty-third Goddess Girls adventure!

Jason and Princess Medea are on a quest for the golden fleece, a symbol of kingship, that’s...

Aesop's Fables - 284 Fables

by Aesop SC Active Business Development SRL (November 30, 2017)

This brilliant new version of Aesop's timeless tales offers a fresh take on the classic stories. 

In this book, you can read to over 280 fables written by Aesop. These stories teach moral lessons, often with...

The Mystery on Lost Lagoon

by Rita Monette Mirror World Publishing (November 17, 2017)

Legend has it… if you go onto Lost Lagoon, you never return.

Nikki Landry and her friends are off on a quest to track down the prehistoric-looking bird that’s been flying around a nearby swamp island. However,...

Max and the Map

by Edward Alan Kurtz Stergiou Limited (November 09, 2017)

A retelling, in a very simple and fun way, of Homer's OdysseyMax and the Map was written by American writer Edward Alan Kurtz, a well-travelled author who has already written a variety of travel books....


by Allexia Brewer Purposely Created Publishing Group (November 01, 2017)

Monadiki is the inspirational tale of a girl who is born into a world of gods and goddesses and goes through the common struggles of growing up. Her parents know there is greatness in her, but...

Tales from the Arabian Nights

by Milo Winter Racehorse for Young Readers (October 17, 2017)

Tales from the Arabian Nights is one of the oldest continuously circulated collections of shorts stories in the world. It consists of well-known Arabic folk tales penned during the Islamic Golden Age, including...

The Secret of the Purple Lake

by Yaba Badoe & Gbolahan Adams CASSAVA REPUBLIC (October 06, 2017)

The Secret of the Purple Lake is a collection of five interlinked stories that take us from Ghana to Orkney, and from Spain to Norway and Thailand. As a minor character from one story assumes a major role in...

Jackie Rabbit Lives in the Desert

by John H. Messing John Messing (October 05, 2017)

Jackie Rabbit and his sister venture into the desert one night and become separated. Jackie gets lost, encounters desert creatures, danger, and a kindly wise old mentor who sets an example of responsible conduct...

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

by L. Frank Baum & Charles Santore Running Press (September 26, 2017)

Santa Claus hasn't always lived at the North Pole . . .

In this lushly illustrated picture book, artist Charles Santore beautifully reimagines L. Frank Baum's 1902 magical tale of Christmas. The Life and Adventures...

The Hunter Maiden

by Ethel Johnston Phelps, Suki Boynton & Renee Watson The Feminist Press at CUNY (September 18, 2017)

In these high-spirited adventures, a diverse cast of female protagonists prove themselves in handling adversity and injustice. These heroines lend their daring and determination to everything from battling evil...

The Legend of Tim Turpin

by Peter N. Bernfeld & John L.D. Barnett Crimson Cloak Publishing (August 01, 2017)

Peter N Bernfeld's clever tongue-in-cheek story of the famous thieving duo of tiger and horse will delight children and adults alike. It is amusingly illustrated throughout by John L D Barnett.

On the run from...

Fables You Shouldn't Pay Any Attention To

by Florence Parry Heide, Sylvia Worth Van Clief & Sergio Ruzzier Atheneum Books for Young Readers (July 25, 2017)

In this new edition of the classic companion to Tales for the Perfect Child, Sergio Ruzzier lends his signature humor to Florence Parry Heide and Sylvia Worth Van Clief’s delectably subversive fables.


First We Were IV

by Alexandra Sirowy Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (July 25, 2017)

A group of friends start a secret society in this “intense page-turner” (Kirkus Reviews) from the author of The Telling and The Creeping that examines the all-consuming love of lifelong friendship—and...

Werewolves Through the Portal

by Patricia Jetton Patricia Clowdus (July 24, 2017)

When a mythical werewolf falls into their trap, thirteen-year-olds Luna and Gizmo must find the portal to return him to his home. Once there, they discover a world of fantasy where mythical creatures really...

Sea Girl

by Suki Boynton, Ethel Johnston Phelps & Daniel José Older The Feminist Press at CUNY (July 17, 2017)

The feminist folktales in Sea Girl upend any notion that women are doomed to be sentimental, meek, or submissive. The heroines in these classic tales lead the reader through monstrous rivers and ogres’ nests,...

The Demi-Gods of Greek Mythology - Mythology 4th Grade | Children's Greek & Roman Books

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (June 15, 2017)

Greek mythology is fascinating! There are stories of love, bravery, sacrifice and of course, magic. But Greek mythology also reflect the cultures and traditions as well as the characteristics of what it’s...


by Charles M Day Apollo Communications (June 15, 2017)

“Fables of a Deep Fried Southerner”, is a book of six short stories. This is a book , of lighthearted short stories to please the minds of all who read them. The short stories “The Two Bulls” and “The...

The Problem Child (The Sisters Grimm #3)

by Michael Buckley & Peter Ferguson Amulet Paperbacks (May 01, 2017)

Fans of fractured fairy tales will be delighted to discover the fantasy, mystery, adventure, and humor in the beloved New York Times bestselling Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley, now with new cover art!...

The Unusual Suspects (The Sisters Grimm #2)

by Michael Buckley & Peter Ferguson Amulet Paperbacks (May 01, 2017)

Fans of fractured fairy tales will be delighted to discover the fantasy, mystery, adventure, and humor in the beloved New York Times bestselling Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley, now with new cover art!...

The Fairy-Tale Detectives (The Sisters Grimm #1)

by Michael Buckley & Peter Ferguson Amulet Paperbacks (May 01, 2017)

Fans of fractured fairy tales will be delighted to discover the fantasy, mystery, adventure, and humor in the beloved New York Times bestselling Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley, now with new cover art!...

The Star Thief

by Lindsey Becker Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (April 11, 2017)

The constellations come to life in this imaginative fantasy adventure debut.

Honorine's life as as maid at the Vidalia mansion is rather dull, dusting treasures from faraway places and daydreaming in front of...

The Nature of Gods

by D.J. Torres Creative Locks Publishing (April 04, 2017)

When gods and goddesses abruptly overthrow Earth, humans are given two choices – worship or die. Desperate to survive, Olivia and her family devote their days to fulfilling the will of the gods. But the wrath...

The Original Fables of La Fontaine

by Jean de La Fontaine SC Active Business Development SRL (March 28, 2017)

The fables were written and first published in the 17th century. They portray humans' behaviour in the society.

The subject of each of the Fables is often common property of many ages and races. What gives La...

The Zodiac Legacy: Balance of Power

by Stuart Moore, Stan Lee, Feodor Chin & Disney Press Disney (March 07, 2017)

Steven Lee always thought that having superpowers would make him happy, make life easier, and make everything more fun. He was wrong. Steven, now 16 years old, has spent years living with the power of the Tiger....

The Amazing Adventures of Chilly Billy

by Peter Mayle & Xe Sands Escargot (February 28, 2017)

Bestselling author Peter Mayle showcases his talents in this delightful children's storybook.

Tomorrow night, just before you go to bed, creep into the kitchen very, very quietly. Go up to the fridge, and don't...

The Old Belief | Children's Norse Folktales

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

The past is in the past but why do children have to learn them? That’s because the past has helped molded the future and it will shape the future too. Old belief systems carry with them reflections from years...

Medusa and Her Curse-Children's Greek & Roman Myths

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

Here’s another myth that has survived the tests of time. It has been passed on from one generation to the next, thereby preserving the lessons it brings. If you would notice, most of the Greek and Roman myths...

Magical Gods | Children's Norse Folktales

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

Gods are beings that possess great power and magic. They are at the heart of folktales. If you read folktales, you would notice patterns in the stories as if they've been by just one author. The patterns you...

Viking History For Kids: A History Series - Children Explore History Book Edition

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

It’s the period of the Vikings and wow, how interesting that time is! Here, your child will get to meet and greet some of the bravest men in history. Facts about how they lived and what their cultures and...